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"The units march in a single file which would have been comical under different circumstances, but lives are at stake and jokes should not be made. Ever."
- mattzarella's Good Old Fashioned Fun

Moon vs Hotdog. Game 4 [fixed]
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Date: 08/22/01 06:08
Game Type: Starcraft
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Lifetime Rating for (...Blaze...): 8.8750
Moon vs Hotdog - game 4
This is our world now... the world of the electron and the switch, the beauty of the baud.
Hello everybody, and welcome to the forth installation of the Moon vs Hotdog series. If this is new to you, you should take a quick look at game one and games 2+3. Also note that this report is game 1,2 and 3 spoiler.

Warning: This report contains graphical violence, e.g, the enclosed graphics will most certainly be extremely violent to any modem trying to download them. You may also encounter collections of pixels that make up female bodies, which may not be suited for kids below 14 «50% of forum posters cancels download», offending to females «loses another visitor», but all in all are extremely beautiful « server crashes due to overload»

Hmm, guess I should write some kind of introduction here. Since I am sick (some shitty stuff), I can't really do anything except sleeping and playing a bit sc now and then. I was so bored the other day that I actually went to work, which was a very bad idea, because I was dead when I came home. When working at a gas station, you learn a few things about people, like, most people are stupid as hell:)

So while you waiting for the report to load, here are some stories from my job (and some from my friends, he works at a gas station too):

(c = customer, F = friend, B = blaze)
story #1
c: "Hey, I want two telephone cards for 150,- each."
F: "I'm sorry, I'm out of 150s. Can you take one for 300 instead?"
c: "I have enough money for that?"

story #2
c: "Hey, are there anyone with car knowledge here?"
B: "Me, I know all about cars" (I don't know shit)
c: "oh, there is something wrong with my flashers, they all started flashing, and I can't get them to stop"
*walking out to car - looking inside*
B: "press the little button with the triangle on it"
c: "oh, wow, it stopped! Thank you very much"

(for boat engines, you have to mix 98% gas 2% oil)
story #3
c: "hey, I need 2% oil"
F: "how much gas did you fill?"
c: "I haven't filled yet"
F: "how much are you planning to fill"
c: "I don't know..."

story #4
c: "I'm gonna pay for gas, here's my card"
*blaze doing card stuff"
B: "I'm sorry, there is no money on your bank account"
c: "What? It's a firm card! There is money on it!"
*blaze trying again"
B: "Sorry sir, there is really no money on the card. You have another way of payment?"
c: "NO! Listen here, this is my firm card, and if there is no money on it, it's your fucking problem, not mine!"

W T F ?

B (sick of idiots): "Hey moron, this is your problem up your ass! If you don't have any money, it's your fucking problem!"
My boss: "BLAZE! You shall be polite to the customers!"
*boss comming in, blaze go clean WC, boss making deal with customer"

"when people become customers, they turn stupid". That fits quite nicely, at least with customers like this:) Oh well, I don't complain, they make great stories:)

::Before you start
Just wanted to mention, I have included some rather unusual "collages" in this report, they should be easy to understand, but it would be nice with some feedback on them. For those who want babes, you will sometimes run into this little guy . Click on him, and be amazed.

Let's get this baby rolling!

Game 4 - Never give up!

The room went dark many hours ago, the only light sources are two pc monitors, lighting up two faces. After a long night of Starcraft, both faces looks a bit tired. But when I listen to their conversation, they seem very ready for another game. After a quick discussion, they agree on the "Hall of Valhalla" map. It turns out that neither player have played it before, and to make the game best possible, they agree to pick their best races. This leaves Moon with the rampaging zerg swarm, while Hotdog selects the heroic terrans. Both players log on our local server, and starts a small chat in the game room. That leaves us time for some quick player/map info:

Hall of Valhalla
We make use of a service already existing without paying for what could be dirt-cheap if it 1. Hotdog's starting position
2. Moon's starting position
3. Moon's "expansion area", three expansions very close to each other,     almost 3 "naturals" for Moon.
3.1 A "lowered natural", gas/mineral expansion placed on lowered ground.     (will be referred to as the "lowered natural")
3.2 The mineral-only, placed on normal ground, reachable by land. (will be     referred to as the "mineral-only")
3.3 A small gas/mineral expansion, surrounded by cliffs, but the entire     expansion is reachable by outside siege tanks, and somewhat by lurkers.
4. Hotdog's "expansion area", see #3 for descriptions.

The map is really an air/land map, mains are placed on semi-raised ground, and most expansion are only reachable by air. Once you get on normal ground, you can access the whole map, including mineral-only naturals.
I don't know Hotdog's island game very well, but he has a very strong all-round terran game, and a lot of island experience, so he should be very competent in this matchup. Moon, on the other hand, has a very strong zerg island game, I have actually never seen him loose one.
So far in the series, Moon is leading 2-1, still undefeated in the zerg vs terran matchup. Will Moon's zerg skills carry him through another game, or will Hotdog manage to turn the tables and defeat the bloodthirsty swarm for the first time of the series? Only time will tell...

Yes, the time is ticking. Because Hotdog just pressed the 'ok' button, and for a second, both monitors goes dark, and the room is completely silent. But this won't last long, as the the ancient Valhalla in its computerized version fills the screens, the room is suddenly filled with the sounds of furious mouse movement and quick keyboard strokes. Hotdog does his well executed picture-perfect split, while Moon performs his first perfect clone of the evening. And the game is on!

Both players do rather normal island builds, with Moon doing his standard 9 overlord, and Hotdog building his first supply depot to the very left of his plateau, to warn about incoming drops as early as possible. Moon sends his first overlord in the right direction, but at the first glimpse of raised ground, he recalls it without getting any information at all. Both players continue their builds, with Moon doing a gas-hatch-pool build, and Hotdog doing a supply-rax-gas-factory build. Moon delays teching with assigning 3 drones to gas collecting as soon as the extractor finishes, he then starts his pool when Hotdog's factory is 450 hitpoints completed.

Moon starts his lair the second his pool is done, and realizing he is slow on tech, adds a hydralisk den. Moon puts himself in a dangerous position by powering this hard, but if he can pull it off, it will pay off later, he has ~600 gas just after starting his lair. Hotdog wants a word on that one, he has two starports building, siege mode being researched, and a scv working hard to construct an engineering bay.

When the first starport is done, Hotdog orders up a lone wraith, and as the other completes, he starts the add-on needed for dropships. A tank is started in the factory, and as the wraith emerges, it is immediately ordered towards the 9 o'clock position. The wraith arrives, takes a quick look at the morphing spire, the lone creep colony, and the lack of air defence, before it attacks a slow overlord hanging around (05:38). The wraith manages to kill two of the flying behemoths before a hydralisk hatches and chases it away. Three new overlords spawn in Moon's base, and while waiting for the spire, he saves up larvae.
But Hotdog has other plans, he just loaded up 3 marines, 1 scv and a lone tank in his first dropship, and is now dropping the cargo in Moon's base. Now Moon is in some serious trouble, his only defense is the lone hydralisk, which it is quickly moved down by the marine/tank force. In a strike of bad luck, Moon had 6 free larvae, but right before Hotdog strikes, he orders up 3 drones and 6 scourge, severely disrupting his defensive capabilities. Will the hastily morphed sunken colony halt Hotdog long enough, or will the game end here?

Moon's sunken finishes morphing, and it immediately attacks the bunker. The scourge crash into the wraith, destroying it (06:32), and Moon starts two new creep colonies in the range of the terran troops, along with zerglings as larvae allows.

wasn't run by profiteering gluttons, and you call us criminals.

In what seems like an eternity, the tank and marines hammer on the lone sunken and the nearby buildings. It is finally destroyed, but a few seconds later, wo new sunkens pop up, and they waste no time in attacking the bunker.
Hotdog reacts quickly, and moves his siege tank out of sunken range, while starting a new bunker next to the replaced tank. As the bunker dies to the sunken spines, 6 zerglings run past the 3 suddenly defenseless marines, destroying the tank and the still unfinished bunker.
But just as the last marine dies, a new dropship unloads its cargo in Moon's mineral line! Fortunately for Moon, he is able to kill the marines as they emerge from the dropship, but after the tank/bunker attack and the last drop, Moon's spire is left with only 7 health.

Hotdog notices this too, and he orders two wraiths to do some harassment, killing the spire and two overlords, before dying to freshly hatched scourge (08:08). Moon has finished his transport upgrade and his lurker aspect upgrade, and quickly starts an expansion at his mineral-only.
Hotdog lands a command center at his mineral-only, and transports a few scv's there. He also drops 7 marines and an scv close to Moon's morphing expansion, but he cleverly waits for the hatchery to finish before he attacks. As the hatchery finishes, the marines attack, but Moon reinforces with his first two lurkers, and after a small battle, the few surviving marines run away. Rethinking his strategy, Hotdog drops 3 tanks next to the expansion, and the battle goes on!

As the tanks land, they chase away a lurker, but don't move any further. Moon suspects reinforcements, and places two sets of scourge on patrol right above Hotdog's tanks. He guessed right, and one of the two reinforcing dropships falls to the suicidal scourge. But Hotdog managed to drop the other, and now he has 4 tanks and 5-6 marines right outside Moon's expansion. The defenseless expansion is rased in no time, and the tank sieges below Moon's plateau.
Now lot of things happen at the same time. Moon runs the last expansion lurker away, and burrows it a bit away from the expansion, away from all the action. Hotdog tries to drop his marines on Moon's plateau, but after some back and forth fighting, he gives up, and the surviving marines are transported back to the relative safety of the tanks.
Moon drops 8 hydralisks on a tank that was unfortunate enough to be placed away from the others, but as the remaining tanks siege, he loads them up rather quick, and orders the two overlords against Hotdog's base.

We explore... and you call us criminals.

On their way, they run into two valkyries, but Moon reacts quickly, and after unloading the hydralisks, one valkyrie dies, while the other limps away, badly damaged. The hydralisks hop back into the overlords, and move towards Hotdog's just started top right expansion. Moon unloads the hydralisks outside the expansion walls, morphs 3 lurkers, and manage to drop 2 hydralisks on the expansion. Hotdog attacks with his scv's, but Moon microes his hydralisks, and with the loss of a single hydralisk, the command center is forced to lift of and flee.

Map update #1
We seek after knowledge... and you call us criminals. 1. Moon's runaway lurker
2. Hotdog's tank/marine force that destroyed Moon's mineral-only, now     doing whatever damage they can to Moon's main
3. Moon's new lowered natural expansion
4. A small 2 wraith/1 valk scouting force, property of Hotdog
5. Hotdog's failed expansion attempt

Hotdog's three tanks, sieged at Moon's mineral-only, have done quite a bit damage, killed 5-6 drones and some random zerg units. In their current position, they control the upper part of Moon's mineral line.
Moon knows he has to do something about this, and loads up 3 overlords with hydralisks. He performs an old trick to fool the marines, sending 3 empty overlords in front of the real drop force. The hydralisks take back the natural with almost zero casualties (16:10), but Moon is currently satisfied with getting his new lowered natural online and leaves the mineral-only empty for now.

We exist without skin color, without nationality, without religious bias... and you call us...

Moon also tries a small 3 lurker strike on Hotdog's mineral-only, but Hotdog is well prepared with 2 tanks and a bunker, so the lurkers die before inflicting any damage. (16:38)

We are 16.5 minutes into the game, and for the first time since Hotdog's wraith attack, there is a short pause in the action. Hotdog seems to be a bit ahead, with more workers (Moon lost a lot of workers to the tanks at his natural), and more minerals mined. He is building non-stop m&m from 3 barracks, and has a strong infantry force waiting in his main base. He is also the only one with any upgrades, 1/1 marine upgrades, and +1 air attack.
Moon, on the other hand, has no upgrades, but his lowered natural just got online, thus he controls two gas sources to Hotdog's one. Moon has two hatcheries in his main, producing a hydra/lurker mix, along with some scourge/muta when the need arises. Both players have a surplus of minerals, but are close to zero on gas.

And back to the action! Moon just produced 7 new mutalisks, and he wastes no time in sending them towards Hotdog's expansion area. As they approach the lowered natural, they encounter a command center preparing to land, and a dropship filled with scv's. The mutalisks target the dropship first, killing it and its cargo quick. Hotdog tries to save his command center with a small 1 valkyrie/2 wraith force, but the terran ships are severely damaged from previous battles, and die even before Moon can separate more than two mutalisks from his flock. The defenseless command center becomes victim of the ravaging mutalisks (18:30), before they turn and attack a siege tank defending Hotdog's mineral only.


Since the siege tank is protected by a nearby turret and a bunker, Moon cleverly attacks an outlaying supply depot, killing the siege tank with the mutalisks' "bouncing" attack (18:42).

When the tank and supply depot is destroyed, the mutalisks attack and destroy Hotdog's rebuilt upper right expansion, which is not defended at all. To make matters worse, Hotdog's mineral-only is just mined out, and now he has no income. But why did Hotdog let two expansions go without a fight?
The answer shows up at Moon's only mining expansion (his lowered natural). The defending lurker is killed by arclite fire from high ground (19:12), and only seconds later, Hotdog unloads 7 dropships of m&m on the defenseless expansion.(19:31) Needless to say, the drones and hatchery is gone in no time, and suddenly, Moon is also without any income.

You build atomic bombs, you wage wars, you murder, cheat, and lie to us and try to make us

Hotdog loads his force into the dropships again, planning an attack on Moon's main base. But the zerg cerebrate is ready, and as the marine force unloads in his base, ~10 lurkers burrow, and after loosing a few marines, Hotdog wisely retreats to normal ground. He sieges his tank to do what damage he can, but places his marines too far from the tank, and it is killed by Moon's mutalisk force. Realizing that the zerg defenses are too strong for marines, Hotdog withdraws his forces. Live today, fight tomorrow.

Map update #2
believe it's for our own good, yet we're the criminals. 1. Moon's former lowered natural, just destroyed by m&m
2. Hotdog's m&m forces, trying to attack Moon's base, but denied by lurkers
3. A few dropships heading back to Hotdog's base
4. 3 dropships that is scouting for expansion attempts
5. Moon's 6 lurker strike against Hotdog's mineral-only
6. Hotdog starting a new expansion

Just as the last marine is loaded into the dropship, Moon strikes Hotdog's mined-out mineral-only with a surprise attack of 6 lurkers. It is defended by a bunker and a siege tank, but will it be enough? Two lurkers die fast, but then the tank is gone, and with it most of the repairing scv's. The few remaining scv's are furiously repairing the bunker, but its health is running very critical. But just as the bunker is about to fall, Moon starts some funky lurker dancing, probably trying to save his lurkers from death, but the only thing he got out of it was; the bunker survived, and his lurkers died. Good work Moon, you just gave away a clear victory.

In the sudden silence that follows, Hotdog lands a command center and unloads two dropships of scv's at his lowered natural, trying to get his economy going again. Moon discovers it immediately with his scouting mutalisk flock, but it is scared away by a lone marine in a hastily erected bunker. He then drops two lurkers on high ground, killing a few mining scv's, but the attempt to drop a lurker at the lowered ground is halted by the bunker and the scv's fusion cutters. For the moment, Moon is satisfied with doing what damage he can from high ground.
Moon has expanded to his mineral-only again, and also morphed a hatchery at his top left expansion. Hotdog spots the morphing hatchery with a scan, and noticing the lack of defense, he drops a 1 tank/2 marine force to destroy this very important expansion. But Moon is just as quick, and his 1 lurker/2 hydra rescue force effectively removes the annoying terrans. (25:47)

Yes, I am a criminal. My crime is that of curiosity.

Hotdog grows tired of the lurkers harassing his expansion, and transports a siege tank down, ridding himself of the lurker threat. (26:03) He is low on minerals, but if he can hold this expansion, he will have a solid income for some time to come. Moon has his mineral-only running at full steam, and also starts a nude expansion at the bottom middle starting position, while dropping off a drone at the bottom right expansion.
Unfortunately for Moon, Hotdog picks this moment to start the "Hotdog world tour", a ~8 dropship marine/medic/tank force roaming around the map. Moon is warned when he loses the drone and overlord at the bottom right expansion, but he allows the bottom middle hatchery to finish, and tries to make sunken colonies before the terran force can arrive. Unfortunately, the terrans are quicker than he expected, and he is forced to cancel the colonies, load his drones into a waiting overlord and run home. Hotdog's forces level the expansion in no time, loads up, and head back for home. Moon sends a pack of scourge after them, but is a second to slow, and finds the expansion empty.

Hotdog tries to expand to top right for the third time this game, but for the third time Moon spots it with an overlord, and orders his now veteran mutalisk force to destroy the command center immediately.
Hotdog let the expansion go, and directs the "Hotdog world tour" to the open area between Moon's top left and mineral only expansions.
As a stroke of fate, Hotdog drops his forces right on top of a lone lurker. Yes, it is the same lurker he scared away when he destroyed Moon's mineral-only early in the game. In another lucky move, Moon scourges the only dropship that contains siege tanks. Hotdog unloads the siege tanks, let the first scourge hit, then loads the siege tanks just as the second scourge hits, loosing both the dropship and its cargo. (29:19, 29:21)

My crime is that of judging people by what they say and think, not what they look like.

The lone lurker claims a heavy toll on Hotdog's infantry, and when Moon brings up a reinforcing hydra/lurker force (29:38), the drop force is forced back into the dropships (29:42). But the tour ends here, the remainders of the "Hotdog world tour" runs into an assload of scourge (29:52), and only one dropship remains, carrying...medics.
During all this fighting, Hotdog has been constantly producing, and he already has a new force waiting in his base. Moon has been building 3 hatch zergling for some time now, clearly lacking gas. He also has a new hatchery morphing in the center expansion.
Both players are now more familiar with the map, and realize that you can in fact walk over the whole map on the normal ground. Hotdog moves a marine/tank force towards Moon's expansion area, and sieges 4 tanks outside the walls of Moon's top left expansion, destroying everything except the hatchery and the drones (Moon loaded them into overlords).
As this is happening, Moon loads up ~8 overlords with zerglings and some stray hydralisks. He set course towards Hotdog's only mining base, the lowered natural. At the same time, Hotdog continues his death march towards Moon's mineral-only. The two defending lurkers are no match for siege tanks, and the terran forces make short work of the defenseless hatchery. I don't think Moon really cares, because the expansion is mined dry, and he retreated his workers elsewhere.

Map update #3
My crime is that of outsmarting you, something that you will never forgive me for. 1. Moon's semi-functional expansion
2. Moon's central expansion, under attack from tanks
3. Hotdog's just razed lowered natural
4. Denied terran expansion attempt
5. Moon's former mineral-only expansion

Just as Hotdog orders his forces against the defenseless hatchery, his expansion suddenly turns into a total mess. The sky is covered with overlords, while the ground is swarmed with zerglings. The expansion is rased in seconds, the greedy zergling claws annihilate everything terran. When the expansion is gone, the zerg forces jump into their overlords again, heading towards Hotdog's just rebuilt top right expansion.
For the 4th time this game, the expansion is leveled by ravaging zerg troops, and Hotdog is again left without any income.
But Hotdog is not dead, the force that destroyed Moon's expansions are leveling his middle expansion hatchery just as Hotdog's own expansion is dropped. As this is going on, Moon drops the surviving zerglings on Hotdog's main base. (35:44)

I am a hacker, and this is my manifesto.

The terran main is lightly defended by a bunker and two siege tanks, but despite Moon attacking with ~10 mutas from the outside, Hotdog manages to fend of the attack (35:50, 36:12). Sadly, with the repair costs of the bunker, he is left with exactly 0 minerals, and no working expansion. But Hotdog stays calm, he still has a strong force under his control, and he is not to give up yet.

Ok, lets clear thing up a bit here. Now both players are out of expansions, with the exception of Moon's hatchery at top left. Moon has about 1600 minerals, ~300 gas the a semi-functional top left expansion. Hotdog has 0 minerals and ~400 gas, but he moves the command center from his mineral-only to the much fought over top right expansion spot, and later transfers some scv's there. Moon, trying to gain control, expands to bottom left and bottom right, while gathering his forces in his main. Neither player has any real map control at the moment, forces are about equal, and the game is completely open as we enter the final stage of the game.

Hotdog knows the importance of Moon's top left expansion, and after moving his force back, he attacks it from the outside for the 2nd time. Moon again moves all his drones into overlords, but this time Hotdog destroys the hatchery, leaving nothing but the dying creep.

You may stop this individual, but you can't stop us all...

Now both players are out of resources, but Hotdog is about to claim an expansion, and so is Moon. Moon, unsure about his grip on the game, tries to end it her. He spends his last gas on mutalisks, loads his ~10 lurkers into overlords, adding zerglings as space allows. Then he moves out, a total of 12 overlords and 10 mutalisks, once again heading for the top right expansion spot. As the mutalisks spots the defense of two bunkers and a lone turret, they turn tail and instead attacks some random buildings at Hotdog's mineral-only. Hotdog knows that his expansion defense can't handle this kind of force, so he orders his m&m/tank force back as quick as possible.

Moon decides that the expansion is not worth it, so he orders the overlords to turn against Hotdog's main. The undefended main falls quickly to Moon's ~10 lurkers and ~30 zerglings, but Hotdog got the time he needed, and he gathers his forces right below the terran main. He lifts off most of his buildings, but everything that can't fly soon lay in ruins.
Moon's small mutalisk flock destroy the bunker at Hotdog's mineral-only, but as Hotdog moves a large pack of m&m there, Moon withdraw his mutalisks, circles the m&m, and attacks a lone, undefended tank. Just as the tank health reaches the critical point, a nearby science vessel casts dmatrix on it, and returning marines kills the few remaining mutalisks.

As the last building in Hotdog's main explodes, Moon loads the remaining lurkers/zerglings into overlords, and drops them of just below the former terran main.
This is the final showdown, the remaining terran forces, the final part of the swarm. I can almost sense the players nervousness as they gather their forces, preparing for the one final, game-deciding battle. On one side, 15 marines with medic support, 1 tank and 1 science vessel. On the other side, 7 lurkers, ~10 lings with overlord support. Both players take a deep breath, and the battle is on!
As the overlords are unloading, Hotdog's marines quickly stim, run forward, and kill a few zerglings, before the lurkers burrow and chase the marines away (43:07). Moon orders his overlords towards the waiting marines, unburrows the lurkers, and run a bit forward, burrowing 3 of 7 lurkers. The 4 remaining lurkers try to run forward, but a matrixed marine and a few medics is cleverly blocking the way (43:17). The lurkers run around, trying to find a way, and does, but not before the 3 burrowed lurkers are dead. The path is finally clear, the remaining lurkers run inbetween the marines and burrows. But without the support from other troops, the marines are free to fire on the burrowing lurkers. 3 die from marine fire before they even releases their subterran spines (43:22), and the last one only manages to kill the tank before dying.

...after all, we're all alike.

With that last, 15 second battle, Moon lost every hope of winning this game. He has no choice but to raise the white flag and concede a hard-fought, yet exciting game to his terran foe, Hotdog.

::The scores
The scores are a bit surprising, because even though Hotdog won the game, Moon had a higher total score. Moon scored 135 310 points, while Hotdog got 129 763. I think this is because Moon got many razings from destroying Hotdog's main base, and he also won the unit scores, mainly because he produced way more. Hotdog mined more minerals, but Moon had more gas and spent more resources total.The game lasted for a total of 43:32 min.

::After game thoughts : early game
Both players seemed rather confident in the island game, but did somewhat unusual builds. Moon powered hard in the beginning, delaying lair to get more gas total. This would have payed of vs most other island builds, but unfortunately for Moon, Hotdog did an even more unusual 2 starport, wraith rush / tank/bunker drop build, which turned out to be the perfect counter to Moon's build. Moon later told me that he expected wraith rush, that was why he build the hydralisk den, but he forgot it until the wraith arrived (it was kind of late). Then the drop came surprisingly fast (due to 2nd starport), and Moon used a lot of time/money to fend it of. This gave Hotdog the lead, especially when he destroyed Moon's expansion while keeping his own.

::After game thoughts : mid game
When we entered mid-game, Moon was still hurt from Hotdog's early attack, and his mineral-only was still in Hotdog's hands. But Moon made an impressive comeback with denying two expansion attempts, taking a second gas source and taking back his mineral-only. Hotdog destroyed Moon's expansion, and from there on, it was a constant fight for expansions, with both players trying to expand, while at the same time knocking down enemy expansions. Hotdog broke out with a large drop force, but after some time, Moon managed to destroy it with a much smaller force. As the we entered late game, the game was completely open, with both players having 1 expansion each.

::After game thoughts : late game
As late game initiated, both players knew it was going towards the end, and gathered whatever forces they could afford. Within a few minutes, all working expansions were removed from the map, and neither player could produce any reinforcements. Hotdog finally got his top right expansion up and running, but Moon, seeing that he could not take that expansion, denied Hotdog more troops by razing his main, and with it all his supply depots. The game ended as classic as possible, with a final battle on flat terrain. Both players had an equal winning chance to the last minute, but Hotdog's neat micro trick in the final battle won the game. After all that fighting, it came down to 15 deciding seconds.

::After game thoughts : general
My first impression was something like "wow". This is without doubt one of the most exciting games I have ever seen. It kept me on my toes to the very end. Just to mention some key points; Hotdog with 0 minerals for several minutes, Moon destroying the top right expansion 4 times and of course, the final showdown.
In the end, Hotdog had ~22 000 minerals mined, with Moon ~2000 behind. For a 43 minutes long game, that shows the constant fight for expansions, the heavily involved micromanagement, and finally, the truly back and forth game. I couldn't even guess on who the winner would be, because after Moon's comeback, the game was completely open til the last seconds. I was also very impressed by the players performance on a totally unknown map. They both adspted very well, and I can't really imagine they playing much better on a well known map like e.g dire.

About the replay, Hotdog asked me not to post it, and since he is one of the players, I won't. Sorry, but I won't go against the players wishes. If you don't have Hall of Valhalla, you can download it here.

Standings: Moon : 2, Hotdog : 2.
3 games to go...

Once again, the end is here. As always, it is late, dark and silent. I just want to make a few greetings before it all ends.

First and foremost, many thanks to Anti-Progress for proofreading this thing. I owe you BIG, man, thank you!

Then to the players for their superb performance, to WaxAngel (Jin), Risk and Nwar for the babes, and finally, to for what they do for the community.


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