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-1:9 Book of Eldritch"

PvT, me vs Bold
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Date: 11/19/01 03:11
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 7.7, # of Ratings: 3, Max: 8, Min: 7
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Itís been a while since my last report. A long while. Iíve been in military schools, living in Virginia, Maryland, Kansas, Florida, and now Alabama for the Explosive Ordnance Disposal School (Thoí Iím going back to Florida in February thank god), and I havenít had a good internet connection for a while. So not to put too fine a point on it, my starcraft skill had sunk to new lows until about three weeks ago when I got a stable internet connection and started to play the game we all know and love so much again. Iíve never been all that good, but my best match up has always been protoss vs terran, and this is the match Iím going to report for you. BTW, no pics. Sorry.

Let's get BOLD!

My opponent is the ever fearsome Bold. Those of you who frequent clan ~nohunters know heís a damn good player, and heís even bothered to play ladder a little bit this season, getting around 1250 without too much effort. Observing the match is USTaliwacker, who didnít lag or talk to us, making him the perfect observer =]. So perfect I wonít have to mention him all the rest of the report. I should add that this report is probably best viewed while simultaneously watching the replay located here. Iíll be concentrating on my part of the game for obvious reasons.

I started out as purple protoss in the 3 position. Bold was orange terran at 9. I use a standard protoss build order of :

8 Pylon (scout with probe)
10 Gate
12 Gas (risky vs random, but you have a 2 of 3 chance of being good)

Bold does things a little different. First he makes a depot between the gas and his CC, this forces the gas mining SCVs to take a straighter path than their AI normally would and will give him max gas with only 3 SCVs on gas rather than the 4 normally required. This delays his wall in, but instead of walling in with a depot/rax combo, he chooses to wall in later with a rax/factory. This puts his troop making facilities closer to the enemyÖalways a good thing if you donít get them killed. He also scouts at 10, which is interesting considering he randomned, but he may have thought to take advantage of me if I went with a safer (later gas) build. I see his rax set up when my scouting probe gets there and I choose to make a zealot, hoping to make him pay for his lack of an early wall in. I get a core right after. Bold starts his factory wall in just as my zealot saunters down my rampÖ obviously at even the closest starts the factory wall in should be valid.

I see Boldís wall in and a marine behind it with the zealot, and realize itís futile to attack. I slap down a second gate, which is unusual for my PvT game. Normally I like to make either an archives or rob fac using the hidden tech move from my scouting probe, or do a gate/core expand method. Iíve played Bold a few times PvT, getting my ass kicked at least half the time, and he knows my predilection for hidden tech, so I decided to try a different strat. Iíd two gate with goons and then do a relatively early expand. This should be safe against pretty much anything, except a vulture rush with godly control. My first goon arrived at the wall in and I used the goon to chase away the marine, then pounded on the rax with both the zealot and the goon. Bold simply moves up two SCVs, then repairs one while I attack it with the goon, and uses the other to repair the rax. It holds with no problem Ďtill his first tank pops out and chases me down the ramp with his superior range. My next two goons arrive at the base of the ramp and settle into containment mode, while I cancel a goon at one of my gates and expand to the 12 spot.

Is this the mid-game yet or what?

Bold starts off the next phase of the battle with a very late scout with a SCV, revealing I still have no tech beyond goons in my base. What I do have is three gates and goon range, along with containment Bold hasnít bothered to break at his ramp. I know there are certain strats in good repute now, and I expect Bold to do one of them. He hasnít 1 fac expanded cuz I havenít seen a CC floating over my goons, he hasnít mad vulture rushed Ďcuz no vults ran by my containment, he hasnít 3 fac tank and vulure pushed Ďcuz nothing is coming down his rampÖI have two possibilities. A 2 tank drop is the most probable, but there is a one in a thousand chance he is 2 starport cloaked wraith rushing. Hey, donít laugh, Iíve seen it before and it works if the other doesnít expect it. And who the hell expects that? Ahem. Back to my story. I put my two goons at my base in the top corner near the probe line, considering thats the favorite place to drop well away from the gates. Bold goes to drop my natural, HAHA no expansion there sucker! He then goes to drop my probes at the exact place I station my goons, HAHA no easy drop for you sucker! Then he proceeds to tank my gas from the ledge above the 12 natural, Doh =[. I have no tech to stop this, and it would lose me more than the 100 minerals of assimilator is worth to attack from the low ground with goons, especially considering I can mine gas from the 12 exp.

With the assimilator gone, I realize Bold will undoubtably bring his tanks back by dropshipÖright over my expansion. I send three goons hanging around my gate to prevent a probe slaughter and strategically position my one goon already there to intercept the dropship and make him drop early so I donít have to watch my goons run around all my buildings to get to his tanks. One more goon pops out of the 12 gate while the other three run up, but the lone goon on guard to the right dies after the dropship drops both tanks on him. The tanks run for cover behind the minerals, but my 4 goons dispatch them with only a few probe casualties. The valiant dropship, after having made it so far across the map and evading so much of my firepower, dies in flames over Boldís natural to my goon containment =]. I of course, move my goons back, anticipating Bold will siege tanks on his ledge to remove them and they will die cost ineffectively.

Iím up to four gates and make a quick expansion at the 6 spot as Bold rolls tanks down his ramp and prepares to expand to his natural. A quick CC float downwards and heís in business. I have about a 25% advantage in supply at this point, but attacking into his natural would make the odds decidedly in his favor with the cliff tanks and his gosu building positioning. Bold also does another good terran move, floating his unused Rax from his ramp to above his natural, and parking two tanks right there next to the gas. This prevents all but the most determined psi raider from dropping a storm, he canít click on the necessary spot on the ground to get his templar into place to storm even if he sacrifices a goon to take the damage that would otherwise kill the templar before it even got a chance. I scout this gosu setup by sacrificing a zealot.

Is building placement better than macro?

Bold takes the offensive and loads up two dropships to attack the 12 spot. I anticipated this move a long time ago and have two goons in the sweet spot in the gully to the left to prevent just such a move, but thatís just enough for a two tank drop. Bold swings around to the 12 mineral natural after spotting the goons, then drops his payload and starts mining the approach. I send in six goons from the main to flank this maneuver and have another three attack from the main itself down the cliff. Bold loses one tank but kills the two goons on guard. I lose another three goons coming in to mines, but the three goons on top and three more in the gully are more than enough to finish the two tanks and the vultures.

Next Bold tries a little vulture raid on the 6 main. My goons from the initial containment hammer them a little as they dart past his mineral natural, but six vultures still make it. Two goons pop out of the gates down at the 6, and the vultures run straight past themÖinto a cannon. That little episode is quickly brought under control with no problem. Iím up to nine gates with obs and full templar tech, and Iíve just expanded to the 3 natural and mineral natural. Bold expands to his mineral natural and floats a CC to the top island, but he has only 4 factories to macro from. My supply count is 50% bigger than his. Gotta love the multiplier effect of those early expansions, right?

I spot Boldís island CC with an obs I have over his natural and send two goons to contest it. Unfortunately, I didnít realize how much Bold wanted it. He dropped 7 SCVs on the area surrounding the island and started making turrets, then dropped two tanks and two vultures to defend it. I killed a tank and a vulture, but I knew from the turret farm he was building that Bold was going to keep that sucker for a while. Fortunately, I had the old two stargate carrier trick up my sleeve, so I wasnít worried too much: yet. I figure he can have that expansion, Iíll just make sure he doesnít get his mineral natural. I pour two control groups of ground troops in, maybe half goons and the other half dt/zeal. I take maybe six tanks down but I accomplish my goal, I slaughter a decent amount of SCVs and back off Boldís defenses a bit, forcing him to heavily defend it if he wants it.

Bold isnít about to take that sort of treatment laying down. He loads up six tanks and takes a short ferry across from his main to the 6 spot. I only get off one storm before my two defending templar are vaporized. Bold starts hammering on the half of the probe line he can reach and two gates. I take seven zeals from my gathering place in the middle and attack move them to the spot his tanks are at. I then attack move two and a half control groups of random ground into his mineral natural again to deny him its use and distract him. When you watch the replay, check out his godly building and tank placementÖwhat a kill zone. This time I kill about 8 tanks for my troubleÖbut I kill the CC and a few depots. Tanks uphill are a lot better than goons downhill =[. And a layered tank defense eats melee units alive. Still, the 6 main was saved with the loss of only a few gates and probes. If you watch the replay you see my supply jump by about twenty points at a time. Ah, the beauty of ten hotkeyed gates rally pointed to the middle of temple *wipes a tear from my eye*.

But who has the eye of the tiger?

Next is carrier time. I have three of these suckers ready to go. Rather than attack the island and give Bold enough time to prepare his counters, I send them right into his natural. I kill the tanks waiting on his ledge and start targeting the ones deeper in his natural. Bold responds by building mass turrets, not ideal but if itís all you gotÖ I also send in two more control groups of ground. Still, the turrets finish and target the carriers as Iím only interested in killing tanks right now. I lose all three and now Boldís genius shows. All my melee troops canít get to the tanks at the bottom of his ramp due to the turrets, and my goons are just out of range of his tanks - their range not the tanks. You really have to check out the sequence in the replay to appreciate how five tanks and the same number of vultures with a few random gollies and wraiths kills two control groups of toss ground with the loss of two tanks and a few wraiths. I have to micro a decent amount to even get that much.

Still, my macro has been going strong. Bold sends his wraiths to kill a new carrier and my next eight goons are ready to support it. Faced with the reality that I have the map and carrier tech, and losing his mineral natural for the third time proved too much for Bold, and he resigned with a ďGGĒ. Final score:128k to 109k.

My thanks to Bold for playing a fun game. Heís a top notch opponent that has kicked my ass many a time, I just didnít make many mistakes this time =]. Comments and questions always welcome, and keep in mind, you really need to watch the replay as you read the report to fully appreciate both.

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