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Game of GO? Drefsab vs. JustSayNo (Fox^1)
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Date: 06/06/02 01:06
Game Type: Other
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If you dont' know anything about the game of go. Go here to learn a little about the game of Go.

Game 1 on IGS Drefsab as Black vs JustSayNo as White

IGS is short for internet Go Server. It's probably the most popular GO server in the world. If you want to learn more about it, you can find it here at In the game of Go you can set handicaps quite easy. You allow the other player to place a few stones on the board before the game begins. I would consider myself a better player then Dref, but not enough to give him too large of a handicap. The best handicap is to let him go first. The opening 4 moves are as such.

anything you can do I can do better

As you can see we play towards the corners.. why? because think about it, what is the best way to gain control of the board? If you play in the middle it's easy to surround you if I play on the outside. If you play to close to the side, I surround you by playing closer to the middle. So playing a few spaces from the corner is not only easier to kill pieces because of the restricted liberties but it's the best area to start to gain control of the board.


Moves 4-17 shown above are in the bottom left hand corner. Move number 4 being the bottom left move shown in the previous screenshot. If you read the moves out you can see that black 9 places white 6 in Atari. This makes me play white 10 which connects the white 4 piece and doesn't allow my pieces to die. I play up to white 12 which places black 7 in Atari. Black 13 saves the piece and I use white 14 to place black 5 in Atari. Dref makes a smart move and doesn't try to save this piece. Because it Cannot be saved. How does he know it cannot be
saved? I'll show you.

winner... me!

As you can see he protects with 15 and I keep placing that unit into Atari until we make it into the corner. in which case as you can see I just play white 22 to the left of his black 21 removing his last liberty and killing that group. This is called a ladder. When pieces basically go in a sequence of moves over and over again across the board. This ladder is in my favor and he saw this. He knew as soon as I played white 14 that black 5 was in a ladder and there is no way to save it. Understand? Dref's a bright fellow... sometimes ;)Then Dref made a mistake by trying to place me into a ladder with black 15 up into 19. The reason why it's bad for him is this. Read the ladder all the way and see where it ends up. Can't see it? I'll show you.

that's a lot of pieces

As you can see white 52 connects with white 2 and now I have 5 liberties. Now black cannot easily kill me. But why is that bad? I mean it looks like black has basically surrounded me. Isn't that good for him anyway? Well If black were to go anywhere on the board lets say above black 51. I could just place 2 of his pieces in Atari, allowing him to only be able to save 1 of them. Can you see where? I'll show you.

Check.. .. .. ... .. .. .oh.. OHHH.. CHECKMATE!.. see I got you here... and here..  -Father to son in Searching for Bobby Fischer

Now look. I've placed the black piece above and to the left of the marked stone in Atari. He can place a black stone to save only 1 of them. So the result would be this.

Crispy cream donuts are fucking delicious

As you can see I can do this at least at 4 more spots on the board to him. Giving me 4 more pieces. This is not in his favor. Dref didn't notice this ladder is bad for him until black 19. But he did see it then and moved on. Unfortunate for him he didn't see that in by doing that he has doomed some of his pieces. As you can see here

up up down down left right left right Black White

That I have now placed the stone on the right in Atari and I'm 1 more away from placing the stones below in a ladder that I will win. If he protects either stones, I will kill the other. Now Dref could make a good move and at least save the 2 stones, but as you can see by the diagram he doesn't and I make my next move one space down and to the left of the marked piece securing those 2 black pieces for certain death. A fight then begins in the top right.

they look like lotto numbers

The moves that proceed are all ok, until Dref makes a mistake at black 43. Which lets me place white 44 and put black 43 into Atari. Now if black tries to live by placing his piece at O15 which is 1 space above black 43 then I play at M15 which is to the left of Black 41 and have that group in a ladder. If he tries to escape with 39 and 41 by moving to M15 I capture black 43. If he does not place white at M15 then I play M15 and both black 39 and 41 cannot escape. He makes another bad


move by moving at 45 to place white 38 in Atari. I defend at 46 and he tries to surround at 47 which was a mistake. Because I move at white 48 and now the stones below 37 and 33 cannot escape. Dref should have played where white 48 was instead of playing black 47. But 45 was the mistake because even if he defends at by playing where I have my white 48 to keep me from placing a white stone there, I just play at M15 which is to the left of black 41 and those other two stones are mine. Either way after black 45 I was able to take a strong command of board. Dref sees this and resigns.

I love you Dref and the next game we play is much better

This is the way the board looked at the end

not many moves, but game 2 is much better

Hope you enjoyed the report and perhaps take a stab at the game of Go. Game 2 will be out soon, Dref didn't resign and the game went pretty far along.

This is fox signing off

I'm so fast I can see my own ear
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