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Lost Temple Rollercoaster
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Date: 06/29/99 10:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.2, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for Skyblade: 8.3333

Lost Temple Rollercoaster


Map: Lost Temple


SkullCrasher - Protoss, Bottom Middle

`Mental~Case` - Random Protoss, Right Middle


AeroDemon_IE - Protoss, Top Middle

RogoshEagleEye - Random Zerg, Left Middle

Before the game

Before the game, SkullCrasher and AeroDemon both chose protoss, while the other two players went random.

Early Game

All three protoss started out with a standard build order, pylon then double gate. RogoshEagleEye however, chose a more unique build, grabbing an extractor and spawning pool simultaneously. Around the same point in time, all three protoss sent probes to scout their enemy, providing them with valuable information. Soon after all three protoss had finished their two gateways, RogoshEagleEye upgraded to Lair, morphed a sunken near his minerals and morphed a hydralisk den all at once. At this point, RogoshEagleEye had only a few zergling and a sunken for defense and seemed ripe for an attack. While RogoshEagleEye grabbed a few hydralisks, AeroDemon and SkullCrasher warped in a forge, while `Mental~Case` opted for a cybernetics core and then a forge. Next, SkullCrasher began to seal off his natural expansion with several cannons and a couple zealots. At this point, `Mental~Case` chose to put cannons at the top of his ramp, supported by a few zealots. With their bases relatively secure, SkullCrasher and `Mental~Case` decided to probe RogoshEagleEye's defenses with a combined force of six zealots. When RogoshEagleEye's overlord spotted the intruders, he sent his small force of four zerglings and two hydralisks to attempt to intercept the enemy at the ramp. He was not quick enough however, and the siz zealots made short work of two zerglings before RogoshEagleEye was forced to retreat to his sunken. Due to exceptional unit control by RogoshEagleEye, he was able to repel the attack by using a hit and run technique with his hydralisks. The attack was not a complete failure however, because `Mental~Case` was able to destroy RogoshEagleEye's extractor and slow down his income of vespene gas temporarily. With the attack repelled, AeroDemon's army of four zealots now diverts it's attention to `Mental~Case`. SkullCrasher has his expansion well defended with four cannons, but `Mental~Case` was not as prepared for an attack at this point. AeroDemon made a smart move and ran past `Mental~Case`'s defenses at his ramp, gambeling that there would be no interior defenses. The move payed off and AeroDemon's zealots were able to attack defensesless probes while `Mental~Case`'s own zealots struggled to catch the intruders. AeroDemon was able to prolong his attack by skillfully dodging enemy zealots, but eventually died to `Mental~Case`'s superior numbers. By now, RogoshEagleEye has a pair of lurkers and agrees to help put pressure on `Mental~Case`. With deminished forces from the first attack, `Mental~Case` was not able to stop the second wave, consisting of lurkers and zealots, from running past his ramp defenses yet again. Because `Mental~Case` had no detection past his ramp, once the lurkers passed his perimiter defenses, he knew his main was going to fall. Even though, `Mental~Case` was able to fend off the small group of enemy zealots, RogoshEagleEye's lurkers were taking free hits at his buildings and would eventually raze the base.

Here, RogoshEagleEye's lurkers rip apart `Mental~Case`'s base.

With `Mental~Case` effectively neutralized, AeroDemon warped in a templar archives to help aid in destroying SkullCrasher's growing number of troops. SkullCrasher however, warped in a robotics facility and finally warped in a nexus at his secured natural expansion. At this point, `Mental~Case`'s main base is slowly being destroyed by a pair of lurkers, so he wisely decides to expand to his natural expansion which is still protected by a pair of cannons at his ramp. Now, RogoshEagleEye is producing hydralisks, while AeroDemon has produced a sizable army of dark templar and dragoons. SkullCrasher warps in a templar archive and an observatory while his opponent's armies grow increasingly stronger and his ally is on the brink of elimination. With `Mental~Case` crippled, AeroDemon's dark templar and dragoons along with RogoshEagleEye's hydralisks rendevous outside SkullCrasher's natural expansion. As RogoshEagleEye morphes several hydralisks into lurker for the coming attack, he also expands to the top middle all minerals expansion to the left of AeroDemon's main base. AeroDemon also takes this opportunity to expand to his natural expansion. As the game presses forward, SkullCrasher is contained, `Mental~Case` is crippled and the time seems right for a decisive victory for RogoshEagleEye and AeroDemon.

Middle Game

SkullCrasher has other ideas however, and sends a lone templar to visit RogoshEagleEye's base. As the templar unloads, he immediatly casts a psi storm over a clustered group of drones, crippleing RogoshEagleEye's economy. As a result, RogoshEagleEye sends his hydralisks camped outside SkullCrasher's expansion to help defend against a similar attack which would never come. AeroDemon now warps in a robotics facility which would allow him to produce reavers, perfect for eliminating SkullCrasher's massive static defenses. With the absence of RogoshEagleEye's hydralisks, SkullCrasher feels that now is his window of oppurtunity as he unleashes a psi storm on the enemy troops, prompting them to charge his position. Due to several well placed psi storms, SkullCrasher quickly outnumbers his opponents with his sizable dragoon army.

Here, SkullCrasher unleases deadly accurate psi storms that turn the tide of the battle.

At this point, `Mental~Case` is down, but not out, due to his allies recent victory. Failing to use his lurkers in the main attack, RogoshEagleEye loads them into his nearby overlords and drops them on SkullCrasher's largely undefended main base. RogoshEagleEye's placement was less then perfect however, and he was forced to unburrow and relocate after burrowing in range of one of SkullCrasher's few cannons. The lurkers remain unconsested for quite a while and are able to do significant damage, but are not able to raze any buidlings before SkullCrasher sends his dragoons, aided by an observer to dispatch the enemy lurkers. Now, the future is looking better for SkullCrasher and `Mental~Case`. `Mental~Case`'s new base at his natural expansion is coming along well and he now has rebuilt several vital buildings such as a gateway, forge and cybernetics core. SkullCrasher is also doing well as one of his probes courageously constructs a base at the bottom right island expansion under the careful watch of one of RogoshEagleEye's overlords. As AeroDemon quickly rebuilds his army, RogoshEagleEye is not producing troops as quickly mainly because he has only one hatchery at his main and one at his expansion. He has also devoted most of his reources into climbing the tech tree, expanding and morphing drones. By now, SkullCrasher has quickly fortified the bottom right island, while AeroDemon and RogoshEagleEye missed their window of opportunity to raze the expansion. RogoshEagleEye makes up for this however by expanding to the top left island, while AeroDemon decideds to forego an attack on the bottom right island and instead attempt to finish off `Mental~Case`. AeroDemon's dragoons preform well along with his timely reaver drop, ensuring that `Mental~Case`'s base will fall before he is allowed to get back into the game.

Here, AeroDemon's reavers destroy `Mental~Case`'s probes and eventually raze the base.

Seeing that AeroDemon can handle `Mental~Case` by himself, RogoshEagleEye expands to his natural expansion. Fearing elimination, `Mental~Case` manages to escape a probe and build a lone pylon at SkullCrasher's natural expansion. Meanwhile, SkullCrasher notices RogoshEagleEye's new expansion and sends his entire army mass outside the developing expansion. Enroute, SkullCrasher diverts several of his troops to `Mental~Case`'s base in an attempt to allow `Mental~Case` to be effective. SkullCrasher was unsuccessful in defending `Mental~Case`'s base, forcing `Mental~Case` to attempt to rebuild back at his main. RogoshEagleEye and AeroDemon time their attacks perfectly and are able to sandwich SkullCrasher's dragoon army outside RogoshEagleEye's natural expansion, quickly eliminating them. Undaunted, SkullCrasher steps up his production by adding another gateway, bringing his total to four. SkullCrasher quickly amasses sixteen dragoons which he sends again to RogoshEagleEye's natural expansion. This time, the attack is a success and all of RogoshEagleEye's army is eliminated.

Here, SkullCrasher's templar skills allow him to raze RogoshEagleEye's expansion.

The victory is short lived however, as AeroDemon's dragoon army quickly finishes off the depleted army. Now, seeking to finish off the persistant `Mental~Case`, AeroDemon drops a pair of reavers on his new expansion. Now, `Mental~Case` loads up his last remaining probe and sends it to the top left island, hoping to expand there. `Mental~Case`'s probe is killed however by RogoshEagleEye's hydralisks, sealing his fate as an observer for the rest of the game. Now, RogoshEagleEye morphs in a spire and his first evolution chamber at his top left expansion. At this point, `Mental~Case` has only a single pylon keeping him from elimination and the tide is starting to favor AeroDemon and RogoshEagleEye once again.

Late Game

With AeroDemon sustaining heavy losses in his razing of `Mental~Case`'s base, SkullCrasher decides that the time is right for an assault on AeroDemon's previously uncontested stronghold. As SkullCrasher's dragoons start their assault on AeroDemon's base, AeroDemon recognizes that he is no match for SkullCrasher's huge dragoon and high templar army and proptly resigns from the game. RogoshEagleEye now decides that he'll need guardians to fend off SkullCrasher's might ground army and upgrades to hive. Now, RogoshEagleEye begins morphing mutalisks at his island expansion while morphing constant hydralisks at his other two bases. SkullCrasher's troops however, wasted no time and left AeroDemon's abandoned base in search of his last opponent. RogoshEagleEye for some reason did not defend his ramp, allowing SkullCrasher's large dragoon and high templar army to move into striking position uncontested. Spotting the advancing troops with his overlord, RogoshEagleEye sent his seven mutalisks to help defend his main base. Unfortunately, RogoshEagleEye's mutalisks engaged the massive army and perished before they could be retreated. Now, SkullCrasher easily razes the main zerg base, encountering little resistance.

Here, SkullCrasher easily dispatches RogoshEagleEye's main base on his way to victory.

SkullCrasher now has stepped up his production even more, operating out of six gateways and warping in four stargates and a fleet beacon to help aid his assault on RogoshEagleEye's top left expansion. This assault would never come however, because upon the razing of RogoshEagleEye's undefended top middle expansion, RogoshEagleEye resigned, bowing to the superior play of SkullCrasher and `Mental~Case`.


Never give up - Even though `Mental~Case` made a mistake and was cripled early, he was able to divert much of his enemies attention away from SkullCrasher, allowing him to concentrate on attacking rather than defending. AeroDemon on the other hand surrendered as soon as his base became under attack. Had he fought it out, he probably would have still been eliminated, but he would have bought some time for his ally. Instead, RogoshEagleEye was caught off guard with very few troops.

Resources are good only if you spend them - RogoshEagleEye had only three hatcheries the entire game. With the number of expansions he had, RogoshEagleEye should have had atleast two hatcheries at his main, three probably would have been just right. As a result of a lack of production facilities, RogoshEagleEye was not able to rebuild his army as quickly as SkullCrasher and his six gateways were.

If something works, stick to it - Both RogoshEagleEye and AeroDemon had transport capabilities, but only once did one of them drop on SkullCrasher. RogoshEagleEye's lurker drop was successful, and if they continued to drop on SkullCrasher he would have been forced to divert some of his attention to defending his main base, which would have perhaps led to a different outcome.

- Skyblade

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