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""Checkmate," i said, "I just blew the @#$% out of your sorry-ass king."
-excerpt from "The Fate of Jamellan"

Ladder Shenanigans pt2
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Date: 02/11/02 05:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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Ladder Shenanigans Part 2

Ladder Shenanigans Part 2

The following 3 games were played using slightly different mods of the same cheese strat, Barracks Rush!
Each game against a different race.

Game no.4, TvP
Being one of my first attempts at this, I decided to really play it safe. I scouted very early, on 5 supply actually and found NiteWolf(DL)'s base first try.
I pulled back my scouting SCV and noticed a probe following it which made me think twice about starting construction in his base. I took my SCV upwards to the middle of the map where he was met by a friend. They both found some clear land and started on thier own Barracks'.
Within a short time, NiteWolf(DL) who had by now finished his second gateway, decided to get gas and a pair of zealots.
When my two barracks finished I lifted them off while starting a third. I floated them close the the blind spot above the 6 choke and sent an SCV to check for enemy units in the area. With noone around, I landed the two barracks' and started training marines.
When my third Rax was done, I sent it to join the other two, along with 4 SCVs from my base.
I remained inconspicuous until one SCV made a detour passed NiteWolf(DL)'s zealot gathering. This wasn't so bad. for I now had a dozen marines and 5 SCVs. The enemy zealots fought hard, but were marginally outnumbered. Two dragoons soon joined the fight, but were pushed back.
The now cowering protoss were no match for my marine/SCV combo, even the crazed probe army was no help.
I razed a couple more buildings, said GG and quit.

Game no.5, TvZ
My first and only TvZ Rax Rush, began with me starting at 6, and my opponent ~BK~Snipe-LA dealt the 9 position.
Being a very volitile matchup considering my strategy, I scouted with one of my 4 starting SCVs, then again with at 7 supply. This proved a good move as it alerted me to the fact that ~BK~Snipe-LA was 6 pooling.

Seeing as how the gap between bases was very small, I started two barracks' at the top of my own base.
At the same time as the two barracks' finished and made their way across the valley, ~BK~Snipe-LA had hatched 6 lings and sent them my way.
I set both barracks' down and began training marines.
The 6 lings arrived at my choke, 4 headed for my SCVs, while 2 hacked away at my completely undefended supply depot. I used my SCVs to combat the 4 lings, beating them quite easily. The remaining 2(which I had forgotten about) took out my supply depot then stood their ground.
With half a dozen marines trained and ready for action, I gave them the nod and they began the assault on ~BK~Snipe-LA's base.
The zerg base fell under terran control within seconds.

I looked back at my Command Centre and noticed 2 zerglings finishing off my last few SCVs and before I could do anything further, ~BK~Snipe-LA left the game.
I was prepred for it and quickly press Alt+Q to secure my loss.

Game no.6, TvT
My opponent scrooge_ling, started out at 3, while I began at 9.
With the need to find scrooge_ling's base as quick as possible, I sent scouting SCVs on both 7 and 9 supply. They both searched 12 and 6 positions respectively, but finding nothing they both headed right. I sent up the first SCV and took a solid look around. I saw that he was going infantry aswell, which wasn't exactly the best thing for me. I sent the SCV back towards the ramp but instead of exiting, I made him hug the top of the cliff and head for 9's blind spot.
My second scouting SCV came up and joined my first, starting construction on another barracks.
A minute later, I squeezed another SCV in and began a third barracks. After my first Rax was complete, I sent that SCV back home, but on the way he encoutered a gang of 8 marines. He made a quick call to base warning of the attack and sacrificed himself to buy some time.
The call was received, but with no defense available, there was no choice but to relocate. Sadly, not one SCV made it alive.
My last supply depot was now under attack, but all was not lost! My marines now had control over scrooge_ling's base apart from the Command Centre that had lifted off and escaped. My 2 remaining SCVs from the beginning were on thier way to my CC, now located at the 6 position.
The time drew ever closer to the unavoidable battle between the last of both sides marines. It was 13/10 in scrooge_ling's favour, all of which were nearing the centre of the map. Then in a stroke of luck for me, he decided only to send 10 towards my marines, and 3 to my Command Centre.
The two evenly matched groups of 10 marines were now in close proximity. When I saw a red flash on my minimap, I immediately gave the order to attack!
I had again been blessed, the inadvertant use of trees had tipped the scale in my favour. It was now 8 rines to 3 in MY favour. Victory was shortlived, as I again saw the familiar red, this time at my makeshift base. I sent my 4 healthiest marines to handle it.
My lousy micro had doomed the lives of the quartet. However, two of scrooge_ling's marines had died in the exchange and the third was down to 10 hit points, which made short work for my pair of SCVs.

During the conflict, I had located scrooge_ling's Command Centre - hovering at the very top right of the map. I landed a barracks on the cliff, and built a single marine. It forced the CC backwards into more marine fire.

Convinced I had the game won, I said GG and left.

To be continued...

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