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Corbalt VS Heaven
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Date: 08/19/01 09:08
Game Type: Starcraft
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Hello, and welcome to another |]agomar battlereport.

You'll see I've changed my style a bit - white background, somewhat different collages, cleaner text - and I'll continue to modify it as time goes on. It's good to change styles, especially when you're going for the highest echelon of gold, and it's even better to do something really original now and then - AKA my next report.

And now a bit of a warning: if you're expecting an epic battlereport from me, your assumptions will not be fulfilled. Decipher that anyway you want.

Anyhow, I rather like the way this looks. Now let's get this show off the ground.

The Game

The popular yet slightly suspicious Corbalt warps in a glistening new Nexus at 6:00, while his ruthless Korean opponent, Heaven, drops his command center down upon the 3:00 resource node, killing several innocent Bengelass.

The Terrans go for a standard wall-in, while their Protoss foes tech to one of their more favored units: the dragoon. There's the normal lull as scouts are dispatched and report back successfully, while scattered troops are produced for the eventual first clash.

That attack comes quickly enough. A single dragoon skitters up to attack, yet he's prohibited from going forward by the wallin. The first tank arrives to chase him away, but soon he's joined by his companion. The two warriors scale the ramp again, only to be repulsed just as badly by what are now double tanks, and a single marine.

Another lull, and in it both opponents continue to research new technologies. Soon enough, Heaven's got a dropper, and he's quick to use it. Loading in two tanks he flies the lot down to the Southwest, unloading right beside the Protoss peon line. Countless probes go up in smoke before the frantic Corbalt can dispatch two new dark templar to squelch the threat.

Unfortunately for the Executor, he didn't get his templar there in time and the dropper/tank combo was able to escape scott free. Heaven is determined to make his foe pay for that mistake, and unloads the tanks just over the waters at the Northwest of the Protoss main. When the tanks pummel a pylon and robo fac with their deadly shells, Corbalt decides he's had just about enough of being on the defensive, loading every dark templar in his possession into a waiting shuttle and dropping them at the Southwestern corner of the enemy main.

The templar dash in and smash a turret, then ravage the rest of the base, killing two supply depots before being driven off by a comsat and a huge tank army. Two survive, however, and they lurk in the shadows as the red tanks finish off the whatever buildings they can hit in the blue main. As the robo facility goes down in a blaze of glory the templar re-emerge in Heaven's main, but they only manage to destroy a single depot before they're killed.

So things are pretty even: the dts were quite effective, but the tank drops did their share of damage too. And now the Terran captain goes on the offensive once again, dropping those same pesky tanks straight upon the Protoss main. Once again they do a good deal of damage, yet this time their success is less impressive, as a massive Protoss army moves in and wipes them out.

But wait - is that another tank drop? That's right - two more tanks roll out of their waiting dropper at the brand new Protoss natural, slaughtering every last probe before they can be dealt with in turn. Needless to say, Corbalt is desperate now. Deadly strikes are crippling his economy from every direction, and the Terran seems one step ahead of him at every turn.

And it's far from over yet. While his natural was being blasted by the tank drop, the Protoss executor wisely expanded to the 9:00 main. Heaven targets this now, sending eight or so vultures speeding over to demolish the bustling base. The first two ‘vults lay a line of mines heading into the place while the next six race on, murdering every last probe, before starting on the nexus. A massive army of dragoons marches in to finish the threat, yet despite a nearby observer they take some serious damage from the mines as they climb up the ramp. The nexus explodes as eight vultures then square off against six dragoons, and, with the aid of quick mines and flanking, the Terrans come out on top! The sole survivor, a single vult with four hitpoints remaining, heads off to the 9:00 natural base to monitor any other expansion attempts in the area.

Corbalt's far from finished, however. He restarts his natural base with the zeal of a true Templar, begins to fortify his mineral only, and drops double goons upon the cliff above Heaven's natural. The Protoss warriors manage to deep-fry a couple peons, but they're unable to take out a turret thanks to a million repairing SCVs. That means the two dts waiting nearby can't rush in and ravage the place, which in turn means that two sieged tanks can chase the goons back. The Terran Captain assumes their gone, and he loads yet another shuttle with double tanks, sending the trusty ship South for yet another drop. Unfortunately, it runs straight into those two goons, and is downed in short order - a stunning victory for Corbalt.

Heaven is not very impressed. Clenching his teeth, he resolves to rid the planet of this Protoss scourge for once and for all. A massive Terran army converges at the center and heads down South, slamming into the brand new Protoss min only base and blowing it to smithereens. Two Archons attempt to intervene, but the powerful tank/sci vessel mix takes care of them easily. And then - a huge surprise for Heaven. Two carriers hurtle into battle, ravaging the defenseless Terran assault and sending the tanks scrambling back to their mainbase. The Science Vessel is quickly downed, and around two thirds of the tanks never return to their homes.

Um . . . yah, that can't be good. The Terran Commander is left with exactly . . . nothing that's of any use at all against carriers. Luckily, he's made sure his foe can't make too many of the big ships yet, since his enemy has wiped out the greater bulk of his economy, and a good chunk of his supply.

Two carriers are still perfectly capable of smashing an utterly undefended natural though. Which is just what they do. Turrets are frantically erected, but since carriers kinda own turrets badly the Protoss dreadnoughts crush the better part of the base - and quite a few tanks - before thundering back into the night.

The carriers hover just over the natural's horizon as Heaven pumps the goliaths like a Somalian monkey on steroids. In the brief lull that follows the now confident Corbalt quickly returns to his main and natural only, building bustling new expansions on the ruins of blackened buildings. But the Terrans aren't through with him yet, and before he cant phase in any type of satisfactory defense another massive attack slams into his mineral only.

With only token goliaths for aireal defense, Heaven knows his attack with be destroyed in the end. All he hopes to do is ensure that the Protoss do not take back those expansions - if they do he'll have a massive carrier doomfleet at the door to his main in no time. So it is that what are now three carriers duel with a couple goliaths for about three seconds, then head off to slaughter the tanks with the help of a couple dark templar. The big human war machines are just barely able to smash both the remade expansions before they are annihilated to the last unit, a somewhat phallic victory for Heaven

Correction: highly phallic. Corbalt has a brand-new expansion going at 9:00, and his carrier fleet is now the major powerhouse in the game. The ships sail North, decimating Heaven's new 12:00 expansion, then head Southeast, laying waste to a sizable chunk of his main before being forced to retreat to a brigade of goliaths, losing a single carrier in the process. With full map control the scheming Protoss Executor is now in firm control of the game, yet somehow he neglects to expand back to his natural.

The carriers head back North, while an enormous army of goliaths tramples down to the South, hoping to smash into more comparatively undefended Protoss bases. There, however, they come across Corbalt's rallying ground militia, and soon the central portion of the map dissolves into a bout of furious fighting. The blue warriors are desperately outnumbered, but they have psionic storm on their side. Although the goliaths end up winning by sheer virtue of numbers ( and by some very nifty storm dancing ), the losses they take are utterly crippling. The conflict is certainly closer to a Protoss victory than a Terran triumph.

Nevertheless, the human commander is relentless, and he orders his survivng, heavily damaged goliath army to continue on their path to the South. Unfortunately for him, though, Corbalt hasn't warped in any new bases at both his natural or mineral only, so there's really not all that much to kill. Instead, the ‘mechs are routed by a number of dragoons, only managing to kill a single ‘goon in the whole excursion.

And as all this is going on, the carriers are wreaking havoc at the 12:00 natural. They manage to get quite a number of kills, but are finally driven away from the critical expansion by a couple trusty missile turrets and a few battered goliaths. With resources running low on either side, neither commander wants to risk an all-out battle quite yet, and both are anxious to preserve what units they have left.

Guess what - Heaven has finally spotted the rebuilt 9:00 expansion, and he's sent all his remaining goliaths to blow it to smithereens. A little problem though - namely, around eight dragoons skittering up from the Protoss main, heading the same direction. The result? With a lot of useless dancing, the ‘goons manage to eradicate the Terran force to the last man, suffering only two losses in return.

Heaven is doing horribly now. The carriers are continuing to make raids upon his main, and bit by bit the sprawling base is succumbing to their dastardly interceptors. Meanwhile, his goliath force is no more, and his resources are running dry from ceaseless hit and runs to his expansions. At this point I'm convinced I know who the victor is . . . .

Until I see a squadron of eight wraiths depart from the Terran main.

The little fighters arrow in on the carriers, but a massive dragoon force surges in from the center to aid the battered ships. A single observer reveals the fighters, and the wraiths begin to take losses. Suddenly, a single goliath shows up and pummels the carriers, recieving a healthy volley of dragoon fire to end its life. Yet this was just enough of a delay for the wraiths to release their final volleys, sending every last carrier tumbling to their doom! Two fighters survive the harrowing flight back to their main through a whirlwind of exploding interceptors and dragoon plasma bolts, but perish soon thereafter when they're ambushed by the vengeful Protoss warriors.

And now the final desperate stretch of the game sweeps over the map. Heaven has detected his foe moving to the 9:00 natural, and he's determined to make sure the Protoss do not begin to outresource him as well ( they already have map control ). Corbalt is already making new carriers, but so far he only has one ready. The entire Terran army rolls out of the 3:00 natural - tanks, vultures, and a goliath or two, reading straight across the map. They run straight into a dark templar, unfortunately, and the remnants of the Executor's goon-based ground armies. The dragoons are quickly dealt with but the dark templar remains, hacking into the goliaths. So it is that when the single blue carrier roars into battle, there's only a single goliath to resist it.

But the assault presses on. A couple vultures race into the 9:00 main and start to ravage the peon line, while the tanks lay into the natural base. The interceptors lay waste to a couple tanks, and the dark templar continues its shadowy assault - until the tanks hit a line of earlier placed mines, which immediately skitter towards the dt. Two mines explode . . . and send five tanks and a single templar to their doom! With his own weapons Heaven cripples his own attack, and the carrier quickly mops up.

Now this would, could have been a great victory for Corbalt, if his entire economy had not just been wiped out. Only a couple probes remain to mine minerals, yet the Executor knows he must respond with a counter as soon as he possibly can. So he sends his single carrier up to the 12:00 natural to cause a little ruckus . . . only to be forced back in short order by a single, continually repaired turret. Heaven is now mining uninterrupted from two bases, but still the game lies in the balance. Another tankdrop has been easily destroyed, more carriers are on the way, and the Protoss quickly move to restore their swarming peon lines . . . .

Until a well supported tank/vulture/goliath army slams into 9:00 in an irresistible follow up to the previous tankpush. Nothing survives the assault, and every last probe is finally ground to dust. The nexus falls, pylons collapse in heaps of rubble, and the noble Corbalt hops into a waiting shuttle, rising into the sky as his bases crumble beneath him.

How about some scores?


Well, that's it. I hope you like it. I tried to take the advice of Dr. Awesome and Drefsab in my previous comments section to head when I worked on this br, and I hope this is a somewhat more pleasing style than what I did before.

I'd also like to apologize for letting off some steam on nohunters a couple days ago, and complaining about Dref's rating for my last report . . . I wasn't aware of the additional responsibilities that come with being a rater, but I'll take them to heart now. Also, my criticism of Dref's rating was quite stupid . . . and eight is not a bad mark at all, and his opinions were all very valid ( if cryptically stated ). Sorry again =).

That's about it. Thanks to The.Confessor for posting the replay ( you can find it here ). Trust me, if Confessor ever asks you if you want to watch a replay, say yes ;). Oh and Erad, yes, the text is almost done, I'll try and finish it all up today.

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