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Ladder Shenanigans pt1
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Date: 02/09/02 07:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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Ladder Shenanigans Part 1

Ladder Shenanigans Part 1

At the start of this ladder season, I thought it might be interesting to participate. I had always heard mixed opinions about ladder and its players, so I wasn't sure what to expect.

My goal, was to get a loss only record, and if possible, to reach as low a rating as I could while still playing a few decent games in the process. My chosen name - WorstEver, was a reflection of this.

The following games are in no particular order and were chosen for various reasons. They were intended to count as losses and were played on different apathy levels.

Game no.1,
This was one of my first ladder games, and one I decided to play properly in. My opponent It'sTime4Party! and I both chose Protoss. He started out up at 12, while I was given the dreaded 6 spot.
I started my gateway then scouted with a probe, first to 3 then to 12. When I reched the 12 choke, my probe could not enter due to a zealot/probe block
I instantly recalled my probe and stayed with my reaver drop build, while It'sTime4Party! opted for dragoons w/ range with a second and later third gateway.
When my reaver finished, I put him in with 2 zealots and headed for my opponents nexus, and while in transit, I added another pylon and 2 gates.
My shuttle arrived and unloaded safely, but the landing party was soon under attack from 5 range upped goons. With some extremely fancy reaver popping and zealot aggression, I managed to take out all five, but lost 1 zealot and had 3 hp left on the other.
A lone enemy zealot came seconds after, but apart from a couple of hits on my reaver, did virtually no damage.
Two more of It'sTime4Party!'s goons arrived, with thier prioties set on my reaver. With yet even more popping, the reaver earnt 2 more goon kills but at the loss of my seconds zealot. Suddenly, a third, and It'sTime4Party!'s final dragoon came out of nowhere. Letting it's last scarab loose, the heroic reaver took it's second consecutive phase disruption and blew apart.
My shuttle retreated and headed for home.
During the last few moments of my assault, I had been working on my offense. With several prepared dragoons of my own and a few on thier way, the final push began. I reached the 12 choke and marched up in kind. It'sTime4Party! had very little after my attack, and used it all in defense. A dozen or so probes and 2 goons fought well, but it was in vain.
It'sTime4Party! said GG and left.

Game no.2,
This game took place on the map Ashrigo, one which I had not played before. For this one I chose Terran and got the top right of the map, while my opponent Zealot-army suprisingly enough was Protoss at top left.
Now Zealot-army had it all figured out, going pylon on 5 while explaining to me that there was to be no rush, and no air forces.
I am not one to complain, so I mearly improvised. I had earlier built 2 E-Bays for scouting, and with my SCV still down at the bottom right base, I decided to early expand. Zealot-army thought it better to litter his base with cannons.
I was steadily climbing the tech tree towards nukes, and I had just finished my Starport's control tower add-on(for dropship). For some unknown reason, Zealot-army sensed its presence, and told me I was breaking the rules! While I pondered for a moment on whether or not a dropship was infact an air attack unit, Zealot-army sent his zealot army up my ramp and straight towards my starport.
Still sticking the the no rush rule(and the fact that I had absolutely no units), I peacefully lifed all I could and moved up to the ridges.
I had salvaged my 2 command centres at the top right base, and quickly gave them both nuclear silos to match my still unnoticed expansion.
My dropship was ready to go, and I had secretly preduced 3 ghosts. I loaded them up and headed for Zealot-army's base. My first target was his Nexus - If I could slow the income from his 7 probes, it would be devastating! When I shined the red dot on that blue apex, Im sure it was the most action seen by his Nexus all game!
I repeated the procedure again and again...
until only 1 buiding remained, an unshielded assimilator. With Zealot-army's zealots still running around like idiots trying to make thier way back home, I set up my ghost for 1 last nuke
Just as the nuke hit and I was informed Zealot-army had been eliminated, I pressed alt+q and manually quit.

Game no.3,
Another TvP game on The Lost Temple. My opponent this time, runtjoebob1 started out as Protoss at the 9 start location. While I was again Terran, at 12. I started with a regualar wallin/metal build, while runtjoebob1 figured a pylon to 3 gate build would work best.
My scouting SCV made all the wrong decisions by checking the 3 then 6 position bases before arriving very late, but just in time at 9. What he saw was 5 zealots marching out passed him with disregard. Giving me enough time to train a second marine and bring an extra SCV to my wall in.
Just as the first zealots attacked, a single vulture finished production and helped the marines fight off the 6 zealots, while my 2 SCV's kept each building intact.
Not able to make a scoring hit on any of my buildings and being severely outranged, the zealots were going nowhere fast. Just as no.3 zealot died, my first tank rolled up behind the pair of marines.
With no gas and a sizable handicap in tech, runtjoebob1 spontaneously left the game
With my left hand readily hovering over the alt+q keys, I managed just to exit in time to get the loss.

To be continued...

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