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"Your terran is my bitch Mark4!"

A Mechwarrior IV : Black Knight Battlereport
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Date: 05/18/02 09:05
Game Type: Other
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Mechwarrior IV : Black Knight Battle Report
* * * * * * * The Sim Game at its best : NO RESPAWN * * * * * * *

A map with a mix of both open and hilly areas.  The temperature is also normal.  With the varied terrain, scattered buildings and good weather conditions most weapons are valid for a mech's loadout.
Server Settings
Forced 1st-Person Perspective ON
Limited Ammo ON
Heat Management ON
Friendly Fire ON
Splash Damage ON
Game Type Team Attrition
Number of lives 1
Stock Mechs Off
Radar Normal
Novacat: 70 ton heavy Clan mech Estimated Loadout: Extended Range Large Lasers (ERLL) and Clan Ultra Autocannon (CUAC) Unpredictable and handles his chosen mech very well - good pilot
Team Weight:115 tons
Sunder: 90 ton assault Inner Sphere mech Estimated Loadout: Extended Range Particle Projection Cannon (ERPPC), Extended Range Large Lasers (ERLL) and Clan Gauss Rifle (CGR) Uses brute strength to bring forth fear into enemy Mechwarriors, although a little bit impatient - average pilot
Shadowcat: 45 ton medium Clan mech Estimated Loadout: Extended Range Large Lasers (ERLL) and Clan Gauss Rifle (CGR) with jumpjets A pilot with good aim, knows how to exploit mech weaknesses and shows very good offensive and defensive techniques - excellent pilot
Team Weight:160 tons
Thor: 70 ton heavy Clan mech Estimated Loadout : Long Range Missiles (LRMs) with jumpjets A good team oriented player, although needs some improvement in combat awareness - average pilot
I'm going ahead, i'm not waiting for you... you fat, slow ass, land pig. Bah! Go ahead, i don't need you anyways. I could handle them both!
Ok great, this is a good place to camp.  Go ahead and look for them.  I'll stay back in case i need to steal kill... err to give you support. Yes boss.  Consider it done.
Contact! Novacat at South East! Copy that and thanks, now i could hide... ooops, go beyond his range. Suppress him in the area and act as bait while i pound him with LRMs.  LRMs helps alot in team score you know.
Team 1 wastes no time and head towards Team 2's drop zone.
Team 2 outtoned by 45 tons plan their move wisely and advances cautiously.
Azazel goes radar active maintaining careful visual scanning of the surrounding area for hostiles. Going active is only good when equipped with BAP or ECM vs a team without Raven, Loki and/or Black Knight.
Firing at the Novacat, get ready for some action ~^V^~.  Drat wrong button. I hit jumpjets instead. Aaaah missed.  Oh well, that serves as my warm-up shot. Admit it Kaaos... you SUX!
Yes, a non CT hit.  That SCat pilot is cross-eyed, go get him Fatso. Take that scumbag. *THUD* Help! help! I'm getting attacked from all directions, HALP!. Hey Kaaos, this is how you do it.  I'll show you the WAY. Now this maggot will die.
Now lets finish that stupid SCat. *beep beep* OMG, missiles and TONS of 'em.  *boom boom boom* Disengage, lets concentrate fire on the missile boat Thor. Yeah, thanks buddy.  I better run now, that maniac Sunder pilot is closing fast. Har har har, go ahead and get that Thor yourself. Its too far and I'm slow remember? I'll take out the SCat. Yeeehaw.  Eat that you laser boat fag - ~^V^~
The battle begins!
Azazel stays beyond 500 range and goes passive and starts his jump snipe run.
Kaaos sees the jumping SCat but presses the trigger too late and missed it by just half a meter.
Ripper stays radar passive and steadily closes in to the unsuspecting Shadowcat pilot.
Azazel shoots an Alpha Strike at the Novacat's right arm, trying to reduce the mech's potent beam arsenal. Struck the arm nicely and its now reduced to 9pts of armour - if Novacat is wearing ferro. Another 33 pts at the same arm would take it off.
Ripper successfully unloaded a shot vs the Shadowcat, the gauss barely missed and only the ERLL found its mark.
~^V^~ makes a timely hit as it disrupts the Novacat that is ready to unleash another shot.
Azazel uses these precious seconds to run for cover.
Ripper pursues Azazel, determined to take him out.
Hold on much longer... i need to score more points before you die.
Har, har, har... come on you weaklings.  Bring it on.  Is that all you got?  Gay missiles, har, har, har. Yes, go get him boss.   Punish him! Eat this, and this,... and this,....  AND this.
Ok, its my turn.  Take that you pussy SCat. Aaaargh... hey Mr. Sunder, take someone your own size.
Using the range advantage of LRMs, ~^V^~ uses them at its extreme range of 900 plus meters to support his teammate
Its not generally a good idea to get out in the open in range of more than one mech, but since Ripper's got an assault mech and knows it could stand quite a beating. He charges in to engage the fast and low profile Shadowcat.
The combination of speed and low torso area of the SCat makes it hard to hit at long ranges using non-instantaneous weapons that Ripper's Sunder carries.
Ripper unleashes an Alpha Strike against the jumping SCat and misses with the ERLL and CGR, but the PPCs connect and hit mostly the leg area.
This frame shows how its not good to group fire different weapons vs mechs with high horizontal speed relative to a mech. There's a varying lead requirement for each weapon. ERLL is instantaneous, while CGR and PPCs are non-instantaneous weapons that travel at different speeds.
Heh, you seem big enough... and i'm no MJ... Now DIE! *BLAM*  Argh that gay missile boater pisses me off.  Hey Kaaos do something, are you blind? Ouch, i'm injured... i sprained my right ankle.
Hahahah, good for you.  You don't need me huh. Grrrrr, i'm gonna take you out myself after i get this pussy SCat. I must live... i will survive... i will survive.
I think you're doing fine Ripper.  Go rip that pussy SCat, i'll teach this boater a lesson. Bleh, you couldn't hit me here.  Now where's that pussy? Behind this building Mr.  Sunder... ok boss rdy your LRMs, i'll lead him out for yah.
Azazel's SCat fell down after the tremendous impact from the trio of PPC's that hit his mech while on air.
~^V^~ continually bombards Ripper with LRMs from afar to give Azazel time to get up. LRMs rock the mech hard on impact thus making it hard for the receiving mech pilot to make a precision aim.
Kaaos sees that LRM boat is doing much damage at this point and have to decide whether to continue double teaming against a medium mech or to engage the missile boat.
Kaaos decides to go after the missile boat, so Ripper can work on the SCat unhindered by the barrage of LRMs. The Novacat remains passive to work in a stealthy manner. While Ripper finally made it into the buildings to get cover.
Azazel vectors to an area wherein his teammate could regain line of sight (LOS) to get a missile lock on the Sunder.
Hmmmm, I Love to Watch.
Hey this is Taboo, you're taking me 2v1, my ass hurts.  KAAOS! Do something! Hey Mr. Sunder.  You like pussy SCat up close? Shut up Ripper i'm already running.  Hmmm you gave me an idea... reducing speed to 20%... now i'm walking... no need to hurry here. :)
Hmmm, i could see you're not just feeling the HOTS for me... you're even BURNING and yearning for me.... har, har, har. You handsome pig... you look better than i thought.
With the help of jumpjets ~^V^~ unleashes another salvo of LRMs vs the exposed Sunder, courtesy of Azazel that lured Ripper out in the open once more.
In the meanwhile, Kaaos continues to close-in undetected by the Thor. ~^V^~ is most probably in Zoom Mode and busy making a constant missile lock.
Ripper takes another full salvo of LRMs, even with Anti Missile System (AMS) 80 plus missiles is a force to reckon with when fired all at the same time.
Kaaos needs to act fast and makes a full throttle in the open to charge the LRM boat.
While Azazel and Ripper engages in a Circle of Death. Flames and smoke belches out of each mech, showing their heavily damaged status.
The black smoke means there's a heavily damaged part while the grey smoke indicates an overheating mech.
OMG NO!  That's BIG! HELP boss! Eat THIS!
I'm coming... i'm coming Hahahahaha, now steady... i'll RIP you apart. Aah, aah... help! He's too big for me. *skip* *hop* *dance*
Yes, i love ripping little ones like you... har, har, har. NO!
Ripper connects, unfortunately the shot wasn't enough to finish the damaged SCat yet.
Azazel moves to his left side to expose the Sunder out in the open more. This will give ~^V^~ an easier time to obtain a lock at his current position, seen in the picture in the upper left corner of the hill
Kaaos still remains undetected at this point and moves cautiously, making sure to retain the element of surprise against the Thor
Azazel knowing that moving into his left side would make him an easier target for the Sunder (moving to his right side would have made him disappear from Ripper's LOS faster), uses his jumpjets to make good use of both horizontal and vertical movement.
At close range this tactic works very well in 1v1 situation as the jumping mech could stay out of the LOS for a brief period of time. Its a good defensive technique to use when waiting for weapons to recycle and to avoid direct fire weapons.
Yaaaargh... KAAOS HELP!.  They are too hot for me to handle. Ok... now to teach you bastard.  I'm not a woman you know... i'm a she-male! *twirls* *soars* *does a ballet dance*
Now i'll show you something more. Ok you fag.  You deceived me... now you'll pay.
Ok here's mine.  Hmmm, its been a long time i've used this.... i'm kinda rusty using 'em. Ok, i'll show you how its done.
~^V^~ focus fire the LRMs on the left side of the Sunder where the mech is already heavily damaged.
Kaaos stops moving for awhile to take a careful aim on the Thor missile boat
The Sunder now has taken severe damage from the concentrated barrage of LRMs and direct fire weapons on its left arm and left torso.
Kaaos also unleashed an ERLL shot against ~^V^~ at this general time but failed to capture it in the picture.
Azazel shoots wide to left as he miscalculates the Sunder's movement using his gauss rifle.
Nooooooo! Help!  Arrrrgh. *radio silence* Hasta La Vista Baby. Ok, its time to get serious.  Say your prayers and prepare to DIE!
Its a good day to die.  But that's you not us. Oh yeah?  We'll see about that. Lets take care of him quickly boss.
Oh god, when will i ever learn to use this? Thanks for taking out Ripper for me, now its time to claim your price. Why you keep on chasing me... get away from me... you smell like shit.
A follow up grouped laser fire finally ends the Sunder. Good teamwork by Team 2 in concentrating fire against the Assault mech. The odds now changed and its 2v1 in favor of Team 2
Azazel hits a full throttle to help out his teammate who's in trouble, knowing that LRMs lose its advantage fast when used at shorter ranges.
Kaaos keeps on charging the Thor for a reason still unknown to me at this time
~^V^~ jumps at about 500-700 meter range vs the Novacat. This isn't generally a good idea when out in the open and in range of a mech with direct fire instantaneous weapon. It makes the jumping mech easier to hit. Good players could also hit jumping mechs using non-instantaneous weapons, because the flight path of the jumping mech is predictable.
Jumping at long range is adivisable only when beyond 800 range where its out of range of intantaneous weapons, and at this range its harder to hit using weapons that needs a lead shot to hit (ie. PPCs and Light Gauss Rifles).
Jump sniping within 800 meter range is possible, but needs radar passive and / or requires the element of surprise to keep the return fire to a minimum.
Azazel misses by a good 3-4 mech's length, probably due to Ripper leaving the game. This creates huge lag spikes that takes its toll versus players with slower connections, need to plug that in because some players don't realize or care about it.
~^V^~ and Kaaos enters a circle fight and waits for their weapons to recycle.
Wait, i think i need to do some hand adjustments here. Autocannons in a Novacat?!?  Hahahahah Newbie. Newbie eh, we'll soon find out who's Newbie.
Hah, my specialized mech will overpower you! Moron! Hey, the fun has just started.  Running already? *Makes some hand adjustements*
Oh common, you can't even tickle me with that. Really?  I notice that you're catching fire fast.  Muwahahahahah. Aaaaah, this feels much better.
Behold, Kaaos finally unleashes a barrage of CUAC20 shells against ~^V^~. Its a tremendously powerful weapon to use at close ranges (very lethal within 250 meters).
Kaaos uses an unspecialized range / role mech. Considered not to be good by many mechwarriors, but with proper use its quite deadly. This only shows that its the man not the machine that makes the mech powerful.
~^V^~ unleashes a salvo at LRMs at a very short range.
This frame shows why its not a good idea to use LRMs at close quarters. The missiles need to travel some distance before it homes on the target, thus missing alot and hitting dirt instead when launched at closer ranges.
Kaaos waits for his weapons to recycle and to control his mech's heat.
Take that you fool.  No one hurts my boss and gets away with it. Fly like butterfly and sting like a..... *WHAM*.   Arrrgh, i'm critical.  Help! EAT THIS!
Thanks buddy. My right ARM!  You'll pay for that!  Am gonna make you my bondsman. Its a pleasure boss.  Me your Bondsman?  You're about to die, what the hell are you talking about?
Shiiiit.  You smell like shit. *FARTS*  OOOPS *blushes* Sorry i ate too many eggs earlier. Aaah, that stinks.  Could smell it over here. GROSS!
At the right time, Kaaos fires an Alpha Strike against ~^V^~. Judging from the screenshot, its a full Center Torso (CT) hit.
Azazel on the other hand shoots the beam heavy arm of the Novacat, taking it out in the process. But not in time to take it out to prevent damage for his ally.
It would have been better if Azazel could have taken a "butt" shot instead in this situation, that translates to CT hit even when the mech has its back turned around when properly done. Although its a smaller section between the legs and its harder to hit, probably the reason why Azazel opted to take out the right arm instead.
All mechs wait for their weapons to recycle as they all used an Alpha Strike in the last battle sequence.
Kaaos hits his coolant furiously to avoid shutting down at this critical moment. At this situation, the ballistic weapon is a great piece of weapon to have. The weapon doesn't generate much heat to fire continuously, hits harder and recycles fast.
I can't breath!  I'm suffocating. Hmmmm, i could turn this into a weapon.  *farts some more* I can't take this.  Hey Tam, can't you think of other lines besides this!?!
']['amaraw: Sorry i'm just hurrying to finish this darn battlereport.  Go finish the game and let me play! HADOKEN!!! Can't.... can't... can't breath. *faints* Boss are you OK?
BOSS!!!!! NO!!!!!! Bursts into hot blue air - ala zealot dying in Starcraft. Now its your turn.  Surrender now and be my bondsman.
~^V^~ fires another wave of LRMs vs Kaaos hoping it would rock him hard enough to avoid the deadly CUAC20.
Azazel watches at the background, still waiting for his weapons to recycle. Waiting for weapons to recycle in 5-8 seconds at this point in the game seem eternity to the participants, i should know i've experienced this before.
Kaaos unloads another Alpha Strike and blows ~^V^~'s Thor. Its now down to 1v1. A final showdown between Kaaos and Azazel.
Azazel's mech is heavily damaged on the right side with 1ERLL and 1CGR left, while Kaaos have 2ERLLs and a CUAC20 remaining as weapons.
Kaaos turns around to face Azazel and needs to get in close to bring his CUAC20 into action.
Azazel takes a careful aim, making sure that his next shot will hit its intended target.
*jumps in the air ala matrix* I'll never be your bondsman! No need for a good mechwarrior like you to die in vein.  Join the dark side. *sidesteps to dodge fire ala The Agent*
*moves real fast to dodge the fire ala Neo* So be it.
You can't use that stinking trick on me. Yeah, i'll nausate you to submission. *tries to fart* Ooops i think i shit instead.
A miss at less than 400 meters from a guy that could accurately hit beyond 700 range? Again the dreaded "leave lag", spoils the fun out of a good game.
Azazel torso twists on his way down and uses his right arm's remaining armour as shield for his heavily damaged right torso.
Oddly enough Kaaos misses too, probably lag spike affected both players in the last 2 battle sequences
Azazel tries to gain distance and get out of the CUAC's range. While Kaaos steadily makes a hot pursuit.
You think you could get away from me? I'm thinking of something freak.
Gotta take out your ace. Hmmmm, nice try.
Why are you avoiding the inevitable? No i will not die.  I will win this fight.
Kaaos fires an Alpha Strike but only hit with the lasers. The SCat travelling at 90+ kph made the CUAC20 to miss.
Azazel turns and hits the left arm carrying the CUAC.
Taking out the strong arm of the of Novacat is a better idea than hitting the heavily damaged torsos at the moment.
Azazel plans that he could outlast the Novacat with only 1ERLL left once the left arm is gone.
Azazel try to jink and weave as much as he can to make it harder for him to get hit. But Kaaos keeps on the pressure and patiently waits for a good shot.
I'll kill you slowly. Aah, ah... i will survive... i will survive.
No!  My only hope for a win and i missed! Ok this is my ultimatum.  Die with honor or live as my bondsman?
I rather die with honor than to live a life in shame as your bondsman. Ok.  I take that as a no.
Another alpha hit by Kaaos, but still not enough to down the already critical SCat.
Azazel turns to face Kaaos once more and aims for the left hand, hoping to finally take it out. But alas, the elevation change dropped the reticle way below the intended target.
Azazel made one final desperate jump to avoid getting hit by the autocannons. But Kaaos made sure that his shot would take out Azazel and hit the SCat at the top of its jump with another Alpha Strike.
Game Over
A game well played by both teams and good games were exchanged. And its nice to see that no unsportsman behavior were made (ie. we we're outtoned, i have a headache, am testing a mech, etc...)
NOTE: This is just for the entertainment of the readers here in The joke here is simply a joke. I never meant to disgrace the players involved nor myself - ']['amaraw ;)

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