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"for the love of all things good and holy, please, please, please enjoy the report, because I have extremely low self esteem and desperately need the approval of you, the wonderful person on the other end of my internet connection."

Fear the Trees
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Date: 03/09/02 01:03
Game Type: Warcraft 3
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Hey Hey -_-

sup ?

Well as we all know the war3 beta has been out for a month or so now. Wow is this game awesome.. The graphics own , gameplay owns , and the strategy owns. But it is a beta and therefore imperfect , the following report is not a game between two well skilled players, but more a report featuring a certain aspect of the game. When I first started playing I just loved the Night Elves. This report is mostly about the Night elf race and a certain strategy I have found near unstoppable :) hope you enjoy.

Before I jump into all the technicalities of the strategy, let me give you a brief background on various aspects of the report, and war3. Anyone playing war3 currently might not need to read this section and can skip down a ways.

My computer is very weak and doesnít have a video card, so I had to install the game onto my friend SteveO's computer. On his computer I put all the settings to high, and the resolution to the highest possible to bring you these fine screenshots.

Also this game was played on version 1.03 of the beta. Some things have changed about the Night Elves but basically from what I have seen of the 1.1 patch this strategy is still somewhat viable, actually almost more so because heroes are given a skill point when they first are summoned at the beginning of the game, giving the Keeper Of The Grove the force of nature ability very early.

If you donít know anything about war3 you will notice some shots are from varying angles, in war3 you can control the camera angle with a scroll mouse button.

Also if you donít know anything about war3 there are neutral units in fixed places on the map called "creeps" these were made for various reasons but one is to prevent rushing. (I assume) Creeps will chase units for a ways but return to there initial area afterwards, on Lost temple creeps are placed near base entrances, as well as other areas.

Currently there really isnít a community on the war3 servers although on the warez servers I've played with alot of ppl from nH in the nohunters channel. I had a few good games with Apex and yavoon and testosterone. The current way to play a simple 1on1 is to be randomly matched up by the server with an opponent who has selected the same maps as you. So in the report the poor chobos I abuse are the best out of ten games using this strategy. They are still no name noobs though, unfortunately :(

This strategy also is mainly effective on The war3 version of The Lost Temple, which is the map that the 2 games I will show you were played on. I have tried and succeeded in using this strategy on other maps, but it is much more difficult. in 1.03 it was impossible to do this strat on tranquil paths because of the creeps that start near your town all being ranged. ( no sneaky wisps) Everything else is simple R.T.S, build fast attack fast, expand. GG no re.

Since alot of people who read this donít have the beta I will start the report by introducing the main units involved in the strategy.

First of the Night Elf units to acquaint you is the wisp. The base worker unit, it morphs into all the Night Elf buildings and mines lumber. In 1.1 the Wisp is modified slightly it now has to mine Gold as well as lumber and when a building is complete you get your wisp back.

The main fighting unit of the Night Elf race is the archer. Obviously a ranged unit also relatively weak in terms of defenses. It is possible to use the archer very proficiently with good micro, the same tactics that apply to dragons work very well with archer, obviously.

The Keeper Of The Grove (henceforth known as the KoTG) is a Night Elf hero, adept at magic involving nature and the forest. His most used ability by far currently is the spell "force of nature" this spell allows the KoTG To turn any nearby by trees into fighting melee units called treants. At level 1 Force of nature can summon 1 treant, level 2, 2 , and level 3, 3 . He has a few other spells that I wont bother mentioning, and is a generally good fighter.

this thing looks like a dog with a beard The next unit isnít quite a unit but a building, most Night Elf units have the ability to unroot, attack, and eat trees to regen life. The Ancient of War is the "rax" of the Night Elf, producing Archers huntresses and Ballistas. As you can see they have alot of hitpoints. They move very very slow and there attack is not to powerful, but combined with high H.P. and the ability to regen life, things could get interesting.

Onto the game !

I had tried my strategy some 4 times before I had found someone that put up even a brief struggle vs it. That person was WarOrc. The game starts and my tree of life yawns and stretches releasing 5 wisps.
Only you can prevent forest fires! I sprouted up at the 12 position on the lost temple. Immediately I start a moonwell (farm) and create another wisp. My starting supply is 5 and I have roughly 500 gold and 300 lumber, Iím not sure if those are exact, because it has changed since 1.1 is out. I send my first wisp to the trees to circle them and wisp the lumber to me. My second wisp I send away on a very, very important mission. Sneakily I make my way down my hill and spy out the 2 creepers down there. A gnoll warden level3 and a gnoll archer, guy.. are blocking off the bottom of my hill it seems as though I cant sneak my wisp out for valuable scouting without getting damaged enough that the next encounter with creeps will kill him, but looks can be deceiving...sneaky sneaky , Wilson the wisp
As you can see my sneaky little wisp sneaked his way right by the sneaky little creeps, without taking a single hit. The way to do this is kinda simple, all you have to do is get your wisp to the farthest side of a ramp and click on a tree below and to the right side of the ramp. This will not only move the wisp all the way over to the farthest part of the ramp but it will also squish the unit slightly. In the 1.03 patch units could sometimes share the same space while moving. I think this was a bug because in 1.1 units no longer walk on top of each other. So from now on it may be harder to sneak wisps out without killing them but this guy got out quick and clean.

Once he got down I ordered up 3 more wisps bringing my total to 7 and started a second moonwell. I send my scouting wisp out to the right towards the 3 o clock spot. Once he reaches the ramp there I start from behind the side of the ramp, on the side of the warden ( non ranged creep) I click up the ramp and skip on by the creeps once more. Up above I see the creepy looking ground of the undead Signifying my opponents position.

Its time for Phase B : Operation Cheese

With the knowledge of my opponents whereabouts my plan swings into action. I Go to my tree of life and start my KoTG hero ( your first hero is free of charge except for there 5 food cost) then I quickly grab 3 wisps from my base and send them haphazardly down the ramp. In single file Wisps will take 60 H.P. Damage from the creeps at the bottom of the ramp before they are safe and clear, this is ok because Iím not planning on attacking with my wisps. I order my wisps over to the outer wall of the temple in the middle of the map, across from my opponents main entrance. There I have already ordered my initial scouting wisp to start growing an elder of war (rax).The 3 other wisps I quickly order to turn into 3 more Elders of War out of the radius of the creeps guarding my opponents entrance/ramp/hill area. Since my initial scouting wisp morphed into a Elder of war first thatís the one I will use to pump archers when it finishes. But wait you say, what is this shit ? Any decent player will walk down the ramp around this time with 3 ghouls and a hero kill the creeps and see your trees you fucking moron.. Well exactly ! Sort of.. At this time my opponent WarOrc. does walk down the ramp with just exactly 3 ghouls and one Death Knight (hero) he quickly dispatches the two creeps there and spots my trees. Wow!! how did you know that was gonna happen...

 the ghouls and death knight attack my proxy Elder of wars

Well mind you this is my fourth time trying this and I've not run into resistance of this form yet, instead of giving in I decided to see if this cheesy stuff could actually be used when it was scouted and my intentions made well aware.

The first thing I noticed was that he had attacked the tree that my first wisp had started, it was the nearest to completion, this sucked because I was going to have to cancel it and get my money back. Yet it still had a while more of build time and plenty of hit points so I left it there and let him pound on it buying me valuable time to swing into action. Sometime around here my hero decides to pop out and I send him down my ramp to kill the two critters there himself. Even though it takes his hitpoints down dangerously low if you lure the creeps up the ramp a bit it will decrease the chance the ranged unit will hit you , extending the life of your hero and allowing him to gain valuable experience points from the first two kills.

Once he killed them I sent him on out to the trees where the now 4 ghouls and death knight had my first elder down to 100 H.P, with the completion bar very close to finish. I cancelled the tree quickly grabbed the wisp out of there and moved it as far towards my opponents base as I could before it was almost killed. There I started the elder of war again. Soon after my first two elders finish and then my third. Mind you these shots were taken in game and I missed a couple critical pics. I quickly uproot two of my three trees and start attacking and moving slowly towards the woods to my right, in expectation of eating some small trees to regen my life. The first Elder of war that had finished I used to start my first archer, and to continually pump archers the rest of the game. Also I made another moonwell back home in foresight of my archers eating up food and sent one more wisp to make another elder of war.

 a little bit of goon dance
Soon I have 3 archers and my hero dancing around trees, running from ghouls until I get some distance then turning and shooting and generally microing my ass off. I manage to take down 2 ghouls within a couple minutes but by that time 4 more have shown up and things are looking kinda bad. Then finally I see a couple ghouls start falling to my Elders of war, though one is fuming. (what is that purple stuff ?) 2 more ghouls show up as dusk settles on the battlefield and a woof howls far away reminding me to take the damn screenshot..

the battle rages at the foot of the ramp
With two trees fighting 1 pumping archers and 2 more morphing, things looked pretty even. His number of ghouls wasnít letting up at all though. Finally one of my trees got down into the red hitpoints. Slowly he lumbered towards the woods and consumed a few trees getting him back to yellow hitpoints. About this time my tree that I restarted with my initial scouting wisp finished morphing, I uproot him and start him attacking. My archer count is now at 5 my tree count at 3 with one more almost finished. Focus firing on the ghouls starts them falling quickly. Finally WarOrc. pulls away up the ramp to regroup, from there I knew I had it. My last tree finishes and I send him up the ramp along with the others.

About five minutes later the walking wooden slowpokes got up the hill accompanied by my hero and 6 archers. Once I reach the top of the hill Iím greated by 8 ghouls 4 spiders and his hero, my trees soak up damage while my archers take potshots at the spiders and his hero. I lose some archers and he loses some spiders and some ghouls. Finally a tree goes to red and I try to get him to some woods, to late. Hw blew up into a big blue ball of fiery blueness, reminiscent of those poor little Zlots :( Finally the last of the ghouls falls and a reinforcement of 2 archers allows me to finish off the last of the spiders. WarOrc. retreats his hero back to his base, just a short walk away. All of a sudden he charges out with 2 ghouls his hero and all his acolytes (workers). I humor him and fight him toe to toe with my archers when the dust settles my archers stand 5 strong. and at long last WarOrc. leaves the game


Five games later with a record of 9-0 using the strategy I encounter Ace.

Now Aside from the obvious title of Ace, I knew this guy was good. Gosu dripped off the letters that spelled his name A c e . I started at 6 o clock this time, he was at 3. I send out my second wisp past the creeps in front of my base and past the creeps in front of his base. When I reach the top of the hill I'm abruptly introduced to Aceís bitch ..

 biatch best represent
After my wisp and his Priestess of the moon exchange there elvish pleasentries. I set into motion with my Cheese. remarkably my lil wisp made it back down the ramp. When the PoTM attempted to follow me we both ran into the creeps at the bottom. Heroes take priority over wisps for creeps and they attacked his PoTM instead of my wisp. I quickly started my first elder of war and sent out 3 more wisps to the same area as the previous game.

Shortly after my first Elder of war finishes morphing all hell breaks loose all at once. My hero shows up right on time while my first archer pops out just in time to greet 5 archers and a PoTM. This was going to be hard !! fortunately the situation hands me the advantage in terms of time. EVery time he attacked my trees I would attack him with my archer/ Hero when he turned to attack them I would pull them away.

my hero and archers engage the opposing archers attacking my elders of war I kept this up until I had killed 1 archer brought my count up to 3 and my other 2 elders had finished. I uprooted them and set them out on attack move towards the hill. Ace brought his archer count back up to something around 7 but my 4 archers were still microing him. On the way up the ramp Ace had a significant advantage vs my archers and trees and I thought I was going to lose but then he made the critical error of looking back to his base during a pivotal battle. His archers had formed an arch at the top of the hill, and his PoTm was in the front boxed in by all his archers who were focus firing a tree. Which soon there after died. So I took the time to quickly run my hero and 5 archers up the hill above and surround the PoTM. It was a quick kill, he tried to run, but got stuck in between mine and his units. Quickly he fired on my own hero who just leveled up from the kill of his Hero. I pulled my hero out narrowly avoiding the fate I had just dealt, the archers followed for a second and walked right into my 3 Elder of Wars who had by this time made it to the top of the hill. As his archers retreated from my trees my archers nailed 2 of them. He regrouped at his town adding a couple more archers and a Demon hunter (Hero) apparently during our battle he upgraded his tree of life to a tree of ages, allowing him to buy a second hero. About this time I realize my Hero has a skill point that i should use, I place my KoTG's skill point into Force of Nature and go Summon a treant

treants are bad ass~~

Finally the battle rages on into Aceís town my archer count is now upwards of 6 and he has switched to huntresses pumping out of 1 elder of war, he uprooted his other Elder of WAr and attempted to fight with it alongside his Demon hunter. My KoTG, TReants, Archers, and Elders of WAr were to much for him though and his huntress' and Elder of WAr soon fall. Soon after I snipe his Demon hunter and set to work tearing down the rest of his town. I notice an Altar ( building that revives dead heroes) and sometime after I killed his last Elder of WAr A really pissed off Demon Hunter charges out to exact revenge

You killed my brother.. You Dirty TRee !!

My heroís H.P. are very low and despite the some 8 archers standing around I realize that the faster Demon Hunter is probably gonna get me.

those treants look like they mean business

Quickly I summon two treants to block my hero off while the archers nail him. My hero lives with 20 H.P. and I saunter over to finish off the last of his buildings. Being a true Gosu Ace gives me a compliment on my "thats fucking gay" Well, at least I took it as a compliment. Being the righteous smurfer I am, I amiably respond to his inmaturity with a quaint "Gg no Re"...." Ace has left the game" Owned~~~

Gg Ace


Well its not epic , but its eye candy and its war3, and I hope someone appreciates it. I had previously intended to write this report in an effort to shed light on what I thought was a blatant imbalance in the structure of the Night elf TEch tree. There is no need for that now since the 1.1 patch, night elf wisps must mine gold from the gold mine. Thus you cant take them away so early or you wont gain enough money to produce all the proxy Elders Of War. Nevertheless I hope you all enjoyed the report.

I'd like to shout out to Dino and lucky smurf and Jeb for reminding me that H.T.M.l. img scr=" is caps sensitive :( huk -_-

speed of light face -_- -_-- -__--- --___---------

this has been a Joe.Smurf production

thanks for the read and thanks to the site.

;) - out

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