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Real Time Battlereporting
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Date: 04/18/02 11:04
Game Type: Other
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Lifetime Rating for funnymarx: 8.4737
Real Time Introduction

Historical Marker

This report space was first occupied on April 18, 2001. For the next several weeks readers were enthralled by the developing narrative of a small unit action between the Wehrmacht and the US Army in Western Europe c. December 1944. At the time, the author, funnymarx, was rightly hailed as a genius innovator for his concept of a report updated in real time to the flow of a turn-based game. Such genius was however unable to overcome certain technical difficulties, and neither the game nor the report were ever finished.

For the longest time it seemed as if the unfinished report would remain thus forever, a silent testament to the dangers of journalistic hubris. "Last commenters", having abandoned all hope of an ending, left increasingly infrequent comments, like the droppings of carrion birds around a long decayed corpse.

The scavengers were not to have their way. Like some digital phoenix, a new report would rise from the unfinished masterpiece.

March, 2005: Real Time Battlereporting Redux: Ost Front!

For historical purposes, we have painstakingly preserved the original report in all its unfinished glory.

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