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Containment's A Bitch
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Date: 04/09/02 04:04
Game Type: Starcraft
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Containment's a Bitch
Containment's a Bitch

Bored with the everyday tactics on Lost Temple, I decided to try something different - Gas Containment.

Game 1-

The game started with me as Terran at 9, and my opponent Tassadarr_, Zerg at 12. I was hoping that he would start at 3, but I shrugged it off and began.
guess the map!

I teched hard and fast towards dropships and siege tanks, while Tassadarr_ went for hydra/lurker.
After my first dropship arrived I loaded a tank and an SCV, sending them to the upper left of the 3 main. They were later joined by 2 more tanks and half a dozen marines, altogether making a powerful garrison to overlook Tassadarr_'s entrance.

it's just your friendly meter man A short time later on the other side of town, I positioned one tank and some M&M to the left of Tassadarr_'s base. The tank fired furiously at the Extractor, cutting Tassadarr_'s Vespene flow instantly.
He sent a group of around 12 hydras to attack but just like security at a Britney Spears Concert, my supporting M&M held them off quite easily.
Two more tanks arrived to help hold the position although they didn't see a whole lot of action.

Tassadarr_ tried his hand at distance mining. I caught on soon enough and put a stop to it.
I see you

At this point Tassadarr_'s gas flow was zero, he would have to ration his remaining supply very carefully if he were to break out. Let's see what he spent it on,
We require more vespene gas
Cancelling then rebuilding a Spire(that he didn't need/use) set him back a tad. The rest was spent on a brand new Hydralisk Den and 15 hydras - 5 of which became lurkers.

Meanwhile I pushed in a little closer, taking up residence in the 12 natural
Tassadarr_ had mined out his minerals leaving himself very much screwed.
In an heroic last effort, Tassadarr_ charged at me with all he could scratch up - <20 lings and a dozen drones. We'll just say it didn't work : |

With nothing to say or do, Tassadarr_ left the game.

Game 2-

Later that evening, I changed accounts for no apparent reason.
I couldn't see any public 1v1s, so I created my own and a gentleman by the name of Fk)Dragoon(rK joined. We exchanged pleasentries and started.
Guessed the map yet?

Early expo for gas only, heh ; ) When I scouted 3 main(wishful thinking) I found Fk)Dragoon(rK's probes mining away. I removed my SCV and got to work on teching.

I set about landing a proxy factory on the cliff behind his natural expansion. Fk)Dragoon(rK had at the same time expanded to his natural, utilising the geyser there rather than the minerals.

sooooo cheap With the new availability of a dropship, I wasted no time in occupying the small island to the extreme top right of the map. Turrets were placed around a single Siege tank and a floating Engineering Bay gave it that little bit of extra range.

With the reaction speed of a kadaver on sleeping pills, Fk)Dragoon(rK decided to do something about the threat. He began the warping process for 5 scouts.

The scouts were laughed at as they quickly retreated.
Siege Tank1: haha

Also doing thier part were several tanks surveying Fk)Dragoon(rK's expansion. The tanks taking out the Assimilator and Nexus Successively.

With the destruction of his expansion's Assimilator, Fk)Dragoon(rK's gas flow suddenly came to a complete halt.

Fk)Dragoon(rK's base was pretty much bare apart from 6 Stargates that were prepping for some carrier warping. Unfortuanately only a single carrier made the trip(along with the 5 scouts from earlier)

Siege Tank2: haha Fk)Dragoon(rK decided to attempt a final breakout maneouver - sending his airborne fleet south.
I had not wasted my time either, setting up scattered turrets along the ridge and awaiting the completion of my (Goliath-prerequisite) armory.

The attack came and in a below average show of micromanagment, Fk)Dragoon(rK's scouts wandered into spots where the MOST turrets could hit them. The carrier sat back, sharing turret missiles with it's few remaing interceptors - eventually falling with the help of a brand new goliath.

Fk)Dragoon(rK let out his own unique version of GG and left the game.
GG to you too

Game 3-

The third and final game stars Savage[TaG] as 3 Zerg(YAY) and myself as 12 Terran.

intriguing Savage[TaG]'s cloning technique was indeed fascinating, sending a pair of drones behind the mineral patches hrmmm.

Moving on, my scouting SCV was roughed up pretty badly(killed actually) by a sunken colony, rather than risk similar casualties, I sent a recently finished Barracks to take a look.
He was turtling like a.... turtle, which was a good thing for me. I continued with my plans for containment.

hey, it's ling proof : P Conformity(or should that be sanity) took a leave of absence, as shown by my Machine Shop wall-in. Everything else was going according to plan.

Savage[TaG] meanwhile had early expanded to his natural, whoring its Vespene geyser.

Unloading at the top island first, I seiged up and took aim, using the still floating Barracks from earlier to help out.
Oh, you were using that?
I then unloaded on the cliff overlooking the 3 natural, setting up like the turbo newb that I am and putting a stop to Savage[TaG]'s gas mining days.

Backup was called for but delayed, I suddenly realised why noone ever uses that type of wallin.
... : (

At the beginning of my attacks Savage[TaG] had instinctively thrown up a spire. After the manditory wait for sufficient supply, 6 mutalisks were spawned.
I like a person who knows what they want

Darn you
The said mutalisks proved menacing, taking out the ridge forces first then harrasing my backup tanks. But thanks to earlier reinforcements, the muta threat was eliminated.

The ever growing blockade just past the 3 choke meant trouble with a lower case t for Savage[TaG].
Where do you think you're goin?
Not even a precision attack of 12 lings was enough to dislodge it.

Knowing that he was done for, Savage[TaG] said gg and left, thus ending my night of gaming on a highnote.

All 3 replays here.

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