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"You guys are funny. Don't play terran vs toss on island= good joke."

Moon vs Hotdog. Games 2 and 3
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Date: 08/17/01 06:08
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.0, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 9, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for (...Blaze...): 8.8750

This is games 2 and 3 of a seven game series, you can find the first report here. You should go there and read the introduction, so you know what this best of 7 is about. Note that this report is a game 1 spoiler.

This report may contain pictures of female bodies, women wearing bikinis only and/or women in revealing positions. Thus, the report is not suited for kids below 12. Sorry Astic, no report for you.

I was originally going to start on this yesterday, but suddenly I found out that my mice was gayed up, well, one of my mices, which made it very hard to use the computer at all. I went to the city to give the damn salesman some serious headache. Luckily, it turned out that the guy in the store was my generation, e.g, pretty cool. I explained that the mice had turned to the gay side, and that I had tested it on both my comps. So the guy plugs it in the computer, and install some drivers, but the he realizes he has to restart, and seeing how restarting is completely gay (he probably had some porn running), he just grabs a new mice and hands it to me. He then asks for the original box and the receipt, which I, of course, don't have:) So I give him the box that came with the new mice, and walks happy out of the door.
Since I was in the city anyway, I figured I should do something useful, and went to get a haircut, since I pretty much looked like a "survivor" contestant on the last day of show. So just to mention it, the girl who cut my hair has one year of high school, one year of "hairdresser" school, and she has a doctor assistant education. She started to work 11 years ago, have a 3 year old daughter, and was pretty wild when she was young. (I wanted a hair cut, not a life story:) I just shared one of my philosophic ideas with her; "if I had a pretty 16+ daughter, I would lock her down and throw the key, because I know there are crazy people like myself around". Then I bought Nocturne, and a book, "the restaurant at the end of the universe", went home, installed Nocturne, tested it for five minutes, and went back to playing sc as usual. The book owned tho, very sexy:)

Note to readers; english is not my natural language, i wish i could do all the sexy lines, but I can't:(

Game info:
For game two, Moon decided to be unpredictable, and randomed instead of choosing a race. Hotdog stuck with his best, the terrans. The map decided upon was Fading Realm, a ladder map that came with Brood War. It's kind of sad that half of you, at most, have ever played it, but knowing that starcraft is 50% templecraft, I'll throw in some quick map info.

Fading Realm
1. Hotdog's starting position
2. Moon's starting position
3. Moon's two "naturals"
4. Hotdog's two "naturals"
5. The middle expansion, and also the only land path to opponent. Most of the fighting will be going on here.

Fading Realm is a two player, 128x96, twilight world map, where both players has two "naturals". It is a very long map, much like Gauntlet (woha, now everybody gets it), and one expansion to fight over in the middle. The main bases are far away from the naturals, thus you can't really do an early expansion unless you got map control. Terran can somewhat control the middle from cliffs, but other than that, the map is very open.
Also, there is no real choke, a ramp is leading down to each base, but far from the minerals, so bases are really wide open. Neither Hotdog nor Moon has very much experience with the map, they know the layout, but have only a few games on it each.

Game 2 : The dark project

Hotdog, getting his chosen terran at the top position, starts out with a perfect clone, while Moon, finding himself in control of the protoss warriors at the bottom, seem to be happy sending all his probes to one mineral patch, then separating them at arrival. Moon also despise the bad habit of building a probe before clone, he starts his first probe right before Hotdog's first scv finish. Not too good for Moon, with his lazy clone and late probe, he is seriously behind. Lucky for him this is not 12:3 on temple..

As time goes, Moon does a standard pylon-gate-core-gate build, scouting the map with a probe, while Hotdog is going for a just as classic two factory build, researching mines before siege mode. Hotdog only builds two marines as the factory is building. This is vunerable vs a quick zealot rush, but Hotdog counts on the long path and his excellent micromanagement to take out any zealot rushes. Also his scouting scv reports that Moon is teching towards goons. As the first tank and vulture rolls out from the two factories, they are immediately ordered toward Moon's choke point, where an scv is keeping watch, making sure Moon has no gay troops ready to surprise Hotdog's containment attempt. Two marines and a lone scv is also ordered to follow. In Moon's base, only a dragoon and two zealots has emerged from the gateways. This is not looking good for Moon.

When the small force arrive, Moon discovers it with a probe, and attacks immediately with his band of zealots/dragoon. He kills one of the marines and chases the remaining forces away, but the terran troops is quickly reinforced by 1 more tank and 2 more vultures, fully loaded with spider mines. With some mines and tank/vulture micro, Hotdog kills Moon's small force without a single loss.

Hotdog then places mines all over Moon's choke, and places his tanks/vultures to contain Moon. But what is Moon doing, having such a low troop count? The answer soon emerges from his gateways, two dark templar shimmers into the light, and along with a lone zealot, they charge the containment force. Sadly, the strike force dies to mines, but at least takes the two vultures with them.

Moon is still stuck in his base, he got two new dark templars comming, a 3rd gateway warping, and mind control researching in his templar archives. Mind control? I figure he must have misclicked, but when the two dark templar emerges, he immediately merges them to a dark archon, which he places by his nexus. Now Moon starts some serious zealot production, along with templar and dark templar as gas allows. Hotdog starts his first expansion at the top right position, and also sends a lone vulture into Moon's base, where it manages to kill a probe before some zealots and a dt chases it away. Two new factories is started in Hotdog's base, and a few new vultures sendt down to the containment. Hotdog also takes the time to check Moon's naturals for any fancy quick expands.

Map update #1
1. Hotdog's main base, 2 factories pumping units and 2 new ones building
2. Hotdog's building expansion
3. A few of Hotdog's mines
4. Hotdog's containment, 2 tanks, a vulture and a few mines
5. Moon's main base. Moon is pumping from 3 gateways now.

Moon have a thing against containment forces, and after drawing some mines with a zealot, killing a mine and a tank with a dark templar, he launches an attack with his medium-sized zealot/dt force. Two templars are quietly trailing behind, I wonder why Moon never made archon of them, because he has not researched storm yet, and the awesome damage of the archon is always useful. Hotdog does that nasty thing, lays down enough mines to kill most of Moon's force, and since Moon is to gosu to draw mines with a few zealots, he loses most of his attack force. Hotdog didn't really had the troop count he could have at the containment, since he choose to build an expansion instead of pressing his advantage.

When the last vulture and last mine in the field is destroyed, Moon is standing victorious with a few troops left, but Hotdog sends ~10 new vultures to do some damage. These vultures kills two zealots, then tries to attack Moon's base. Moon meet them at his choke with ~8 zealots, and kills most of them before any damage can be done. Moon also sends a lone dark templar to Hotdog's top right expansion, where it kills an scv and a supply depot, but it is so wounded that it is killed by two vulture shots. He also starts a new nexus at the bottom left expansion, defending with a lone dragoon, and adding two dark templar later on.

With 4 gateways, Moon has a new attack force ready in no time, and a few goons, some dts and zealots is soon on their way against Hotdog's expansion. This time, there are few mines in the field, and after losing a few zealots to three tanks and some mines, with the tanks retreating to the expansion, the small force forces Hotdog to cancel his just started middle right expansion. Moon now orders his attack force against Hotdog's top right expansion, only lightly defended by a lone tank, which is quickly killed by a dt.

Then the main protoss force strikes, and the Moon's lone templar, now equipped with psi storm, unleashes the fury of lightning upon the poor scv's. Things are looking grim for Hotdog, if he loose this expansion, he will be outmined 3:1 pretty soon. Hotdog realizes this, and ~8 tanks come to the rescue. Moon's templar fills the air with lightning again, and the hidden warriors turn against the tanks, but a quick scan later, and all of Moon's troops is gone. Hotdog starts two new command centers, and maynards some scv's from his main to replace the lost ones at the expansion.

For a short time, there is silence over the realm, but not for long. Both players kept their macro up during the last battle, and a few seconds later, Hotdog moves out a large tank force with a few vultures for support. This large force is confidently rolling down the path, but suddenly, its movement is disrupted by a medium-sized zealot/dragoon force. A hard battle starts in the middle, with Hotdog comming out victorious. Hotdog's force continues its attack, and moves against Moon's middle left expansion. Hotdog seems to have his attention elsewhere, he don't scan when two dark templars kills his 2 tank/4 vulture force that was attacking the middle left nexus, or when 3 dark templars kills the 5 tanks left in siege mode outside Moon's outer choke.

Map update #2
1. Moon's expansions. The middle left expansion was just under attack.
2. The place for the last battle. Moon just killed Hotdog's last tank.
3. New forces comming from Hotdog's main.
4. Hotdog's first expansion, where most of battle #2 took place.
5. New terran expansion at middle right

Hotdog's middle right expansion is just comming online, and in his main, a starport is building, maybe with some tank drops in mind. I should also mention that Hotdog is the only one with any upgrades, +1 attack on his metal.

There is no time for rest in this game, and Moon gathers a very strong force of 2 archons, 6 dts and 4 zealots in the middle of the map. Two dts are sendt to scout, and they kill an scv working on a turret, then attacks the turret. Hotdog reacts quickly, and after a scan, one of Moon's dts does the "blue smoke tricks", while the other limps away. Moon decides he has a strong enough force to fight Hotdog, and sends 2 archons, 4 dts and 4 zealots at Hotdog's forces.

Hotdog is ready, and with ~10 tanks, some vultures and a quick scan, he comes out victorious with 2 wounded tanks and 2 vultures remaining. Moon's small 5 zealot reinforcement force is effectively killed by some excellent tank/vulture/mine micro.

Hotdog now tries to fortify the middle, sieging tanks and erecting turrets a screen or so away from the middle resources. Moon gathers his forces right in the middle, but suddenly, there seems to be a pause in the action, as both players gathers forces. The game is very undecided at the moment, both players has two expansions, and even if Hotdog has 1/1 metal, Moon's dt/zealot/templar combos have proved very effective so far.
But just as Moon is preparing his new attack force, the probes on his middle left expansion is hit by arclite fire. Hotdog had just dropped two tanks on the ledge overlooking Moon's middle left expansion, and Moon don't even has a robotics facility yet.

Map update #3
1. Hotdog's stroke of genius, the turbo-newbie that destroys Moon's expansion
2. Moon's new army gathering for battle
3. Hotdog's army, blocking the middle. Turrets are being erected.

Needless to say, the expansion is destroyed, and suddenly, the game clearly tipped in Hotdog's favour. With 1 more expansion, more upgrades and the awesome power of the terran metal, Hotdog turned the game from a stalemate till a do-or-die situation.

Moon realizes he has to do something quick, or Hotdog will have him outresourced and outmatched in no time. He gathers his army, and launches an all-out attack against Hotdog's forces in the middle. Moon manage to destroy most of Hotdog's forces, before losing his own to reinforcements from Hotdog's main base.

Moon's quick follow-up force of dragoons, zealots, probes and dts actually destroys Hotdog's middle right expansion, and now the game should be even again. Hotdog still has some excess resources, and heavily fortifies the middle with tanks, and then land a command center there. In between all this, Moon mind controls a empty dropship hanging around.

Moon is really pushing Hotdog here, even with his resources dwindling, he cleans up every last piece of terran troops from the middle with a flank move, and still has a strong force remaining. Hotdog has a few reinforcements comming, but if he doesn't do something soon, there won't be anything to reinforce here. Fortunately for Hotdog, most of Moon's troops are wounded, so 1 tank shot kills 2 dts and a zealot, and with some troops running away to Hotdog's last exp, Hotdog manage to get control of the middle again. He also cleverly runs a few vultures past the fighting troops and places a few mines in the middle, killing Moon's reinforcement force. At Hotdog's expansion, the small remaining protoss force is killed by scv's and a lone tank.

With Hotdog now having control of the middle, and Moon without resources, the game is really over in Hotdog's favour. To make matters worse, Hotdog drops 2 tanks and run 4 vultures behind Moon's last working mineral line. Moon kills the attack with 3 archons, and mind controls the last vulture, but the damage is done. Moon is completely out of resources, and seeing how Hotdog now have game control and superior forces, Moon concedes a hard-fought game to his terran foe.

If you look at the final scores, Hotdog got 118 833 points, while Moon got 118 438. Thats 395 more points for Hotdog, and really shows how close this game was. I originally put my bet on Hotdog for this, especially since he went 3-0 tvp vs Moon on New Remote Outpost in the warm-up games. But Moon really surprised me here, and made this a truly great game both to watch and to report. If you want to see the rest of the scores, you'll have to download the replay.

After game thoughts:
I thought Moon was dead when Hotdog managed to mine his choke and fortify with tanks, but Moon's dts and zealots managed to break the containment pretty fast. Even if Hotdog expanded way earlier than Moon, Moon managed to pump constant units out of 4 gateways from his single base. Despite Hotdog having a solid 4 factories pumping when his expansion got online, Moon kept the pressure up, and even managed to hurt Hotdog's expansion, while expanding to both his expansions. I don't know if the dark archon/mind control will be 'the' counter to tank drops, as Moon explained after the game, but I'm sure it could be good on Remote vs Boxer:)
Hotdog clearly showed why he is best vs protoss in this game, he kept macro and micro up during the whole game, and he did the game-winning tank drop when it was most needed. His vulture control was nothing short of excellent, he knew very well when and where to place the spider mines. I think a few tanks overlooking the middle would have done well, but other than that, Hotdog did a very good game on a hard terran map.

Download the replay. This game was also a very close game, a hard fought battle for the middle region of the map, where Hotdog finally came out victorious. Note: don't mind the player names, the games were played on our internal server, and we had a little name fun. Hotdog=TheMarine, Moon=Allah-El-Akhbar.

Standings: Moon : 1, Hotdog : 1.
5 games to go...

A little Blaze story: I was going to the video store to rent a video, picking "The Art of War", featuring Wesley Snipes. I had to wait a few minutes for the bus, so I talked a bit to the girl behind the counter. She looked fairly all right I guess, but since I'm blessed with a girlfriend (she's a model, gogo blaze:), I didn't thought much about her. So I went home and watched the video with some friends. It sucked badly, so the next day I returned, and the same girl was behind the counter. I demanded a new video for free, since the first one was soo bad, and to my surprise I got it:) I then spendt a few minutes talking to the girl again, and got on the bus home. A few seconds after the bus left, I got a sms message on my cellular, and it was from the girl. Turned out she had found my phone number in the video store database. So I answered, you know, because I'm nice, and because it's always good to know many girls:) The girl seemed nice enough, she was kinda cool. But later that evening I got something like this: "Hey, I'm going to visit my boyfriend now, but if you want to, you can come over tomorrow for sex". I'm like, wtf, what did I do? I was just nice, like I always am, and now this:( Trying to not hurt her feelings, I told her that I had to go to the hospital tomorrow, so unfortunately, I was unavailable...later, it turned out that her boyfriend read her sms', and he broke up:)

Game info:
Moon decided to be unpredictable again, and did not pick a race before the countdown reached the zero mark. Hotdog picked terrans as usual, really wanting to do his best for the series.
The map picked for this game was New Remote Outpost, a popular tournament map. Some map info for those unfamiliar with it:

New Remote Outpost
1. Moon's starting position
2. Hotdog's starting position
3. The very important middle platform. Both players have two bridges from their "territory" leading here, and he who controls the middle also controls all expansions except the respective mineral-onlys.
4. Hotdog's "natural", mineral-only.
5. Moon's "natural", mineral-only.

New Remote Outpost is a space tileset map, 128x128. There are 4 starting positions, one in each corner. All players control a raised platform, with a ramp leading down to lower ground. Then there is a natural on lowered ground, and two bridges leading out to the middle platform. Most of the fighting usually goes on on the middle platform, and the player who controls this platform got map control.
Moon has played 4 games on it, the 4 warm-up games, where he lost 3 pvt and one tvp. Hotdog has more experience, he has ~20 games on it.

Game 3 : Micro Wars

When the New Remote space world fades onto the monitors, Hotdogs finds himself as red terran in the down right position, while Moon is happy to find a orange hatchery at the top left position. Hotdog again performs a picture-perfect clone, while Moon seems uncomfortable with his keyboard, and does an ok clone, but again fails to start a new drone before the clone. Moon also orders his overlord towards the top right position, and the 2nd overlord against the bottom left position. Hotdog, on the other hand, scouts the map counter-clockwise with an scv.

In both bases battle plans are shaping, with Hotdog doing a supply-rax-rax-supply, again picking the strong m&m approach. In Moon's base, a hatchery is morphing at the choke, a spawning pool's hp is ticking towards 750 hp, and an extractor is started. Moon seems to be going 2 hatch lurker/hydra of one base, a pretty risky move, taking Hotdog's m&m choice and micro capabilities into consideration. As Hotdog's scv arrives at Moon's base, Moon immediately attacks it with a drone. The drone and the scv fights for a few seconds, but when the drone reaches 7 hp, Moon orders it back to mining, and sends another one to fight the scv. The scv runs away, and the drone morps into a creep colony, later to become a sunken.

Moon starts his lair the second he get 100 gas, and his hydra den a bit later. The annoying scv is finally killed by the sunken colony, and Moon's base is again free of enemy intruders.
But how long will the sun shine in Moon world...Hotdog has ~8 marines by now, he just finished his ebay, and started the +1 attack, an academy, and a supply. He also moves his marines to his choke, to intercept any speedlings from Moon.

Moon spawns a pack of speedlings, adds a sunken behind his mineral line for drop defense, and sends two lings out to scout. Hotdog starts his first two medics, and Moon's lurker upgrade is only half done by now. This might be bad, one sunken won't hold a strong m&m force. One of Moon's zergling scouts sneaks by the defending marine force, and kills an scv working on a factory, before it is killed by another scv. We get a foresight on the micro battles that is about to come when the zergling takes a few hits on the scv, then run away to regenerate, then attacks again, and again runs away, before the scv finally is victorious with 5 hp remaining. In Moon's base, the first two lurkers are morphing, and a strong speedling force is waiting to support the lurkers. He also sends two drones out for expansion, and starts two new hatcheries, one at the top middle position and one at the bottom left start position. Hotdog is almost done with his +1 attack upgrade, and he has a strong 20+ m&m force waiting a little outside his base.

As Moon's first two lurkers completes, he orders them, along with ~20 zerglings and a lone hydra, to attack move against Hotdog's main. At exactly the same time, Hotdog orders his ~15 m&m against Moon's base, and thus, the opposing forces clash into each other in the middle of the map. Hotdog's +1 attack finishes just as the battle begins, and since the zerglings ran a bit in front of the lurkers, they are all killed with the loss of a single marine. Hotdog know fully well that the small ling force will be followed by lurkers, but Moon cleverly pushes with his two lurkers, while morphing new ones in his base, and Hotdog is slowly retreating back towards his base, while losing marines.

He is in desperate need of the lone tank qued up in his factory, and also starts a science facility as his starports finishes, realizing the need for detection. I wonder why the marines do not simply kills the lurkers, but when I check Hotdog's comsat, I know why. 42 and ticking... A marine force as strong as Hotdog's at the moment should have no problem killing two lonely lurkers, but while Hotdog is waiting for scan, Moon is morphing more lurkers, and sending them down to the battlefield. Also remember that Moon has two expansion morphing, if he can keep them and maintain the current pressure on Hotdog, he will be able to produce a very large and dangerous army very fast.

Moon manage to push Hotdog across Hotdog's home bridge before the first tank arrive. Hotdog hastily erects two turrets, one covering each bridge. Now lets take a map update, this is confusing right from the start.

Map update #1
1. Moon's top middle expansion
2. A small ling force on a scouting mission
3. A few drones being transferred to Moon's expansion
4. Moon's 4 lurker containment force
5. Hotdog's strong m&m + 1 tank force
6. Moon's bottom left expansion

Hotdog has completed a dropship, which he loads with 6 marines and sends it towards Moon's bottom left expansion. Unfortunately, Moon defends his expansion with a lurker, and along with some hastily morped zerglings, the small force quickly beats the dust. While this is going on, Moon manages to take down the turret covering one of the bridges, but fortunately for Hotdog, his first science vessel just arrived. Suddenly, the situation has changed radically. Moon has only 4 lurkers to hold back the large terran force of 2 tanks, ~20 1/1 m&m and a science vessel. Hotdog orders his army against Moon's base, and using the superior range of the tanks, Hotdog forces the lurkers slowly fall back against Moon's base. But as only two of the lurkers remain, Moon pulls out 4 scourge, who immediately suicides into the metal plates of the science vessel, killing the one unit that the whole assaults relied upon.

Hotdog is no fool thought, and he quickly stimms his marines and run them towards Moon's bottom left expansion, while leaving the two tanks behind to combat the remaining lurkers. Moon kills the tanks effectively, but his expansion is under heavy fire from a large m&m force, and even if the lone lurker claims its toll on the marines, it is killed quickly when a scan reveals it. Hotdog now lays waste to the expansion, and Moon chooses to let it go.

After the expansion is destroyed, Hotdog loads his dropship with a small marine/medic force, seemingly going for some expansion hunting.

If you read game 1, you'll remember the constant fighting, the micromanaged battles, and the struggle for expansions. This game is absolutely no different, while Hotdog is destroying Moon's expansion, Moon gathers a force of 8 lurkers and attacks Hotdog's newly produced marine/tank force. Hotdog microes well, and after a few marines die, the lurkers are forced to flee, leaving 3 of their kind behind. At the same time, Hotdog lands a command center at his closest expansion, and also starts a command center nude at the top right position. Moon quickly discovers this with a drone, and sends a small squad of zerglings, that forces Hotdog to cancel the command center. Moon starts a new hatchery on the smoldering ruins of Hotdog's command center.

Remember Hotdog's dropship? He filled it with a m&m force, and now he drops it of on Moon's only functional expansion, the top middle expansion. Moon has only one lurker to defend, but unfortunately, 1 lurker do bad against 6 marines. Moon does his best, he places all his drones above the lurker so it is harder to hit, and when Hotdog scans and attacks the lurker, Moon attacks with his drones.

Unfortunately, the lurker dies after two seconds, and Hotdog kills every drone at the expansion, then load the marines up i the dropship, heading home just as Moon's rescue force arrived. Hotdog also tries to drop Moon's morphing top right expansion, but is chased away by zerglings.

All this is probably confusing for the readers, so let me brief you on the current base/troop status. Hotdog currently controls his main base and his closest mineral-only expansion. His troop could is exactly 26 marines, 7 medics, 6 tanks and 2 science vessels. His marines has 1/1 upgrades, but with only one gas source available, Hotdog have to spend his gas on tanks and vessels to combat the growing zerg minions. The terran commander have the tech to produce all terran troops, with the exception of the goliath, the ghost and the battlecruiser.

Map update #2
1. Moon's destroyed bottom left expansion
2. Some terran troops left after destroying Moon's expansion
3. Drop site, Moon's hatch is still there, but all drones were killed
4. New hatchery, defended by ~20 lings
5. 4 lurkers burrowed at the bridge
6. Hotdog's large m&m/tanks/vessel force
7. Hotdog's just started mineral only expansion

Moon controls 8 lurkers and 11 hydras, along with ~20 zerglings scattered across the map. He has 4 hatcheries, two in his main, one at the top middle expansion, and one at the top right expansion. Moon's hydras and lurkers have +2 attack upgrades, but Moon is upgrading from dual evolution chambers, and is currently morphing a hive to access higher level upgrades and units. Both players have some excess resources, probably because of the heated micro battles constantly going on.

And back to the battle. Hotdog orders the ~12 m&m that were left down left after destroying the hatchery placed there, back home. Unfortunately, they run into Moon's lurkers, and after losing a few of their numbers, they have to fall back a bit. Moon sends a small (~10) hydra force down to support the lurkers, but ends up losing most of it to the m&m force. Hotdog matrixes one of the marines, but he don't dare to attack the strong lurker/hydra force that Moon controls on his bridge. Moon unburrows, kills most of the marines with his lurkers, then finishes of the rest with some hydras from his main base. By now, both players have mined dry their main, and Hotdog is in desperate need of a gas expansion to catch up on upgrades and troops. Moon on the other hand, has excess gas, but needs more minerals.

Moon sends two scourge in, to scout, and to destroy any air targets he can find. He ends up killing a dropship, while missing a science vessels only a few pixels away. Hotdog know he need to do something soon, if don't want to be overrun by zerg forces. He gathers his whole army, and moves out, crossing the bridge, rolling on, and smacking right into the zerg army. After losing some marines to lurker spines, he rethinks his moves, and starts firing at the lurkers with his siege tanks. Moon tries some nifty hydra dancing, but ends up losing most of his hydras.

Hotdog then sieges his 7-8 tanks on the bridge, loses his vessel to scourge, scans and chases away the lurkers, and orders most of his m&m against the top right expansion. This expansion is lightly defended by ~12 zerglings, and needless to say, Hotdog rased the hatchery pretty quick. Moon burrowed all his drones, but unburrowed them later to kill some medics standing above them. Unfortunately, Hotdog reacted quickly and killed them with his marines.

Now both players controls one expansion, but while Hotdog has excess minerals, Moon has excess gas. None of the players have a force strong enough to destroy the opponent's well positioned forces. So the game seems to be a stalemate, with Moon producing drones and Hotdog still scrambling for that gas node. But suddenly, Hotdog get the idea of unsieging his ~8 tanks, and attack Moon's hydra/lurker force with them.

Of course, Hotdog was not aware of the fact that Moon had just reinforced his small force with ~24 hydras and 3 lurkers, thus Moon proceeds to annihilate Hotdog's tanks and the few m&m left with ease. Both players had an equal chance of winning, but with that move, Hotdog really gave the game away. The path to Hotdog's base lays wide open, and staring into the eyes of seemingly hundreds of hydralisks, Hotdog raises the white flag, jumps into his command center, and slowly floats into orbit as his bases and remaining troops are annihilated by the zerg swarm..

This game was also amazingly close, Moon scored 65 384 points, while Hotdog had 59 316. The game lasted for a total time of 19:16, and very few units were killed. Moon killed a total of 84 units, while Hotdog killed 116. Very few kills for a 20 min game, and this shows how micromanagement heavy this game was.

After game thoughts:
This was a very closely fought game, and all battles was micromanaged like no tomorrow. Hotdog made some bad decitions/was a bit unlucky a few times, and vs a player like Moon, you can't do many mistakes before the "defeat" screen pops up. In the first battle, Hotdog was haunted by some bad timing, he spendt his first comsat to early, if he had energy for a scan when Moon had only two lurkers, he could have just killed the lurkers and contained Moon. Instead, Hotdog became contained by lurkers, and Moon got his very important expansion up and running.
Also, he was unlucky with the tank strike in the end, he would have easily killed the ~10 hydra/lurkers that were originally there, but Moon had just reinforced with a strong hydra force, and Hotdog lost all of his tanks. Very much of the game in general was back and forth fighting in the middle, both players microed their units very well, and losses were few on both sides.
Hotdog suffered from the lack of a second gas source most of the game, and with Moon scourging his vessels, he was forced to spend the little gas he had on new vessels. Hotdog was also sloppy on the macro, in the end he had close to 4000 minerals, but almost no gas, while Moon was close to zero mark on minerals and swimming in gas. All in all, this was another very impressive zerg vs terran game. It is truly fun to watch good players fight back and forth using their best races.

Download the replay. Notice the unit control displayed throughout the whole game, this was a really good game.

Standings: Moon : 2, Hotdog : 1.
4 games to go...

And I bring you a new sneak peak; this time on the upcomming game 4, a truly epic zerg vs terran on New Halls of Valhalla:

A few shout outs:
: Congratulations Hotdog on winning the latest nowegian LAN party, gg Hotdog, you own.
: And also gl to |]agomar with his rater assignment, gw man, you deserve it.

HellBoy: Greeting also goes to HellBoy of FISK Crew, for beeing out self-appointed Net, Tech and Info crew at our LAN parties, providing everyone with an in-house server, plus many other elite features of his neat server ;-)

Then, the end is here, "Man on the Moon" is playing on winamp, my cola is empty, and the darkness filled the room many hours ago. But the report is done, posted and checked, so why care for the small things? I hope you are all looking forward to the remaining (4) games, believe me, they are worth waiting for!


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