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A new clan, a good and bad manner man.
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Date: 09/29/01 07:09
Game Type: Starcraft
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Hi, im ZerG~LinG, and this is my very first battlereport. First, a WARNING: This BR is NOT picture heavy *56k owners cheering in the background*, i suck at HTML, and my 56k modem generally sucks at everything. Anyways, it was a normal thursday in Denmark (yes im from denmark :p), the sun shined, the weather was good, and where was i? On B.Net of course :-). I meet up with some guys from a danish clan called Fight 4 Freedom, and after a try-out is was in :) One of my first matches was to be with my fellow clan member; F4F)TaliuS (now known as TaliuS) after a short chat in the game room, we found ourselves on PGL Lost Temple (no map needed, right?) with F4F)LarZ spamming, obsing and generally being a total ass in the background.


I found my self at the 9 O’clock position(west) and soon i saw a ovie doing “The slow dance” onto my plateau, therefore, i presumed he was at 6 O’clock(south). I proceeded to do a pretty standard 8 pylon, 11 and 13 gate, followed up with gas on 21 and core at 23, going teching towards the zerg hostile templars. TaliuS went 9 overlording, 12 hatch at exp, 11 pool, hacth again at 16 and gas with his next drone, followed up by a hydra den, going for mass hydra. TaliuS moved 8 lings and some hydra over to contain me, but it was quickly broken. I quickly took a control group of misc toss units, mostly zealots, to his exp, but he had been busy building sunkens and hydra, so i retreated to my newly made natural exp.


My templar teching was just complete and had a few storms at my disposal when TaliuS attacked full force. About 40 hydra and lings poured in, i had over 12 zeals, some goons and a few storms, after a small micro heavy battle, he reteated back to his exp.

Shortly thereafter, he began his first missile upgrade, while i also had a forge working on the 1+ ground weapons. We continued to attack each others exp’s, without any care for new expansions, each time we were rejected by fresh troops from the hacthes/gates. After one of my own attacks i started a nexus in my mineral only, but was hit by a serious case of bad luck as his hydra came in from below and trashed my nexus, before driving me back to my natural exp.

TaliuS was keeping me from expanding, but until now he had forgot all about expanding himself, he had 5 hatches in his main, and were busy macroing like a whore. At the 15 min mark he expanded at the 12 and 3 o’clock main at the same time, was he to hold both of these i would get swarmed. But some or another god (god of LT?) decided to take mercy on me and as i sent a lone zeal out to scout the 3o’clock main i found his hatch morping there, no units, no defence, so my lone zeal start hacking away on the building, but suddenly TaliuS attacks full force and my attention moves away from the 3 main so i can micro my units. I win the little skirmish, and i guess TaliuS must have forgotten the zealot as well, cuz he continued to attack the hatch, what then happended is a secret... or...maybe you can just look at these pics, PURE OWNAGE!

His 12 main exp was just complete when i attacked full force directly into his natural exp. With some temps, 20~zeals and some archons. At first it looked very promising, with only a few hydra and sunkens, but soon, 20 hydra hit my force from above, and my army was split up (See: Divide and conquer). The battle ended with me having to reteat (again)


I expanded to my mineral only for the third time, and placed some cannons there as well, after some small hydra VS zeal games i decided to go again, full force, but having learned the power of hydra+sunken at his natural, i decided to attack his 12 o’clock main. The attack proceeded well against the few sunkens adn hydra, but as i started to kill the hacthes (he had about 9 in total now), a force of 12 hydras came in on my mineral only and killed it (again...). The small force proceeded to kill some probes at my natural before getting killed by my army from 12.

I attacked again shortly after, but was badly flanked by his hydra. Realizing how low my income was i decided to expand at my mineral only (AGAIN!) and fortify it with some temp/archon/zeal/cannon combo. He attacked it several times with his dancing hydras, but to no avail.


After almost 30 miustes of playing with this guy, you’de think that i would have learnt some lesson, like, dont attack his natural exp? BUT NO! I took my army and slammed into his mineral only, facing several sunkens, some standing army of 20 or so hydra and of course the flanking attack from the top, the result was easy to predict, i got owned, but only after killing all of his sunkens, all his drones at the mineral only, and 20~hydra. He counter attacked, but i was able to hold my position at the mineral only. I soon came to realize that my situation looked bad, unless i would get a new exp soon. So i started a robofac inside my main, for a place on the top island. I often make small scouting maneuvers with 12 speedy zeals, running around the center of the map, looking for easy prey or vithal information, and this time it proved to be very vithal indeed, as i moved out 8 lurker eggs was about to hatch,

i rushed out with the rest of my army killed them before they could take me by surprise(i had no detection other than my few cannons) but as i stood in the middle is was in a perfect spot for a flanking move. And i bet y’all can guess what happened now :-p. 50 or so lings poured in on my main(see the depressing pic), a few temps and zeals was all that stood in his way now, they were quickly overrun.

I typed GG, TaliuS did, And even LarZ did^^


Writing BR is harder than i thought.
Thank god(blizzard) for the replay function.
You need to stop the creep from reaching all places of LT :-/
PvZ is the funniest matchup.(no gay Terran techniques)
I’m surprised how small an amount of “underhand” techniques that were used, e.g. no drops, ensnare, darkswarm and so on.
LarZ spams! A LOT! But he’s the clan leader :)
And last but not least, your mineral only expansion is hard to defend (think i lost it 5 times...)
Thanks to everyone reading this (raters in particular), TaliuS, MS Paint! YRM for writing the best reports ever, for hosting a kickass site, nokia mobile phones, MTV’s JACKASS and of course myself :-/
This has been a



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