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"Going all scouts didn't work out. Go fig."

Teach Me To Play
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Date: 03/01/02 06:03
Game Type: Starcraft
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Teach Me To Play

Teach Me To Play

You know, not all my time on Battle.Net is spent playing for fun. No, as a 1.5 year veteran I feel it's my obligation to help out those in need of guidance.

A few nights ago while scanning for games, I noticed one in particular,
Well since I know my way around Starcraft and had some spare time, I figured why not give the guy a few tips.
I was greeted politely on entrance, and replied in kind. I chose to play as Zerg as did DSX_SYCO_X.

At this point I hadn't realised which map we were on, but the mineral PATCH gave it away. Right off the bat DSX_SYCO_X was querying on how to use the Zerg.

Speaking of gas, I had better get some of my own. This was easier said than done...

After a few minutes my pupil was back to the questions. I strained my brain trying to think of an appropriate answer,

Not forgetting my purpose, I again gave some helpful advice,
Yessir, this kid had potential!

I sent my overlord further into DSX_SYCO_X's base, finding out the hard way that he had chosen to spawn some hydras. Tisk tisk, a common newbie mistake.

DSX_SYCO_X was still struggling, but I was there for him!
I reassured him that he was doing a good job to keep up his confidence.

Time passed on and my forces had been ready for ages. I started my offensive very slowly,
This tiny show of Zerg ability had DSX_SYCO_X on his knees!

I was not satisfied with my teachings just yet and with permission, continued my original plans.
Mutalisks took out the spore colonies, scourge downed the overlord groups and my queens handled the rest.

After using Spawn Broodling on just about every possible target, I had DSX_SYCO_X's base down to but few buildings. I stopped the assault and explained to DSX_SYCO_X some basic Battle.Net lore,
DSX_SYCO_X was obviously very appreciative of the valuable time and effort I had used to help him. As I finished off the last few scattered Extractors, he let out an emotional vote of thanks.

Yes another beginner has been pointed in the right direction, I logged off that night with a real sense of satisfaction.
The End.

*the translation is only because that line was important to the conversation, not to make fun of his spelling mistakes(I made one directly above it)

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