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JoeXsmurf Vs Aquanda 1on1 Warcraft 3
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Date: 04/07/02 12:04
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Hi yo -_-

well Its roughly my second month playing the war3 beta, so far I love the game! Some players (maynard and pillars) are concerned that war3s experience/creep structure is decreasing the strategical depth of the game. Yet with each new patch the depth seems to increase vastly. Lately I've been beat by an array of interesting strateiges, and am learning to improvise in new ways with tech/item/ability combos. I'm very convinced that warcraft3 will live up to its expectations and blizzards standards of Real time Strategy. Anyway so I released a report a little while ago highlighting the Night Elf race and there Gosu tree powers -_- Now I bring you a rather short,not so epic struggle of Human vs Human.

Before I jump straight into the game itself, let me update you on the various aspects of warcraft 3 involved in this game. Anyone playing war3 currently can skip this section

my computer is very weak and doesnt even have a video card, I wanted to play a game on my friends computer to battlereport but I had promised CrackHeadJeb (my hero ) that I'd get a report out by sunday, So thursday night ( actually friday morning ) I knew I should just start hitting the Ss button and hope I get lucky. So the following screens are not of the highest caliber, I apologize the game in actuality looks much better than this ;)

This game was played in the 1.13 Version, the current patch besides many many balance changes the major changes are.

There are no longer any "no scout creeps" meaning you have to go out of your way to find creeps to level on, making rushes much more viable than in previous patches.

Also it is alot more difficult to fast expand on most maps.

Heros are summoned with a ready to roll skill point.

Attack rates have been equally diminished for all races making for much longer battles.

EVerything else is simple R.T.S build fast, tech fast, attack fast GG no RE, I'll start of by introducing the key units in this match.


The water elemental is a hulking manifestation of the fury of the water. Summoned by the archmage a lvl 1 water elemental has 400 hit points and an average 25 damage attack, and lasts about a minute. The water elemental is a fierce enemy great for absprbing damage and turning the tides ( huk ) of battle. Also elementals are available based on how much mana your archmage has, a stock of 3 mana potions can mean a very significant factor in any battle.

My Primary hero of choice in this game, (also my opponents) The Human Archmage, a Magic using hero, adept at elemental magics. The main ability of the Archmage is "summon water elemental" The archmage starts out with 420 hit points and 285 mana, his mana increases per level at an average of 40 mana, his hitpoints increase by 50 per level, he can cast a level 1 water elemental for 140 mana, or a level 1 blizzard for 125 mana. Overall the Archmage is much more of a support hero.

The paladin is a "Strength" hero, focussed on combat, and healing. One of the best auras in the game, the Devotion aura is a base skill for the paladin, giving nearby units a +1 armor bonus. The paladin can also cast heal and ressurection at later levles. "aura heros" are sometimes necessarry as secondary heros for the simple sake of the Aura bonus.

The dedicated bread and butter of the alliance, the footman, standing tall with 400 hit points and doing an average of 12 points of damage, the footy is a formidable ground unit. When fighting along side a paladin with a level 3 devotion aura on top of a +3 defense upgrade, along with there standard 2 armor ( 8 armor total) -_- footies can be a pain to kill

The Elven priest is asecond tier (have to have keep, and Arcane sanctuary) spellcaster that starts with 240 hitpoints 200 mana and does an average 16 damage, Priests start with the abilityto autocast heal which heals 25 hit points for 5 mana. Obviously a supporting unit for basic infantry units. They do cost 250 gold though, and are relatively weak, so are kind of a hefty investment.

Onto the Game!

Twas wee in the morning, and I had remembered I wanted to write another report. I went to the ladder "play game" and chose all random, race and map. I was soon matched vs Aquanda. Now I dont know much about Aquanda, I think he used to be Aquanda-X ? well whatever. He didn't seem to be the most mannered player ever and the extent of our dialogue during the game can be summed up with this.

I get a Pink, yes pink... ( I really dont know what blizzard was thinking ), but anyways me and my pink town hall show up.. at the 9 o clock spot on the lost temple. Aquanda lands at 6, now even though it probably should be, it is not my habit yet to scout with a worker, since in warcraft 3 you rely on a smaller work force to maintain income it seriously inhibits growth if you take away a peasnt early on. Also early war3 players started with a 2 on gold , 2 building rax/farm build. if a tree falls on a peaseant in a forest does it hurt ?
Since I have experimanted thouroughly with various openings. I have since started placing all 4 peons on gold after starting my first peon. When the first peon to return gold drops off his bag, I have him start a Barracks. When my first peon pops out of the Town Hall I have him create a farm. I get no supply lag out of this build, and also I keep 3 peons on Gold for a longer time, in exchange for a 2 second later barracks. After my farm I place my 4th peon on Gold, and my 5th goes to the forest where I have him create a mill. My 6th goes to the forest to hack lumber and my 7th peon goes to Gold, I create a second farm as soon as the first is done. Once my Rax is finished I start my mage and first two footies. I will pump footies till 30 supply. Pretty much nonstop with the rally point set on my hero. When my lumber mill finishes up I start a blacksmith to get a jump on early upgrades. Soon I have a bustling little humie town. bustling I tell you, absolutely bustling.
Mind you, all ladder games are ononymously matched so every game you play is vs random. With that in mind I felt most comfortable going low tech levelling until my upgrades got to 2/2 then I will usually add a secondary hero, and depending on what im facing, add either knights or spellcasters or riflemen/mortars/tanks. I start my first upgrade in my blacksmith the defense upgrade, because it costs slightly more.You dont get a much more kick ass name then that. When my mage Steps out of my Hall, I notice first his name "peril Spellbinder", there are certain hero names that are just better then other hero names. If your hero happens to get the Gosu name he immediately gets a +5 luck bonus to the player. Also each Hero has a possible "really gay name" if your hero happens to get the "Really gay name" you get a -5 luck bonus, as we'll see later this is obviuosly the deciding factor in this almost near exactly played matchup. So I send "peril" and my two footies down the hill in front of my base and over towards the western entrance of the temple. The temple is shaped like a big Plus sign only at the inside corner of each quadrant a square area is added, the walls of the temple are made of trees that you can see through from inside but not outside. there are 4 sets of low level creeps and 4 sets of upper level creeps. Also theres a pimp squad of gnolls guarding the very center of the temple, where the fountain of life is (fountains are nuetral buildings that replenish life and mana at a higher rate then normal). The low level creeps are placed in the north, south, west, and east entrances. The upper level sets are placed inside squares added to the inside corners of each quadrant (yes this is hard to visualize but just look at the mini map 2 pics down).

So once i get down to the creeps I summon an elemental to help me with my first 2 sets of low level creeps. I cant think of anything funny to put here
Low level creeps are really not much of a fight at all, but with no upgrades less than 4 units cant attempt to take the upper level creeps.
So I made my way around the temple down to the southern entrance of the temple, where I find Aquanda has made his first mistake. No matter what you must kill the low level creeps in front of your own base, for many reasons. First its valuable experience second you cant let your opponent get that vlauable exp, third if they get it before you they can use the superior experience to kill the rest of the creeps at a faster rate, meaning they will level faster and in turn kill faster still, putting them ahead exponentially. I kill the low level creeps at the southern entrance lvling my hero to lvl2. I place my skill point into blizzard, as I can only choose Blizz or Brilliance aura (increases mana regen for all nearby units).
I assume Aquanda waited for around 3 footies and his mage and killed the creeps at his expansion, gaining a good deal of Experience, but also most likely losing some units. After clearing out the southern entrance creeps, I move on to take out the east and north entrance creeps and then the upper level creeps (an ogre mage lvl5, troll berserker lvl4 and gnoll assasin lvl1) in the 1st quadrant (north-east). At the end of that fight for some Reason I still here fighting sounds. It was the sound of lightning shields being cast, the only units in the game currently that can cast lightning shields are gnoll wardens lvl 3 and 5, which are guarding the fountain of life. Aquanda had gone for a big load of Experience, three valuable items, and possession of the fountain of life very early, his second mistake. At the time my troops are 1/1 my town hall is being upgraded to a keep and I'm in the process of adding another farm to send me to 36 supply. bad aqua boy :(

Aquanda finds himself in a really bad position as half his troops are engaging my squad and the other half are slowed by lightning shield and gnoll fire. At first he starts to put up a fight as 2 more of his footmen join him from behind, signifying to me that either he had 2 footies standing around or he had created them simultaneously out of 2 barracks. I chose to think he went 2 rax giving me a thought to his future plans on expanding (meaning he prolly isnt fast expanding if he 2 raxxed). Aquanda manages to kill 1 injured footie of mine right off, and we both cast water elementals, I had already had an Elemental summoned though form my previous creep fights, and our companies engaged with 5 footies, 2 elementals and my lvl 3 hero, vs his 6 footies 1 elemental and lvl 2 mage. The battle technically was in my favor number wise although some of my footies were badly injured, I needed a decisive victory however, and cast blizzard on 4 of his footies and mage. BUURRrrrrr Chilly -_0
As you can see Aquanda's hero's name was "Granis Darkhammer" that qualifies for the "really gay name" -5 luck bonus. Accounting for how I stumbled upon him at a very vulnerable time. Granis Darkhammer sounds like an evil librarian or something, Blizz needs to change the pink color and the "really gay names".
Anyway Aquanda knows not to sit underneath a blizzard and heads for the hills, and doesn't turn back. I kill the last two gnolls and they drop a boots of speed for my mage. So if your ever falling off the sears tower, you should probably go really limp, that way someone down below might think your a dummy. Then they will try and catch you, because hey, Free dummyAquanda made off with some item and a tome of Experience. At this time I knew I had a big advantage, in terms of controlling the fountain, my heros lvl and spells, and tech. I was 2/1 and had a keep I decided I was going to push up to 2 attack 5 armor footies ( 2 base + my 2 defense ups + Devotion aura from my future pally). So I could hit Aquanda hard and set him back big time. I start an arcane sanctuary with the idea that priests with heal are a good thing. And I summon a Paladin ( hero ) from my keep. After sitting at the fountain of life for about 30 seconds rejuvenating I take out the last two pockets of upper lvl creeps (Aquanda got 1 on his way out), and move on to my Expansion where I clear out the 4 creeps there. This gets my Arch mage to lvl 5 I have distributed my points with 3 into water elemental and 2 into blizzard. water elementals I summon now have 800 hp and do 35 avg attack. I send a peaseant out to start an expansion I have pumped about 4 priests out when I decide its time to let the hammer fall. I live to serve all believers!      t.t mutiny..
I move out towards Aquanda's Exp thinking he probably decided the only way to get ahead after his hero was out lvled and he was denied the fountain. I was right and Aquanda had just completed a guard tower and his town hall. If your interested in purchasing ad space please contact me at !-- insert funny punch line --!
There were no troops around and once I got within a couple feet of his Town hall He used the Scroll of Town prtal, teleporting a very large army directly to his town hall. His army consisted basically of the exact same units, he added a paladin for Devotion and 3 or 4 sorceress plus 11 footmen. I had 9 footmen 4 priests. At first I wasn't sure how this would turn out, but it was still relatively early in the game. However I had presummoned 2 water elementals en route to the attack, so when Aquanda town portalled he cast his first Elemental while I cast my third. I immediately focus fired on his Sorceress' with my ranged elementals, killing all four in relatively no time at all, they only managed to get off around 5 Slows. Aquanda cast another elemental as soon as he could and was going after my priests. Yet I pulled my priests away and managed to keep all 4 of them alive for the duration of the battle ( they healed eachother ) Aquanda was feverishly targetting my priests with his elementals while the footmen went at eachother, but I was more careful to keep all my units alive as long as possible knowing I could heal them. yes well , heal roX?
As the battle rages his footies start to fall, lvling up my paladin. I set my point quickly with hotkeys and place my point in Holy light (heal on steroids). This further puts the battle out of Aquanda's hands because I heal all of my most drastically injured footies, eventually my troops stop dying and his last pocket of 3-4 footies and both heros are stuck on the bad side of the town hall unable to escape. In a very awesome little second ( that I coudlnt Ss ) I blizzard his pocket of units exactly as he uses his Second Scroll of Town portal (the paladin's) to teleport back to his main base. Leaving his expansion abandoned I quickly raze the Town hall.GG Town Hall
His hall goes down just as mine, at my expansion completes, sealing my victory. I head up towards his main without pause, I walk in and the scene looks familiar, our forces are almost once again equal, with him having almost as many footies from his 2 rax. The difference is he has 2 sorcs , which contribute almost nothing to the battle vs my Priest's heal. Once again I heal and heal and heal and dont lose a single footman. Its very easy to watch the life of a handful of footmen in a battle of warcraft3 due to the generally low attack rates of war3 units. If god can make a rock so heavy he cant ... sh shit i got confused agian..
Aquanda runs his mage away to the back of his base where I surround it with footies and blanket the area in a blizzard, I say Gg and Aquanda leaves. GG sore losers dont say GG

Thats the game, short but sweet ;)
War3 games have a tendency to be won or lost by a very large margin usually. Neway. Hope you enjoyed, I'm planning on realeasing another report next week featuring the undead or orX hopefull I'll get a better game to report, but this was better than nothing no ?
I'd like to shout out to Dino, Smaq, and Jeb for well, just for being Dino, Smaq, and Jeb. :)

Lifes to short to be pissed off all the time-American History-X

this has been a Joe.Smurf production

thanx for the read, and thanks to the site

;) out

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