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Goon/Reaver in PvZ
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Date: 01/08/02 01:01
Game Type: Starcraft
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Hi, I just wanted to do a report about something different for a change, so this is a pretty short first-person report about my luck trying the goon/reaver strategy in PvZ. I don't use it myself, i prefer zeal/temp instead, but i wanted to give it a go for a change and after the game i thought that it'd be a fun one to report on, as i haven't done one in quite some time. I played against a real good freind of mine: InkMeister. He's an all terran player but is game for playing other races from time to time. I've had several games against him up to around an hour long on temple back when my PvT was very strong and aggressive (Now it sucks totally, shame really). Anyway we kicked off playing on "Ink's temple" which is his own version of temple with all modifications from the original imbalanced towards terrans (as you'd expect from an all-terran player).

Anyway, the game kicked off, and I warped in my nexus at 9:00 and quickly set about what has become a standard PvT build-order for me, getting a core up before making any zealots at all. Damned free scouting haxAs you can imagine, it was annoying to see an overlord coming over my base from 6:00 (although i didn't have to run around the map to find him), basically gifting him a free look at my base as i started out on my build. It didn't take him long to see the assimilator going up after my gate, so he knew he was free to take his natural with little to no danger of losing the hatchery to a zealot rush, and my scouting probe saw that this is exactly what he did. I made my core earlier so that i could get a dragoon out before my second pylon warped in, a small sacrifice in economy, but barely noticable in the long run i guess.

After a little war with his drones, i had to run my probe away to keep it alive and useful as a scout, which saw that he had gotten gas in his main instead of a third hatchery. As soon as his overlord got away from my base i started dragoon range and a second gate, i wasn't going to get run over by zerglings as my probe showed him making constant drones and only a couple of lings, even after his new hatchery was done. With a dragoon watching my ramp, i threw down my robotics facility to get my reaver tech underway ASAP. Not so free this time, bisatch!I then sent my probe into his main for the last time to find another hatchery there and a lair morphing. he was also still making almost solely drones, so i thought about a goon rush, but dismissed it because my reaver tech had already begun. As soon as my robofac was done (placed pretty stupidly at the bottom of my base, close to his) i started a shuttle, and was suprised to see an overlord creeping over my base, i left a goon at the ramp and got my other two to kill it, but i failed to stop it getting a good look at the tech so far. I started my support bay shortly after the overlord was releived of its life by my goons.

Well, i guess Inkmeister has been playing long enough to expect this at least =[Two more goons popped out so i had three on my ramp, and i put the other two in my new shuttle, and shipped them over to his cliff to make his expansion worthless. I started a reaver at home and unloaded the goons onto his cliff to the greeting of TWO GODDAMNED SUNKENS RIGHT IN THE DAMN WAY! I couldn't get any drones without getting hit, and rather than battle the sunkens i just wondered over to his main to scout it out on the way home. There i saw a finished spire and ~five eggs morphing.... oh well, battling the sunkens would have been a waste of time anyway. I sent my shuttle home and exchanged one of the goons for my new reaver, which i raced back to his main, hoping to beat the mutas and get a bunch drones. By now i had 8 ranged dragoons on my ramp, and i started my proper drop.

His mutas were already flying, so i ran to the mineral line ignoring their efforts to down the shuttle, and i dropped the cargo, goon-first. Scarab AI totally screwed me here, i don't know how many drones i got but i think 6 is optomistic. Totel haxI lost the entre cargo too, as he targetted the shuttle on it's way home before going for the goon in his main. I lost more than him there and was pretty gutted, but still. I had a forge with +1 going, and i had brought my goons back to my mineral line to fend off muta-harrassment. Just as i started a cannon there, seven mutas came in and destroyed the warping structure before going to work on my peons. This didn't last long though as my goons scared them away with him losing two birds. Suddenly, the remaining few mutas came in with a control group of zerglings. I could have dealt with this with goons alone, but i used my reaver to get the lings so he lost everying for about 1 goon down. This i like, i'm finally getting some payback for my tech. I'm probably outdoing him on troops now, so i send about 6 goons and 2 reavers in a shuttle to the centre of the map in preperation for a push inwards (leaving 2 goons and a cannon at home). My goons in the middle chased a drone that was going to the 3:00 main and killed it while they were there.

Shoo! Shoo! annoying birds..

I had 3 goons and 2 reavers in the middle while my drone-hunters were away, and he chose this moment to attack them close one ^^with muta/ling/scourge, ling-heavy i noticed. This wasn't such a good plan, as i had 2 reavers, so i fended him off while waiting for my other goons to come back, while starting shuttle speed research too. I decided to wait for shuttle speed to kick in before i pushed his natural, and i sent a probe to the 12:00 main to expand. Laying the smackdown!I also put 1 reaver in each shuttle as he had already shown me some scourge, so i didn't want to lose 600/200 worth of reaver tech to a pair of scourge. +1 attack kicked in for my goons, and i attack-moved in, killing an overlord on the way and i began beatign down on his hatchery. At this point about 6 mutas and a lot of zerglings came in, all from the front (no flank). The reavers did themselves proud here and i only lost about two dragoons to his assault, while i sent a shuttle home to pick up another new reaver. A second wave got a few more goons, but both my reavers were happy with 22 kills each, so i continued onwards, laying waste to the hatchery and the sunkens there (although i lost a few goons to the sunkens due to my bad control). Just as i'm finishing off the extractor, 6 scourge make short work of my shuttles.... Damn that was clumsy of me, but the reavers were all safe on the floor though, albeit stranded.

My minerals in my main were dangerously low at this point, so I checked my probe at 12, to find the little idiot had gone up that damned gully to the side.. I'm an idiot =[ASDFASDFDAS, anyway, i send it to the main to get my expansion going, even though i figured that could probably win with what i had there. At this point, the i saw two hatcheries and a third morphing at 12:00... oh how i hate my non-scouting self. I quickly started a nexus at my natual instead, and moved my grounded troops towards his ramp. At this point he sent two mutalisks to my main to harrass my workers, but my cannon placement was good, and he ran them away to start hitting on my new nexus. I had begun a new shuttle at home and i had a reaver there to stop ling-based drops. At this point i thought that there were way more than 2 mutas at my natural (there were only four...), so i ran ALL of my goons home, Lucky that shuttle popped out just then or i'd have lost all 3 reavers =/leaving my three stranded un-escorted reavers on attack-move up his ramp... that was REALLY stupid, i still can't work out why i did it, but hey. Anyway, i scared off his mutas, and then remembered the reavers. He was sure to have seen them by now, so i quickly sent my new speedy shuttle down there just as he attacked them with a suprisingly large number of mutas and lings (i guess he suspected a few goons at least). My shuttle arrived JUST in time to pick up two of the reavers and run them away, the third got a few lings before dying due to my clumsiness.

CHEEEAAAAARGEEE!!!!He wasted no time in going on an offensive, and sent around twelve mutas and a load of lings to my front door. I dropped a reaver there and went to get the other from my main, but once i backed onto my four cannons at the expansion, he pulled his mutas out, despite having killed the reaver there with focus fire (his lings were just getting decimated by my scarabs). Taking his example, i wasted no time at all in sending two reavers in a shuttle to 12:00 where there scarab AI targetted the new zerglings he had made there, so i got a few frones, but not as many as i would have liked. I timed the drop so that as soon as his mutas would arrive, i'd pick up and leave; i didn't linger at all and so i saved both reavers, which was a releif. It didn't stop there though, i got home to greet a new shuttle so i put a goon and a reaver in each and sent one up to the top island and dropped his 6:00 main with the other.

wish i'd used a full-health goon instead of this half-dead one =[This didn't go down well though as he had a lot of drones and a sunken there, and after dropping my goon, i couldn't unload the reaver due to the mass of units... typical =/. Anyway, when the reaver finally dropped (after the goon died), his mutas showed up, so i picked it up again just as the sunken took a shot at it (and missed, luckily) and ran back to my main, picking up another new reaver from my robofac on the way to my natural. I then started phase two: i dropped the 12:00 main, but he only had about 5 drones there so after getting pitifully few of them, i legged it back to my natural before even seeing his mutas this time. What i also missed seeing was a morphing structure to the side of the mineral line: his hydra den. I kinda figured that i was winning this game so far, as i had razed his natural early on and i figured that he was mining out of only 2 bases. I can't be doing THAT badlyI looked at what i had: 2 gates and reaver tech (I got scarab damage around then too), limited minerals and a shed load of gas, so i decided that i'd switch tech so i started a third gate and a citadel of adun to get onto zeal/temp/archon with my gas reserves. From just within pylon range, i saw several scourge patrolling the 6:00 main, so i gave up with drops and decided to go with the standard approach through the middle. I sent a probe to 6:00 to see if he had re-taken his natural, and one to 3:00 to expand. The probe that went to 3:00 passed his muta/ling army in the centre, so i moved out to engage it with my ~12 goons and 2 reavers (still in seperate shuttles, can you sense pessimistic paranoia?)

great! More stuff to kill....He sorta ran away from that fight cos my goons were only just outnumbered by his mutas, and he probably thought i had 4 reavers instead of just two. By this point my probe in the 3:00 main showed me ANOTHER expansion of his, so i hot-tailed it over there with my full force to shut it down. He had also re-taken his 6:00 natural but i didn't notice this scouting info for the moment. Something else i didn't see was creep eminating from the 3:00 mineral-only as i ran past it, he'd been busy as hell while i had been dropping him =/. Anyway, i got to 3:00 main after checking the natural with my goons and my reavers (which i kinda forgot for a precarious moment in the middle of the map ^^) and i start hitting on the hatchery there with my combined units. The two sunkens there died fast... and then his troops showed up. He had a huge army of hydra/muta/ling, and without the need for any micro at all, he ran my units over as if they weren't even there.. ASDFASDF. As you can probably imagine, i was pretty shocked to see the hydra there with speed and range upgrades evidently already finished. The army in the middle had been pure muta/ling.

What the hell, since when was making hydralisks in the rule book?

So anyway, this freaked me out; MAKE MORE GATES... STUPID!his army was massive and i had sod all at home and hadn't kept up my macro or my tech-change so i was still trying to make goons/reaver after I remembered to build a templar archives (at least my dying reavers had releived him of his zerglings). I hadn't even killed the hatchery at 3:00 which was a shame. I queued up my gateways at home while getting zealot speed, i still only had three gates and i was too paniced to have the presence of mind to make any more. With 2 more reavers but no shuttle anymore, i decided to take my mineral-only expansion instead. I also started a pylon folowed by two stargates in that hidden space below my ramp, hoping to suprise him with ~six corsairs next time he tried anything. The fact that he had switched to hydra/muta/ling kinda evaded my memory for a moment there =/. As soon as my templar archives warped in i started storm research and queued up pure zeal/temp in each gateway. With my archives in I could start on +2 attack (my goons were at 1:0:1 now).

Twelve goons, two grounded reavers and a probe went out to my mineral-only to expand. He had his forces massed just outside that, so when my ranged goons started hitting on his hydras he probably thought that i was trying a breakout. This could be bad....As a result he took no prisoners by launching all-out against them. I don't know if i would have been able to stop this even with the help of the cannons at my natural, he just patrolled in the masses and overrun my puny attempt to expand, along with the goons and reavers that were there. I had almost nothing in reserve and he had gone pure hydra/muta, so i just prayed that he wouldn't follow up because although storm had finished, my puny three gateways were queued such that the zealots were just finishing and my templar were only now starting to build... stupid really. And there you have it =/I started up another cannon and ran my zealots down the ramp, but he had the bit between his teeth now and rammed his army straight down my throat, laying waste to everything there. With my main dried up nothing that was going to stop the tide of zerg units pouring through my base, i had to call gg and ask for vision, i wasn't coming back from that in a hurry! GG InkMeister =]

And here are some scores for those that read them:

suxors =[

Well, i had a fun game and learned a load from it; like reavers are excellent vs a muta/ling user, i was doing very well for the first half of the game, i had map control and the superior units, but i didn't scout enough by any means. It turned out that he had taken the 12:00 natural shortly after taking the main, but i never looked there so i was noot to know. It also showed me the importance of having a lot of gateways, I had three all game and my resourced piled up, so when i needed more, i didn't have them so i lost quickly. Another point is tech change. although i feel goon/reaver is strong enough to win a PvZ game against a muta/ling user, i don't think i stood a hope once he switched techs. I was far too slow to follow, and i didn't scout enough to see the change coming so i paid for it badly. Also, when going goon/reaver, for the love of god make 2 robotics facilitys, i didn't so i was often waiting for that extra reaver or shuttle to build. Lastly, my drops were good, i did a lot of them, and very quickly after each other, Inkmeister said after the game that they were really troubling him which i take as a really good sign.

Well, hope u liked it, it's not my normal report style (first person for starters), but i'm not sure that i like reporting on other people unless it's an exceptional game. Until next time then, i have 1 more strategy game lined up to report =]


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