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"KaD attempts to disprove the theory that you cannot pull Vespene gas out of your ass"

Martyr Vs. Eagle2i: Part 1
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Date: 08/15/01 11:08
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 8.7, # of Ratings: 3, Max: 9, Min: 8
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SCV IncorporatedTM Presents...

Martyr vs. Eagle

Please Note: This report contains a large number of pictures as well as a number of small flash movies so it may take a while to download. To view this report properly you will need the Macromedia Flash Player Plug-In.

Welcome one and all to another [ScV] battle report. This week's report is the final of a 32 player 1v1 tourney run by Jules on the aus-1 server. The finalists of the tourney were [aLt]Eagle2i and Martyr^DAG^ and the final series would be played over 3 games. Each player would get to choose a map, with the final round map (if needed) being chosen by Jules.

And now, the players: Martyr^DAG^. Aside from representing Australia in the finals of the Super 12 series against New Zealand and South Africa, Martyr is an excellent player with a very strong Terran game.

[aLt]Eagle2i Another excellent player, Eagle is a member of a top Singapore clan [aLt].

Game 1

Game 1 was to be played on the map Lost Temple Game-Q and was Eagle's choice of map. With the map chosen, The clock counted down and the game was underway.

Eagle chose Protoss and began at the 12:00 position, whilst his opponent Martyr selected Terran and landed his Command Center at the 9:00 start.

Lost Temple Game-Q

Both players lay down their initial builds. Martyr opts for a metal build to combat his Protoss opponent, while Eagle goes for Dragoon containment. Each player's build orders can be seen below.

Both players send out a worker to scout in a clock-wise direction which means that Martyr is the first to find his foe.

Martyr continues his metal build with the addition of a Starport. Eagle sets his Dragoon containment squad outside the range of and Terran Siege Tanks and begins a Nexus at his natural expansion.

Eagle begins a Robotics Facility while Martyr loads four Vultures into a Dropship and heads for the rear of the Protoss main. A ComSat reveals no cannons or troops in the Protoss base. However, it misses a single Dragoon waiting at the very edge of Eagle's base for just such an attack.

The Dragoon gives Eagle the warning to pull another Dragoon into his main. Martyr unloads two Vultures at each end of the mineral line and begins to lay mines.

A brief battle ensues and Eagle throws an extra Dragoon into the fight. With assistance from a number of probes, Eagle defeats the Vultures at the cost of two Dragoons and some Probes while Martyr looses all four Vultures and his Shuttle.

During the assault Eagle also begins warping in an Observatory to help him combat the Spider Mines.

Martyr scan his opponent's natural and see the expansion there, then loads up a new Dropship, this time with two Siege Tanks. Martyr drops one Tank on the low ground behind Eagle's gas geyser and then unloads the other up on the plateau of the Protoss base.

Eagle counters by moving his Dragoons in close to the Tank on the cliff and then shuttling them down to the low ground, unloading them right next to the sieged Tank. At the same time Eagle also unloads two Dragoons and a Probe on the cliff overlooking his natural to prevent any turbo newbie attempts by Martyr.

Eagle also start another expansion, this time at the 3:00 main. Martyr also starts to prepare for an expansion, constructing a Command Center in his main to float down to his natural.

Martyr decides to go on the attack again and loads two more tanks into his Drop Ship ad head once more for the back of the Protoss main. However, two Dragoons are stationed on the low ground there and the Drop Ship and its cargo is destroyed.

Martyr floats the new Command Center to his natural and begins constructing a third Command Center. He reinforces this new expansion with some turrets before maynarding a group of SCVs to begin mining.

Eagle warps in a Templar Archives and sends reinforcements to his containment at the Terran mineral only. At the same time, Martyr begins moving his force of Tanks to his natural expansion and floats his third Command Center towards the top left island.

Siege Tank fire drives to containing Dragoons back and Martyr continues to push out from his natural but Eagle is able to use his greater numbers to force the Terran force to retreat back to safety.

At his 3:00 expansion, Eagle begins warping in a Starport, either for Carriers or perhaps Arbiters. Martyr continues to mass Tanks at his natural until he has a force of eleven.

lets pause now to take a look at the map and see how the players are going.

Eagle also takes advantage of the the fact that his opponent is contained and begins another expansion, this time at the 6:00 Natural. At the same time Martyr lands his Command Center on the top left island and begins producing SCVs.

Unfortunately for Martyr a Protoss Observer patrolling the island spots this expansion attempt and a Shuttle containing two Dragoons is dispatched by Eagle to destroy it.

Martyr is able to float the Command Center safely off the island but his expansion attempt is denied.

At the same time a lone Terran Marine discovers Eagle's 6:00 expansion. A newly warped Photon Cannon soon sees off the scout, but an SCV is able to sneak past up the the 6:00 Main.

Martyr attempts to push out from his natural once again. However Eagle has added Zealots and Dark Templar to his containing force to help combat the massed Tanks.

Not to be deterred, Martyr cleverly uses a combination of ComSat and Tank micro to draw out the Dark Templar and Zealots. With this threat gone the Tanks are able to drive back the containing Dragoons.

With the containing force driven back Martyr takes the opportunity to land the Command Center (the one floating back from the island) at his Mineral Only expansion. SCVs quickly arrive on the scene to begin mining, and to help fortify the position with Missile Turrets.

Along with the Turrets Martyr also begins constructing Supply Depots between the walls near the expansion and the ledges of his Main, thereby creating an artificial wall-in and choke.

During this action Martyr has also been busy at the 6:00 main, with the SCV there beginning construction of two new Factories. Eagle adds a second Stargate at his 3:00 expansion.

Eagle also adds a Fleet Beacon in his main and Carriers soon begin to warp in through the Stargates. In Martyr's main four Barracks are being constructed to provide Terran infantry to support the Heavy Metal units.

Eagle has been steadily massing troops from six Gateways and his force in the center of the map now consists of sixteen Zealots, seven Dragoons and three Archons.

A check of unit upgrades reveals that Eagle's Protoss troops are at 1/0/2 while Martyr's units remain at 0/0. Martyr is preparing to remedy this by constructing two Armories in his Main.

Martyr has been making Vultures out of his new factories at 6:00 and has mined both the choke at the 6:00 natural and the ramp leading up to the Main.

When he feels that his forces are ready, Eagle prepares to assault Martyr's mineral only expansion.

He sends a group of nine Zealots towards the top of the expansion while sending the balance of his troops to attack from below. This forces Martyr's units to split their fire, giving the Protoss units a chance to close with the Tanks.

Unfortunately for Eagle the attack did not go as planned. The Zealots attacking from the top were hit by arclite cannon fire as they closed, but the majority of Martyr's Tanks remained un-sieged and could fire at the Zealots at close range.

The Zealots managed to kill all the Tanks but only at the cost of all nine Zealots.

The Protoss force attacking from below was stalled by the Supply Depot wall-in Martyr had constructed, but the attack pressed on destroying all but two Tanks. Just when it seemed that Martyr's expansion would fall reinforcing Tanks arrived and the expansion was saved.

With his mineral only secured, Martyr begins a Command Center at the 6:00 main and also starts constructing another Command Center on the top left island with an SCV left over from the previous expansion attempt.

The island expansion attempt is doomed from the start as the Dragoons Eagle sent to deny the first expansion attempt are still there, and they make short work of the SCV.

Over at Eagle's 3:00 expansion, the first Carriers have also finished warping and more are on the way from the three Stargates there.

Martyr has begun building Tanks at his Factories at 6:00 to bombard Eagle's expansion at the 6:00 natural. Eagle has other ideas and sends a new force from his main to eliminate the Terran threat.

Martyr's fledgling expansion at the 6:00 main is protected by five Vultures, two newly made Siege Tanks and a number of Spider Mines. Eagle starts his offensive by shuttling two Archons into the midst of the Terran defenders.

Unfortunately for Martyr, one of his Tanks is still in the process of sieging, and so is unable to fire on the Archons as they land. On top of this, the Archons do not set off the Mines.

With the help of a nearby Observer, the Archons are able to clear away a number of the mines making way for the rest of Eagle's force to move up the ramp. Martyr is able to destroy the Archons but not before losing a Tank and two Vultures.

Lets take a second now to check out each player's upgrades.

At this point Eagle is in front in upgrades, but Martyr's two armories are almost finished their first upgrades also.

Two new Tanks roll out of the Factories to help reinforce Martyr's position at 6:00 and an SCV begins Turret construction to deter any further drop attempts.

As the Tanks siege up to begin attacking the Protoss expansion at the 6:00 natural Eagle has time for one more drop before the first Turret is completed. Four Zealots are unloaded amongst the sieged Tanks.

The remaining Spider Mines quickly target the Zealots but end up doing more damage to the Terran units. The Zealots destroy the remaining Tanks and some Dragoons head in to finish the job. Two new Tanks from the Factories are quickly dealt with and Martyr floats his Command Center rather than have it destroyed.

With Martyr's expansion attempt at the 6:00 main denied, Eagle sends in a Probe to begin warping in a Nexus to begin his own expansion there.

While his expansion at 6:00 is being destroyed Martyr has been steadily building his forces at his mineral only expansion.

Martyr has been playing a mostly defensive game, but now he takes his massed force of Tanks, Vultures and Infantry and heads south to the 6:00 natural to extract some revenge for the loss of his expansion there.

The Terran force parks at the 6:00 mineral only. The Tanks siege and Arclite fire begins pounding the Protoss base at the 6:00 natural. Eagle attempts to halt the Terran attack by sending a mixed force of Dragoons, Zealots and Templar.

Eagle's psi storm proves to be the most useful weapon in the attack, destroying a number of Tanks and Marines. But once the Templar are eliminated the Dragoons and Zealots are unable to finish the job and Martyr's Tanks resume their fire on the Nexus, quickly destroying it.

By way of response Eagle sends his five Carriers to the cliff over Martyr's natural expansion. The Carriers destroy the Refinery and some Turrets before Martyr becomes aware of the threat and sends some Marines to see off the Carriers.

The Carriers kill a few Marines but newly made Goliaths cause Eagle to pull his Carriers back a safe distance from the Terran expansion.

Martyr's victorious forces at the 6:00 natural advance to the ramp, ready to push up into the 6:00 main base where Eagle is busily warping in Photon Cannons for defense.

Martyr also lands his Command Center that he floated to safety at the 6:00 mineral only to start an expansion there.

And now lets take another pause to re-assess the map.

Back at 6:00, Eagle's new expansion is looking threatened by Martyr's force coming up the ramp. The Protoss expansion is defended only by two Dragoons and two Zealots and is about to be assaulted by a combined force of Tanks, Vultures and M+Ms.

Eagle begins to hastily warp in Cannons to protect his expansion and to buy him some time... Because two new Carriers are speeding to the rescue.

Martyr's Terran forces make short work of the defenders and begin to pound on the warping Cannons. The Tanks begin to siege and are hammering the Protoss Nexus when the Carrier relief force arrives.

Martyr, realizing that Carriers > Tanks, leaves his Tanks in siege mode in the hopes that they will destroy the Nexus before they themselves are destroyed. This gamble pays off and the Tanks are able to destroy the Nexus but are finished off shortly after.

With the threat to his 6:00 expansion removed, Eagle once again begins mining the minerals there. At the same time he also starts a new expansion at the 3:00 natural.

Martyr continues to mass units and soon has a sizeable force of Tanks, Goliaths and M+M located at his Natural and Mineral Only expansions.

Eagle starts using his Carriers to harass Martyr, sending the group hovering near the Terran Natural to attack.

To distract his opponent from directly targeting the Carriers Eagle also launches an assault on Martyr's fledgling 6:00 Mineral Only expansion. Without protection, the SCVs mining there are forced to flee the Protoss Carriers.

Soon Protoss foot units join the assault and Martyr is reduced to a single operational mining base.

Even though Martyr has only one mining base, he still has a large combined force at his disposal, while Eagle has only his Carriers and a few scattered ground units, but with three mining bases he can quickly create more.

Gathering his forces at his Mineral Only expansion, Martyr prepares to attack. With almost no resources left it is an all or nothing gambit but there is a good chance that he can steam-roll through the undefended Protoss bases before the Carrier force can arrive.

Largely ignoring the Carriers attacking his mined out Natural Martyr sends his forces across the center of the map towards the Protoss Carrier production facility at 3:00.

Unfortunately for Martyr there are four High Templar waiting in the center of the map, and Psi-Storm accounts for over half of the massed Terran force.

Martyr is committed to the attack and pushes on with the remainder of his forces. The Terran units arrive at the 3:00 natural and begin to attack but Carriers, Cannon and Storm (oh my) prove too much, and Martyr's remaining troops are cut down.

With no units and with minerals running out it seems that Martyr has reached the end of the road. Although he puts up a brave fight with his remaining Marines and Missile Turrets it is not enough and the Protoss forces of Eagle stream into the Terran bases to finish the game.

Eagle's Carrier force leads the assault and a steady stream of troops pour in from the Protoss bases to destroy the final Terran resistance.

At the end of game 1 Eagle emerges triumphant and with a 1-0 lead going into game 2.

And Now, the final scores:

With game 1 over, Eagle has taken the lead and Martyr is ready to seek his revenge, which brings us nicely to:

Game 2 is Martyr's turn to choose the map, and he selects New Remote Outpost as the field of battle. The clock counts down, and the game begins.

Martyr begins the game as Protoss in the bottom right hand corner whilst Eagle lands his Terran Command Center in the top right corner of the map.

New Remote Outpost

Both players set to work on their initial build orders with Martyr teching to Templar and Eagle going for a quick metal build with a wall-in. Each player's build order can be seen below.

Martyr scouts with his ninth Probe and finds his opponent in the first place he checks, while Eagle scouts with his eleventh SCV and also finds his enemy first up.

Both players then set their scouts to circle in the enemy base while they continue with their builds. Eagle is the first to pull his SCV away to safety, while Martyr's Probe stays around to cause trouble.

Seeing that Eagle has begun constructing a Factory Martyr orders his Probe to build a Pylon next to it, in the place where the Machine Shop should be. This forces Eagle to either spend time destroying the Pylon or lift off the Factory and land it somewhere else.

With Spider Mines being delayed and knowing that his opponent is teching towards Templar, Eagle starts an Academy for ComSat to stop Dark Templar. He also lifts off his Factory and moves it up to to make room for the Machine Shop add-on.

That is exactly what Martyr has been waiting for, and before the Factory can land his Probe begins warping in a Gateway where Eagle is trying to land his Factory.

Martyr's Probe continues to be annoying running underneath the Factory whenever it tries to land until Eagle is finally able to destroy it.

By this time, Martyr's first Dragoon is on its way north and Eagle has yet to build a single offensive unit. Finally landing his Factory and beginning the Machine Shop, Eagle also start a Bunker at his ramp and his first Marine emerges from his Barracks.

Unfortunately for Eagle, Martyr's Dragoon also arrives at this point and begins firing on the Marine. The Dragoon wins the fight and also kills the SCV constructing the Bunker. A second SCV is standing by however, and the Bunker is finished just as Eagle's second Marine arrives.

Rather than face off against the Bunker Martyr retreats his Dragoon down the ramp and the Marine in the Bunker begins to attack the nearby Protoss Pylon.

Even though his Dragoon has retreated is is still able to fire on Eagle's wall-in from the low ground, thanks to the Protoss buildings in Eagle's base.

As soon as his Templar Archives finished Martyr also began making two Dark Templar from the Gateway in Eagle's main. One of these is able to finish before the Pylon powering it its destroyed.

The Dark Templar arrives before Eagle has finished his ComSat and without Spider Mines fully researched the Terran base is without detection.

As the Dark Templar attacks the Bunker at the Terran ramp, Eagle's ComSat finally finishes and he quickly scans, but the Dark Templar is able to run away before it is destroyed.

The Dark Templar continues to harass Eagle's base, killing SCVs before retreating again. Eagle starts constructing a hidden Engineering Bay near Martyr's Main with his scouting SCV, to provide some extra detection.

Eagle is finally able to complete a Vulture, but the Dark Templar manages to destroy its first Spider Mine. At the same time, a second Dark Templar arrives from Martyr's main.

The combined attacks of the Dark Templar destroy one of the Supply Depots of the wall-in as well as the Bunker. They are also able to destroy most of the Spider Mines as they are laid by following the Vultures.

While his Dark Templar continue to tear up Eagle's main, Martyr takes time to send a Probe to the bottom left corner of the map to begin a new expansion there.

Eagle is finally able to construct Missile Turrets, but although he finishes one it is badly positioned. Still, Eagle is able to destroy one of the Dark Templar in his base. Meanwhile, Martyr has also started a second expansion in the top left corner of the map.

Despite killing one of the Dark Templar another two have arrived from Martyr's main, and with still no detection in the heart of the Terran main a Dark Templar continues to slash at the SCVs mining there until Eagle is finally able to ComSat again and destroy the invader.

Martyr continues to send Dark Templar into his opponent's base, but Eagle finally manages to drive out all his attackers with a combination of Scan, Spider Mines and Missile Turrets.

Having rid most of the Protoss from his base, things do not look good for Eagle. He has been reduced to just a handful of SCVs, while Martyr is now mining from three bases.

Eagle is allowed a slight respite however. Because he has been busy microing his Dark Templar attacks, Martyr is still only producing from one Gateway, and a combination of Spider Mines and Vultures Eagle manages to hold off the single Dragoons that attempt to scale his ramp.

During his ordeal, Eagle has been scouting the map with his floating Engineering Bay, which happens upon Martyr's expansion in the bottom left hand corner.

Eagle makes his first offensive move of the game by sending his force of five Vultures towards the Protoss expansion.

They advance up into the Protoss base and begin attacking a warping Photon Cannon at the top of the ramp forcing Martyr to cancel its construction.

The Vultures head to the rear of the mineral line, stopping only to kill a lone Dragoon. Martyr responds by pulling a group of Probes off mining and sends them to assault the Vultures.

The Vultures make short work of the Probes but are finished off soon after by reinforcement Dragoons from the two active Gateways at the expansion.

Eagle attempts to make the most of the distraction and sends an SCV to begin a new Command Center at the top middle expansion point, while Martyr continues to pump troops from his Gateways (now totalling six), massing them in the center of the map.

Unfortunately for Eagle a scouting Probe uncovers his expansion attempt and Martyr dispatches his forces to terminate it.

The three Vultures put up a brave fight but are no match for the massed Dragoons and Zealots, and the Terran expansion is quickly destroyed.

The Protoss forces then set their sights on the Terran main. Eagle's base is virtually undefended allowing Martyr's troops to walk straight in.

With no defense and his main in ruins, Eagle offers a GG and leaves, giving Martyr victory in game 2, levelling the series at 1 game all.

The final scores:

With the score locked at one game all a third "decider" is required to determine the winner of the series. Stay tuned for Game 3 of Martyr vs. Eagle2i coming soon to!!

As always, comments are welcome. Feel free to mail me here or catch me on AIM as br0kenSCV.

This has been an

[ScV]. 15/8/2001

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