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"In a shocking move, Mark4 decides to cast Psionic Storm with his templar"

All I want for Christmas is a win
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Date: 02/10/02 08:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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There is a bit of a story behind this report, (pretty long actually) so bare with me. Me and my friend, Killawful, have been playing star craft for several years now, taking breaks now and then, but always returning to this great game. Generally we both win a few and loose a few when playing against each other, but this has not been so as of late. I had lost around 8 or 9 games in a row versus him over the past two weeks, either to muta rushes, 4 pools, and other gay tactics. Every once and awhile we both pick our best races for a 1v1 instead of random (mine is Protoss while his is Terran), but I would still loose miserably. I knew I had to win a game one day, but it just seemed no matter what I tried I would always loose. This is the last game we played together where both of us picked our preferred races. I was really stressed out during (and even before) this game, which didn't help my cause. I am presuming he was pretty relaxed, figuring he had another easy win.

One advantage about playing someone all the time is learning his tactics. He knew I always go for speedy zealots and templar drops on his mineral line, and always counters it with lots of firebats and tanks. For this game, I decided to throw him a curveball, changing my game as much as possible, which made for an interesting game.


I warped in at the 9' position with a white nexus. I quickly got my four probes going and started working on a fifth. Despite the fact that we were only a few seconds into the game, I was already getting really stressed out. I made a pylon with my seventh probe, who I then sent to scout in a clockwise direction.
I started warping in a gateway with my ninth probe around the same time my scouting probe found Killawful's base at the 12' position. He had started blocking off his choke with a barracks and supply depot which were both under construction when my probe got there. Luckily he didn't notice my probe go into his base, so I proceeded to hide my probe in the top-right corner of his base so I could scout his tech later on. Going back to my base, I put up a second gateway, then an assimilator.
sneaky little probe I then decided to build a pylon in Killawful's base to increase my range of vision in there without sacrificing my probe. I couldn't see to much even with the extra vision, but I could see a few minerals in his natural, so if he expanded I would be able to notice.
I knew Killawful was going to go firebats to counter my zealots that I normally make, so by the time I had two zealots I was already bringing in gas and starting a cybernetics core.
Around the same time a SCV finally found my base, but my two zealots I had just above my ramp killed him before he could see what I was up to.
I started warping in a forge for some upgrades just as my first two goons came online. I then starting warping in a third gateway to help me pump out some goons. Not long after this, I noticed that Killawful was making an academy thanks to my gosu pylon in the opponents base strat. Figuring that once the academy was finished he would be able to see my pylon and probe, I selected my probe and shift-clicked around his base so I could see what he was doing. I saw one barracks and one factory with a machine shop just finishing off, along with a bunch of marines. His lack of units confused me, but didn't bother me at all. Shortly after my probe died, my pylon went down to his marines.
As the pylon exploded in a rather nice looking blue cloud, I sent a new probe to the 6'
main to set up an expansion. I normally don't expand early in the game, except at my natural, so I took a chance, hoping he wasn't going to scout. At the same time I was upgrading goon range and ground unit's attack, as well as warping in a Citadel of Adun for some speedy zealots and eventually some templar. I was also sending my units to my mineral only, slowly preparing to attack once I had enough dragoons.
Wondering why he hadn't attacked me yet, I sent a zealot over to his base to see if he had any troops gathering somewhere and to see what he was up to. I didn't see anything, but my zealot took a blast from a siege tank, so I decided to run him to the 3' main to see if he had expanded. My timing was perfect as I found a lone SCV making a command centre at the 3' natural. Killawful cancelled the CC and ran the SCV off, but at least I stopped him from gaining an expansion.


Wondering if Killawful had taken one, or both of the islands like he likes to do, I starting making a robotics facility and once it warped in I starting working on a shuttle and some templar for some mineral line storming. While it was warping in, I kept my dragoon production up with the odd zealot here and there, sending most of them to my mineral only. Once the shuttle finished, I loaded two zealots and two templar into it and sent it northward for my drop on his mineral line. Side note, we are currently 11 minutes into the game and this is the first offensive move. I know this is sad, but the action picks up from here on.

Obviously expecting a drop on his mineral line, he had built turrets around the side of his base, preventing me from any sort of drop. I turned my shuttle around, and to my happiness, I saw a dropship fly by, heading to the top-left island. I figured he was expanding there, but I waited a bit before dropping the island. I wanted to let him finish a command centre I could then rape, and have him loose 400 minerals instead of being able to cancel it.

I soon learned that shuttle wasn't going to the island to expand, but it was accompanied by two other drop ships which were full of firebats and two tanks. They didn't land on the island either, but landed in my mineral line (son of a bitch!). All my probes exploded in rather large explosions which sadly didn't hurt those damned firebats. I sent my units who were sitting around at my ramp back to my base, which consisted of some zealots and 6-8 dragoons. I didn't think it would be enough though, and I said "gg". Even though it was over in my opinion I went over to my expansion, which I had slowly been gathering minerals at. I made some more probes there, and set up a third gateway to compliment the other two I had put there right when I expanded and then forgot about. I might be going down, but not without a fight. After a couple of seconds of me stressing out and trying to get my expansion going, I noticed no more blue dots in my base on my minimap. I quickly went back to my main and saw that my dragoons had beat off the intruders somehow (possibly because goons own firebats). I was happy that I regained my main, but wasn't any less stressed out. I needed to get my mining up there again, and do some damage to Killawful.

Figuring it was now or never, and that I was dead anyway, I selected all my units and sent them just outside Killawful's base (keeping them outside of siege range too). I waited for zealot speed and +2 attack to finish upgrading, as they were almost done, then sent them in. I wanted to take out his barracks at the ramp instead of a supply depot to allow more room for my goons to get in, so I had my zealots go in just before my goons, having them all attack the barracks. As they were running in, I went back to my main to make a few more units, (two zealots and a DT) and get some probes mining again. Back at the attack the barracks had just exploded and I sent my goons into his base so they wouldn't start walking around the ramp like the retards they are while two of them shoot at a supply depot. I took out the three tanks he had there, and was attacking buildings when two dropships unloaded a bunch of firebats and marines on my already injured goons. The few that were left didn't last to long after the firebats and marines were stimmed up, but they put up a fight and took some out. I didn't do any real damage except killing a barracks, a handful of marines and firebats and three tanks, but I did stop him from dropping me again, which could have taken me out of the game. I didn't have many units left though, and my money wasn't coming in very fast... Things were looking pretty grim, any sort of counter attack could kill me. Going back to my base with the attack over I starting making some more goons and zealots with the occasional DT knowing he didn't have any mobile detection from what I had seen.

I don't really know what was going through Killawful's mind now, as he sent 3 firebats and a marine to my base, all of which died rather quickly. I am guessing he thought I sent everything I had, and since he hurt my income with his last drop, I had nothing left, but 3 firebats and a marine, come on! They were taken care of swiftly. When I said any sort of counter attack could kill me, this is not what I had in mind.
With money being a bit of a problem right now, I sent another probe to the 3' main to expand again, but I never had 400 minerals to get it up since I kept making units the second I could, but atleast I'd know if he tried to expand there.

Now I moved most of my forces, which consisted of mostly dragoons, some zealots and a few dark templar, over to the 3' mineral only. I was hoping that I could contain him, figuring he can't have many minerals left in his main anymore.

Then I almost shit my pants. Some of my troops going to the 3' natural saw some dropships heading for my expansion at 6'. This was currently my main source of income and if it fell, I'd be in trouble. I ran all my probes away, and sent all my units by 3' to my expansion in a moment of panic. My troops got there before the dropships somehow; I was really confused until I saw some blue dots on my minimap coming into my main from the east. GOD DAMMIT! According to my friend who was at my house watching me play, at this point my neck was completely red along with my face. He asked me if I was okay and I said yes, putting a hand to my neck when he told me why he asked. My neck was burning hot, while my hands were freezing hold. I was stressing out a lot right now, really not wanting to loose this game. I think that I forgot to breath for awhile, and that's why my neck and face were going funky on me.

When I looked at his drop, I calmed down a bit. It was only some more firebats and marines, and having a dark templar at my choke with some zealots and dragoons, I didn't worry to much. The dragoons and zealots didn't do much, but the DT slowly hacked away at them. By the time he com-stated and killed my DT, two more appeared outside of a pair of gatways and finnished off the rest of them. Again, deciding this would be a good time to counter attack (hoping he sent all his troops), I sent everything I had to his base. I didn't have a whole lot to start with (a group of dragoons and three dark templar), and this small force combined with horrible micro didn't fare to well at all, just destroying a supply depot. They all got killed off, mainly by siege fire, except for a dragoon and a DT. I ran both of them to his natural to see if he had expanded before they got picked off too, and I was pretty happy to see he hadn't expanded there. I left both the dragoon (who's stupid AI got him killed by siege tanks not long after) and the DT there. Right now I was pretty sure he had no more expansions, giving me a distinct advantage, but I didn't want to take any chances. I got my goon production up again and started making another shuttle just in case he took the islands. By now my main had a good amount of probes going, but not many minerals left.

Once the shuttle finished I loaded it up with two goons and sent it to the top-left island. I also starting making some templar again when it hit me, psi-storm still wasn't researched! I would have realized this a lot earlier if that drop I tried on his mineral line had worked, but it didn't change anything up to now at least. The drop didn't go exactly as planned thanks to a parameter of turrets that went around the high ground of the island. I did manage to drop of one goon on low ground before the shuttle blew up. This one goon was all I needed though, as he slowly started picking off the turrets, then some SCVs, and even some pot shots on the command centre located there. While that was happening, Killawful sent a handful of marines on what I am presuming was a scouting mission of some sorts. They happened to pass right by two dragoons and a dark templar I had standing around by Killawful's base, which killed the marines off in no time at all. With the marines dead, Killawful decided firebats might do better, as they followed a few seconds later, taking out the injured dragoons. Most of them died to my dark templar before a com-stat was cast and the firebats took him out quickly, but only after he had accumulated 13 kills.

Back at Killawful's island expansion my dragoon was still going at it. I decided to give him some help though, and loaded up a new shuttle with a templar (now with psi-storm :]) and a dragoon, and sent it over to the island. I unloaded the two of them and got my first psi-storm off on two SCVs, killing them both. The dragoon then started taking out the command centre when I saw a factory, with a machine shop being made, tucked away in the side of the island. I quickly ordered the dragoon to start firing at the machine shop while I waited for my templar to have enough energy to take out some more SCVs. The SCVs there would have none of it though, and they all ganged up on my poor little templar. As his energy got to 74 he evaporated into nothingness… The SCVs weren't finished though; it seemed a templar wasn't enough for them, so they went after my dragoon. In a moment of panic he started firing at the SCVs, taking out a couple of them before they overwhelmed him.
Fed up with the rebellious SCVs I loaded my shuttle back up, this time with a zealot to accompany the templar and dragoon. By the time I had got there he had finished making a tank that took out my dragoon on low ground. I unloaded my shuttle right next to the tanks and took it out in record time. The templar then placed a perfect psi-storm on the SCVs, getting revenge for his fallen brother.
Hoping I didn't have to do that all over again, I loaded my templar up in my shuttle and sent it to the bottom-right island. Half way there though, I flew over three tanks with a bunch of firebats. The firebats started moving toward my base, so I dropped the templar. My timing was impeccable, just as my templar dropped, the tanks un-sieged and before I could storm them, he was dead.

I was expecting an attack after seeing the firebats moving my way, but not an attack of this scale. Instead of just three tanks showing up, about 9 did, along with the firebats. He kept them all in groups of two and three, spreading them out nicely so I couldn't storm them all. I was constantly making dragoons at my base though, and I sent them to intercept the tanks. They sieged just as my dragoons and single templar got there. My templar stormed some near the back of the pack, while my dragoons started taking off the ones in the front with concentrated fire on each tank. The attack did its damage, taking out most of my dragoons, but thankfully not making it in my base. If some marines and medics were there, it would have been over right there.


During the previous battle my shuttle had reached the bottom-right island and didn't find anything (thank god). Right about now I finally relaxed a little. I knew he didn't have any expansions, and it was almost impossible that he didn't have any resources left in his main.

I then remembered that probe I had sent to the 3' main to expand, and finally having 400 minerals, I set up an expansion their too. Just as I was setting up this expansion, I sent a single zealot to protect it, and on the way, he intercepted around 6 SCVs at the natural trying to expand. Well my zealot wasn't going to have any of that and took them out in a hurry as they tried to run away.

With that expansion attempt failed, he tried to float a command centre to his natural, but luckily I still had that DT there who prevented it from landing. Eventually a science vessel showed up and with the help of some tanks, Killawful took out my DT, allowing the CC to land. Then, out of no where, a drop hits my 6' expansion. The stress hit me again, I didn't want him to win this with some cheese tactic like he seems to do a lot. Ignoring his attack I sent every attacking unit I had to his main. For some reason he had moved his barracks from his ramp, letting my units just to stroll into his base that was being protected by three siege tanks. His main was falling fast, but Killawful decided to be annoying and he lifted off all the buildings he could and started flying them about.
He then landed most at the top-left island despite my dragoon and zealot standing there. He starting making marines from his barracks while my units there were attacking other buildings. When his second marine popped out of the barracks, he d-matrixed it and took out both my dragoon and zealot with it.
This forces me to load up my shuttle again, this time I drop four zealots. Refusing to die (and insisting on being really annoying), he lifts off again, forcing me to go air. I already had two scouts on the way in preparation of something gay like this, and I end up killing him once they finish hunting him down.

I was so happy I had won it was unbelievable.

I hope you liked this battle report, it's been a long time since I wrote one, please tell me what you think and what I could do better, and what you liked about it.

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