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"Psyonic_Reaver: It's getting harder for me to sleep as Blizzcon approaches. I wonder if this is what waiting for your wedding night feels like... The feeling of finally being able to get laid. That is how I feel right now.
Mattzarella: For your sake I hope you don't blurt out 'For Aiur!' the first time you have sex."

Warcraft3 2v2 Flash Report
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Date: 07/26/02 12:07
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Lifetime Rating for ZerG~LinG: 8.3836
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Welcome. Flash only report, around 1.50 mb's of loading. Enjoy :)

"What are you, the danish cheese baron?" You can bet your sweet little ass on it, and I'm coming for you!
-Dialtone, referring to me :)

"Adding pink as a color is the best improvement since attack move on groups"
-Dialtone (again) Yeah I really should get other ppl to say stupid shit, but this guy is really good at it

<3 Mark4?

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