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Clan Frozen BR
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Date: 07/14/02 09:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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Hello again, and welcome to yet another battlereport from me.

This one covers three games, each one involving a member of my clan - Frozen. If you want to learn more about Frozen, go here. If you want to read a br, scroll down.

By the way, I should point out that the primary reason I wrote this blasted thing is because I promised ZerG~LinG I'd post a br a day after he released his. While ( naturally ) I'm . . . very . . . late, this is hopefully better than nothing!

Pregame(s) Festiva

Alright, before we start the games let's get down to that one thing my reports do best: homosexually mock homosexual people. As I stumble through on my downtime I always remember to take screen shots of particularly ridiculous things, like player descriptions. Let's have a look at this badass tiger here:

I'll pray to find something less gay on my way LOLZ omg QUOTE TAT PLZUZ.

Er, anyway, another thing that consistently annoys me on is people who have some kind of bizarre fetish for their girlfriends. I mean, sure you can love them in real life but when it comes to a gaming network, please leave them out of your descriptions. One guy came to NH yesterday and his profile said he "played for Sarah," his girlfriend. I can imagine it now, her watching his exploits on a computer set up near her hospital bed, getting little flickers of joy from his near victories. This guy might be worse:

Few things evoke the vision of gentle goodness yet unwavering strength against evil like Tolkein's classic character, Gandalf. Many people have seized upon that image and used it to represent themselves. The following warrior is no exception:

PHEAR AND OLD MANY CLAD IN THE GREY HATZ! His record was 82/0 too. Must be a pro.

Anyway, on to the actual games!


Our first game is a PvZ ( personally my favourite matchup ) on none other then Lost Temple. A lot of people hate this map since, admittedly, it his horribly overplayed . . . but I rather fancy it. After all, for strategic depth few maps can approach its stellar grandeur . . . except perhaps BGH. Let's have some player intros first:

FzN)Trinity ( AKA. Demon_Lurker ):

A very experienced mostly Protoss player who happens to be one of the better gamers in our clan ( he recently won a clan tourney by defeating Keanu in a great game on Rivalry, and pummeling Disturbed 2 games to 1 in the finals ). Trinity could probably be +1400 on gamei without too many problems. The key to defeating him is to make sure he doesn't power, something he's unfortunately very good at. I personally played him once in a tvp on Neo Temple - unfortunately I was not aware of the modifications of the map that screw a lot of tank bm ( additional land at 3:00, tree moved below 9:00 so zealots can reach tanks on the low ground there ) and eventually got ravaged by carriers. He took the map and I never got a decent tank push going ;[.


I have to admit I don't know a whole lot about this guy, cept that I obsed a few games with him, in which he's been suspiciously quiet. He seems to be very gm - perhaps a little overly so - and actually destroyed his scvs, floating his CC away over the nearest sea. Meanwhile I opted to scv dance round the closest geyser. Monix is a mostly Zerg player, and has been described by Keanu simply as being "very good." So I guess I'll leave it at that then, before I make myself look like even more of an idiot ;[.

The countdown reaches zero and Trinity finds himself commanding a wayward tribe of teal Protoss around 3:00, while Monix hoards his precious yellow drones to himself at 9:00. Trinity immediately opts for a . . . different . . . strategy, warping in a pylon and double cannons at his mineral only around 2 minutes into the game! He does this to prevent lurker containment, and to free up space for mass powering a little later. Obviously this is a hugely risky move since Monix could simply run him over early on, or even with mutalisks a little later. A scouting probe reveals the cerebrate to be powering himself, though, with an early expansion, so Trinity probably isn't too worried quite yet.

Two things Monix can do about this: attack hard and quickly, tech to mutas and harass ( though this is risky against a decent toss ) or beat Trinity at his own game and double expand. Knowing Trinity's expertise at powering I probably would have opted for the rapid assault, yet Monix lays back for now. An early zergling raid bounds into the Protoss mineral only at exactly 4 minutes in, just as Trinity begins to warp his natural's Nexus. The lings scamper past the cannons and pound on the nexus, yet the glowing psi blades of two zealots quickly tear them to shreds.

Monix takes the 12:00 natural, morphing in a hatchery in preparation for further expansion in the North. Trinity's mineral only begins to phase in around now, and unfortunately a scouting probe finds the insidious new Zerg presence blossoming at the natural expo. Monix has neglected defense for now, confident that his speed enhanced hydras are quick enough to squelch any threat, and sure Trinity won't attack right now, powering as he is. He's wrong. Five zealots rip into the new expansion and mangle the hatchery before they perish at the hands of dancing yellow hydras.

Obviously this sets Monix behind an awful lot - he's now well behind Trinity resource-wise, and he really doesn't have an option other then to double expand and claim the entire North. To this end he takes the 12:00 main and his own mineral only ( finally! ). He fortifies his min only with fields of sunkens and hideous lurkers, since it's the gateway both to his 3:00 main/natural and its 12:00 equivalents.

Trinity tries to tilt the game further to his favor by executing a series of reaver drops upon Monix's rather poorly defended expansions. The first reaver drop on the 3:00 natural is a success, and many drones explode in their little eruptions of blood and fire. A few more drones are butchered at the 3:00 main, but as the shuttle heads back to the Protoss main over the 12:00 natural it is summarily downed by a very angry 5 hydralisks. A drone is there to witness the avenging of his lost brethren, before mutating a new hatchery at the resource node.

So, let's have a little status report. Both players are powering very heavily now, with Trinity commanding a militia of 13 zealots, seven goons and an ht at his mineral only, while Monix gathers his two groups of hydralisks among the clustered sunkens of his own min only. Not surprisingly the Executor's supply is some 20 points higher than the Cerebrate's, yet the maginot line of sunkens near that mineral only should be enough to repulse a frontal attack. Nevertheless, it puts the Zerg solidly on the defensive for now, until the Northern bases become fully operational. Upgrades are 1/0 for my clanmate and 0/0 for his enemy, though both are frantically working to further themselves in this area.

That's when Trinity decides to take the South, another bold move that may give him complete control of the game. A nexus warps in under a bumbling overlord at the 6:00 natural, and no troops are rallied to defend it. Perhaps Trinity is just trying out an expo there to see how his enemy takes it. When nothing is forthcoming and the nexus shimmers in unimpeded, Trinity is encouraged and shifts the position of his minions to cover the center, safeguarding his precious resource node.

Finally Monix realizes that he'd better do something about that base real quick, and a platoon of hulking lurkers skitter South. Fearing a counter Monix left the bulk of his hydralisks behind, proving that his recon was highly inadequate ( had he known the distribution of Trinity's minions he would certainly not have done that ). The lurkers are caught single file and are forced to burrow poorly positioned, not to mention the fact that the Protoss armies have templar/observer coverage and superior upgrades and numbers! The battle is quickly decided though some zealots do manage to die ( they have a knack for that while fighting lurkers ).

Seeing lurkers for the first time, Trinity remembers to drop some forces on his 9:00 cliff since many Zerg players use those cursed lurkers to ravage probe lines from higher ground ( damn you Keanu!! ). Meanwhile, all of Monix's bases have come fully online and slowly his hydra/lurker count begins to reach 200 supply. Trinity consolidates the South, and frolics in substantial pileups as his templar/goon/zealot militias too nears the hated supply limit. One can imagine both players rubbing their hands behind fearsome defenses, surveying the map and deciding just how to crack through the other's army. Monix makes the first move.

A full group of full overlords glides through the darkening sky down to 6:00 while hoardes of hydras amass around the choke to his 3:00 natural. Suddenly, in two dashing, simultaneous strikes the hydras unload at the Southern natural while the full weight of his main army pours down upon the stalwart Protoss defenders like a tidal wave tumbling swallowing a coastal Indonesian hamlet. Trinity is overwhelmed and frantically tries to lessen the damage. The 6:00 natural is crumbling quickly and going down, so he throws whatever armies he can at the center to stall the Zerg advance while focusing on microing the Southern drop. If the two wings of the Zerg swarm meet the South is quite doomed and with it, Trinity's greater economy.

The scale of the action probably puts a strain on Monix too, yet he doesn't have any spellcasters to manage and performs a little better than his counterpart. Hydras dance out of storms at 6:00 while encircling goons near the center. Quite frankly a central flank backed with cracklings might have worked better but oh well ^^. Storms continue to ripple across the blistered landscape near the South while Protoss reinforcements wisely pulled from central action cascade into the beleaguered base. Once glittering structures burn to the ground as the hydras reload into their waiting overlords to drop again upon the 6:00 main, yet many an overlord is downed by surging dragoons. The hydras unload once again, and try their lurk against the enraged Protoss mob from higher ground. While all this is going on the main Zerg swarm cuts through the weakened Protoss resistance to the center like a knife through hot butter, meeting very few storms in the process.

The hydralisks in Trinity's central base decide to morph to lurkers for some demented reason, despite being surrounded by dragoons, high templar and observers. One by one the eggs die, and now Trinity is free to focus his attentions on the incoming central Zerg armies. A massive wing of Protoss zealot/goon/DA/HT reinforcements breaks free from the 9:00 mineral only, racing down to flank the arrowing hydralisks washing up into the waiting Southern defenses. Storm scorches the land, mealstrome freezes clumps of hydras and the entire attack simply melts in the overwhelming firepower. The two militias of the Zerg assault very nearly meet, and the entire Southern Protoss army meets its doom, yet eventually Trinity prevails with some excellent use of Protoss spellcasters. The grizzled Executor is down, bleeding, and economically behind . . . but he's far from out.

As so often happens in these types of games, when the attacks begin they just don't stop. Trinity knows he must hit the Zerg before Monix can solidify his resource advantage, and begins to direct units straight up North into the countless sunkens and lurkers nestled there. The precursors of a new assault die very quick deaths, and the Protoss are forced to reevaluate their approach. The decision is made in a split second as the entire bulk of the green militia - now reaching back up towards 200 supply - slams hard into the 3:00 natural. Hydralisks and cracklings swarm from all sides to give them a not so friendly welcome, while ultralisks loom up out of the darkness and add their own terrifying might to the defense. With both sides caught in a choke there's little room to maneuver, and what follows is a good ol' fashioned StarCraft sluggathon.

Suddenly orange flares erupt over the landscape, and the ultralisks freeze dead in their tracks. Storm ravages their hides as cracklings explode in brilliant crimsons pops. An overlord fleet bearing hydras destined for 6:00 desperately attempts to unload amongst the sprawling Protoss warriors, yet finds itself hated by mealstrome and stormed. The ultras finally shake free from their containment only to be refrozen and slaughtered at last. Meanwhile storm rakes the frenzied hydralisk hoards as the surviving battered overlords again attempt a drop. Once more they are frozen, and with a quick storm all are butchered! The frontal Zerg resistance can't sustain this sort of punishment and collapses at last, only to reveal a powerful Ultralisk/zergling rebuff thundering in from behind. Trinity no doubt panics for a bit, before discovering a DA with enough energy left for a mealstrome. The surviving mostly-goon army manages to dispatch of the ultras with some clever dancing, and finally the road to the Zerg main is laid bare!

Protoss reinforcements race in from the West to aid their brethren, only to happen upon a crackling ambush. The mostly goon/ht force buckles before a few storms can swing the little clash to Trinity's favour. A couple goons collapse to the ground, yet another troop of reinforcements joins the survivors. Together the united army marches towards the crumbling remnants of Monix's main as the cerebrate quickly rebuilds his tech near his massed mineral only hatcheries. After recent events, it is clear the game has taken a massive shift in favor of the Protoss. However, a quick glance at the defenses, expansions and macro capabilities Monix still has reveals that the road ahead is still a difficult one for Trinity.

All at once a courageous new strike launches from the Zerg hive clusters and streaks down South. A powerful army of a half dozen ultras and swarms of cracklings tear through the few Protoss militias remaining in the center and crashes into the 6:00 natural defenses. Trinity responds with great speed, however, and flanks the attack from the North and South. Storm quickly dispatches of the majority of those feverish little lings, while overwhelming numbers of zealots and goons finally slaughter the behemoth ultralisks. This is probably the game deciding battle, as it seems Monix simply doesn't have the numbers to stand against the full weight of Trinity's army.

Smelling blood the Executor responds quickly. The entire center of the map is engrossed in the final battle as countless storms vanquish lurkers, hydralisks and even eggs on a massive scale. A bewildering number of dragoons, zealots, dark archons, high templar, archons and goodness knows what else finally burst through the defending Zerg units and slaughter the sunken colonies. With his macro buildings and entire army erupting all about him Monix decides to call it quits, and leaves the battlefield.

What a great game by both contestants! In all honesty to Monix he did defeat Trinity twice yesterday . . . wish I remembered to ask them for their overall record :P. Let's take a gander at some scores before stumbling on to our next game.


The second match again involves the Zerg, this time battling it out against the powerful machinery of the Terrans. Once more the arena of war is Lost Temple, but this time the game involves two members of clan Frozen. How about some intros!

FzN)CN ( AKA. CaughtNaked ):

CN has been a familiar name around for quite a while now. Known for having great potential for good battle reporting but often wasting it on, say *cough* 5 minute games, CN is renowned as one of the most mannered naked people on the planet. He's a mostly Protoss player, though I know through experience that his Zerg can be as . . . annoying . . . as his favorite race. This wiggly little Hindu can have his irritating moments, like flaming sessions that stretch for a few minutes, or random wraith dancing ( built from a sprawling island base, no less ) as obs over a critical battle in the game.

FzN)Narwal ( AKA. |]agomar ):

Worshiped by Sync as either Fagwal or Narfag, I have a curious habit of picking horrible smurf names. I don't really know what prompted me to pick a small, diminutive whale with a horn longer than its body as my namesake . . . but whatever it is I'm not sharing. In any case, I'm around average in terms of clan skill level, and my tvz has historically been my worst match up ( I P vs Z now ). I really don't know what else to say. -Fate gave me his gamei account btw, since mine got erased :[. Shout out to the big man in the pink skirt!

Once again that countdown reaches zero with Moebius, the clan frozen mascot, gleefully bouncing into the observer slot with a token giggle. I find myself as a musky, refined brown Terran around 6:00, while CN bursts into his teal Zergish filth at 9:00. I opt for a very standard build: double barracks, some gas and an academy soon after. My scouting peon tells me CN hasn't thrown up much of a defense yet and is opting for a quick one-base lurker build. Unfortunately, the few marines making up my early rush discover that the average IQ for my SCVs is very low, as they're filleted rather nicely by double cliff sunkens.

In my conservative build I usually either opt for either third rax then factory ( if he's going muta ) or a factory then third rax ( if he's going hydra ). Obviously I go for the latter here, and soon enough a big, burly tank pilot is ready to roll. As my first real army thunders past my wallin I'm feeling fairly confident, or at least as confident as I'll ever feel in a tvz.

However, as many of you know, I'm an absolute idiot. I've parted from my conservative build by going for a relatively early expansion, something that, given CN's tech choice, would be perfectly acceptable. But to properly guard an early expo tvz you must remain on the defensive for a while, and then usually opt for containment. An attack at this stage, with CN just morphing a hatchery at his natural, would be hugely outnumbered and probably suicidal.

My tank/medirine troop runs into a couple hydras at the choke leading into CN's natural, which are easily slaughtered. A smile weaves its way through the contours of my face as the first tank shells plummet down upon the cliffed sunkens. That's until two huge waves of hydraling collapse down upon my little army from both flanks, tearing it utterly to pieces. I cringe, twitch slightly, and brace for the onrushing counter. Nothing quite like a good twitch to clear the mind.

The Zerg minions come crashing into my natural, but I've got a bunker, a couple cliff tanks and of course a helpful army of SCVs good to go. For some strange, somewhat inexcusable reason CN doesn't have lurker tech . . . which, needless to say, is a huge help in this clash. Peons repair the bunker as splash damage butchers the bulk of the teal warriors, while a small contingent of surviving hydras weave around the backside of my Command Center in an attempt to at least get some sort of profit from the attack. A single tank seiged near the bunker foils this hope, however, and Naked's attack is barely more effective than my own.

As the last glob of blood sinks into the battle blasted landscape a dropper eases up out of my base and sails off towards the Zerg natural cliff. There, it deposits a tank, 2 marines and double medics. A couple overlords are slaughtered by the small anti-air contingent while the tank pounds the teal expansion. Some hydras try to spoil my fun but are unsuccessful, as additional tank reinforcements make their presence felt above the wretched base. Finally, a hydra drop destroys my attack, and the drones are free to mine in peace.

Let's have a status report. About now I've taken my mineral only and natural expansion, while CN has both of those plus the 12:00 main. In a TvZ, I should probably have the advantage, unless he takes the entire map. Naturally I'm upgrading infantry attack damage, while teching towards science vessels at last. My fearsome foe is pumping hydras, striving for map control and sits at 1/1.

A series of small, probing attacks follow. I drop double tanks on the 3:00 plateau overlooking the entrance to 12:00, and send a team of infantry to support them. The soldiers are picked apart by hydras before they can arrive, and I roll both tanks back into the waiting shuttle, throwing the package at the bustling 12:00 expansion. The dropper is intercepted by more hydras, whose fearsome spines take quite a toll on the battered vessel. I unload a single sacrificial tank to distract the zerg warriors, while quickly depositing the second on the low ground beside CN's extractor. Unfortunately both machines quickly meet their demise, followed by the shuttle, and so end my attempts at gosuness.

Right now I'm well above my opponent in terms of supply, and my philosophy is as follows: let the cerebrate attack, and when his forces lie broken before my tanks, science vessels and marines, I'll move out and crush him. Unfortunately ( or fortunately if you're cheering for CN ) my enemy is taking the map with a vengeance, and is rallying his troops to the center. It's almost as if we both agreed to call off any harassment tactics and just focus on huge, sweeping battles from this point on. CN, apparently feeling that his minions in the center have reached critical mass, sends the entire swarm South while planning a distracting blow to my main as well.

Waves of hydras, zerglings and mutalisks thunder down into my waiting bunkers like a massive tsunami crushing a few bloated beach goers, while additional mutalisks come flapping through the erupting chaos to sow destruction in my main. Scourge arrow into my science vessels while marines fend them off, defensive matrix shimmers into view around the leading rines and tank shells rain down upon the advancing Zerg. All in all, quite an engagement, though why Naked didn't drop instead is, quite frankly, beyond me.

The results are fairly predictable: though I lost two bunkers and countless marines, the Zerg are finally butchered, leaving huge pools of blood before my mineral only. The mutalisks ravaging my main are fended off as well, while my command center nears the island resource node and CN takes 3:00.

There's an overlord waiting at the isle, however, and though it's quickly irradiated it still manages to call plenty of backup. Scourge arrive just seconds after I landed and fail to do any damage, but a 3 ovie hydra drop is just a bit more effective. The Command Center goes down in moments, and seeing the scourge there I don't dare bring any reinforcements over.

Instead I do a double dropper assault on CN's 3:00 infestation. Braving waiting hydras and pursuing scourge I manage to lay waste to the mineral line before swarms of hydras arrive to end my fun, though I hardly injure a single hatchery. With three of those in the area, Naked quickly rebuilds the mining operation, while I'm left without a third expansion.

At 150 supply Naked decides to try his luck again. Overlords drop hydras upon my natural cliff while the main attack gallops recklessly into my defenders. A few tanks are distracted into shooting the cliffed minions, though these are vanquished in fairly short order, making way for a wildly violent bloodbath before my mineral only. Very little real micro is involved in the engagement other then some very standard defensive matrixing, and within mere seconds CN's supply absolutely plummets down to 83! Perhaps the most decisive added factor was the addition of a very strong tank corps near the battlefield, whose splash damage simply demolished the clustered hydralisks.

As you can image I'm feeling immensely confident after such a crushing victory, and decide to move out at last. Starting a new command center to repopulate the bottom right island, I scout ahead of my advancing troops with a few science vessels ( one of which somehow manages to get shot down ). I've also made double battlecruisers in a more whimsical move, feeling they'll serve as great damage sponges for hydra/muta fire.

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