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Rivalry between the celebs!
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Date: 11/06/01 10:11
Game Type: Starcraft
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A ZerG~LinG Report

Hey everyone and welcome to this, my fifth report. Once again, i was unable to find any non-LT games that were actually interesting on my own so again its a replay.
In these days of looking for a worthy match, I quickly discovered that several of the Neo maps are actually quite good. Blaze, Valhalla and maps like new no way out and black vane is just as good(maybe even better) than LT. The bad thing about these maps is that they all favor terran(in my opinion). Legdes all over the place and small, ideal tank drop spots are pure candy for a terran user, also the ability to float your building(to expand for example) is a huge advantage. So, i decided to find a replay that was on a non terran map. "What is the best way to get rid of a rival? Kill him." Yes, rivalry, one of the good 'ole maps still in running. But anyways, lets get on with the report shall we? Good good hell yeah.

The map, The players, The matchup.

The Map:Ahhh, the old rivalry, a bloody battleground indeed. Four starting positions, one in each corner, situated on high ground, similar to LT. A natural for each starting position, with vespene. Expansions at 12, 3, 6 and 9 also. Vespene patches in the middle. A map with lots of gas, meaning tech like there's no tomorrow. Througout the map is small bridges, controlling these is as important as your ledge in LT, both players have excellent bridge control. The map is also very rich on corridors, there's no huge open spaces, but a good map for flanking.

The PlayersThe replay was downloaded from, a danish starcraft site. The stars were as follows:
TheMarineSuper gosu terran user, recent winner of kbk, somtimes mistaken as being [NC]..Marine. Top korean players, gosu gosu and more gosu.
H.O.T ForeverLesser known player, but as you will see this korean is no newbie.(well duh!)

The MatchupTheMarine chose the flaming red terran, getting the top left position, while HOT recieved a strange blood spitting piece of garbage(hatchery)colored purple, at the bottom right.

Let's get this thing on the road!

TheMarine did a standard build vs. zerg, 8 depot followed up by a barrack on 11 adding another rack on 14 and gas on 28, also the predictable academy was started at 30 supply. He continued to pump marines and scv's until he got a academy and trained a bat and some meds.
HOT 11 hatched at his choke and made a pool with his next drone. He was the first to scout and found TheMarine about 10 seconds before the scv arived in HOT's base. An early expansion was started at his natural when the 13th drone popped out. around 17 he started his vespene, and not so long after the hydra den.

Blood plz!

HOT chose to make hydra speed his first priority, instead of the lair/lurker tech, and continued to pump hydras and drone. He also quickly made a expo at the 3 O'clock spot. By now, TheMarines force consisted of 10 rines, 2 bats and 4 meds, a deadly force with proper unit control. Had i been leading the attack, i might have killed a drone or two, but TheMarine is somwhat more skilled than me :( As he leaves his newly made exp, his stim tech completes and he runs towards the 6 O'clock naked expansion.
HOT spots the running force, and uses his hydra nicely at the brigde, making sure that 8 of their own race can fire while the confused terran force runs around behind the two only marines able to fire, TheMarine wisely retreats, the clever use of the brigde saved HOT. While the battle raged, he used spare gas to make a lair, and the inevitable lurker tech.
But TheMarine isn't such a pushover, and sends his old force along with some new recruits directly into HOT's natural. The bulk of his force was, at this point, still at 3. The expansion i leveled, as the rines open ground advantage kicks in, HOT makes a new hatch at the 6 O'clock expo, first, its seems like a bad decision, because TheMarine chases the drones from the natural to the east, directly into the new expansion hatch, but for some reason, TheMarine neglects the still morphing hatch and chases the last few drones over a brigde, as he tries to go back over the bridge, newly spawned hydra awaits him in the same position as the last bridge confrontation. TheMarines retreats again.

Update time! TheMarine tried two attacks already, nine minutes into the game, so far it has been without great result, by now, HOT has his natural back up and running, and is soon minign from 4 bases, while TheMarine still only has his natural. On a side note, i was VERY impressed by TheMarine's macro, its amazing that he, even during combat, NEVER makes a queue in his barracks, his mineral count reraly hits the 400 mark, even during intense figthing. Impressive stuff. The upgrades are pretty even by now, 2-1 range/armor for both HOT and TheMarine. HOT just finished his first lurks, while TheMarine just added two factories with siege on the way. And of course the vessel tech is not far away.

The art of massing like a whore

A uneasy peace came to the bloody fields, TheMarine expanded to 9 O'clock, fortifying it with bunkers and turrets, while massing tanks and getting his first vessel, HOT proceed to put lurkers at random brigde's all over the map, putting them on hold position(this is done by grabbing a overlords together with the lurks, thus enabling the "hold" button to appear) while expanding at the bottom left main. He also began researching drop tech. And expanding to the top right main. Lets take a moment to summarize his expansions, his natural, 6 and 3, top right and bottom left. Phew.

Peace is nice, yet boring-Bush(or maybe it was a bush in forest:P)

TheMarine had been using his 3 scanners effectively(sorry, no room for nuke^_^) and it didn't take him long to realize that HOT pretty much owned the map by now. But, TheMarine had a sizeable force consiting of 40 misc infantry, and 6 tanks, accompanied by 2 vessels. Not something to joke about, this force could blast it's way through almost all midgame defences.
He uses his enormous force to blast through the puny defences at top right and moves right along to the defenceless 3 expo. But wait! Whats that? Is it superman? Is it Grrrr... coming to HOT's rescue?(stop it!) NO! indeed it's HOT's forces, not waisting any time, they blast through the heavydefended 9 expansion using a huge drop from the west side(Yo eAsT CoAsT GanGSTAr YeaH~~) and a frontal assault over the bridge at the same time! Lurkers burrow, hydra spit, desperate marines sit in their bunker hammering their triggers, until the No AMMO" flashes and the bunker is thorn apart like a 10 year old kids christmas presents. (ok, enough with the anecdotes plz!!!)

The long push

A quick update before we move along, TheMarine overwhelmed HOT in the east, but HOT wisely avoided a confrontation with the terran army with his gosu assault of 9. TheMarine is lacking income now, while HOT still has bottom right, 6 and in a few seconds he also starts one at 9. TheMarine's assault in the east is slowed by lurkers, he has to slowly push forward while he irradicates the lurks and move on. HOT's main in is danger, but since there's no buildings of importance, or minerals it's not much of a loss. On with the game!
As HOT fights to slow down the eastern advance, he tries his luck with a attack on TheMarine's natural, at first it seems succesfull, but tanks ruin the fun. Meanwhile, TheMarine has vaporized the last zerg resistance in the east, using clever matrixed marines, and arclite shells to the max. Soon, HOT's main and natural is down for the count, never to rise again.

Things are looking grim for HOT now, but wait, what's this?From the 6 expo cruises 7 overlords, (aka big fluffy bags of gas) and proves, they're good for not only using Hold on your lurkers, but also drop. The overlords find a completly naked area in TheMarine's main, and drops his entire cargo there. As the troops unload, i see a strange worm-thingy laying beside the hydras, a few defilers also made the trip and HOT is clever to use them. He puts a swarm between the terran defenders at TheMarine's choke, and the raging hydras, killing his depots and misc buildings deeper in the main. But Swarm doesn't last forever, and when it's gone, the lurkers die quicker than readers can make their first comment(very fast indeed). The rest of the hydras fall to m&m fire, but only after killing 10+ depots, 2 barrakcs, 2 facts and TheMarine's entire tech. Not bad at all.

Their mains are gone, will they fight on?

Remember TheMarine's very first succesful attack? So far, the top right main, the 3 expo, HOT's main and natral has fallen by the might of tanks, m&m's and SV's. And thats not enough for these veteran soldiers, they're now pushing the 6 expo, a vital building site for HOT, with 3 hatches present. But as TheMarine spots a new enemy expansion at 3, he is quick to respond, his veteran army get another prize to their collection, and gather up with TheMarine's new fortification at Top right, where he has both the main and natural running. In the meantime, HOT annihilates the last resistance at top left. Now, before we go any further, lets enlighten our spirits with a map update.
In the top left, you see HOT killing the last resistance at TheMarine's old main, while he in turn takes out the 6 o'clock expo. A the moment, 25 minutes into the game, it's still very open, both players control a new main and natural, although HOT controls 1 more expo, they're pretty even. the next few battles will most likely decide the game.

The end is nigh!!!(and what a end)

TheMarine quickly gather a huge force and moves ou, this time through the center of the map, he spots a newly started gas only expo, and kills it(no shit huh?) with minimal trouble caused by a few lurkers. HOT sees this and is quick to respond, by killing the 12 expo. HOT tries to push further into terran ground, but is stopped by heavy bridge defence. TheMarine also controls the large force that killed the gas expansion, and he is not shy to use it, as he arrives in the bottom left natural, he is immideatly dark swarmed, and flanked from all sides, i've caught a pic of the depressing ending(cause the fight was mostly swarm)

While that fight was going on, TheMarine(as usual) kept up his gosu macro, the result at his main is clear, a massive force is waiting. He uses no time in putting it to good use, he simply strolls down the east line, killing whatever he faces, he meats little resistance at 6 o'clock, where i caught a pic of his force:

At the bottom left natural, HOT gathers his forces, ready for the terran forces, plague flies, rines stim, bloody is not the word, just see the pic.
GG to the players, a very nice game. I really liked the constant actions, fighting over bridges, the counters and the flanking :)

And so ends my latest report, my best, imo. When u comment, plz give it a rating, cause apparently, the raters are all either dead or sitting in ~NH being afk. Please, if any raters read this, rate it, and all other of the recent br's, you're the guys keeping this site alive. Bye~

The End of a ZerG~LinG report

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