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"permission to warp in sexy-bengalaas for this"

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Date: 10/31/01 05:10
Game Type: Other
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MechCommander 2


Long Live Mechs

**The following battlereport was produced from the demo of MechCommander2**

The year is 3062, and war has broken loose between the different Houses of the galaxy. The future of Carver V rest in the hands of you and your abilities as a Commander to handle and order Mechs troops to victory.

Chapter I-Into Enemy Lines:

Green spot is starting position.

Somewhere, a small band of Mechs is deployed on one of Carver V's island. From a military carrier 3 Mechs are loaded onto the southern region of the island. The pilots of the Mechs touchdown and immediately begin to take perimeter scans of the surrounding area. The island is particulary small, covered with grassy lowlands, surrounded by clear, fresh water, and bits of forest scattered around. An ideal military outpost.

Flash-Razorback"Commander," a voice says, " this is Flash. Seems our tipster was right, my sensors have confirmed inhabitants." Flash was the team leader. You remember she was the best suited for this sort of job, surveillance operations and such. She was operating her customized Razorback Mech.

Hacksaw-Bushwacker"Sir, this is Hacksaw, we are anxiously awaiting orders to commence with the operation." Hacksaw, the pilot of 1 of the 2 Bushwacker Mechs. He was always ready to go, starting trouble whenever he could. He was a good man, and a good pilot, but his cowboy sense of shot 'em first and ask questions later never quite fit with standard military protocol. Once he learned to control it he would be promoted for sure.

Longshot-Razorback Team Bravo-2You wait awhile, expecting to hear another transmission ring in, but you recieve nothing. Longshot is quiet. When you first met her you couldn't quite tell if she was just shy or scared to talk to you. She just wasn't much of a conversationalist, but she was the best damn Bushwacker Mech pilot this side of the galaxy. Not even Hacksaw messed with her...anymore that is. He learned the hard way in VR training that she was no push over.

All three of them together formed your Bravo-2 Team.

Flash's sensors pick up enemy buildings 10 degrees North of the drop zone. You order them to move out and take out any potential dangers. Hacksaw takes the lead, with Flash and Longshot to the rear. Hacksaw's visual optics pick up an enemy missile tower some distance away.

Flash: Hold up, soldier. Don't get to close to that tower or it may activate. Use you LRM (long-range missile) Rack and take that turret down from a distance.

Hacksaw: Aww, heck, Flash, I know what I'm doin'. You sound like my Mama. This tower ain't nothing I couldn' handle.

Destroyed by Longshot Hacksaw begins firing a volley of missiles at the turret, but very few of them are hitting target. Hacksaw begins to move in closer to increase his accuracy rate when suddenly the tower comes to life and begins spraying out mini-gun shoots in Hacksaw's general area. Hacksaw is taken offguard and starts to take steps back. Before any serious damage is inflicted, though, more LRM scream through the sky, destroying the turret. It seems Longshot has been practicing.

Buildings stand little chance against MechsHacksaw seems a bit taken back by his rashness and takes to following the others, instead of leading. His embarassment is soon forgotten as he eagerly begins to uses his Medium Autocannon on the surrounding buildings.

From you orbital station you send out messages to HQ, stating you've completed your first objective of investigating the now abandoned airfield. You then send word down to your team about their new objectives - destroy the enemy hangar located east of the base. With a comply from Flash you watch with satisfaction as the hangar is torn to shreds by the autocannons augmounted on the Bushwackers.

Hangar is no more.

You congradulate the team on a job well done. You get up and start to prepare yourself for the teams arrival back on station, as you reach into your cooler and pull out a well priced bottle of wine, vintage Earth 2567, not a bad year. With your enemies base taken care of and hangar gone your mind begins to ponder as to how you can celebrate on a successful mission.

Chapter II-Enemies Spotted:

Red trapezoid = unidentifiedBefore you even get a chance to sit back down you begin recieving transmissions from your team. "Sir," Flash says, "it seems that their are other Mechs and military units on the island. My Razorback's sensors have detected multiple units moving onto our positon."

You curse under you breath, victory just doesn't come easy these days. Your mind quickly races and you ask Flash if her sensors are strong enough to detect the types of Mechs that may be headed their way.

"Sorry, sir, my sensors aren't top knotch, but I can tell you this. Our enemy most likely has no idea what their up against either and may be underestimating us."

"Plus," blurts in Longshot, "It seems they are traveling toward us in small groups. As long as we stay together and take them on one at a time we should be able to overpower anything they've got here. I seriously doubt this base is suited with any really powerful Mechs, otherwise that base would've never gotten run over so easily by just the three of us."

You ponder over this bit of information and way the odds. You decide to give your team the orders of riding the rest of the island of enemy Mechs. They would pay for ruining your celebration.

Hacksaw: Yo, Flash, what direction are these guys comin' from?

Flash: Hold on, let me recalibrate my scans...they seem to be headed south along that stretch of land that connects the islands. And according to this data there are more of them further north. I count about 7-8.

Beware the shore.

Suddenly, the sounds of pinging and panging begin to echo off the hulls of the 50 ton mechs.

Hacksaw: What's zat?

Longshot: Infantry, our sensors couldn't pick them up so they charged right at us. They are either quite brave, or quite foolish to assume they could stop us in these Mechs.Metal > Flesh

Your team begins to fire on the infantry, using their short ranged machine gun arrays and lasers. The infantry is taken down faster then the Magic Johnson Hour. Although shooting civilians is prohibited these men were military so their deaths can be considered standard procedure.

ZapAs your team heads East then North the unidentified enemies become visible on Flash's sensors. It seems they weren't Mechs but military vechiles, Centipedes. Although not as strong as a Mech the Centipedes still carried fire power capable of taking a Mech down if in numbers. Your men move in and Hacksaw and Longshot begin taking advantage of their LRM racks.

The first vechile is destroyed, but the Bushwackers are left open for a few seconds, needing time to cooldown for the next launch of missiles. The Centipede fire misses Hacksaw, who dodges it, while Longshot moves in, using a PPC (Particle Projection Cannon) on the vehicle. It is soon taken down, but is then replaced by 2 more Centipedes, who seem to emerge from the water an onto the shore.

Fire in the hole.Destroyed.Flash comes between her friends and lends a helping hand in the form of her Razorbacks Streak SRM (Short-Range Missiles) rack. Together, the three tear through the inferior crafts, as they attempt to flee, but are merely destroyed instead.

You remind them that it's not over yet. The Mechs wait a bit to allow for cooldown of weapons systems and then Flash gives the orders.

Flash: Ok, team, move out. We're headed NorthWest now, shoot to kill, and don't let your guard down.

Hacksaw & Longshot: Ma'am!

Flash takes the lead this time and begins to engage the new enemies. Before she realizes it she is being bombarded from three different directions, as enemy lasers fire from the sea and off the coast. You hear in your headset a grunt from Flash as she is shaken in her Mech from the heavy fire. Your feeling glad now that she had that extra armor installed before she left.

An East Coast WarBusting a cap, Mech style.

"Comin', Flash!" shouts Hacksaw. He begins firing his LRM in at multiple targets, attempting to distract them from attacking Flash. Longshot begins taking careful aim and breaks loose some suppressive fire from her autocannon. Flash heads her Mech straight into the direction of one of the vechiles. She begins utilizing her SRM's range over the long distance space required for the enemies LRMs, and takes it down. Hacksaw and Longshot finish up the remaining few and the team regroups.

Repair TruckRepair Truck ExpressFlash has sustained heavy damage to her Mech so you give them orders to move inland so they can wait for proper repair trucks to be sent down to them. Within minutes of given the orders the repairtruck you sent for lands in the proximity of your team and begins working feverishly on Flash's Mech. It seems Longshot sustained some damage as well, and the truck begins to repair her Mech as well.

Chapter III- Team Spirit:

With the initial enemies vanquished and your team's Mechs repaired it would seem like a time to celebrate, but you don't want another victory torn away from you so you give Flash the orders of scanning for more enemies. Flash reports back that past the forest to the West is a sizable enemy base, this time, she believes, which include some Mechs. Disatisfied, you begin to think of a logical way of getting through that forest. Those trees would make it hard to navigate through AND fight in effectively.

"Sir," chimes in Longshot, "Perhaps if we played a game of cat and mouse with the enemy. We could use Flash's Jump Jets to hop through the forest, luring the enemy to follow her as she hops back. That way Hacksaw and I will be waiting as they pop out on our side." It sounded crazy enough to work. Flash gave her approval to the plan as well.

Not the Protoss variety.You didn't want Flash jumpimg into a base of Mechs without knowing what might happen, though. You order down a scout to investigate the enemies parameter and defenses. The support 'copter arrives and sets down the scout. The pilot seems ready to commence with his mission and lifts off ass soon as the support 'copter leaves. You give him orders to head toward the West and pick up any vital information.

Scouts never did have good ATS damage.As the scout approaches it's destination images of Mechs and vehicles appear on your command screen. Te nearest Mech notices your scout and opens fire with a laser. Your scout, having no protection, is in danger. You immediately try to call it back over your system, but then it becomes apparent to you that his own system was just knocked out by the enemy Mechs laser.Thankfully, no one was hurt :) Your scout continues to fly deeper into the base, revealing more units, but it is sadly shot down.

Flash jumps.You curse to yourself for not reacting sooner, then you realize the pilot got out okay as you see him ejecting from the craft. Your glad he's alright, then you take some time to gather your thoughts. You order Flash to commence with the plan and she complies by leaping it the air. Her Razorbacks booters flare up and she is half a mile in the sky, flying over the forest. She lands 3/4 of the way in the forest and does another jump.

As she jumps again the enemy Mech that shoot down your scout begins to take pot shots at Flash. You tell Hacksaw and Longshot to standby as you recall Flash. She doesn't have to be told twice as she starts jumpimg back while firing down upon the Mech with her SRMs. The enemy Mech and some Centipedes follow her through the forest as she continues to jump.

Cat N MouseOut of the forest emmerge one Mech suit and 2 Centipedes. Longshot and Hacksaw begin toiling away at the Centipedes while Flash contiues to jump away. It seems the Mech pilot is intent on finishin her off and begins to chase her, bypassing the other two. You wonder to yourself about this unusual strategy. Who would just ignore the Mechs right beside you? The Mech was persistent, even after the deaths of it's Centipede brethren it was still busy trying to shoot Flash down. With flash's good piloting ability he was having a hard time adjusting his scopes.

Finishing the game.Longshot and Hacksaw, after finishing with the other vehicles, divert their attention to Flash's persuer. They begin launching LRM but the Mechs movements cause them to miss, especiall at a close distance. Longshot switches to autocannon fire and begins wearing down it's armor. Flash, growing weary of jumpimg, decides to put the matter at a close and finishes off the Mech with a blast from her laser.

The Mech is destroyed, and as it collapses it's hatch pops open, revealing no human pilot.

Hacksaw: Well, woulda ya' look at that? It ain't got no pilot. I reckon' it's the some sort of computer using this Mech.

You've heard of this Computer A.I. It's supposed to be some sort of artificial Mech operation system where the computer controlling the Mech automatically attacks the weakest or smallest Mech in a group. If all the Mechs on this island where being controlled by a computer this could prove to be quite advantageous.

Psycho lands down.You order down a friend of yours to take control of the Mech. The support 'copter lands, and from the hatchway out jumps your friend, Psycho. Why he prefers to be called Psycho is anybodies guess, but you know he's a competant pilot so you order him down to help the rest of the team.

Mother!As Psycho investigates the Mech you learn that is Computer A.I. based. Great, bonus points for your team as Psycho switches the A.I. to manual and suits up in the new Mech unit called UrbanMech. The repair truck comes by and fixes all the damage down to it by Bravo Team-2 and Psycho is hooked up and ready to go. Four operatives is always better then three.

Chapter IV-Final Battle:

Your four Mechs waltz through the forest, and on the other side are greated by two more vehicles. A slight battle ensues and no repairs are needed. Flash looks over the area and finds the remains of a base. "Sir, I've come to the conclusion that this was just a training base for Mechs. There doesn't seem to be anything entirely of value except for some Mech scraps and files within the buildings." You give an affirmative grunt. You tell Flash to take the others to a rendezvous point located SouthWest of their immediate area. Flash does a quick scan.

"Well, sir, looksl ike we'll have a few more Mechs to clear out first, then we'll be ready for pick up.." You give a sigh, you did tell them to clear the island of all enemies.

Flash and the others come to a small canal of water. It's not to deep for your Mechs to wad through but your reapir truck is forced to remain on the other side.

Flash: Ok, troops. My sensors pick up some more Mechs in the area, about 2 of them. It seems their occupied SouthWest of here in the forest by the pick up point. If we charge in head first we're gonna being pushin up daises. Any ideas?

Psycho: Use me as bait. This new suit has some jump jets, too, so since those Mechs are using the A.I. I could just lure them out and away while you guys fire at them.

Longshot: You sure about that?

Psycho: Yeah, no problem. I can handle it.

The team takes a minute to go over the steps. They then get in position as they cross the canal. Beeping on radar can be heard as enemy Mechs walk out of the forest. Psycho runs his Mech ahead of the others and fires somelaser blasts. The blast seem to get the attention of the others as they all start firing upon him.

Good host fire missiles at guest.
Two vehicles are destroyed by LRM from Longshot and Hacksaw, while Flash brings up the rear with heavy fie with lasers and SRM fire. Psycho, taking heavy fire damage, begins to jump. The enemy Mechs start to chase him as their programming forces them to, leaving them wide open to attacks by the others. As Psycho takes more damage his Mech soon starts to smoke.

Psycho takes a hit.Smokin'

Hacksaw: Check it out, their followin' him!

Longshot: Yeah, well let's make sure they don't, open fire and take those Mechs down.

Psycho flees to safety.

One down, one to go.You monitor the Mech statis on your console. Psycho seems to be taking more punishment then he can bare. You order the repair truck to rally at Psycho's position. Psycho crosses the canal and makes it to the truck, just in time to recieve repairs. The last Mech, classified as a Starslayer Mech, chases Psycho over the canal. It begins letting loose a siege of LRM missles as Psycho is being repaired. Having shutdown for repairs Psycho continues to take damage, as does the repair truck.

Sleeping with the fish.Flash runs over and fires a final blast of SRM at the Starslayer. The Mech goes down hard, as it's framework implodes and it collapses into the water.

"Commander, this is Flash. Statis report thus far, all enemy Mechs cleared away, Psycho is undergoing repairs, and we are ready to be picked up, sir."

Very well you say. You head on down to the 'copter area and take a seat down in the co-pilot's seat. You order the pilot to set down on the planet and retrieve the team. With five glasses, and a bottle of wine tucked into your coveralls you prepare to greet your team on their first successful mission.

You Win!

**Well, there it be, a MechCommander2 BattleReport. Have fun commenting ;0**

A Diluvio Report

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