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"Comment 1 is MINE ALL MINE!@!"

Does anyone still read the title?
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Date: 06/14/01 04:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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Warning: this report has pics. It has a rather large amount of aforementioned pics. These pics are (according to 9 out of 10 dentists) somewhere between rather cool and extremely cool. Letting these so-called pics load will enhance your BR viewing pleasure. I like my pictures to tell a lot of the story, so i hope it compliments the text. The text looks a bit short, but thats cuz the pics are wide and stretch it out :P anyways...enough blabbering...

intro: the first thing I’d like to mention is that this BR is pre-1.08, so there is no replay. Sorry. This game took place in Mr.Pimp’s tournament where there were teams of 1 coach and 1 player. It is essentially team melee except that the player does ALL of the clicking while the coach can only give advice. Therefore, the coach’s role is to think ahead and do the planning while the player must focus on the game and execute micro and macro. It tends to make for very good games because there are a lot less stupid errors because of the coach, while the micro and macro tend to be better because the player can focus more on them and less on strategy. Its hard to explain exactly what the coaches were doing in the game because all they can do is talk, so I’ve tried to include and lot of what they said in the pics.

The two teams for this game were to be GamerChickie coached by The.Confessor, and badtz_maru coached by none other than the reaver king Zileas (going under his smurf maryjoanne). Btw, the guy in the pic for Conf is Edward the Confessor :p

pre-game chit chat:
Bazokifier: hehe, badtz and I are talking trash already =)
Bazokifier: b4d7z mal2u: fun only for me though
b4d7z mal2u: you will have a costly dreading night
TheFirstNobody: lmao
Bazokifier: b4d7z mal2u: hmm you cannot defend against my skills
b4d7z mal2u: im too improv
Bazokifier: heh
TheFirstNobody: kekek
Bazokifier: asdf...maru font
TheFirstNobody: will make good quotes for BR :D
Bazokifier: heh
Bazokifier: me and badtz' both first time being in a BR, and by you and fessor at that...high quality =o
(*note* Conf and I were gonna do the BR together before he became a coach)
TheFirstNobody: very! and everyone loves u and badtz :-) it will own

GC and Conf spawned as brown zerg at 3 o’clock and badtz and Zileas warped in as red protoss and 6 o’clock.

badtz opts for a quick 2 gate and GC goes for a 2 hatch, placing the second hatch very close to her original one. She starts a pool (150 mins at the time…damn 1.08…*grumble*) soon after. Things get interesting early as badtz finds GC in the first place he looks and runs a normal harassment with the scouting probe. He sends up his first zealot to see what damage he can do and to try to throw GC off guard. The ploy works remarkably well because GC’s pool was a tad late. badtz’s zealot and probe take out 3 drones before getting assaulted by freshly hatched lings. The zeal and probe put up a fight but are easily dispatched. badtz also takes this opportunity to expand to his natural and build a forge. He has very few units and it being quite aggressive, but he has thrown GC onto the defensive and seems to want to take advantage of it. Zileas also decides to dispense some more "original" advice as seen in this pic:

badtz manages to warp in two cannons around the new nexus at his natural and seems to have the upper hand early. GC starts to pump lings and group them just above badtz’ mineral only, obviously in preparation for an attack. She and Conf are probably thinking that a quick counter may be the key. They spend quite a while building up the force of lings, however, and this only allows badtz to build up and reinforce his exp. The coaches are both talking a ton and it really makes taking screenshots hard cuz the whole left side of the screen is filled with text :p During this time, badtz informs Zileas that GC is, infact, not a "he," but a "she." Zileas apparently hasn’t heard of this mysterious race known as "females" and he continues, for the rest of the game, to refer to GC as "he."

badtz uses his resource advantage to begin a climg up the tech tree to, what else but, REAVERS! GC expands to the 12 o’clock main and begins morphing a spire. badtz tries a few times to bait the lings outside his base with a zealot and have them follow into the cannons. This works a bit and manages to kill of a few of the lings, but for the most part, GC maintains control and keeps the 2 control groups of lings waiting and blocking badtz. As badtz’ first shuttle pops out, he tries to be sneaking and cannon GCs natural cliff, but GCs first hatched mutas find the threat and quell it before the cannons can even get close to warping in. GC then quickly takes her nat while badtz begins pumping goons.
Suddenly, a flurry of action erupts. Zileas was getting nervous about all the lings outside of badtz’ base and they both decide to break out to make sure GC and Conf aren’t taking the map. badtz puts 2 reavers in a shuttle and then attacks the lings with his zealots. He then drops the reavers behind the zeals to take out the unsuspecting lings. GC, seeing this happen quickly brings in her mutas to take out the zeals and reavers. It seems as if the muta will win easily, but as soon as they arrive, badtz his their flank nicely with a force of goons. GC manages to take out one reaver, but then retreats her flock of mutas, leaving her lings decimated.

Notice that I said GC retreated her mutas. She had 8 mutas that could have done considerable damage to badtz’ forces. She could have gotten the other reaver or taken out a fair amount of goons, but chose not to. Newbies like me don’t often understand the value of retreating troops and saving them for a later battle, but that’s cuz we are newbs. This move of GC’s is wise because she will use her mutas again when she has other troops to support them.
badtz wastes no time and immediately takes the offensive with a contingent of goons and zeals. He heads towards 12 o’clock, hoping to knock out one of GCs expansions. By this time GC has also exped to the 12 o’clock natural, so badtz may very well strike it big here and it appears that GC has very little to stop him. The fighting erupts at her mineral only between her muta (that she retreated earlier) and badtz’ goons. She uses her cliff nicely to flank the goons and take pot shots on them while they have trouble returning fire. This allows her to delay badtz at the mineral only and it also divides his troops as some head to take out 12, while others stay to deal with the mutas. badtz, by sheer number of troops, however, has a clear advantage.

As badtz’ troops march up to the 12 main, it looks like there is no hope for the exp. GC doesn’t give up tho, and begins hatching lings like mad. The lings hatched from her main come around and help her mutas take out the half of badtz troops that stayed to battle the mutas, while the lings and her exp wear down and slow the other half of badtz’ troops. They also meet goons at the ramp and take them out as sitting ducks. The zerg swarm slowly wears down the protoss force and closes in on 12 o’clock. Massive amounts of lings and mutas from the exp and GC’s main pour in. badtz had 8 zeals and 6 goons inside GC’s exp and while they manage to take out a few buildings, including a hatch, they fail to take out the main hatch and GC retains her expansion, but with heavy losses on both sides. It was the retreated mutas that saved the day for GC.

badtz has not been sitting idle, however, and returns almost as soon as he is defeated with a force of 10 zeals and 2 archons. The archons are an excellent choice as they will absolutely fry and lings or mutas. This time badtz makes a beeline for the 12 o’clock natural. He sends the zeals straight for the lings then right to the main hatch with the archons safely behind the zeals to take shots on any muta or lings. GC’s muta put up a valiant effort and eventually take out the 2 archons, but not before badtz takes out the hatchery and all the drones with his zeals. GC is in bad shape with one damaged exp and one destroyed exp, but she is far from giving up.

At this point, both players take a short rest. GC shifts gears and incorporates hydra into her plan to take care of the archons, while badtz goes for some corsairs and decides to try to expand to the lower right island. Batdz gets it up and running, but GC is doing a great job of scouting and finds the unguarded exp and quickly takes it out with a squad of mutas. The funny thing is that neither badtz nor Zileas notices the burning exp till it is already destroyed because they are both focused on coordinating an attack. GC also takes back the 12 natural and still has a very good flow of mins and gas.

badtz next attack is focused on 12 again. He figures that if he can cut off GC’s large expansion, he can gain a huge mineral advantage and take control of the map. His attack consists of a large group of about 14 zeals, 1 archon, 5 sairs, 1 temp, and a shuttle with two reavers. The attack initially goes well with the zeals leading the way and the archons and sairs proving cover. But, like before, badtz’ troops get sandwiched right outside the ramp at 12. His shuttle runs into a group of hydras coming from GC’s main and attacking from behind. The shuttle drops only one reaver before popping and the reaver gets only one shot off that detonates on a single ling. The temp is also hit from behind by lings and with badtz busy trying to save his shuttle, the temp is killed without releasing a single storm. It’s not that badtz has crappy micro, it just that there is soooo much going on it is impossible to try and control it all. badtz pushes into the 12 main and begins to attack the main hatch, but 5 lurks for GC’s main as well as a continual flood of lings save the expansion once again.

This victory opens all the floodgates for GC. As soon as she finally takes the upper hand, she runs with it. She morphs 5 guards and 5 devs on the cliff above badtz’ natural and this proves to be the trump card. badtz has exhausted all his troops on the attack and has no answer for this assault. He is able to take out all of the guardians, save 1, with his sairs, but by this time his peon line is decimated and he has no other exp. Had he won the battle up top, both players would have lost a large mineral source and GC would have probably been forced to pull back and defend. Since she was able to hold on, however, the advantage was clearly hers.

Both players fought very well, and I believe the most important part was GC getting the two reavers and temp while only losing 1 ling in the process. Had things gone slightly differently, the outcome may have been different. badtz help out valiantly to the end with many a storm, but the zerg swarm was just too much, and he was overwhelmed.

I want to give a BIG thanks to the players and coaches for playing an excellent game and a BIG thanks to y’all for reading my BR :) Its hard to show how imprtatant the coaches were, but trust me, they were very imortant.
Im off to go to Hawaii now so hopefully ill have internet access to check all the COMMENTS you guys leave :p I wrote this and finished pics from midnight to 4 am, just 2 hours before I leave to catch my plane cuz I promised some people id do it :) Well guys I did it and I hope it doesn’t suck!

Btw, anyone going to the anime convention in Long Beach, CA early this July? I think I’m gonna go, so if anyone’s gonna be there drop me a line at and maybe we can hook up or something.

Well, that’s it for this BR!

love you all, have a nice day :D

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