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Never Say Die! (just say hacker)
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Date: 02/06/02 06:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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Never Say Die (Just say hacker)

Never Say Die! (Just say hacker)

It all started with me joining a 3v3 compstomp on some $ĄŁ˘BGH˘ŁĄ$ map. By the time we had finished the 3rd comp off, I unallied and revealed my secret,

This did not go down particularly well with 2BlackDogs, as shown here,

I offered a rematch 1v1, and in his own unique way, he accepted. Now all that was left to do was finish off SS_Vageta, which proved not difficult, but annoying. So rather than delay my opponent any longer,
I said GG and left.

I arrived in channel yourtoast(my toast?) and greeted 2BlackDogs. He returned the greeting and suggested I make the game. I agreed and told him the game name and password.

I waited for a small while before receiving a msg telling me to "come on chicken shit"
I quickly realised the problem and gave more detail towards the game name and PASSWORD.

I could tell this guy was determined, and upon seeing his record for the first time,
I knew he meant business!
Being well mannered, I wished my opponent

The game started with me as Zerg at bottom right, 2BlackDogs was Zerg also at mid right. I expected a 4-6 pool rush so I scouted early with my overlord, and to my luck, I found him immediately above my base, so no need to scout with a drone.
The game was choppy and my poor connection was to blame, well to me it was,

Well I was wrong, he did infact go 7 pool >_< and a late one at that, but I guess you could say I was plenty prepared to take on 6 zerglings,

I still had my overlord feeding me his every move, and seeing him tech to air, I decided to do the same. By the time I had my first mutalisks, my overlord was being ushered out of the way by a single hydralisk. I took my chances as to what else could be in that ferocious looking base, and headed straight to his mineral line.

Apart from the 1hydra/1muta death combo, my mutas were pretty much untouchable. Out of despiration, he spawned 2 new hydras, which hatched right in my mutas crossfire, killing them within seconds. It was all downhill from there, without any units apart from a single overlord, his chances of victory slipped away. I said GG and finished him off.

Back in channel mytoast, we exchanged post game thoughts

As you can see, this one didn't know the meaning of the word quit, so I gladly accepted another rematch.

Again on Big Game Hunters, this time with 2BlackDogs Protoss at Bottom Right, and me also as Protoss at top left.
2BlackDogs had played as Protoss in the first mentioned game, but I had not payed attention to his style. 1 thing that stuck was that he cheesed one of the computers with offensive cannons, so I thought to myself why not,

Obviously I wasn't as masterful of the strat as he was and with the loss of 1 pylon and 1 probe, I was behind... or was I?

Time passed and I had a new strategy - Lots o' goons. I also had a shuttle warping in. I loaded up two dragoons and sent them to the once cannon destined part of terrain behind 2BlackDogs's mineral line.

This proved very succesful, and sustaining a small amount of pressure, I managed to keep one goon perched on the small amount of cliff, it spent the remainder of the game surveying the ground below.

It was all elementary from that point on, I had my second base up and running, and about 2 dozen goons with detection. I was prepared for anything he could muster.

After another lecture on how gay I was and how I hack, I sent my everfresh supply of goons into his base. First passed 8 or so zealots, then 2 goons, then 50 cannons spread through the insides of his base. As a last request, I let him take a glance at my base, then immediately finished him off.

I got back to channel ourtoast and noticed he was not present, I received 1 last message giving thanks for the good games,

The End

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