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1v1 on the Raganok
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Date: 02/03/02 12:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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ignore and do not comment upon the bit of terrain sticking out of the top, and your life will be spared. I couldn't make it go away =[
Hey, what's up.

If I were cool and funny and awesome and not Canadian, I'd probably write some really witty and amazing little intro paragraph here, that would leave you all laughing in tears on your dusty, termite infested floors.

Unfortunately, that's not going to happen. So let's get to business. I figured I wouldn't add a pregame section, since it's not like it'll last longer than half a paragraph anyway. Oh - thanks to Ling-erie for letting me BR his replay, which you can find here.

The vaunted |aNc|Daaman morphs his festering Zerg hive cluster at bottom right on the Raganok, while his famous and battle-scarred foe, V-Gundam lands his massive, bulbous command center upon the top right plateau. Shown above, The Raganok is a fun map, with sweeping, curving rock formations cradling expansions that are perfect for a good Terran defense.

Gundam, like any wise Terran commander battling against the ravenous Zerg, moves toward mass infantry, and quickly erects a couple barracks strategically across his main, from his mineral line to the top of the map, so as to impede early zergling rushes. Due to the placement of the geyser he cannot, however, slap a depot between the CC and the refinery to speed up vespene harvesting. Tragic.

Down South, Daaman lurks in his dark surroundings, opting for a rapid techup with the quick morphing of an extractor, followed rapidly by a spawning pool. Near his ramp he spawns a second hatchery and a trusty sunken to keep the humans at bay.

As the first hydralisks hatch a troop of marines and medics run to the Zerg main, in the hopes of finding it exposed to a late rush. Although I have little doubt Gundam's army could defeat the red defenses, the terran commander chooses to stay back, being scared off by the sunken and unsure about his ability to fend off the certain reinforcements. What's more, containing a Zerg is always a valid option.

Things change when Daaman's tech choice is revealed in all it's horror: lurkers. Not good. Two of the big beasts skitter down to the amassing infantry, tearing a couple marines limb from limb before the rest can flee back North. A scouting SCV at the Zerg natural is reduced to ashes to make way for a brand new hatchery, and the marines are chased gradually back to their main by the now five lurkers. Many, many die in the process at not a single loss for Daaman, yet the reason they did not simply dash back to the main is suddenly revealed when two tanks rumble down the ramp. One quickly explodes to a couple lings, yet the other retreats back behind the ready infantry, spelling the end for the lurker force. Two lurkers, a couple zerglings and a few hydralisks meet fiery deaths before the rest can race back to the hive cluster as fast as their claws can take them.

The Terran infantry bounds forward to capitalize on the situation, rushing down to butcher the Zerg natural. However, three rapidly hatched sunkens and another triplet of lurkers catches them in a vice. None survive.

Of course, Daaman has not fallen behind production-wise. No fewer than seven lurkers skitter to the center, where they absolutely ravage Gundam's infantry force, forcing them to flee back North yet again. Also, the cerebrate starts a budding new expansion at bottom left, in an attempt to decisively out resource his foe.

That, I would say, takes us out of the early game. Two armies now launch towards the center, aiming for map control, and the outcome is very much in the air.

The two militias meet with the distinctive roar of the acrilite seige cannon, and the early phases of the battle are marked by hydralisks trying to cover lurkers attempting to crawl into position near the human infantry. However, marines put up a withering barrage of fire and keep the lurkers far enough away from the tanks that the siege cannon is still within range. That proves to be the decisive factor in the conflict, as the Zerg are crushed by relentless tank fire and finally routed, ravaged by irradiate from a brand new Science Vessel.

Daaman knows he's in big trouble, with his army in ruins and the roads to his expansions lying wide open. Fretting about his future the cerebrate launches a lurker drop at the newly taken human Natural - only to find a couple tanks overlooking the ledge and a science vessel nearby. Needless to say, the lurkers are massacred before they can do any real damage.

Meanwhile, Gundam's main army has sustained only a fraction of the losses the Zerg took, and now the Terran commander orders his warriors south to smash the Zerg main for once and for all. Unfortunately for them, however, they are immediately assailed by another huge army of lurkers and hydralisks, and quickly surrounded from all sides. The unprepared infantry is simply slaughtered, but the tanks and science vessels hold firm in the end. Since there's not nearly enough surviving for the attack to continue, both sides are stalemated for the moment.

Yet just as Daaman spawns another festering expansion at the natural to his bottom left base, a new wave of reinforcing terran troops and defending Zerg minions barrel towards each other above the red main. Zerglings are used to greater extent here than in the previous battles, and a swarm of the vicious little beasts manages to take out a tank before they meet their bloody deaths. However, thanks to those ‘lings the hulking lurkers were given time to burrow in perfect positions, and quickly tear apart the rest of the containing Terrans.

Unfortunately for the cerebrate, however, Science Vessels are now in full production. Irradiate from a few of these, butressed by new produced tanks, spells the end for the surviving lurkers. Once again, the Zerg main is under siege, and its survival dangles precariously on the knife's edge.

That's when Gundam decides to take it up a notch. He amasses an enormous army just outside the Zerg main, and, with what must have been a nervous sigh, he hurls them into battle.

The couple tanks and countless m&m make very short work of the initial Zerg resistance. Frantic, Daaman rallies whatever he can find to the center, and musters a defense force inside his main. The terrans troop up the ramp and lay waste to the hatchery, sunken, and any other buildings/defenses located there. The tanks prepare to roll into the diseased core of the base, but just then two huge waves of Zerg forces pincer the humans in an expertly executed maneouver. The infantry is distracted as lurkers burrow right before their noses, and zerglings supported by hydralisks make short work of the tanks. It's a very hard fought battle, but eventually the battered Zerg emerge victorious, sending the science vessels hurtling back to the North under a hail of hydra spines.

A brief lull follows, during which Gundam seizes the expansion just below his natural, and massively fortifies it along the sweeping blue rock formations that shield it from the rest of the map. A powerful line of tanks covers the approaches to the expansion and the main base just beyond, while a large battalion of infantry takes the center. Also, a couple bunkers burtress the tanks, along with the science vessel flotilla.

While this is happening, Daaman takes the 6:00 expansion, while sending two massive armies barelleling towards the center in what looks to be another flanking maneouver - an attempt to gain map control at last. It's worth noting, however, that for the whole game to this point Gundam has had a substancially higher supply than his Zerg foe.

The advancing Zerg swarm meets up with a Command Center hovering about looking for expansions to claim, and destroys it in short order. Of course, the advantages of surprise and flanking are pretty much lost now, but . . . what can you do. The attack proceeds.

Masses of hydralisks and lurkers rip into the terran infantry, which falls back towards the expansion and siege cannon range, while Science Vessels loom up over the horizon to irradiate Daaman's minions. Although the Zerg take obscene losses from the tanks they also manage to kill Gundam's entire infantry force . . . his only really mobile army. Unfortunately, the Zerg linger an instant too long, allowing the next acrilite salvo to blast them entirely to smithereens. It's a hugely cost-inefficient defeat for the Zerg, but it's important to note that it was their first actual attack upon a human base.

And the cerebrate doesn't stop there. Loading two overlords with a quartet of lurkers, he sends the lot up North, dropping the monsters in the leftmost corner of the Terran base. Unfortunately for them they meet up with the exact same as their bretheren dropped in the blue natural . . . death at the hands of a tank. All four are quickly killed, and one overlord is irradiated, with no damage to the human base.

Meanwhile, at the center, a powerful column of hydralisks runs into a brigade of marines escorting a tank towards the center. The Zerg beasts quickly destroy the dreaded tank, and both militias merge with their greater armies, launching themselves towards one another in yet another massive battle for the center.

Waves of lurkers, hydralisks and scourge rush in to slaughter the defending Terran troops, which consist of about two dozen marines, plus their supporting medics, along with seven or so tanks and a half dozen science vessels. The lurkers burrow near the infantry in an attempt to slash them to pieces, but take a simply obscene beating from the tanks, while the stimmed marines ( some of which are matrixed ) make mincemeat out of the hydralisks. The lurkers are quickly forced to unburrow and retreat, but nearly all are splattered in the devastating orange fireballs unleashed by the acrilite cannons. It is truly a momentous defeat. The Terran juggernaut rolls his forces towards the bottom left base this time, attempting to squash the Zerg's income, and quickly ravages some six lurkers parked atop the plateau.

And it only gets worse. Gundam's now nine tanks proceed to royally own another couple lurkers, while scourge succeed in downing only a single science vessel. With the road to Daaman's bases apparently open, I, watching the replay, take to cursing Lingerie's name. Actually I believe the exact words I whispered to myself were "ugh, man this would have made a good br if there would've been a turnaround or two at the end."

With that, let's start the late game section.

Now, it's important to note that Gundam has gotten very tank happy, since tanks have basically won the last couple battles for him. In fact, his losses were almost all infantry - including the previous battle. As a result of this, his army is now about 70% tank, 30% infantry. Which, I may add, is a very bad thing considering that Daaman's
Countless cracklings rush in from the right and left, but the real core of the counterattack comes from a couple gargantuan ultralisks thundering through the blood of the vanquished lurkers. Quickly hatched and amassed to combat the encroaching tank army, the behemoths rip into the unseiged human machines and tear them to pieces. In a couple seconds, the whole balance of the game is turned upside down as the previously seemingly invincible blue legion is completely and utterly smashed.

Meanwhile, however, a marine army is busily tearing through the new red expansion at top left their gattling guns ripping through the extractor and the hatchery nearby. Of course, like the tanks before them, these little warriors are no match for the zerglings and ultralisks that completely surround and consume them. Only bloodstains remain in their wake.

Buoyed by his amazing successes, Daaman hurls his triumphant crimson militia back towards the center and the blue bases just beyond. However, the ultralisks and zerglings meat up with yet another massive, infantry based Terran army . . . and break upon the gattling guns like a wave crashing into a seaside cliff. The Zerg are reduced to masses of blood in seconds, and whatever survivors are left flee howling back to the top left base. Startled, I watch in disbelief as the humans follow, and the game reverses once again!

Gundam scales the ramp to the that top left expansion . . . only to be massively ambushed by waves upon waves of cracklings and ultralisks tumbling down the ramp and rushing up from the darkness below. The enraged roar of the ultralisks drowns out all other sounds, and the isolated tanks are quickly crushed. Although irradiate is cast upon the monstrous beasts this is simply countered by moving them up against the human infantry, causing equal damage to both combatants. Scourge scream out to intercept the Science Vessels, and none survive. Countless marines perish in bloody gore, and soon enough nothing is left of that enormous human militia.

The Zerg survivors from the hard fought battle barrel towards the center, where they find a terran army - only a husk, a shadow of the brigades Gundam used to be able to field. The ultralisks and cracklings flank, and rip through them with simple ease, opening the road to the mid-right expansion at last.

Soon enough, cracklings, hydralisks and ultralisks begin to poor into the embattled base, whose tank defenses are but shattered remnants near the bottom and upper left Zerg bases. Although the Science Vessels valiantly irradiate and marines put up some stiff resistance, all opposition is soon vanquished and the last mining Terran base bites the dust.

With this final, catastrophic defeat, Gundam leaves the game! What a hardfought and close game that was ( I feel like I'm advertising a replay here :O ). Let's have a look at the incredibly tubular scores . . . .

By the way, Dragonsven and I are doing a joint-BR on an incredibly homosexual FFA played out on Octopus. It should be out sometime next week. Bye bye.

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