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"Tried Tested and True...Chevrolet. No, actually it's Lost Temple. Surprise"

Ladder Shenanigans pt3
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Date: 02/25/02 06:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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Ladder Shenanigans Part 3

Ladder Shenanigans Part 3

Game no. 7,
Prior to this game, I had dropped from a ladder game with the same opponent. He called my a discing fag newb, so I explained that it was an ISP fault. Well being the great guy he was, he granted the game over.
Seeing as how I had already given him trouble, I thought I had better actually try to give him a decent game.

For a change, we played on Lost Temple. I randomed toss at 9 and SirRadagast had chosen toss at 6.

I scouted at around 7th probe and started a reaver build. My scouting probe had been a total bastard, scouting 12, 3 THEN 6 >: ( But he found out that SirRadagast was early expanding. I had a zealot quickly en route to the 6 natural with my scouting probe on hand to help out.
They managed to knock 50% off the nexus, but were escorted out by 3 zealots.

White white *cough* powered, I continued with my reaver drop plans. When the time had come, I loaded up my shuttle and headed down south. Apparently Teal coloured folk aren't welcome in the south, as displayed by the actions of a few hostile zealots!
My troops were up against heavy oposition, but were able to do a fair amout of damage. I loaded up my reaver after spotting medium backup and returned to base.

During the attack, I had added 2 gateways to my war effort. I put them to immediate use, warping goons and zealots non-stop.
Not wanting to waste time on a follow-up attack, I sent everything I could muster down to 6 natural. SirRadagast had positioned troops to defend his expansion, numbering just a few higher than mine. However, I still had my reaver/shuttle which would be the deciding factor in the short skirmish to come.

With reaver popping and goon dancing, the battle was one sided. Although my reinforcements took much longer to arrive, my unit count on the battlefield grew steadily above SirRadagast's.
White's expansion was no more but sadly, my veteran reaver had suffered the same fate.
My troops marched up the unguarded ramp and without much hinderance, began the assault on SirRadagast's main.

SirRadagast was in awe, commenting,
SirRadagast: How can you have more troops, I had double the economy!
I responded with,
WorstEver: I simply had more probes, GG.

Game no.8,
The start of this game was completely half-assed, I had set 5 SCV's mining while one was shift-cued, scouting clockwise the vacant start positions.
Just as my SCV had downed my ramp, I alt-tabbed and checked Outlook Express for new email. Finding none : ( I clicked the Starcraft box on the task bar and returned to my game.

Now I had been in windows about a minute, but since this was ladder speed, my SCV was only just exiting the 3 ramp.
I noticed that my opponent SSJ_TheSaiyaman was located at 12. I selected my scouting SCV and sent him back to 12. He did a full lap of the Protoss base and revealed a very low tech build. I had accumulated roughly 800 minerals during my absence so I though what the hell and began work on a very rushed terran base.
Meanwhile, SSJ_TheSaiyaman had built up a force of 7 zealots and just like the pros, he used them to scout.

I was confident with my 2 Rax wall-in and started training marines. Compared to my random building placement, SSJ_TheSaiyaman's base was picture perfect.

Within moments, the Protoss scouting party discovered my base and immediately began an offensive push. Now up to this point, I did not know that 2 barracks wasn't enough to block zealots! Fortunately for me, either did my opponent and with the repairing skills of 2 SCV's, the attack was a failure.

I used the new availability of medics and firebats to strengthen my army and began an offensive of my own.
I met a small resistance force just north of the temple. Stimmed rines/bats were extremely effective against the 9 zealots and so we marched on.
Up the 12 ramp and into yet more zealots, infact 12 of them ^_^. Again the MMF were untouchable and dealt swift, harsh death to the occupants of the Protoss base.

Just as the curtains were closing, SSJ_TheSaiyaman speaks,
SSJ_TheSaiyaman: Can I give you some advice?
WorstEver: sure
SSJ_TheSaiyaman: Well against Protoss, you should really use tanks, vultures and goliaths!
WorstEver: Thanks, I'll keep that in mind. GG

Game no.9,
Time to try an old favourite, Offensive Cannons.
I AGAIN start out at 9 with toss(duh) and scout with one of my starting probes. First to 12(bare) then 3(bingo!)

I notice leeot getting a pool at 6, but this doesn't deter me at all.

I start a pylon just above the 3 ramp. As soon as my forge had finished, I planted a cannon above my fresh pylon, heh - the same time as leeot's 6 zerglings had hatched. I retreated my probe to the temple and hid him behing a tree.
leeot's overlord was closing in on my base after checking 12 first, but not close enough to jeopardise the 6 ling rush. He sent THEM down to 6 on a 50/50 gamble. I'm sorry, the correct number was 9.
Not 1 second after the discovery, leeot's lings were on thier (long)way to 9 main.
Now when a six pool/six ling rush is delayed as long as it was, it just doesn't seem as special. Also the fact that I had 2 cannons and 14 probes ready for the attack : )

leeot played it smart, opting not to send his lings on a pointless suicide mission. No, he had something better in mind, Lurkers!
The time leeot spent searching for a weak point in my defense, I had used to stealthily lay cannons in his main. He spotted them and panicked, sending all of his drones and 2 just hatched hydras to fend off the threat. It was no good for just like the mythical hydra(not lisk), every cannon destroyed would spawn 2 more in its place(cannons, not heads).

I had won the game without even the use of a gateway : o

The End

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