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I dont have a good title
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Date: 08/11/02 09:08
Game Type: Starcraft
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Guess whos back?

Hey what's up all? I'm going for my fourth BR here and hopefully I'll get a gold. *cough*Yea right*cough* But please, I beg you, don't look at my other BR's, they suck.
Another note I must mention is that I'll be writing this BR in 2 (two) parts. Just to make it smaller. (Cause I know people out there hate big huge reports that could be cut into two parts.)

If your looking for hidden text, you wont find any here. Go look in LN's report.

Alright, lets get this party started. First up I have the map of Lost Temple!
We <3 da temple.....

Yea I know, pathetic, but that's the map that everybody knows and loves.

The Players

First, we have Psyonic_Reaver playing as Purple Night Elves.*boo* Well not many people know or care enough about PR so we'll just skip him for an intro.

Next we have HurtnTime playing as the Red Humans.*yay* He's a pretty cool guy and has a strong feel for the game. His human is 90% better then most in clan ~NH (Expcet for Alacrity and Angel) *happy now?* and is generally a nice guy.

On To The Game!

Ok we have Psyonic starting at the 9 o'clock with his pale, bat-eared, wisps
and HurtnTime at 12 o'clock with his happy go-lucky (newbie?) peons. And now I shall continue to BR this game first person. (From my perspective of course, and if you don't like that type of style, tough, read somewhere else.)
Yea, like ThisIsNotAnExit's report, its godly.

When my computer finally loaded up the game there was a bit of lag that gave me the chance to select all my wisps at once and place them on gold. Thus giving me the advantage. (Right?) After a few seconds of watching the Gold +10 symbol float up from my mine, I grabbed two wisps from it to produce a moonwell and a alter of elders while simultaneously producing four wisps, two to take root in the mine and two to start mining wood.

After my Alter finished I started my Demon Hunter, (Very kick ass dude) and heard the sound of my moonwell finishing, I started an Ancient of War and another moonwell while producing a few more wisps for lumber. (Because they mine it so dam slow) When a few more of the ghostly, circle-shaped things popped out, my AoW was done, along with my DH. So I started a Hunters Hall. (Obviously going hunts) And sent my hero creepin, totally forgetting about scouting and what "The Enemy" was up too.
Very peaceful and gay looking dosnt it?

Basicly, my hero got raped But he did provide me with some extra cash to build a second AoW. Also, what hero doesn't get raped when he goes to take on the world by himself? So anyways, as Hellbourne was on his way home, with his newly acquired...wand of illusion... (Yay...)

Whats the point of alt text when you write it in the pic? tt

And to take a quick trip to my homo wells to heal, before heading back to finish the creeps off, when some unexpected visitors came by for a cup of sugar, and his life.

Although the moonwell did manage to heal my DH to half health, I neglected (Forgot) to heal him at my other moonwell. Thus causing a very saddening, but quite frankly, cool death of my hero. Though his death was not in vain has he used his wand of illusion to create 2 WaterElementals's and an Archmage. Which proceeded to cause HurtnTime a load of pain, as he couldn't tell his real hero, from the illusion... Just kidding he knew which was which and laughed at my pitiful attempt of "misleading" him.

I shall slay myself for the greater good of my illusions...

Still looking for hidden text? Its not here!
Great. I got an AM, a Water Elemental, and 4 footies in my base, with no opposition, its wisp raping time.. I struggle up enough money to build two moonwells near my mine to have some of my wisps do something useful and leave the other three to get screwed. Oh and my Hunters Hall was done. So I start my first weapon upgrade because I got nothing else to spend my money on. (And I'm an idiot so I dont build troops =/)

But to my surprise he is focusing fire on my moonwells near my completed AoW and leaving my still building AoW to finish. So I started producing a single huntress, praying that if the timing was right, I could have some backup for my revived hero. Meanwhile, HurtnTime Is having fun killing my Illusions and playing in the swimming pool.

Well, I thought to myself, its all or nothing. I uprooted both my AoW's as soon as the Hunt was finished and proceeded to lay the smackdown on his troops, although Hurt did managed to kill my moonwells and chase my Huntress down, her death was not in vain though, because it allowed my hero to be revived without being attacked right away.

I brought my hero up to help support my two AoW's, (who each had a kill for themselves by the way) when the Water Elemental suddenly exploded from a direct hit from my AoW's, leveling my hero. I quickly placed the point into immolation and starting teaching those footmen why not to wear a full suit of armor next to a burning object. (My hero for you ninnies out there)
At least I don't have a Destiny's Child singing zealot in this report.

After a few minutes of Hurt microing his footmen and succeeding in killing them all, he ran away.
Aww, don't you love it when they fight like that? You go that way, I'll go this way!

My base was safe. For now. I grabbed my AoW's and had them root back into the ground to make some hunts, then I brought up two wisps from lumber to make more moonwells, and finally I started my first armor upgrade. *Phew* I didn't really realize how quickly money gathers up when your not building troops.

Enter The Mid-Game

Sorry for stealing this idea Lucky, but its cool to find hidden text.
So I healed my hero with whatever remained in my wells and grabbed my two just produced hunts and went north, to finish off the creeps that remained in my nat.
When you girls are done kissing I've got some ass kicking for you!

Just as I grabbed the treasure chest, (Which contained a stupid Mantle of Intelly +3, Joy.) Hurt decided he wanted to hurt me 'n stuff this time..(Yea corny joke, just as good as CN's) by entering my base with 7 footmen, a WE, and his Archmage. With only having produced 4 extra hunts the battle could go either way, My upgrades were currently 1-1(wep//armor) hunts vs his 1-0 footmen.

I can only sum up the battle with just this pic.
RAPED. Hunts are so hax.

Hurtretreated with whatever forces he had to the north. I consider losing 2 of my hunts for 6 of his footmen to be quite a deal, but his AM did level off of those deaths. Then again, I leveled off of his footmen, so..

After the battle I decided creeping would be a good idea. Considering I still haven't found his main yet, (But I had a pretty good guess that it was north since he ran that way) and I was sure that he would have defenses in place for just such a counter. I also made the good choice to upgrade to a Tree of Ages.

I raided the temple from the West, and proceeded to clear the temple from Top Left, Bottom Left (lvl'ing up), Bottom Right, and I managed to kill both the Gnolls from the Top Right before his army showed up. I decided to grab the dropped chest, cut my losses, and flee.

Think of it this way, I'm advertising your Reports.
During this time I had upgraded my hunts to be able to carry owls. So I placed one on the path that lead from my main to his, and one in his nat. Leading to the discovery of a brand new Town Hall, with the bodies of the trolls just sinking into the ground. This cant be good. So I run my troops back to base to pick up some new chicks, heal, and decided to go expansion razing. I realized this would leave my main undefended. But if Hurt attacked me, I would attack his main. The choice was his. (Thus becoming a who can kill who first bloodfest)

I entered his expansion without trouble and begin attacking his Hall. (Being the stupid biznatch that I am, I dont attack his peons) Suddenly, a blue light filled the screen and I see that his Archmage was teleported to the far side of his Hall, safe from my hunts, and that his footmen (Who were all damaged by the way, I think I caught him creeping) had appeared in a circle around my army, preventing them from escaping.
So the battle is stacked like this. 11 Hunts vs 15 of his now 1-1(wep//armor) footmen. Add in a few WE's and we get the following.
Peon: Think we should help out the footmen? Other Peon: Nah. Looks like PR's getting his ass kicked good enough.

I tried microing my hunts around his Hall to where his peons were but to no avail. My hero escaped bearly with his life, a level up, and no army in tow. (Just as my last hunt died I saw his AM lvl to 5, F'ing great)

My hero arrives home safely just as I hear the upgrade complete message. Good, Five, 2-1, hunts and four fully stocked moonwells near my AoW's. I might be able to hold off the counter if I play this right. Oh, I knew a counter was coming because I had an owl placed between my main and his (Remember?) and I saw his troops moving down on a attack course.
Do you feel like we're being watched?

My hero runs to an overlooking ledge, hoping to see his enemy though the fog of war. What a sight he was greated with too, and it wasnt pretty. Oh goodie, goodie.
I had my troops on hold and was prepared to flank him if he ran though my nat and into my base. Instead though Hurt just scouted my nat out, found nothing there, and retreated to the south. I decided to follow him, in hopes of still catching him in a flank between 2 hunts and my AoW's in my main and with my army knocking on him in the rear.

Sadly, my perfect plan never came to pass as Hurt disappeared off my map. So I figured he was going after the creeps near my base... What a perfect opportunity to attack his main. So I grabbed the Hunts near my hero (Leaving the 2 in my main) and mosey'd up that way up, discovering that the middle of the temple had been cleared. (Guess that's where he was when I attacked his Nat.) Never-the-less I continued, stopped just outside his base to mass, and charged in.

My. What a perfect little town Hurt has here. Guess I'll wreck it.
''YRM, don't have sex with PR, he has herpies'' -Persian-POW

I managed to wreck one barracks, his Alter, and even though you cant see it, his Arcane Sanctum. (Gwad I hate those things) I killed all those buildings in under a minute. (Why? Because metamorphis owns, thats why.) I was ready about to head on over to his expansion and see if I could do any more damage when my I hero met some unfriendly, and quite pissed, footmen. *They had 2-2(wep//armor*
I mean geez man look at him! I'll have whatever he's smoking man!

Not wanting another massacre of my forces I decided that 5 hunts vs an army of footmen would be suicide and just hauled ass back to base. Losing only 1 hunt.

Not wanting to give Hurt any breathing room I took the hunts that I macro'd back home and had them meet up with my hero halfway. Bringing my standing army up to 10 hunts and my hero. I waited a few seconds to make a tree of life in my Natural and I attacked his main again.

I did absolutly jack crap zip. I killed 8 peons, and didn't destroy a single building. Hurt then came in to just totally rape my forces. I lost everything. Hero, army, and although I did slay all his footmen, he had an expansion. I did not at the moment. I realized this as soon as I heard the "Your Gold Mine Has Collapsed" Shatniz! I cried. Although my Tree of Life completed I had no money left in my reserves to build anything and only 3 Huntresses to protect my floundering base. So I did what any NE would do. I packed up and left. By this I mean I uprooted my AoW's and my main tree and sent them to protect my expansion, knowing that if it fell. So would I.

Alright I think this is a good time to take a pause and let you all get up and stretch. Hopefully you'll come back because now its time to complete the rest of this BR on part 2. Because I'm such a nice guyI'll link it.
Ok fine, you want some hidden text? Here I typed some...

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