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Deep-6 in TvP
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Date: 02/03/02 10:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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I don't really do fancy title images, i can't seem to get my head around this image editor =/

Yep, it's another strategy-orientated report by me. I kinda like the first-person view on things so I thought I'd report this fun game. Again I'm playing InkMeister (the 'all-Terran' player from my last BR), this was one of the few games where he decided not choose the gay humans and instead gave a demonstration of his skills with other races. If you haven't worked out the matchup by now then you may as well leave and get it over with. The map is Lost Temple (sorry) and I landed my red command centre on the 3:00 plateau while InkMeister warped in a shimmering new nexus on the 6:00 plateau.

Well I've read Heartcutter's reports on his deep6 strategy, but I never quite worked out the build-orders cos i read them for the games. As a result, I've had to improvise and I've kinda adopted this build vs random by default now because it's quite strong on land vs everything except a very fast muta/ling build. I start off by throwing down a depot in my main in such a way as to facilitate the mining SCVs on gas when I come to start mining it. I then begin a barracks just above my ramp (notice no attempt what-so-ever at a walling of any kind, this build is strong enough to beat any 1-gate zeal/goon rush, or any 2-gate dragoon rush later on. I want to get a load of marines to cover my ramp, but I also want fast tanks too, so i get gas as my barracks is half done, before starting a second supply depot.

So if I'm making two supply depots before my factory, why not just wall-in? Well, I find the supply depots are cumbersome and just get in the way for the rest of the game, and I want constant marines so I don't ever want to have to lift that barracks to let an SCV or something through. InkMeister scouted me straight away and started harrassing my SCV on the barracks, but SCVs have more hitpoints than probes, and i just sent one from my mining to chase him about my base for a while and to kill his probe if he got lazy with shift-queueing it around my base (For those of you who aren't familiar with this, it's a way that you can have a unit evade a chasing peon and even a marine if he makes one, while you just ignore the info-gathering probe as it runs across your opponent's base staying out of trouble). I killed his probe with my first marine, i had another marine building and was at 18/18 supply just as the second depot finished. I started my factory and kept SCV/rine production up as my build doesn't require a second factory for quite some time.

It's interesting to note that he has seen my marines, but his probe hasn't seen me start a factory yet, so he has to accept the possibility of a marine-based rush,Lucky break :p but my SCV is scouting the temple the long way round and isn't due to run up his ramp for a while. I continue my production, trying like hell to actually stay on top of my depots for once when my SCV reches his main. he had been cautious seeing the marines and had gotten a zealot which he placed on his ramp with a probe. I run my SCV very close before legging it away again, and YES!! No hold-position on either the probe or the zealot. This allows me to coax them away from the ramp letting my scout run up and get a good look around. A goon ends my SCV pretty fast, but I see one gateway and a robo-fac warping in... I'm pretty sure that he is rushing observers cos that's what he always says I should do in PvT against him, but if he suspects infantry then there will be reavers soon too. My add-on on my factory finishes and I begin a tank ASAP to scare his goons away. I won't need seige just yet, but a tank at least looks mean =].

I had 6 marines on my ramp, but I quickly thought about this,BAM! and I didn't want him to see them all so fast, and then just retreat any attack for no losses, so I moved 4 of them back to nearer the barracks, and just in time too, as a probe wondered up my ramp and got scared off by the two remaining marines. They followed it off, ready to waste the stupid robot, when a goon and a zealot followed in quick succession. I ran the two marines back to my ramp where they met up with now 6 more marines from by the barracks. This must have come as a bit of a shock to InkMeister as he got 1 shot off per unit before fleeing back to the centre of the map somewhere. With 9 marines and a tank now, I started an academy for medics and stim, while making a vulture to patrol the 9:00 bases (they're pretty damned good at killing expanding probes). I have a lot of gas already, and I start up an e-bay for reaver defence/detection and marine ups. My personal strategy in deep6 is to get 3:3 marines as soon as is humanly possible cos stimmed 3:3 marines will beat speedy zealots with no losses if you have good medic coverage. My plan was to get an many of these guys as possible and then run InkMeister down into the ground with tanks for backup.

As soon as the e-bay and academy finished I invested in 3 turrets around my CC and one on my ramp. I only have 2 tanks and seige is just finishing, if he reaver-rushed then my marines The depots are packed in there because it's out of the way and it may help break-up a dropwould be useless so I count on the 75 mineral turrets as a good investment to keep those precious tanks alive. I scanned his tech as soon as the add-on finished, and found only an observatory and a second gateway.... oh well, he's got nothing that can match my marines yet, but I wasted a few minerals on turrets. I now have +1 attack for my marines researching, stim just finishing, a few medics and a few tanks. I'm adding a second barracks too (my unit of choice is marines more now than ever, so extra tanks will just have to wait). If i had been at any other position I would have gotten a starport next to harrass him with M&M drops on his peon-lines, but at 3:00 the choke is so damn thin that a protoss doesn't stand a chance in a straight-up assault so I build a command-centre on my plateau ready to expand asap. My scouting vulture still assures me that he hasn't taken any expansions at 9:00 yet, but I send a marine to 12:00 just to be sure, before finally beginning my starport.

Not really cost-effective so far....A quick scan reveals that he has taken his natural, and a suicided marine tells tails of super-fast zealots over the radio before his connection was terminated. This won't do at all, InkMeister can't have the map for himself while i'm doing deep6, the entire point as far as I can tell is to hold map control. I order up a dropship and a science facility while transferring a bunch of SCVs to my natural. I want to dump 2 tanks on his cliff before he gets ...and still =[too much use out of that nexus at his natural. A quick scan shows a shuttle and some troops, he must have seen me coming with an observer or something cos he had the troops there. I got a few probes and escaped with both tanks in tact. I tried to drop on his plateau to get some probes on his mineral-only but without seige I coudn't reach them, and with it I was gonna get rocked by his speedlots, so I picked up and sent to the top island to scout. I manage to get an SCV all the way into his main, but no new tech showed itself, just a large number of goons on gaurd. He had about 5 gates and I was working out of 2 factories and 2 barracks, so I quickly threw down two more barracks to match his production. I now have 2 e-bays just starting 2:2 research, and a vessel pops out to meet my army at my choke.

This is what i've been waiting for, passive mobile detection, so I start to group my units for easier stimming/seiging. About 16 1:1 marines, a few SCVs and medics, and 5 tanks walk out of my Shhhh..!! Be very, very quiet, and maybe he won't spot us...front door. My first goal is to set up a position with turrets and perhasps bunkers around his mineral-only. If I can contain him with that force then it's almost 'gg' there and then, as unlike mines, marines are mobile and I can just keep pushing with no fear of speedy zealots ruining my push. I kinda new that he had units spread across the centre of the map, so I tried (foolishly) to move that entire army down the side of the temple wall there, hoping that he wouldn't see, I never scanned for observers or anything though so no suprises if he was watching me. I got about halfway down it when his troops hit. My army was horribly divided by the temple wall, but I still hoped that it would offer some refuge for my tanks to shoot over as my marines took the fire. He ran in with speedlots and a LOT of ranged goons, and it turned out that my tanks and marines were on the wrong sides of the wall to where i wanted them to be.

ASDFASDFASDFAI stimmed and prayed but I kinda knew from the start that the attack was a debacle so I sent my vessels back to my natural where I pressed the MACRO keys and tried to recover some of my troop count. There was no recovering the poor sods outside my base as protoss units are that much faster than terran ground. The replay is kinda embarrasing really, I got ~5 goon and ~2 zealots, the least cost-effective attack ever. At this point if I was the toss player I'd even out the resource loss by expanding 2-3 times staight away, and I knew InkMeister wouldn't waste time emulating my resource-whoring strategy either. With the small excess of resources I didn't spend during that attack, I made a command centre ready to fly up to the easily-defendable 12:00 natural when I could, and I added a 5th barracks and then a covert-ops to my science facility with ghosts in mind as a future tech just in case he tried to get funny with something that I could lockdown (reavers, carriers, etc). I dropped a tank and an SCV on the 12:0 natural ledge as a kind of scare-your-opponent-away defence for my expansion as I floated the command centre up there.

Goddamn hax!It didn't take long for five goons to ruin my fun, InkMeister had observers covering most of the map by this point, so I lifted the CC and floated it over the natural cliff. damnit Ink, leave me alone =/His goons took 1 look at my tank/turret combo up there and scarpered back to their hiding place in the fog of war. I was now ready to get my plan going, as i had 5 raxxes, 2 factories and 1-port vessels/dropships, but most importantly, my 2:2 upgrades just kicked in. I scanned the centre of the map and, finding it empty, I just patrolled a but-load of troops to take the temple in the centre. When they got there, I realised that I had less than I thought, but observers started to die as my vessels lit them up and I took the centre, setting up the perfect position to be horribly flanked from. However, as I have said before, marines are better than mines as they can move to intercept flanks, and I kinda wanted to show off my new upgrades if he tried to get funny with me. I seiged 5 tanks just north of the centre and D-matrixed the most southern one for good measure. A quick chack on a goon of his revealed no upgrades at all on his ground troops... PERFECT! He took the time to drop 2 ranged goons on my natural cliff to get at my SCVs, remember that with this build i have no spare buildings to float up there, but a single tank hastily seiged in my mineral line encouraged him to beat it or lose the goons to it's superior range.

Thx GwEvidently; killing his observers had blinded him as to my troop position, and he lost a few goons just trying to move them across the top of the temple.asdf... He quickly turned this into an attack and sent a load of ranged goons with light zealot support, so I D-matrixed a lead marine, stimmed up and let my infantry do their bit. A psionic storm quickly rung out, but not where it might be expected, he didn't target the vulnerable marines, but 2 tanks (one was D-matrixed too). What could have changed the battle in InkMeister's favour was not to be, and the superior firepower of 2:2 marines began to take it's toll on his dragoons. He did get off a good storm on a marine pack, but the zealots had died first and I was left with 5 tanks, 5 marines and a science vessel in the centre of the map when his battered goons and some badly microed temps pulled back from the fray. I stimmed my marines and chased his temps, getting 2 of them before he got to the relative safety of his 6:00 mineral-only expansion. For once my maco had been good enough, and I was able to re-enforce my map control with a lot of marines and a few tanks. I also got my 12:00 natural expansion up and running with the idle SCVs in my now dried-out main. My success in holding the map had come as such a suprise that I didn't even bother to keep my new units on standby in the centre. The re-enforcements were sent on attack-move to 9:00 where I had scanned a nexus in the natural.


He wasn't happy with this new development at all, so he sent a crack squad of 1:0:1 random protos ground to 9:00 via the middle of the map.Good job these 'ere tanks ain't barrel-loaders innit! My original army was still there though, and with about 10 marines and 6 tanks I was able to hold off a suprising number of protoss troops. with the loss of only 4 tanks and the marines. I quickly re-enforced them and checked on my troops at 9:00. they had just finished razing naked expansions at both the natural and mineral-only there (bonus!), so I scanned the main and pullled back to the centre of the map confident that he has no more than 2 mining bases now as his main would be dry. I sent an SCV from my base at 12:00 to make a CC in the main there, and I began to push down towards his mineral-only with my army. A scouting marine told me of a fair army in his natural.... and that's when things started to go a little sour: I didn't see the pylon above my 12:00 natural (on the main's plateau), and he dropped in 5 shuttle's worth of random toss ground on the natural itself. My tank on the ledge gave a good account of itself, and not seeing any temps there I sent in only 12 of my rines with medic support to get rid of this nuiscance. My SCVs madly tried to repir the lifted CC as it was in the red, and they managed to keep it alive until my marines showed up and he got back into his shuttles and ran for the relative safety of the main.

He dropped his troops on my just-finished CC there and my marines ran up the ramp to engage the pylon, That's gotta hurt =/which was powering 2 cannons. Those defences died pretty fast and I quickly ran over to try to save my floating CC, but to no avail, he had killed it pretty qwuickly and I engaged his zeal/goon pimp squad with around 11 marines with medic support. They did admirably well too, his goon dancing was to no avail as I finally realised that my medics had stayed behind a little. I caught them up to the marines just in time to finish off the last 2 dragoons, and I sent my party to the centre again, sending 1 marine to the 9:00 main from that troop (that is important btw). Inkmeister decided that there was no time but the present, and made a push for the centre of the map from his mineral-only. I had been steadily advancing the push as everything else went on, and he finally made his breakout when my lead tank started hitting on his mineral-only structures. He came out storming and got a few badly grouped marines, but i stimmed what was left and sent a new bunch from my natural to supplement those dying for the cause in the centre. His attack fell short as my infantry was mostly well spaced amoung the tanks so his storms didn't do a great deal. 3:3 for my marines had just kicked in too and they lay waste to his zealots with such ease that is was almost scary.

AHHHH!!! That's the stuff..!!Now remember that marine going from 12:00 to the 9:00 main? well he got wasted there finding a nexus hidden amoung the fog of war, but of more note was the FOUR GATEWAYS AT THE 12:00 MINERAL-ONLY ASDFASDFSDA!!! OMG i never scout adquately..... EVER! I wasn't afraid of that though, so I kinda bluffed him by putting a replacement 2 tanks in range of his nexus, and firing on it as the head of my push, and then I send another pimp squad of 12 marines with medics to kill this settlement at 12:00.Bring it on! 3-4 zealots died without killing a single marine, and I shift-attacked the pylons supporting the gateways before I started on the peons. With no power there was no way he could re-enforce from those gateways, and his shuttles wouldn't arrive in time to save the nexus. He left the expansion for dead and my marines chewed it up in record time. He took this moment to push out from his main (hoping to save the mineral-only nexus i suppose) with a zeal/temp force. He stormed my marines and engaged the tanks, but I had ~8 tanks staggered way back up the temple, and 1 marine that had just enough medic help to hold the other zealots away from the tanks where freindly splash wouldn't be my undoing. He stormed a few tanks but his zealot supply kinda petered out a little, and he had to retreat from the raw power of the tanks.

That spell looks so cool =]I got my macro back up again (I'm so lazy in that department when I play Terran), and sent my victorious troops from the 12:00 mineral-only to the top of the 9:00 ramp along with a science vessel for support. I had just researched EMP and i scanned the islands to check for further expansions. AHA! One on the top island, a nexus still warping in. I looked around for dropships and found one with my troops and another with 2 tanks in it floating just off the 6:00 natural cliff... DOH! I had sent it there to do a drop and then forgot about it pretty soon aftrwards. Not wanting him to get any use out of his 9:00 base I sent my marines in on a stimmed attack-move. There were a bunch of gateways and a few goons there that I EMP-ed pretty sharpish. I lost only about half the marines in that attack, they're just so strong at 3:3 vs lower upgraded goons that they do huge amounts of damage but take very little.Somehow my tank push holds Ink took this time to break from his natural again, this time with a flank that he must have used shuttles to set up. His storming wasn't great but he killed the remaining tanks. Fortunately; infantry from my main and some really quite deftly use of EMP turned the tide of the battle in my favour and I got a few more tanks to firm up the lines.

After this failed break-out I quickly countered, stimming all my marines and sending them headlong into his natural. NEXT TIME AT LEAST SCAN IT FIRST YOU MORON!!!!!! I ran headlong in, and after disposing of two warping cannons at the entrance, my marines bunched up while shooting at the nexus there. InkMeister just happened to have 2 damn high templar on his cliff, and raped my marines without mercy (but with a lot of blood mind). As you can imagine I quickly pulled back out again after the carnage, but only as far as my tanks, where a large goon/temp army tried to chase me out but we clashed again at the entrance to his expansion.Looks like rain... He wisely retreated pretty sharpish as his temps were low on energy, and my science vessel proved it's immeasurable worth by totally missing all his retreating troops with an EMP... oh well, live and learn I guess. Anyway, I knew I had him where I wanted him, and my attack had cost hime at least 12 probes from the 2 mineral patches left there, and my foremost tank was drumming down on his nexus from it's far-off vantage point. I got my troops back from 9:00 and sent them to rejoin the push that was nearly done with the expansion nexus, and a scouting medic showed me a lot of goons/temp on his ramp. What I didn't see were the 4 shuttles that he had there. I sent 2 dropships with 2 tanks and 8 marines off towards the top island, I was dropping them and leaving them to their own devices as a scan had shown no defences of any kind.

Then my ~8 marines from 9:00 ran into ~10 goons just to the left of his mineral-only. He targetted the medics first before tearing the unaccompanied marines to shreds with a good display of micro.Final showdown... Why does it ALWAYS look like I was losing these battles? I had just started a command centre at the 12:00 main and had transferred all my SCVs to the 12:00 natural from my now dry natural at 3:00. When I finally saw the goons a his mineral-only, I assumed that he was going to go for my mining base, so I sent all my infantry that were supporting the push and a load more from my construction rally-points (try doing that with mines^^). He didn't go for my expansion though, he had planned those goons as a flank on my push, and he raped the 4 tanks there pretty damned fast. I quickly rallied all my remaining infantry to just below the wall at my mineral-only. His zeal/goon/temp army his my well-spaced infantry head-on, i guess he didn't expect them there as he was pretty well spread out. I stimmed my marines and microed about 6 of them to pick off his 2 templar. The rest was academic considering the difference in upgrades.GG InkMeister =] He put up a brave fight but lost in the end only landing one good storm due to my micro. He retreated out of the attack, and a few goons arrived at my expansion, but then we both noticed something at the same time: his island base now consisted of two tanks, 8 marines and two dropships.... With no further income and his troops being outgunned by mine in the centre of the map, InkMeister was forced to call it quits with a "GG".

This was a great game for me, as I started out with a specific build and plan for my builds and my gameplay, and I followed them well. I prefer infantry over mines as they can get up and kill expansions as you find them, and they can dodge storm and don't get owned by goon/obs. But I prefer them most because I hate stupid goliath AI and upgraded marines are the perfect counter for carreirs as can be seen in any of these replays: Deep6vCarriers1 or Deep6vCarriers2 or Deep6vCarriers3.

I've played around with that build as a strandard anti-random build, and have only lost with deep6 twice since I started using it when I random to Terran (I hate to pick my race, i'm too indecisive)

Well, that about sums it up, here are the final scores:

Hope you enjoyed it, feel free to comment (link below somewhere). Thanks to InkMeister for yet ANOTHER great game to add to the pile =] hf.


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