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Clan Frozen BR Continued - split for 56kers like myself
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Date: 07/14/02 09:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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In any case, a short ways out from my mineral only I find myself about to be flanked from three different directions. However these counterattacks are quickly bludgeoned to submission, owing to the fact that I'm still sitting at around 160 supply while CN is struggling to regain 100. I take firm control of the center, and start a three pronged assault upon the cerebrate's positions. In mere minutes the game has turned about from CN having map control and superior supply, to me taking a formidable lead in both categories. My tanks quickly pound the bustling 3:00 mineral only back into the dust from whence it came, while a fairly desperate zergling drop upon my main is crushed in turn.

The first really threatening assault upon my domination of the center occurs soon thereafter, with guardians forming the backbone. Cracklings swarm my bunkers while mutas take the bulk of the damage, yet thankfully I have those twin cruisers and a tough compliment of Science Vessels to battle those wretched guardians. I irradiate nearly every single guardian, which quickly become easy prey for the cruisers' behemoth laser cannons. Although I take a severe beating the entire zerg force is soon slaughtered and I retain a comfortable grasp of the center.

Unfortunately, this is where I make my greatest blunder of the game. At this point, I should quickly vanquish every Zerg presence at 3:00, and start 2 new expansions in that area. Then all I'd have to do is retain control of the center for a couple minutes, until those expos become fully operational. With me completely out mining a Zerg opponent as Terran, the game would be very, very over.

Yet, naturally, I do something preposterous. I make a Command Center at the 3:00 Natural, while actually attacking 12:00, in the hopes that I could raze that base and quickly dart back to destroy 3:00 when done. I want to end the game quickly, but as that rotten cliche goes, "you can't have it both ways." I DO manage to take down 12, thanks largely to my cruisers, only to discover that it's mined out ( note: comsat before you attack, idiot ). Furthermore, moving my tanks to that area compromised my complete control of the center and allowed a long line of hydras to sneak through the side. These hydras promptly destroy the entire assault and force my surviving cruiser to flee back to the relative security of the middle. Meanwhile, a wave of zerg forces break out of 3:00 and annihilate my budding expansion there. Two consecutive defeats leave me reeling and, to say the least, a little beleaguered.

I'm also angry, and finally resolve to take the fight to the Zerg main. My tanks siege near CN's 9:00 mineral only and volleys of acrilite fire rain down upon the hatchery, quickly destroying one of the cerebrate's few remaining expansions. This time I DO scan in advance of my encroaching armies, and discover a brood of guardians morphing just ahead. Stimming the nearest marines I ravage the group before they're hatched and force the few survivors to float back towards Naked's main base.

We're both fully upgraded right now, and while CN sits at roughly 75 supply I'm still well ahead at 120. The cerebrate has expanded to the 12:00 natural however, without my knowledge, and has a flock of overlords coming around the center of the map and down towards my own natural.

The overlords unload beneath my command center, and for some demented reason I opt to send nearly my entire central army South to deal with the threat. Furthermore, I actually irradiate the overlords, wasting precious sci vessel energy. Indeed, it is that final error which really causes me to lose control of the game.

You see, although the overlords were slaughtered and their cargo utterly defeated, the drop was just a diversion for a much larger, all-out assault on the center using every last warrior at Naked's disposal. The depleted defenses were absolutely no match for the guardians, mutalisks, hydras and lings, and CN takes very, very few losses. Not only that, but I've wasted my precious irradiates on mere overlords, thereby leaving me without a really effective counter to the guardians.

Although the Zerg are halted again at my mineral only, I know I'm in very dire straits indeed. Hoping I've killed all of CN's mutalisks and most of his lings, I finally plan a desperate, nearly all-tank assault on his 3:00 infestation. Unfortunately I hugely underestimated CN's revived economy. The tanks slaughter the initial hydralisks, but suddenly a massive flock of mutalisks come swooping out from the fog of war, quickly downing my science vessels and razing the tanks in short order, before flapping off to my budding island expansion. With Naked's supply finally passing mine and with no real form of income I finally concede the game, leaving CN as the glorious victor of might, magic and goodness knows what else.

Anyway, a rather good game despite the plethora of errors on both our sides ;). Frankly our macro was rather horrendous, but I'm thankful that didn't impact the quality of the match in any real way. If I have time, maybe I'll 1v1 CN tonight to see if my skills have improved at all! Let's take a look at some scores:

Now, it's on to our final game, this one a fun and fast-paced affair between the illustrious Disturbed and the wildly attractive Iranian Stallion, Keanu_Reaver.


Well I was going to br a 1v1 between Deon ( Disturbed ) and myself, in which I actually managed to win ( we're 1-1-1 now lolz ), but after seeing this battle I changed my mind. Plus, of course, not adding Keanu in a br about clan Frozen is sheer blasphemy. Player intro time!

FzN)Comp ( AKA. Keanu_Reaver ):

Who could pick a better color for the lovable giant, Keanude, Keanugook, Keanuke, Keanujew, Keanuzoo, yes, Keanu_Reaver?! One of the best Zergs I know well, Keanu has a very fluent, intuitive style of play that makes him a rather overwhelming opponent at times. He has a great mind for trying something new, is extremely quick, and possesses an expansive knowledge of the game. Thanks to all these traits, I think I'm either 0-2 or 0-3 versus him :[. Well fancy all that. He's also the co-founder of Frozen, and a writer of several good stories on . . . one of which you'll find just below this br ;). As his description on our webpage so . . . profoundly . . . states: "Heidi is his woman, Frozen is his crew. He's a man on a mission, he drinks mountain dew."

FzN)NFT ( AKA. Disturbed, Deon ):

Disturbed, or Deon as his homies call him, is another snazzy chap. Having toured the world and fought villains in every African nation for his first decade of life ( becoming known in Somalia as the legendary "Little White Man Tat Jump High And Look Funny" ) he's opted to retire from such a mundane existence in the last few years, and enter the ever-exciting world of instead. Deon was our first recruit, and, ironically, the hardest to woo. Having suggest the name "frozen" to match his FrozenToaster account, Deon reeled at the idea we'd have actual tags, and immediately cast a black cloud of doubt upon the whole proposition. Keanu and I painstakingly conceived another name, just for him, only to discover that he'd gone off and made an FzN) nick already. Again we decided to change it back, again Deon logged on with a different name. This went on for some time, until at last a form of consensus was reached and the now-renowned name FzN)NFT came into fruition ( though goodness knows what it means ). In any case, Disturbed is known for his ability to power like a Jamaican whore, while keeping his opponent firmly under control. Like Keanu he's one of our better players, especially on insanely enormous maps, where his macroing abilities really come into their own. Rock on, sista. BTW, when shown the portrait I would depict for him, here was his response:

PlaysWithMadness [Deon]: asdf
PlaysWithMadness: at least she's licking herself
Dagomarius: true
PlaysWithMadness: which is what id do if i was female
PlaysWithMadness: i couldnt keep my hands off myself

For this match, HnR)Alacrity would be my trusty obs sidekick - a jovial reminder of the clan we blatantly stole our tag idea from. All that was really needed was for Rekrul to join in and remind Honour where THEY stole THEIR tag from . . . and I wonder if Rek nabbed his from anyone. The beautiful, vibrant, and ever-colorful world of clan intrigues. Warms your heart.

In any case, once again the new and enticing world of Lost Temple shimmers into view, and I find myself observing a ZvZ. Deon has morphed his hideous hatchery at 6:00, while Keanu is raising the spires of a new infestation near 12. Shockingly, both players immediately take divergent paths, following roads that best suit their individual talents. Deon rapidly takes his natural, obviously getting ready to power, while Keanu moves for a late zergling rush and a quick tech to air power.

Keanu's lings bound into Deon's expansion before he can raise any sunkens, yet the green cerebrate manages to take advantage of the rather long transit time from 12 to 6 by morphing enough lings to fend off the assault. The purple beasts are quickly flanked and squashed, while two sunkens are morphed to ward off any further ling strikes.

Meanwhile, Keanu's spire has hatched in all its filth and a couple scourge are good to go. Two of the blind little devils shred Deon's scouting overlord hovering above the purple lair, and a squadron screams away from 12 to join a growing zergling containment force stationed in front of Deon's natural. Deon quickly morphs some spore colonies while getting a spire of his own, confident that his gas superiority will grant him complete dominance in the air. Meanwhile, the reason for Keanu's containment troops is revealed as he deftly expands to his own natural. I attempt to build a supply depot next to his hatchery, but at a squeal from the purple cerebrate and a cackle from Frost I'm forced to cancel :[.

Soon after, twin fleets of scourge swarm out from Deon's base in a mad witch hunt for overlords. The groups split and take a wide berth around Keanu's containment, then arrow in upon his main. Spore colonies and newly hatched scourge do plenty of damage upon the little green flyers, which take enormous losses and only manage to down two overlords! Shrieking with dismay Deon brings his surviving scourge back to the primary hive cluster, while building up the force he needs to break out of containment.

At exactly 10 minutes into the game Deon makes his move. Dispatching a few lings he distracts a third or so of Keanu's containing zerglings to follow all the way back to the 12:00 main. With the purple minions weakened in the center, he sends the full might of his own Zergling army to destroy the warriors that remain. It's a vicious battle, and at first Keanu actually seems to be winning with fewer numbers thanks his pullback/encirclement micro. However, when a second wave of teal reinforcements crashes into battle the land containment attempt is clearly doomed. Blood spills across the land, while Deon's victorious minions scamper North to deal Keanu even more damage. However, upon arrival they find themselves surrounded with their purple counterparts pouring down from the ramp and natural, and in a short, vicious skirmish are completely exterminated.

There's a definite lull in the action as both parties decide to tech towards hydralisks, knowing that a strong hydra/lurker contingent is an excellent counter to a scourge or muta/ling army. Keanu has them first, and at 13 minutes in sets forth from his main to erect a new containment force. He runs into a relatively small legion of teal lings, which are annihilated in short order. With hydras and zerglings on the ground and a squadron of scourge still hovering about in the air, the new containment looks to be substantially more formidable than the one slaughtered just minutes before.

Deon, however, is in no mood to tolerate yet another stifling containment of his bases, and lashes out aggressively as Keanu takes his mineral only. His hydras and lings are brutally crushed - yet out of the bloody carnage emerges a green lurker! Deon's tech plans are rather dramatically revealed, as that single dastardly lurker foils Keanu's entire detectionless containment force.

Speaking of lurkers - there's plenty more where that came from. Deon uses his plentiful gas reserves to hatch an entire army of the fearsome horned beasts, hurling them and a powerful zergling contingent North at Keanu's mineral only expo.

Whatever units Keanu can spare are quickly forced to retreat due to a continual lack of detection, and Deon quickly razes the purple mineral only at 15 minutes into the clash. The purple cerebrate wisely opts to leave a rather powerful hydra contingent tucked away just to the upper right of the center, while Deon's overlord-supported minions press on into the very heart of Keanu's presence upon the map.

The lurkers meet up with a half dozen or so hydras and are forced to burrow just below Keanu's ramp. Reaver dances his hydras about to delay enough for new warriors to hatch and a speed-enhanced overlord to arrive. Now, with overlord support, Keanu launches his central and main base hydras to pincer Deon's burrowed monsters, and, with severe casualties, emerges victorious.

However, Keanu isn't finished quite yet. Shifting smoothly to another strategy, he hatches mass mutalisks within his main to counter Deon's powerful anti-ground army. As the teal cerebrate expands to his own mineral only Keanu's trump card flaps into view, quickly butchering the nearby lings. The Hatchery begins to crumble under the withering acid spores, until Deon reveals his own new factor in the game: defilers.

With a quick dark swarm the teal cerebrate's routed hydras become immune to any damage, and surge back into the battlefield, briefly forcing Keanu's mutalisks to retreat in disarray. However, when Reaver realizes just how close he is to actually destroying the hatchery, he darts back in and rapidly blows it to the ground, just as Deon casts a swarm upon the structure!

With this rather disheartening loss behind him, Deon realizes he must strike hard and fast if he is to ensure that Keanu doesn't retake map control. To that end, he sends his entire hydra/filer force North to see what devastation he can cause. With a few dark swarms he sends Keanu's mutas bolting away to safety . . . only to encounter a vicious mass of zerglings Keanu hatched just for the occasion. The critical error of attacking without lurkers comes into the limelight as the lings tear through Deon's "protected" hydras, which are forced to retreat from the safety of the orange cloud. Now the mutas swoop back in, ravaging them with their overwhelming numbers and scoring an utterly decisive victory for Keanu. Deon's last fleet of scourge arrive and do manage to down a few mutas, yet the purple cerebrate quickly expands to the 3:00 natural in the hopes of clinching a decisive resource advantage.

Disturbed knows he can't hope to challenge Keanu's domination of the center right now, so he launches a clever little zergling raid North while taking his own mineral only. The lings manage to avoid Keanu's massing armies and actually destroy Reaver's 12:00 natural hatchery! While they're quickly slaughtered by a wave of purple lings, they've put Deon back in the game resource wise, allowing him to consider a full scale assault upon the center once he has his expansion fully online.

Keanu never gives him that chance. Realizing the difficulties he'd face if he allows Deon to commence full mining from that mineral only, he launches his entire horde South to crush his opponent for once and for all. Suddenly an immense blob of orange erupts in the middle of the furious battle - a dark swarm covering nearly an entirely screen, so thick the units within aren't even visible! Deon's newly hatched lings pour into the fray to engage Keanu's in single combat, yet it is Keanu's that emerge victorious from the swarm and cascade down into the teal defenses. Backed by hydras and a whirling fleet of mutas in the air, the purple minions are quite unstoppable and Deon is finally forced to surrender . . . at 21 minutes into the game.

A very well played match indeed, showing how tiny mistakes can make all the difference in a ZvZ. Some very nice use of defilers by Deonic, though lurkers would really have helped ( hell, even zerglings would have been a godsend ). In any case, let's have a look at some scores and finally wrap up the battlereport!


Well, that's that. Three entertaining games in one battlereport, hopefully you guys like it. I'll leave you with some random screenshots of fun, yet before I do I'd like to say a little sorry to Blaze, Ferret, CHJ and whoever played that amazing FFA I promised to br ;). IF I regain the inspiration I WILL report that yet, though it may take some time. We'll see. I'm really losing the motivation to write enormous reports like this over the period of two weeks or so . . . but then again, there's plenty of other writers who do a better job than me :). Gogo LuckyNewbie br!

Obsing a Keanu VS Kane game:
Kane: Oooooh I'm sorry keanu did you need that spire?! ;D
Keanu probably not as much as you needed that expo :/
-citizenKane- has left the game

BTW . . . if you didn't send me your picture for the clan FzN members page, I'm afraid I just had to look about to find something I thought might resemble you ;)
Kane is cool and his nonfan fics rock ;)

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