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"before it finally fell to the awesome power of the wraith guns."

For Aiur
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Date: 06/10/01 07:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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"He conquers who endures."


Protoss vs. Protoss. The most boring of all matchups - it's all about making more goons than your opponent.


"Every man has his own destiny: the only imperative is to follow it, to accept it, no matter where it leads him."


[EPIsode]:-=V=- of Korea

He plays for the pure reason of having fun of the game. He will do his crazy, spectacular storm raids against any race and opponent.

His strength: Unstoppable peon-killing drops, that can win him games against some of the finest players in the world. See that cool game vs Astic-X.

His weakness: Not the best of macro.


DIDI8[BG]-) of Bulgaria:

He is the dark horse. No one on knows him, yet he is good enough to compete against any player in the world. Highest rank reached at KBK: 12th.

His strength: Speed, intuition and very weird strats.

His weakness: Inconsistency, sometimes gets lazy at scouting and upgrades.


"War does not determine who is right - only who is left."

I am way too pimp to use art by Blizzard

Map is Game-Q Temple, both players pick Protoss and the game is started. -=V=- receives a brown nexus at 9, and DIDI8 an orange one at 12.

Build orders

DIDI8: pylon 8, assimilator 13, dual gates 14, pylon 15, cyb.core 18, techs towards DTs and shuttle/observer with very few goons as defense.

-=V=-: pylon 8, assimilator 9, gate 12, pylon 14, cyb.core 15, 2nd gate 16, techs towards DT with more goons than DIDI8 and a forge for early detection.

DIDI8 scouts clockwise with his 7th probe, while -=V=- does that much later, at about 15 control. In a sweet move DIDI8 blocks his own ramp with two probes, denying -=V=- from scouting him. Right after his cybernetic core has finished warping, the Bulgarian builds a citadel of adun. -=V=- notices the lack of troops at DIDI8's ramp, and sends his first two goons to intervene. As they arrive though, two goons are already waiting at DIDI8's ramp. The attackers retreat. A bit later -=V=- tries with 3 goons, but is denied again and has to back off.

When -=V=- charges with five goons and his Bulgarian opponent still has just three, two dark templar emerge from DIDI8's gateways and with one goon lost on both sides -=V=- is forced to retreat to the safety of his own ramp at 9, where a cannon has been warped. DIDI8 chases the retreating forces with his own DTs and goons and another small battle ensues. After losing two goons and one DT without causing any damage, the Bulgarian retreats. -=V=- starts warping a Robotics Facility, and meanwhile his own dark templars are completed. He sends them to check out DIDI8's ramp, and expands to his natural quite early.


"The best way out is always through."


DIDI8 already has an observer, but as it often happens in such situations, it is far away, scouting the enemy. Luckily he has also built a forge and a cannon at his choke, but his goons are slightly out of position ;[. Using that, -=V=- just walks his dark templars past the shooting cannon and goons, losing one of them and reaching DIDI8's mineral line with the other. A cannon is warping there, and -=V=- tries attacking it, but DIDI8's probes delay him while trying to run away... the cannon finally warps and the dark templar has to be microed to kill probes out of it's range.

smoke bombs are thx

Nine probes die, before DIDI8's observer is back and the dark templar dies to goons. DIDI8 is already thinking ahead and his shuttle with 3 dark templar is on the way to the enemy base. At this point [EPIsode]:-=V=- has already upgraded to +1 attack and is starting his first armor upgrade. A shuttle waits for his first high templars. Storm raid planned...

"An eye for an eye only leads to more blindness."


DIDI8's shuttle arrives and the orange dark templars rush towards -=V=-'s mineral line. A defending cannon is taken down immediately and in no time 11 probes die, before the rest run away to -=V=-'s new nexus at his natural.

Funny, here DIDI8 can end the game by destroying -=V=-'s robotics facility, but he doesn't know that his opponent hasn't built an observer yet. To -=V=-'s luck the Bulgarian decides that finding where the rest of the probes ran is more important... the game continues :).

DIDI8 leaves one of his dark templar at the edge of -=V=-'s plateau, and his shuttle with the other two travels towards the cliff overlooking 9's natural. At this point the Bulgarian expands too. -=V=- has one cannon to the right side of his expansion nexus, and one warping amongst the probes. DIDI8 decides not to risk losing his dark templars, but rather makes some funny movements with his shuttle over the probes, scaring them away and drawing -=V=-'s attention to this spot. Meanwhile, the Bulgarian tries to kill some probes that have returned at -=V=-'s main, with the dark templar left on the plateau. The Korean has defended his main with a well placed cannon though, and DIDI8's operation isn't successful.

Next [EPIsode]:-=V=- has a shuttle with two high templars and a dragoon traveling around the map, and as this takes some time, let's check out who has the advantage after the painful DT harassment phase - actually, it is pretty much equal. Both combatants have an expand running, and at the 11th minute they have almost equal population with -=V=- slightly ahead and the number of probes being equal. -=V=- is also ahead in upgrades, 1/0/1 while DIDI8 hasn't even started upgrading anything yet =].

DIDI8 has placed most of his army at his choke, and the rest, including two dark templars, is at 12's mineral only. An observer is placed at -=V=-'s choke, looking for any troops moving out.

"I must not fear. Fear is the mind-killer."


-=V=- examines DIDI8's cliff with the shuttle, and finds 3 defending goons and a cannon below. Hard to drop anything before losing the shuttle... But this is [EPIsode]:-=V=-, whatever the situation is he knows how to bring his templars to the enemy probes, right? -=V=- directs his shuttle to approach the position from a different direction and drops all the stuff below DIDI8's ramp. While the dragoon and shuttle are absorbing fire from defending units that arrive immediately, the high templars are simply walked through to the mineral line and two storms... kill only one probe, because DIDI8 reacts just in time. He sends all his probes towards the assimilator, evading the storms. That could have hurt big time, but instead -=V=- loses the entire drop without causing any damage t.t.

"Satisfaction lies in the effort not the attainment."


Now it's DIDI8's turn to harass - he brings a probe to -=V=-'s cliff and tries to build three cannons there. One of -=V=-'s observers is watching those attempts, and two cannons are shot down by -=V=-'s own cannon. The third warps out of range, but -=V=- kills it with dragoons from below.

While this is going on -=V=- also has to react fast to another very unpleasant surprise - DIDI8 uses the distraction of the cannon vs. goons battle and drops two high templars in -=V=-'s main, storming most of the probes there to the death. A storm raid against the storm raider of storm raiders... [EPIsode]:-=V=- didn't expect such impudence and wasn't prepared at all.

Even with his cannons destroyed, DIDI8 won't give up the so important cliff, he still has his probe and as the game progresses he an entire base will be built there... already three better placed cannons and a gateway(!) are warping. Those cannons shoot down [EPIsode]:-=V=-'s assimilator, and then they stop doing anything as it turns out that the minerals are out of their range...

At this point both players simultaneously expand, DIDI8 to 3's main and -=V=- to 6's main.

"Pick battles big enough to matter, small enough to win."


-=V=- finds DIDI8's units at 12's mineral only, and he moves out to try deal some damage. He sends his army towards 12's mineral only, with the high templars in front. All DIDI8 can do is kill one of the high templars and run away to his ramp, where the rest of his army resides. Now with both armies close to each other, a conflict is imminent. While waiting for his +2 attack upgrade, -=V=- shoots down DIDI8's observer, then he charges. Going into this battle, [EPIsode]:-=V=- has 9 speedy zealots, 6 goons and 3 high templars, upgrades are 2/0/1. DIDI8[BG]-) has 16 goons, 1 zealot, 1 archon and 3 high templars, upgrades are 1/0/0

The battle starts, storms cover the battlefield and some fast control takes place. The archon DIDI8 has turns out a good decision, as -=V=-'s zealots bunch up on it. That and generally the larger number of units of the Bulgarian turn this battle to his favor... But the war is far from over. -=V=- tries to run some surviving units away to 6 , while DIDI8 is chasing him with one high templar and nine goons that he has left after the battle.

-=V=- survives another hairy moment in that game, as DIDI8's goons kill two high templars and stop near 6's entrance. The Bulgarian still doesn't know about the naked expand at 6's main...

At -=V=-'s cliff, DIDI8 has built two goons and he places them at the edge of the ledge... nothing happens =|. Believe it or not, it turns out he hasn't got goon range yet. I asked him about that, and his reply is: "I was wondering why my jars are stupider than usual, then I realized I forgot to add the vinegar." No comment on that...

Even with both players having the same number of mining sites, DIDI8 has the advantage now - he has a bigger army and more probes. Deciding to press this advantage further, DIDI8 expands to 3's natural.

"Fall seven times, stand up eight."


[EPIsode]:-=V=- will have to do something really special to get back into this game, and sure he is the right person for this job - two shuttles are already on their way... one of them is heading for DIDI8's natural at 12, but on the way it passes right over four orange templars resting below 12's ramp - -=V=- reacts by unloading a zealot and a high templar amongst the enemy ones and casts a storm. Three of DIDI8's templars die together with -=V=-'s. Good exchange. One more high templar and a zealot are in the shuttle, and they come into play soon - -=V=- drops them close to the mineral line and the zealot absorbs some cannon fire while the templar casts two storms, killing a lot of DIDI8's probes.

At the same exact moment, two dark templars and an archon that the second shuttle was carrying are already ravaging at 3. Three goons and two zealots are defending, but due to bad observer placement only the archon dies before the defenders are taken out. The dark templar remain, killing probes and then starting to attack the nexus.

Before some of DIDI8's speedy zealots make it to 3's main, the nexus falls - quite an effective operation by -=V=-. Now all of a sudden the Korean again has the same number of mining sites as DIDI8, and more probes than him. On a darker note, DIDI8's range has researched during all the chaos, and his goons at the ledge of -=V=-'s natural are hitting one of the crystals. Due to this the Korean has to mine this site with just 7-8 probes from now on. Yet, DIDI8 isn't satisfied and is producing high templars at the gateway placed on -=V=-'s ledge. Those will later cast storms and kill more probes.

Now DIDI8 decides to use a shuttle with two high templar that was floating around the 9 o'clock plateau doing nothing after the initial storm raid. He unloads the templar close to -=V=-'s mineral line at his main, but the probes flee immediately and DIDI8 cancels the operation. He tries a storm raid at the 6 o' clock location too, but is denied by a goon and two cannons there. The Bulgarian rebuilds his nexus at 3's main and decides to wait for -=V=- to make a move.

"A pint of sweat, saves a gallon of blood."


But -=V=-'s move isn't of the kind DIDI8 is hoping for - a shuttle unloads a probe on the cliff of 3's natural and -=V=- starts cannoning the place up... While multiple cannons are warping, -=V=- is trying to move his army from 9 to 6 where he needs defense, but DIDI8 blocks his way twice with his own units. All -=V=- can do with his smaller army is run away. If DIDI8 engages the Korean now, it will be raining heads, but he rather continues expanding all over the place - two new nexii are built at 3's and 12's mineral only.

-=V=-'s cannons at 3's natural warp, and after some probes die DIDI8 moves the rest to 3's main where his new nexus has been completed. -=V=- builds some more cannons on the cliff that later shoot down DIDI8's extractor - 3's natural is completely shut down, with just one probe being able to mine minerals.

[EPIsode]:-=V=- finally transfers his forces to 6, and starts a nexus at the natural there. Getting a bit greedy, he also decides he can take the mineral only. Another nexus is started and as soon as he has a pylon up, -=V=- warps and warps and warps... seven cannons. If those things come online, he will have quite a good defense. Unfortunately, DIDI8 is moving his massive army around the center, and he stumbles upon all those warping cannons. Indeed he immediately attacks.

"All men have an instinct for conflict: at least, all healthy men."


The battle that takes place is hard to describe with words. Even if it is one sided battle with DIDI8's army being more than twice bigger, it's a real storm explosion - the screenshot tells it all.


I have to note that DIDI8 has absolutely all of his fifty or so combat units together, while -=V=- has some units at his main, and some at 6's natural that don't take part in the fight. DIDI8 has mostly goons with zealot/archon support and templars, while -=V=- has more melee units - zealots, dark templars and archons, with some goons mixed in, and indeed high templars. The 2/0/3 upgrades of the Korean don't help him much against the massive 0/0/1 army of his opponent. Still -=V=- breaks some of DIDI8's jars and some jam is spilled on the ground. Then -=V=- cancels all the stuff he was building at 6's mineral only, retreats to the natural of that location and prays that DIDI8 won't continue his attack.

The first few times I watched the replay I was wondering why DIDI8 stopped his attack, now I notice he lost his observer to all those storms and he is left without detection against -=V=-'s dark templars. Until new observers are being produced, -=V=- not only warps some cannons at 6's natural to assist a growing zealot/goon/DT/HT/archon mix of units there, but also expands to the eastern island.


"Never give in. Never. Never. Never. Never."


25 minutes into the game DIDI8 is at 172/200 control and -=V=- is at 163/188 with far better upgrades. Just 5 or so protoss units apart, that appears close... On the other hand though, DIDI8's macro is really picking up - at this point he has twenty gateways, while [EPIsode]:-=V=- has nine and later adds two more :(.

DIDI8 is controlling the center of the map, causing real troubles for -=V=-. Defending both 9 and 6 is a very hard task in this situation. The Korean is forced to split his army in two and try to transfer one part of it to 9. As he tries to do so, he is intercepted by DIDI8 and once again faces all enemy units with just half of his own... DIDI8 easily wins that battle and charges 6's natural now with observer support.

From this moment on, sadly the game is pretty much over - [EPIsode]:-=V=- can't do anything now. DIDI8 first destroys 6's natural without much resistance, then notices that 6's ramp is relatively well defended with cannons and the remaining units of -=V=-. Meanwhile the Korean makes another of his storm raids, killing most of the probes at 3's mineral only, even with DIDI8 reacting quite fast. Heh... both players have some goons stuck between cannons and buildings, but let's not talk too much about such embarrassing moments ;].

"But man is not made for defeat. A man can be destroyed but not defeated."


DIDI8 wisely heads for 9 now and starts destroying it's natural, then another one-sided but spectacular battle takes place for the ramp towards -=V=-'s main. The Korean is defending with some templars and zealots he built at his four gateways there, but the whole map is orange now and there is a constant stream of DIDI8's units arriving.

-=V=- tries surprising DIDI8 by attacking the center with his zealots and dark templars that were defending 6, but is denied by goons and good use of terrain and building placement. Retreating from this battle, -=V=- heads for 9 to try and save it, and that's where DIDI8's templars on the ledge come into play again, storming the brown zealots as they pass below ;].

While a big part of his units are destroying 9, DIDI8 is still using every mineral his probes bring him - he is at his population limit, but uses his money to expand to 9's natural and mineral only.

Meanwhile -=V=- has rebuilt 6's natural and fortified it with cannons and some templars, goons, zealots and archons waiting behind. A final battle takes place with DIDI8's newly built units being poured at those defenses. As the victorious army that destroyed 9 joins this battle, -=V=- is overwhelmed and with just his island remaining, he leaves the game.

Great game by both players in my opinion, a demonstration of creativity combined with skill. The conflict of weird strats made this game very enjoyable to watch and as big battles were avoided most of the time, it all depended on the effectiveness of all the storm raids and sneaky moves. Thanks, [EPIsode]:-=V=- and DIDI8[BG]-) !!!

Total Score
132 525
27 025
58 638
218 188
121 675
11 775
54 142
187 592


Smooth as silk ;)

Without a replay this game would have been a real nightmare to report. Every time I watched it while making the battle report, I kept missing some of the drops and interesting events... I wish replays had a rewind feature.

Click here for REPLAY

Click here for WALLPAPER

Congratulations to DIDI8 on winning the latest 1v1 LAN Tourney held in Bulgaria. Good luck in the big tourney at the end of the month ;)

Thanks to all my friends who support me and give me nice ideas for my reports.

Music used for the flash: Expansion Union, "Playing with lightning"

Quotes... by famous people like Ernest Hemingway, Frank Herbert, George S. Patton, Sir Winston Churchill and others ;)


Poker site of Didi and Breeze




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