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Moon vs Hotdog, game 1 of 7
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Date: 08/08/01 05:08
Game Type: Starcraft
Labels:Starcraft(1), Gorgeous(1), Series(1)
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Report Rating: 8.5, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 9, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for (...Blaze...): 8.8750

The following is the introduction, if you want pure, hard-core action and no pre-game bullshit, just skip the following paragraph.

This is the story about two friends, both totally addicted to sc, who decides to duke it out for a best of 7 at a LAN. Or well, if I manage to make this any good, it will become a best of 7:)
So, about now you are probably thinking something like; woha, another bgh gang, or another lost temple boredom. Sorry, wrong place. All games are on non-lt maps, 6 different maps to be accurate. And now you are probably thinking..."wow, who cares, I've heard this crap before, the players probably suck anyway".
Well, I'm not gonna say that the players are the world's greatest, but let me give you their story: Back in 95-96 or something, there was a little game called Warcraft II:Tides of darkness. There was an operating system called DOS. And there was two guys who was addicted to wc2. I mean seriosly, they just kept playing it again and again. They never got really good, since they only played vs comp and each other a few times. But then, after a year or two, this weird game called Starcraft showed up in the store. Well, these two guys had never heard of it before, but hey, it had this cute little blue "blizzard" sign on it, and "craft" in the name. They bought it, and well, been playing it since. They got online about bw season two, like, 1999 or something. And well, still playing sc a lot, they should be kinda good now, right?
In their world, matrixed marine tricks is as common as stim pack, or well, they don't really work due to lurker control, micromanagement is more heavily involved than micro wars vs POA, macromanagement is better than on BGH. A mistake is dangerous - two is crippling - three is death.
Addendium; both guys picked their races shortly after playing the game for the first time; thus; ..()HotDog[5] is really terran only player, while [Moon~cia] is really zerg only player.

Pre-game bullshit done, report starts here:) Also note that english is not my natural language, my photoshop reg is not Testosterone, and my 3dsMAX version is not stored on \\Breeze\c\3dsmax.

Player info:
Hotdog without doubt the most serious player, he usually picks his favourite race, and plays in kor-namomo or on gamei, he tries his best all his games. He is very quick, and I mean seriously very quick. I watched Slayer play, and Hotdog is just as quick, if not quicker. He also has a very good micro/macro game, and personally I think if he put a few hours daily into the game, he would be pro in a month.
Moon, on the other hand, is just as good, but he plays less serious. He randoms, do stupid strats, and he plays in a belgian clan (cia), just because it's fun. He takes the game in good fun, but when he puts some efforts in it, he also is a very skilled player. Moon is getting quicker, he cannot match Hotdog yet, but he is comming there. He also has very good micro and macro.
Overall, both these guys are very skilled players, clearly among the higher level on generally. Also, both players promised to do their best for these games.

G a m e   I : the first encounter

Map : rivalery
Hotdog landed as chosen terran top left, while Moon spawned chosen zerg bottom left. Both players performed a perfect clone, and Moon sendt his initial overlord against the bottom right main. Hotdog started of with a pretty standard supply-rax-rax-supply build, going for the strong m&m opening, while Moon wanted some early speedling, and did a pool-gas-lings-hatch in main build. Hotdog did some weird scouting, he sendt his scv against Moon's main, but upon finding the expansion empty, he sendt the scv to check the two other positions, and then finally sending it to the right spot again.
By now, Moon had about 10 speedling ready, and he wasted no time in sending them against Hotdog's main. Unfortunately for Moon, Hotdog was more than ready with his 4 marines and 2 scv defence, and after one ling died, they went into "containment" at Hotdogs exp. After a few second, Moon thought about it, and left one ling outside the chocke, while the rest moved to the top middle exp. Moon also started a hatch at his natural, but this was kinda late, all troops Moon had was the few lings, and Hotdog's academy just finished, was researching stim, and the first two medics arived. After another two medics arrive and stim is nearly complete, Hotdog moves out with a strong m&m force, while Moon's hatch is still 300 hp away from being finished. It's time for some Moon micro here:)

When the little zergling Moon placed to warn about enemy forces, is hit by marine fire, Moon react quicly and moves the little bugger a bit away. Since none of the marines is hit or stimmed, the medics does that stupid thing and leaves their friends the marines. So Moon's zergling take some hits at the medics, then run when the marines come. This works for a few seconds, but then Hotdog's stim upgrade is done, and, sadly, 1 ling does bad against 12 stimmed rines. Now Hotdog moves his army against Moon's expansion, but Moon takes the few remaining zerglings and sends them into Hotdog's main, forcing Hotdog to stim and run back. The 'lings prove to be very cost effective, killing 5-6 stray marines before dying to stimmed rines. But now Moon is happy, his exp is well defended with 3 sunkens, his hydra den is complete, and the first hydras are just spawning. He also kills three stupid medics who thought his base would be a nice place to chill.

Moon's small ling strike. *math* 6 lings kills 4 marines. Thats +50$ for Moon:)

So everything seems happy in Moon world. But hey, Hotdog is far from out of the game. He kept the macro up during the ling battle in his main, and even added a 3rd barracks and a factory. Shortly after, he moves out with a large m&m&f force (~20), and starts an expansion at his natural, maybe to combat Moon's newly started 2nd exp at middle bottom. The marines walk down against Moon's expansion, taking the left side of the map. At the zerg expansion, there are ~12 hydralisks patiently waiting, and when a little ling force is killed by marine fire, they form a semi-circle in front of the bridge. This seems like a good idea, but Hotdog controlls a superior force, and the hydralisks is soon called back to the relatievly safety of the sunken colonies. Hotdog just places his marines in front of the bridge, easily blocking zerg movements above the two upper bridges. Moon can not choose to flank him, because without the hydralisk support at the expansion, the marines will decimate it in seconds, and both players know it.

Moon told me he felt kinda good about the game at this moment, his economy was constantly increasing due to his new 6 bottom middle expansion, and he was morphing 3 hatch hydras to battle the contstantly reinforced marines. There was a few skirmishes, where a few hydras died, then pulled back. But the stalemate wouldn't last long, Hotdog's first siege tank was on its way, his expansion was finished, and Moon was still producing mass hydras, outproducing Hotdog's 3 barracks marines. The stalemate would break, very soon.

And it did. Hotdog moved a large reinforcement force consisting of 2 tanks and ~10 m&m down against the siege. Combined with the existing marines, this would own any medium-sized hydralisk force badly. But Moon saw this with a scouting ling, and send a few (~10) ling, flanking the force just as it passed Hotdog's expansion. Hotdog microed out of this little strike with a few marine losses, but at the same time Moon launched a attack with ~20 hydras against Hotdog's dwindling containment force.

Hotdog gets his first tank, but Moon pushes him back across the bridge.

The terran troops retreated back across the bridge, where they were finally reinforced with tanks and more marines. Moon realized that the bridge adventage was to great, and fell back a bit, while starting on lurker tech. Hotdog added a science vessel to his forces, along with more barracks and dual enginering bays at home.
Now a minor battle occured, Hotdog tried to push against Moon's expansion again, but now Moon had the bridge on his side, and ~15 hydras sendt the marine/tank force back across the bridge pretty fast. So now we have a new stalemate, Hotdog can't come over the bridge, and neither can Moon. They can't go around the map and flank either, because then the opposite force will attck their main. So Hotdog justs starts a nude expansion at the middle left exp, while Moon start one at the bottom right main, where a scv, property of Hotdog, starts a bunker, and another scv, also property of Hotdog, starts a barrack.

Shortly after, Hotdog pushes across the bridge, but only controls 3 marines, a vessel, a tank and 5-6 medics when he has scared away the hydra force. Moon realizes this, and kills the small force before reinforcements arrive. And again, both parts is stuck on opposite sides of a bridge. But Moon, getting sick of this, takes ~12 hydras and moves against Hotdog's base, following the left path. He finds Hotdogs' still nude expansion, and destroys the command center quickly. Moon also kills Hotdog's empty bunker and the barracks next to his 5 o'clock hatchery with two hydras.

Note: even thought neither player has the firepower to cross the bridge, they kept running back and forth, testing their opponent's forces. One mistake and the game can end in seconds.

The small hydra force that destroyed the 9 o'clock command center tries to assault Hotdog's natural, but unfortunately, 12 hydras don't stand much chance against ~30 m&m, the result of a six barracks pump. Hotdog, realizing he has the temporarly adventage, starts a command center at the upper right main.

0. Hola senőr, map update!
1. Moon's hydras destroying Hotdog's nude command center.
2. Two of Moon's hydras killing Hotdog's bunker.
3. Hotdog's just started top right expansion
4. Hydras and marines fighting over the bridge

Sadly, the building scv is killed by a zergling, who continue to hit on the command center. Moon starts a hatchery at the middle right expansion, and also morphs 4 lurkers at his natural expansion.
By now, Hotdog decides he don't need more of this sim city game, and moves out with ~30 m&m, twin vessels, and a siege tank. Thus, the first really large battle is about to take place. Hotdog gathers his troops at the bridge that has been fought so hard over, and he is happy to notice that his 1/1 upgrades kick in, while Moon's hydralisks/lurkers is still 0/0.

Now a lot of things happend. Hotdog does a small mistake and moves his only tank first across the bridge, where it is killed by hydras. Then the lurkers burrow at the bridge, and Hotdog realizes that the bridge is uncrossable with only m&m. He instead takes all his marines and moves them down to the zerg hatchery at the 6 o'clock position. This is lightly defended by two sunkens, both are moved down immediately. Moon, realizing the importance of that expansion, moves his large hydra force down to defend the expansion. He also uses his drones to fight. For what seems like an eternity, two large lines of m&m on one side, and hydras on the other, are standing against each other, fighting desperately for that oh'so'important expansion. The battle seems to last forever, but finally, Hotdog casts matrix on two marines, and with the medics franatically healing the marines, the hydra line slowly crumble, decend, and die.

Moon losing his army and his expansion

A few hydras limp away, while some heroic drones is left, spitting their little acid stuff at the marines. When I now pause the replay, and check the map, I am impressed to see that while this heated battle was going on, a few scv's had killed the zergling that was hitting on the top right command center, 2/2 grades was started in Hotdog's base,the two hydras guarding the bottom right hatchery had turned into lurker eggs, a few drones was working on the middle right minerals. Moon morped the few surviving hydras from the huge battle into lurkers, while Hotdog eradicated every trace of the zerg expansion. (not the creep of course)

The action is far from over, both players knows the importance of momentium, and Hotdog moves his m&m/vessel force against Moon's bottom right expansion, where 3 sunkens are morphing, and 2 lurkers burrow, Moon strike the 2 o'clock main command center with 8 hydras, which he morphs in to lurkers when marine reinforcements arrive. At the exact same time, Hotdog does the "matrixed marine fool lurkers" thingy, and Moon's attention is elsewhere, so before he can react, one of his lurkers is dead, and the other wounded. I notice Moon telling the last lurker to attack the marine group, but sadly, it is badly wounded, and dies to fast from the marine fire. Now Hotdog kills of that exp too, and Moon is left with his natural and the 3 o'clock expansion, which is not yet operational.

Hotdog, also only controlling his natural, starts a new expansion at the top middle position, and uses his excess scv's from his main for some long range mining. This expansion won't last long, because Moon moves the lurkers that destroyed the top right expansion here, and burrows them next to the building command center. At the same time, he makes his first serious attack, moving a ~20 hydra with 6 lurkers against Hotdog's natural. Hotdog has only m&m to defend, but he has bridge adventage, and a bunker is covering the bridge Moon has to cross. Hotdog's marines has also reaced 2/2 upgrades, while Moon is still at 0/0.

0. Hola senőrita, map update again!
1. Moon's former bottom middle exp, just destroyed.
2. Another former Moon exp
3. New Moon expansion, 3 sunkens morphing
4. Restarted Hotdog expansion, destroyed by lurker earlier.
5. New Hotdog expansion.
6. The setting for the large battle to come, Moon's forces on the bridge.

Moon creeps over the bridge with his lurkers, while Hotdog is patiently waiting, he also has two tanks rolling in his factory, he just need to hold back the swarm a little longer. He kills a few hydras that wanted to follow their friends the lurkers, and he takes potshots at the lurkers whenever he has the chance. I noticed something that I found very impressive with Hotdog's hit and run. He waited for the lurker to hit on a supply depot, then he run stimmed marines forward, and takes a few shots at the lurker, then he run back when the spine cooldown is done, thus, he don't lose a single marine. Moon's 4 lurker strike force who killed most of the long range mining scv's at the top middle position, is ordered to abandon the destroy command center mission, and instead run right into Hotdog's natural, and burrow right in front of a newly made tank.

Hotdog reacts quicly, and moves his m&m force to combat the lurkers. The marines and the lone tank kills of the lurkers without heavy losses, but the last spine from the last lurker killed the oh-so-needed tank. Down at the bridge, the situation has changed. A lurker died from the bunker, but the hydras has crossed the bridge, and the bunker is long gone. The lurkers follow, and when the m&m force engage, most of the marines die, and Hotdog is left with 1 bunker, a few marines, and a lone tank to defend. Moon is also sending reinforcement hydras, while Hotdog sends back the marine force that killed the bottom right expansion. Hotdog microes his ass of, and with a matrixed tank, the reinforcing marines, and a few produced marines, he manage to beat back a much larger attack force. But the battle is not over, Moon still has 4 lurkers and some hydras at Hotdog's natural, and he pushes against Hotdog's chocke. Hotdog is delaying his with some marine micro, and finally, a tank arrive. Moon runs the 5 hydras across the bridge to the top middle expansion, where Hotdog has finished his expansion and started mining. Hotdog tries to use the matrix trick to kill the lurkers without losses, but Moon is ready and manually controls the lurkers.

this is the largest picture, I promise:)

Hotdog has his marines nicely spread, so the lurkers die anyway. If you watch the replay, you can clearly see that the lurkers attack the marines not dmatrixed. The small zerg reinforcement force (4 lurk/6 hydras), is chased away after two lurkers dies to marine fire. Hotdog displayed great micromanagement in the battle, where he was largely outnumbered. Thus, he beat back the zerg menace, and finally, 20 min into the game, for the first time, there is no units fighting, no action going on, both players takes some time to rebuild.

During the battle at Hotdog's natural, Hotdog started and finished a expansion at the top right position, and Moon rebuildt his middle bottom expansion. The hydras sendt to top middle destroyed the expansion there, and stayed there to interrupt an assload of scv's, heading for the top right expansion. Nedless to say, Hotdog quickly killed them off with some marines, and soon got his expansion running. Moon, with only one depleted gas source, expanded agressivly, taking bottom left and bottom left natural in short order. Hotdog kills a few drones at the middle rigth expansion with some marines, but can't do more due to Moon's heavy 5 sunken defence.

Now two tings happends at once. Hotdog moves a tank/marine/vessel force and attacks Moon's middle right expansion, while Moon send a large hydra/ling force across the map to hit Hotdog's top right expansion. Hotdog quickly reinforces the expansion with marines, and kills of the hydra/ling. Unfortunately, Moon morphed 4 lurkers, and even worse, the hydras took the command center with them to the grave. Hotdog kills one of the lurkers before they burrow, then does some matrix fun again, and despite Moon manually controlling his lurkers, the lurkers are to few, and die, taking most of the marines with them. During this, Moon's middle right hatchery is gone due to siege tank fire, but he got his 3 new bottom expansions going, and is now producing units hardcore.

0. Hola senőra, another map update!
1. Moon's small containment force
2. Hotdog's destroyed expansion
3. Also Hotdog's destroyed expansion
4. Moon's former expansion, under siege from Hotdog's troops.
5. New Moon expansions.

By now the game is tipping in Moon's favour, with Hotdog long range mining, and Moon producing steady from 6 hatches. But Hotdog still controls a pretty large force, consisting of m&m/vessel and a few tanks. Combined with his superior upgrades (2/2>0/0) and his close to godly micromanagement skills, he still stand a very good chance in this game. He moves his tank at the middle right position closer to the 5 sunkens placed there, and starts killing them. He also kills an annoying lurker that was in the line of his long-range-mining scv's, using 4 marines and the matrix trick again. Moon quickly takes control or the lurker, but it dies before it can kill any of the 2/2 marines. Moon now starts another expansion, this time at the middle left position.

Growing tired of the lone tank hammering on his sunkens, Moon orders his whole army against the tank and its support force. Aprox ~40 hydra/ling and two lurkers simply vaporizes the small strike force, despite Hotdog's best efforts with dmatrix. Moon's force continues its push, and after killing most of Hotdog's mining scv's, they take stand at the top middle expansion. The game is now clearly in Moon's hands, and it is only a question of time before Hotdog will be overrun. Hotdog makes a last effort by killing the 4 lurkers blocking his bridge, then moving his marines force against Moon's main. But he returns his force quickly when he realizes that Moon has a ~40 hydra force only a screen away from his main.

Now Moon is gonna end this, and he sends his newly produced hydra force against the bottom bridge of Hotdog's natural I counted, 55 hydras:), while he also attacks with the hydras stationed at the top middle expansion. A grand total of about 100 hydras is knocking on Hotdog's door, and with his resources long since dry, his army dwindling and his mouse arm getting tired, has no hope of defeating this force, superior upgrades or not. To make matters worse, Moon morphs 10 hydras into lurkers in the middle of the attack.

Well, that's some ownage for you

Hotdog actually kills all the hydras that came from the right (top middle expo), but when he turn around, he faces ~50 hydras from the other side, and facing such superior numbers, Hotdog promptly surrenders. Moon's zerg swarm is standing victorious, raging over the creep-infested field of rivalery.

After game thoughts, and some stuff from the players:
I initially called this just another zerg vs terran game, but after watching the replay a few times, I was just "hey! This is one of the best zvt I've seen". This game was constant fighting from the moment Hotdog moved his m&m force down against Moon. Even when no major battles was going on, they were both testing their opponent's strength, or harassing somewhere, or expanding or knocking down expansions. After the game, I asked Moon a few questions, mainly about the lack of higher tech units and upgrades. He told me that with only one gas source, it was very hard to have any for upgrades when he pumped constant hydras. When he got his second gas, he was really in need of lurkers, so he had to prioritize.
Also Hotdog could have used more tanks to deny Moon the adventage hydras have on bridges, but other than that, this game was very open, and could have gone either way.

I chosed to not include scores, because no one read them anyway, and then they just add to report size.

Micromanagement vs macromanagement:
Moon seemed to rely more on large numbers to overrun his opponent, but we saw some very nice zergling micro in the beginning, and lurker control later on, to battle the dmatrixed marine trick. He also knew the importance of the bridges, and after he pushed Hotdog back across the bridge, Hotdog never managed to push back.
Hotdog, with better upgrades and less resources, microed very well thru the whole game. He kept pulling back wounded marines, and he used matrix very well vs lurker and when he was outnumbered. He also had very good knowledge of the bridge importance, and exploited it as much as he could.
Both players macroed very well, even in the most heated battles or the most intense micro wars. They kept knocking down important expansions, and setting up new ones for themselves throughout the whole game.

Download the replay. You want this replay, it is constant actoin, and this report just can't give the game justice. Also, if you want to see the scored, you'll have to check them here.

Standings: Moon : 1, Hotdog : 0.
6 games to go...

While you are waiting, here is a sneak peak at the upcomming games:

Finally, thank you all for reading my report, the next game should be done soon, and hell, give me some comments guys, I need some feedback on this thing. Gogo comment whores:) Also, who knows the name of the alt text song??


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