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"I sware he has some "Defensive Matrix for 10 mana hack". He uses it so damn much"

2v2 Temple Terran GroundWar: throw in a 'toss
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Date: 07/04/99 02:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 8.5, # of Ratings: 2, Max: 9, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for BackFired: 8.3333
The Map:

Good old, still lost, (although overplayed) Temple
Speed: Faster

BackFired [white] at 3:00 as chosen Protoss
Corker [brown] at 9:00 as chosen Terran


ManiacMechaMan [Teal] at 12:00 as chosen Terran
Mark4 [purple] (yep, it's him) @ 6:00 as random Terran

The beginning:

Both me and Corker followed pretty standard early build orders: 2 Barracks and the infamous wall-in bunker for Corker, while I relied on a shield battery, 2 cannons, 2 zealots and the Soon-to-be-made Reaver for defense. My starting strat would be a simple reaver drop on either mark4 or Maniac, since I assumed both to be pretty good at setting up detection early, so DT would simply be a waste of Drop tech and cash. I did not bother too much with my Terran ally, he was going tanks, and me Reavers.

Corker sent a scouting Scv to the 12:00 spot (and was happily greeted by some Marines' rifle fire from a almost-walled-up entrance), but we forgot to scout early on Mark.
I having my hands full at my base (AKA being too lazy) delegated the task to my ally repeatedly, and as soon as his choke-sitting marine started moving to finally "Scout mark!" it met up with some nice fellows from hostile militias, a double m&m attack from Mark4's and Maniac's marine corps'. He said "oh shit" and I prepared for the worst.

It really did not look very good, for Corkers' marines were heavily outnumbered, and it seemed like game over to me. It probably seemed game over to our enemies as well, as they paid little micro-attention to their troops while they wreaked some havoc in the outskirts of the outpost. But Corker's Marines held a bastion, namely a single bunker with supply depots and a barracks walling it in from all sides. It, together with the emergency Vultures pumped from the Addon-less Factories, managed to destroy half of the enemy force which wasn't paying much attention, before the Marines finally braced themselves to concentrate fire on that bad little building... the bunker's HP declined quickly, but barely managed to survive due to an ermergency liftoff of the clog barrack, allowing scv to reach it in the last second.
All 3 players marine corps' consisted of corpses... For now

After this battle, my Shuttle was complete but Reavers were still in construction, so to prevent my shuttle from getting bored and my cashflow from running dry, I sent it to expand to the lower-right isle before taking 2 fresh reavers to Mark's base, right after plotting down the Archives to start my templar production.

Meeting no resistance but a Turret near the peons, my reavers dropped out and started launching scarabs like mad at everytning in sight. No marines were about, it seemed like all of mark4's troops were camping out somewhere else. Unfortunately for me, the SCV decided to depart from the danger zone after 2 scarab hits, and a newly produced tank from a factory apx. half a reaver minute north started pounding on me. The way there was blocked by many buildings, so i just focused fire on the CC. In the end, my snail troopers were only able to kill the comsat station and a careless SCV bringing back a clump of minerals from another base. But the mining loss would be worth it.

Well, I soon after DID find out what had happened to those Troops mysteriously missing at Mark's main. My observers saw a bunch of mixed infantry sitting in my natural's choke point. 2 Templar were ready to psi-storm by then, but 2 of the lazy fellas were still camping out on Shakuras, claiming they couldn't come through 'till Raynor's SCV finally fixes the Shakuras base gate's broken main psi reciever. (Turmalis should really quit trying to tame that zergling)

Summoning bad weather upon the attackers sadly was not enough. Soon I found myself confronted with a capital tank push, whose Bunkers, turrets and seige tanks were slowly but steadily creeping forward to my choke point. Templar were able to get off Storms now and then but usually got waxed by a salvo of shells from displeased tanks after they'd been stormed... My Reaver near the choke battery never got approached though, so the situation was pretty stalemate. It seemed like our enemies were happy with just having me contained...not knowing of my expansion base...yet.

Did I say stalemate? Well then time to get some more pieces! A Stargate was immediately ordered from Shakuras, and with my expansion, having a too-lazy-to-move "Containment Camp" in front of my base did not bother me too much.

As I requested reinforcements from my partner, telling him to drop some tanks onto my Natural's cliff to end this little pushing-around, he immediately began moving his drop ships... but not to my base! To mark4's Base!. They set up camp on a part of the cliff not guarded by any units, built turrets and bunkers and got some tanks into seige mode. The secret seige camp was detected only after Corker's tanks began pounding Mark's base outskirts, and a fierce, yet slow battle errupted there. Mark threw tanks at the outpost with little success at first, Since Corker had Sience Vessels around to spot for sitting ducks (aka tanks in transition). Eventually though relatively slowly Mark increased the magnitude of his assault on the bothersome little camp in his base, buying me the time to tech up to Corsair with disruption web capabilities. I had a force of upgraded dragoons ready to take care of the dwebbed tank force under my cliff. (At least I thought I had it dwebbed). 2 Tanks disabled, my goons killed them, but the other 4 behind them obliterated the dragoons in a few blasts.

Yet psi storm, followed up by a few scarabs, and dweb slowly got the blockade to rot away. But it did not perish because of my Templars and Corsair alone. It died of neglect ... Mark4 seemed to be focussing his thoughts on greater things. Or at least other things.
Actually, I never completely wiped out the camp in front of my door, just got rid of the portions in range of my defense buildings.

3 Stargates were thrown up and I headed for carriers, plotting down Arbiter tribunal, getting shuttle&Observer speed upgrades... in other words just building the typical doomsday Carrier battlegroup.

In the meantime I was sending my Dweb-corsair to help out at Corkers base where... a full scale Ground war had errupted. Massive amounts of Tanks seiged in positions around the mouth of the Choke path (near the "gimme" mineral only expansion) and lockdown-capable ghosts, science vessels, a few wraith, turrets and assorted stuff was fighting continuous waves of advancing purple tanks.

Maniac had been holding a forward outpost in the middle of the "lost" temple, a barrack and a turret here and there, and both players also had many tanks around in various groups defending or firing onto Corker's divisions...

...Excerpt from Life. What it can mean to me, us, and, them. ...
memorials of former Master Sergeant Gates

Explosions shattered the ground around the four large machines, balls of fire impacting on the ground near them and exploding like small nuclear blows then splashing down like water thrown up by a rock tossed into a sea on Old Terra. Noises... The noisy hydraulics of the old-fashioned Seige modules, overlapped the screaming-laughing-chanting Voices of marines in their last seconds, interrupted by the occasional loud firing booms, and the flaring lights from Tanks giving in to the overwhelming power of others.

"Time seems very stretched in these moments. You think about everything you do in unimaginable detail to anyone who hasn't experienced it himself. Yet you only follow orders given from above... have to trust in the competence of your superior, and no matter your thoughts, or whatever you might have had in mind before you entered the barracks, Survival is your first priority, and your only choice."

"Our Group was assigned to protect the southern flank, left of the old wall standing around the ancient protoss sanctum. It was basically a who-fires-first wins thing. Maynard and Rockwell got 2 shots in before their tanks got blasted away by seige cannons... I had lots of luck to get a defensive matrix upon me from a nearby science vessel, and was able to retreat to beta base and regroup with a few "fresh" troops. We were able to beat back that legion with the help of a few protoss corsair from their besieged encampment, and our own "ghosts" but we weren't certain when the next wave would arrive..."

The Tank battle was more or less under control by Corker's numbers and Corsair's disruption web and Ghosts' lockdown abilities, (actually his Tank groups were pounding on Maniac's field barrack already) when my Carrier fleet got ready to depart, with an escort of three arbiters with stasis emitters, observers, and the Shuttle with templars and dark archon for feedbacking any sci vessels into oblivion...

Meanwhile Mark4 had been constantly dropshipping attackers to my island expansion, and eventually he managed to take it over, but It was mined out anyway, and I didn't need anymore money unless some huge force managed to wipe out my fleet. Could Mark have been making BCs secretively? I made a Nexus into my natural with my remaining cash, but I probaly wouldn't need it, so it was pretty much undefended.

Mark4 almost immediately threw a minor attack at my newly produced expansion into my natural slot consisting of a tank and ~10 Goliath, but it was utterly too late for those to show up. They got stasised and mopped away by a templar standing nearby after stasis wore off.
I sent the fleet to top right and from there started mopping up Teal's defenses. I was suprised not to encounter a single Battlecruiser at any of the bases... Maniac and Mark4 have appearently become too occupied with the ground war, so their only serious anti-air was Ghosts. The carriers made short work of the base, then headed south towards the remains of the fortified position of Maniac and worked their way into Mark's main base. There was not much capable of stopping them, the tank wars left no cash for any extensive anti-capital ship defense (like mass goliaths or BC)

Lessons learned:

1.Containing a transport-capable opponent who already has an expansion using ground defense is futile. That tank push would have killed me outright if it had advanced into my base. I was happily making Carriers while the tanks just sat there.

2.Always have some cheap unit patrol base outskirts to prevent any secretive enemy attempts to set up defenses there.

3.And again, scout scout scout! As a Terran, your Comsat station provides you with an almost omnipresent knowledge of activity at the enemy base...IF you use it! As soon as Teal saw my Carriers, he should have gone BC (he wasn't involved in the ground war as much as purple and he held 2 expansions)


4. Do not attack a Terran with Infantry only. Infantry rushes work wonders against Zerg without lurkers and Protoss without reavers, but Not on terrans without Tanks. It's called "bunker". With enough repair SCV, there is absolutely no way to destroy it without something powerful. (like a tank)

That infantry rush would have killed me (if it would have gotten across my cannoned choke point in one piece).
Battle Shots!

A templar peers down at some terrans

Corker sets up a little annoyance

Corker's Terran Ground troopers are having some Carrier "support"

"Omega base this is Island Team! We finally.... Ahem Base? Hello?"

The final scores

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