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Moon vs Hotdog. Game 5
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Date: 09/29/01 06:09
Game Type: Starcraft
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Moon vs Hotdog - game 5

Disclaimer: This report utilizes heavy stylesheets. Please make sure you have at least a 4.0 generation browser (NN or IE, IE is very preferred) before viewing. Total image size exceeds 3.0 mb, download time depends on you connection.

Introduction: 2 rewritings, 1 complete restart and 1 computer crash. No wonder this sucker took its time. But here it is, polished, waxed and shining. Bigger, better and sexier, right...onto the introduction.

"What do you look for in a girl on your date"?
- "I know everyone always says a sense of humor, but I really have to go with breast size..."

Very short introduction, I don't feel like doing stories or anything, just ... welcome to the 5th part of the Moon vs Hotdog series, hope you will like it. If anything looks gay or don't work, it's 100% Microsoft's fault. Have fun.

Fractal got bigger font. I was too lazy to rewrite the damn javascript after the computer crash, sorry. The gay fields was a planned feature, but it made the report "slow", so I skipped it. It may return in a future report, if i can make a better script.

Join the Army! Travel to exotic, distant lands. Meet exciting, unusual people, and kill them.

Important!!: A little info for you viewers:
- All minimaps have hot-spots, mouseover for details
- Move mouse over time stamps on collages for more info / text reference
- All mouseovers have another quote/more info, click to display it

The players are waiting in the game room, mentally preparing for the next challenging game. Both have random selected, but Hotdog shouts out a challenge; will Moon face his toss as terran? Moon accepts the challenge, and races are set. The map agreed on was the New Remote Outpost, a very popular tournament map.

New Remote Outpost is a 128x128 space tileset map. There are 4 starting positions, one in each corner. All players control a raised platform, with a ramp leading down to normal ground. Then there is a natural on lowered ground, and two bridges leading out to the middle platform. Most of the fighting usually goes on on the middle platform, and all ground movement have to pass this platform, thus it is a very critical piece of terrain.

Neither player picked his best race. Moon is an ok terran player, he can usually win on his great micromanagement skills and general good starcraft knowledge. His strength is also his weakness, he has a trend of concentrating too much on micro, and limiting macro.
Hotdog picked toss, he feels comfortable with the toss vs terran matchup. He also has great micromanagement, and his reaver control would make Zileas proud. His macro is somewhat a weakness, he has a very "powering" style, relying on micro and high tech units for defense/attack while expanding aggressively.

With a bang, the game is on! Moon lands a yellow command center and 4 dreaming scv's in the top right position, Hotdog controls a red nexus and 4 robotic little bastards in the bottom left position. Moon's scvs have to give up dreaming for a while, as Moon assigns them to minerals gathering as fast as possible, and Hotdog does the same to his small bastards. A scouting probe leaves Hotdog's base, checking the map clockwise. A little later, Moon sends out a scout of his own, gambles and sends it across the map, thus finding the Protoss base on the first try. As the scouts arrive in each base, two small skirmishes breaks out.
Moon sends an scv after Hotdog's probe, while at the same time attacking a working probe in the protoss mineral line. Hotdog has to turn his attention away from his scout to chase away the annoying scv, and Moon comes out victorious, both killing the probe scout and keeping his scv (barely) alive.

As the game progresses, both players form their battle plans. Moon seems to be going for a rather unusual m&m with tank support, doing a depot-rax-gas-factory-rax-academy build. He makes a few marines early, but gets the factory in time to stop any serious goon harassment. Hotdog sticks to a fairly standard dragoon/reaver strat, following a pylon-gate-gas-core-pylon-robotics build. When his core is done, he starts the goon range upgrade, and produces dragoons non-stop from his lone gateway, while quickly teching towards the dreaded reaver.
Finding the protoss main with no defenders, Moon tries to bunker Hotdog's ramp, but he is not able to finish the structure before the first dragoon emerges. With the marines still on their way, the constructing scv is killed, and Moon is forced to cancel the half-done structure. However, the two marines continue their march towards the protoss, and meet up with the same dragoon on flat ground. They engage the lone warrior, but despite some funky micro from Moon, are killed, leaving the protoss unit with yellow health.

The victorious dragoon halts for a moment, waiting for another one to catch up, and together they make their way against Moon's base. As they arrive, they find the base lightly defended by only two marines behind a half wall-in. Hotdog could just walk his dragoons into the terran base.
But he wants the healthy dragoon to enter combat first, so he takes a second to rearrange them at the bottom of the ramp. This gives Moon enough time to roll out his first tank and produce an additional marine. As the dragoons run past the wall-in, they meet their doom in the form of marine fire and tank blasts.

Both players use the short silence to raise troop count and tech further. Hotdog is closing in on the reaver tech, while Moon pumps m&m and a few tanks, preparing for an early assault. After a short build-up, he moves out with 2 siege tanks, 6 marines and two medics. Stim pack has been researched, and two scvs tag along for construction and repair tasks. This looks bad for Hotdog, all he has for defense are two dragoons and a lone zealot scout. His reaver is near completion, but even with its powerful scarabs, his defences are weak compared to the strong terran force.

Since scvs are faster than marines and tanks, they run a bit ahead, and smack right into Hotdog's two dragoons. The scvs turn tail and run, one is destroyed by plasma bolts, while the other gets away. The dragoons pursue it, but as they meet the main terran force, one of them is instantly killed and the other retreats incredibly quickly. Moon, sensing weakness, orders his forces up Hotdog's ramp.
Hotdog performs a brilliant move, he attacks from behind with his zealot scout to draw fire, while his reaver fires its first scarab just as the terran forces are clumped together at the top of the ramp. The scarab slides neatly between the marines and detonates itself against the armored sides of a tank, damaging both tanks and killing 3 marines [07:07]. Moon quickly stims his remaining marines and rushes forward, but before they can reach the reaver, it fires one more scarab, killing one of the tanks. As the marines close in on the reaver, Hotdog picks it up in a shuttle, and drops it behind a dragoon, hoping to trick the marines into attacking the goon.

But Moon takes good care of those marines, spreading them out and attacking the reaver instead of the relatively harmless goon. A scarab kills one of the marines [07:14], and then the reaver fires its last scarab, destroying the remaining tank, before it is killed by the two remaining marines. The same marines kill the last dragoon and the shuttle [07:28], before they attack the pylon powering Hotdog's two gateways.

Both players call for reinforcements, Hotdog has two dragoons and a new reaver building, while Moon sends down 5 new marines and a tank. The two marines delay dragoon reinforcements by gunning down two pylons (powering gateways), but a lone dragoon manages to pop out, and a fresh reaver is slowly making its way against the marines. A perfectly placed scarab kills both the marines and the lone medic in one shot.
The terran reinforcements enter the base.Moon stims his marines and throws everything at the lone reaver. The first scarab kills 4 marines [08:36], while the next severely damages the tank, but the reaver is running critically low on health. A second goon emerges, and along with the first, they clear the base of terran units [08:39], but are unable to prevent the loss of the reaver [08:39].

The first major battle is over, and Hotdog seems to welcome this short opportunity to build up his taxed forces. His middle left expansion, started right before the battle initiated, is now ready. He shuttles over a probe load to the expansion, produces a new reaver, an observer, and two more goons, bringing his total to 4. Then he sets out against the terran base.
At the same time, Moon has reached a critical mass of units, ~15 m&m and 4 siege tanks, and orders his forces against Hotdog's base, while also starting a new cc for expansion purposes.
The two forces meet just below Moon's territory, and a new, heated battle initiates. The protoss observer moves in position above the terran troops, providing Hotdog with very important battle information.

Status & Map update #1
!! move mouse over hot spots for details!!
As the battle initiates, Moon is producing m&m out of 3 barracks and tanks out of 1 factory. He is the only one with any upgrades, +1 infantry attack. A Command Center was just started in his base, along with a starport, probably for drops / detection purposes.
Hotdog, on the other side, is producing random ground troops out of 2 gateways, and robotic units out of his lone facility. He has the middle left expansion, and plans to start another at his mineral-only.

Hotdog's first scarab targets one of the siege tanks, damages it and kills two nearby marines with its splash damage. Moon quickly stims his marines and rush to attack the reaver, but Hotdog is even quicker and pick it up with his now speedy shuttle before much damage is done. The four standing dragoons fare badly against the stimmed marines, and one of them die, while the other three limp away, all badly damaged. A few marines pursue the dragoons, and Hotdog drops his reaver, hoping for a marine feast, but the marines run away, and suddenly the chasing dragoon is killed hard as three siege tank blasts hit it simultaneously.

Seeing the protoss troops retreating, Moon unsieges and moves his forces further against the protoss base. Hotdog notices a small opportunity and performs a nice move, he drops the reaver just out of tank range, fires a scarab, reloads it, drops it even further away, killing one of the tanks. He tries to repeat this on another tank, but is chased away by stimmed marines.
Moon, seeing the low number of protoss troops, decides to go for it all. He sends his forces towards the protoss base, hoping to force a decisive front-to-front battle. As they meet the protoss units, a dragoon quickly bites the dust, leaving only one to support the reaver. 4 marines manage get the reaver down to red health, but they are killed by a scarab, and a shuttle ferries the damaged reaver away, leaving the last dragoon to die.

Seeing how he only has 3 damaged tanks and 2 marines left, Moon halts his attack, sieges up and waits for reinforcements. Both players take this break to expand, Moon floats a cc to his natural, while Hotdog starts a new nexus at his natural. Hotdog's templar tech is near completion, and he starts two stargates in a hidden corner of his base, probably with carriers in mind.
During the small break, production facilities are never idle. The terran force is soon reinforced, bringing the total troop count to 6 tanks and ~15 m&m. Hotdog defends with ~10 dragoons and the massive support of twin reavers in a shuttle. A mere minute after the previous battle, the action is on again!

Hotdog sends his shuttle to support his dragoons, but misclicks, and the shuttle flies too far, within firing range of marines. They open fire, and suddenly, this is a game or not situation! Hotdog catches the shuttle quickly, and I can almost sense his nervousness as the shuttle hp is ticking down towards the fatal 0 mark.

I wait for the sound of activating stimpacks, but Moon is busy with his new expansion, and thus, the shuttle escapes with a mere 25 hp left! I bet Hotdog is sweating, 4 marine shots (taking Moon's +1 attack into consideration), or a stimpack from game over!
Things seem quiet for a few seconds, until Hotdog discovers the newly started terran expansion with a scouting observer. He wastes no time in sending his reaver-carrying shuttle to against the expansion. At the same time, Moon is preparing for combat, gathering his troops, erecting turrets and repairing damaged siege tanks.

At the terran expansion the shuttle unloads, and the two reavers aim their deadly scarabs at the mining scv's. But Moon is lucky, and the scarabs do that stupid thing, getting stuck behind the minerals, so all the scv's can run away. The reavers end up destroying three turrets, then they hop back into the shuttle and head for the terran main. But unfortunately for Hotdog, it runs into reinforcing marines, and is finally gunned down.
On the middle platform a new battle is taking place. Moon, realizing that he has the momentary advantage, pushes forward with his strong m&m/tank force. They run into Hotdog's original 8 dragoon force, and after a small skirmish, the 4 dragoons still alive run away. 4 goons and a lone marine lay dead on the ground. The retreating dragoons meet up with 4 more, and as Moon crosses the bridge leading to Hotdog's main, they engage again. But Moon sieges his tanks, stims the marines, and 4 more dragoons die before they can escape [14:30]. A lone dt manages to kill one tank before being unveiled by a scan and forced to perform the "blue smoke trick". [14:39]
The situation is very critical for Hotdog, he has 4 dragoons, a templar and a lone reaver to defend against Moon's now ~20 m&m and 6 tank force. It seems impossible, but Hotdog is not the one to give up, and he prepares his forces as best he can.

Moon halts the offensive a few seconds, erecting some turrets for detection. Hotdog exploits the opportunity as best he can, attacking the entrenched terrans with full force. Siege fire rain down over the protoss forces, but the lone templar gets off a psionic storm, targeting Moon's m&m force [14:56]. Moon reacts quickly and run his marines out of the deadly storm, but as they run away, they come within reaver range. A lone, well-placed scarab wipes out most of them [14:59], leaving the tanks without support.
The siege fire claimed a heavy toll on Hotdog's forces [15:05], but he achieved his goal, Moon won't dare to attack without m&m support. A few turrets are constructed, then Moon leaves his tanks in containment mode for now.

For the first time, Hotdog is not balancing on a knife-edge of defeat. His natural is just coming online and his two stargates are blinking, signalling that two carriers are under construction. He shuttles a lone probe to the bottom right expansion, where it immediately opens another nexus warp gate.
Moon seems rather quiet, he sends some m&m to strengthen the containment, and also discovers the warping protoss expansion (bottom right) with a scouting scv. He sends two scv's out for expanding, and also constructs an e-bay by his containment force.
When the e-bay is done, he floats it to the middle left protoss expansion, trying to reach it with an outside siege tank, but he miscalculated the distance, the tank can't shoot far enough, and the expansion stays unharmed.

Status & Map update #2
!! move mouse over hot spots for details!!
Hotdog is currently producing random ground troops out of 6 gateways, and carriers from two stargates. He controls 3 expansions, two of them not yet operational. His macro is almost perfect, mineral/gas count is consequently close to zero.
Moon is producing m&m out of 3 barracks, tanks out of 1 factory, and dropships out of 1 starport. He controls the largest army, but seeing how Hotdog is producing faster, he starts two new expansions while adding more barracks at home. He has about 500/1000 in the bank, and is the only one with any upgrades, +1 infantry attack.

Noticing the protoss resource advantage, Moon loads up a tank, 3 marines and an scv in a dropship, dropping it on the new bottom right expansion. Unfortunately for him, Hotdog quickly calls upon his shuttle of doom™, containing one high and one dark templar, along with a reaver. The dark templar kills the tank before a scan unveils it, and a well-placed scarab sends the remaining forces into oblivion, leaving the expansion unscathed for now.

Another small battle takes place simultaneously, with Hotdog attacking the containment forces. By cleverly baiting with a zealot, a templar manages to kill one tank and heavily damage another, but Moon reacts immediately, and chases the templar with 6 stimmed marines. The marines, exploiting Hotdog's lack of ranged units, manage to dodge a total of 3 storms and kill 3 templars. Hotdog has 3 carriers ready, but decides to keep them hidden as long as he can.

Moon, determined to cut down the protoss resource advantage, drops 8 marines on the middle left expansion, and level it without resistance. At the same time, Hotdog assaults the new top middle expansion with a reaver (a templar died with the shuttle). With no defense present, Moon orders his scvs to attack the deadly machine, and without shuttle support, the reaver dies to the "might" of numerous fusion cutters.

Moon repulses with a small m&m drop on Hotdog's bottom right expansion. The ~6 marines find the camp almost unguarded, and they effectively kill the probes and a defending dark templar. Hotdog, suddenly down to 1 functional expansion, is forced to deploy his carriers to stop the marines from destroying the nexus.
With the two damaging drops, Moon suddenly turned the resource war to his advantage, he is mining from 3 bases, opposed to Hotdog's lone natural.

Forging while the iron is hot, Hotdog orders his carriers to destroy the terran containment force. Moon does whatever damage he can, targeting one of the carriers with his 6-8 marines, but facing an equal number of majestic battleships, the marines quickly bite the dust. Interceptor lasers destroy the air defenses, and then the defenseless tanks.
With his ground force mobile again, Hotdog orders his carriers against the hated terran base. He supports them with a small dragoon/zealot force. With only 1 base of income, Hotdog have to spend every mineral on new interceptors for his now 8 carriers, leaving him no minerals for unit training.
This is a very critical point in the game, Hotdog has only 1 working expansion, but the awesome power of 8 fully loaded carriers. Moon has 3 running expansions, but only m&m for defense. He who loses this battle, will most certainly lose the game.

The massive carriers are slowly floating over the middle area, only halting for a second to destroy a lone, abandoned turret. As the powerful engines thunders above the platform, they seem virtually invincible. They reach the bridge leading to Moon's territory, but just as they are about to set over, the first few marines marches towards them over the bridge.
Moon has been steadily producing out of 5 barracks, and realizing the importance of the upcomming battle, he moves out with all he got. An impressive yellow blob displays on my minimap, more than 40 marines with medic and tank support prepares to engage the advancing protoss forces.
As the forces meet, interceptors hurl out of their carriers bays, and within a second, the air is filled with the fast-moving fighters. Hotdog seems to have the upper hand at first, but as his interceptors engage the marines, the frightening sound of 40 activating stimpacks completely drown the mighty carrier engines. In what seems like an eternity, interceptor fighters and marines battle with almost insane fury. In the end, the marines prevail, and as the interceptors swirl towards the ground, the carriers turn tails and run back to home territory. [23:12]

Moon scared away the opposition, but he doesn't dare to follow the carriers into the dangerous high ground area. He leaves his forces in the middle and starts his first ghosts, preparing to battle the carriers.
But Hotdog has other plans, he quickly gathers all his forces and rebuilds interceptors. A mere minute after the previous battle, he attacks again, this time with the support of dragoons and a lone, but by all means powerful high templar.
Moon, seeing the overwhelming forces, retreats his forces back into his own area, wanting the bridge advantage for the upcomming battle. Hotdog charges immediately, trying to cross the bridge under the protective cover of interceptors. [24:16] Moon again activates the marines stimpacks, and interceptors start dying at an alarming rate. [24:28]

Hotdog's ~10 dragoons are too few to have any impact on the battle, but the lone templar is another story. Cleverly hiding underneath the carriers, it looses 3 psionic storms, killing many marines and some ghosts. [24:35] The devastating storms turn the battle in Hotdog's favor, and Moon's remaining forces are forced back to his main.
Moon can only watch, as Hotdog decimates his expansions in quick fashion. But he is far from dead, he continues to train troops from his large mineral surplus. Hotdog, having map control at the moment, finally gets his bottom right expansion back online, and also starts two more, one at the bottom left natural, the other at the top left main. He seems confident that his carriers can hold any attack force Moon may produce.

Moon proves him wrong, a mere minute later he breaks out with a large m&m&g force. He breaches the carrier/goon blockade, killing the goons and a locked down carrier, while chasing away the remaining carriers. He orders his forces to the middle, where he engages a small zealot/goon force, killing or chasing away the protoss units without a single loss on his own.
His forces take stand in the middle, and Moon loads two dropships with ghosts/m&m, trying to drop the bottom right main. Unfortunately for Moon, the two dropships run into Hotdog's waiting carrier fleet and are shot down before any damage can be done.

Status & Map update #3
!! move mouse over hot spots for details!!
With the destruction of Moon's expansions, Hotdog is clearly in the lead. Rather than strengthen his already massive forces, he chooses to expand over the map. Moon on the other hand, spends every mineral on a last, massive army, hoping to catch Hotdog off guard and end the game quickly.
The game is clearly moving towards the end, and it seems that Hotdog will take this home, he has many expansions and a strong army of carriers/dragoons/zealots/templar, with 0-1-1 upgrades for his ground troops.
Moon enlists m&m&g as his forces, and has +3 infantry attack upgrades. He is steadily producing out of 5 barracks, but he has no functional expansions, and bet it all on this last, final battle.

Hotdog, sensing weakness in his foe after the failed drop, gathers his now impressive army. He takes a moment to arrange his units, and then attacks Moon's forces in the middle from two fronts. A whirlwind of interceptors emerges from the high ground darkness, while a strong dragoon/zealot force flanks them from the left. Moon's force is butchered in seconds, only two medics manage to run away.
Hotdog reinforces with some additional zealot/dragoon, and more importantly, 2 high templars. Moon moves down a new m&m force, preparing for the final battle.

Hotdog sends a lone dragoon over the bridge to scout, but returns it with lightning speed when he catches the sound of multiple stim packs being activated. Moon however, is not happy with only chasing it away, he sends his whole force, ~40 m&m, over the bridge, where Hotdog's army is waiting. Moon stims his marines, and goes into this final battle with his morale high. As the marines pumps round after round into the onrushing protoss warriors, Hotdog attacks with all he got. The frightening power of 40 gauss rifles holds the protoss at bay, and for a second, the marines stand like an invincible island in a ocean of protoss units. Interceptors swirl towards the ground, zealots disappear in blue smoke, and dragoons turn into piles of blue slime. The smell of powder and a pall of smoke envelops the fighting troops, and it seems like the terran troops will come out victorious. But as the first zealot finally reaches the marines, a high templar recalls calls upon the energies of the khala, and a psionic storm appears above the tightly packed terran troops. For a moment, the whole battlefield seems to stop and stare in awe at the doomed marines. Then the terrible effect of the psionic energies hit the marines, and they scream, cry and in the end...die.

As Hotdog orders an assault on the last base, the terran commander jumps into his command center, and floats slowly into space. The protoss stands victorious after a 34 minutes long battle.

After game though
I was really surprised by Moon's m&m choice, I expected him to metal, especially since he lost another tvp doing the exact same strat. But it turned out well, 2 rax m&m + tank gave him deadly power early on, and he really pushed Hotdog in the early game. Hotdog's quick reaver was perfectly executed, if he had failed on micro early in game, he would have died, but he did not, and got the economical advantage needed to support carriers and a large number of ground troops.
Moon lacked on macro the whole game, he had ~3k when Hotdog destroyed the terran expansions, and he only upgraded from 1 e-bay, leaving him with 0-3 units in the end. Hotdog had perfect macro, never more than 200 minerals (except expansions), while at the same time microing his troops.
If Moon did more upgrades and had better macro, this could easily have turned the other way around, as I said, the early game was very critical for the protoss.

Standings: Moon : 2, Hotdog : 3.
2 games to go...

Download : replay | map. The replay is better than the report, I had to cut a few details to keep the report length down, you should watch it.

About Battlereport
When I finished this thing, I was like...*puh*, that was an awful lot of work! I started kinda simple, then added a little java, and took the chance to practice/learn css. The pictures are ok, I like them, and map updates turned out to be pretty cool. Tried to keep it short, didn't include the meticulous details from previous games. Also less "after game" stuff, nobody read that anyway, and then it's just boring.

Well, that's about it. The report is done, checked and posted, and I have to go to work in two hours. I hope you all liked it, despite the weird stuff inbetween. Greets to all cool ppl, and to the readers for actually reading my work.

And finally, BIG thanks to -zX-Ravage for proofreading, Ravage you are the MAN!! :) "Ravage: hey i own you all, i am replay master, i like korean chiqs, froz want to sex my sister"

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