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(orky)Myst vs. Corbalt Game I, from Corbalt's perspective
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Date: 03/10/01 06:03
Game Type: Starcraft
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I usually hate these little comments, but this report has almost 3 megs of pics, so please don't complain in the comments section, now read the report ;D. Oh yeah, maximize the window =]

Hey, this battle report is unlike any other you've ever read (probably), and hopefully that will turn out to be a good thing.

I'd talked to Fox a few times about doing a joint BR, but we'd both agreed that the only reason for doing that would be to add commentary, and the people we would BR would be too good to make a report that's not serious.

Eventually Fox thought of doing a team melee with two top players, one of us on one players team, and the other of course on his opponent's team. Here is the result [=.

Don't have Crazy host your game though, he bans me for sport -The..Scarab

In an nh tourney, obs spots are precious -Corbalt

I was on Corbalt's team for all of the games, and before I start, I'll give a bit of background on him.

I haven't known Corb for a real long time, but Fox had always said he was one of the few players that could beat him PvZ. He's an all toss player, and has recently gotten a rating of 1600 on GameI, which will probably be even higher by the time you read this. In the game room, Astic-X was observing, and he commented that Corb's Protoss was the second best he's ever played against, second only to X'Ds~Grrrr... Corb has tons of strats, and uses them all almost flawlessly. Anyways, enough talk about Corb's gosuness and onto the report!

All games are of course played on the Lost Temple, and all games Corbalt chooses Protoss while Myst chooses Zerg. Myst has talked to me many times on how much imbalance he believes is in this matchup, in Zerg's favor of course. Corb on the other hand believes that P > > > Z, and that's not just something he says [=.

Is taunting host auto-loss? -CorbaltCorb recieves his nexus at the 12:00 position, and immediately places his probes on the mineral patches. He makes a probe, and after hearing "you require more minerals" (intotherain does this) numerous times, he makes a pylon on eight supply. He's hoping to see an overlord come from 3:00, but one doesn't come, forcing Corb to scout with the probe used to make his first gate, on nine supply.

Corbalt is pure sex -Frost!^^

Yeah, my TvT is ass -NewbiMcNastyHe finds Myst at 9:00, and this it what he sees. He sends his probe back down to Myst's natural, and orders his probe to start attacking a morphing hatchery. Myst brings down a peon or two, and a very micro intensive peon battle ensues, with Corb finally pulling back and waiting for his zealots to arrive.

Corb makes a zealot before his second pylon, and before the first one finishes, he queues up another one, still not having a pylon warping. Corb makes a pylon when he gets enough money, and from there continues production of probes and zealots, making pylons when they're neccesary.

Corb's zealot and probe combo get in a few hits on Myst's morphing hatchery, but as soon as it morphs, Myst throws down two creep colonies to be made into sunkens. Myst also places third hatchery in such a position that only one zealot can attack his sunken at a time from the front, while the others are forced to walk all the way around his second hatchery and his other sunken to reach it.

Corb attacks the morphing creep colonies with his forces, and gets its hitpoints pretty low until some lings come down Myst's ramp and force Corb to retreat.

Corb waits until he has six zealots, then he attacks. Corb engages Myst's lings first, but the five zealots force Myst to pull his lings back temporarily, not wanting to lose them needlessly.

Corb first orders three of the zealots to attack the sunken, but after realizing the building placement will cause the zealots to take a lot of damage and not deal very much, he only has one attack the sunken, while the other five engage the lings, which
Myst has just sent back into the fray.

The lone zealot engaging the sunken soon explodes into blue flame. Two more zealots join him on Aiur before Corb decides to pull back and regroup.

Oh, you need to have 1800+ ladder, and two penises.  Mmmm, balls are optional -WaxAngel, on what's neccesary to be a battlereporter.

Two more zealots soon join the two that retreated, and after putting the newer ones with shields still fully intact in front to absorb the damage, Corb sends in his troops again. He once again orders one zealot to attack the sunken, and has the other three engage the lings.

One of the three zealots told to kill the lings lags behind a little however, and the lings are able to surround and kill the other two zealots before the third arrives to help. The last two zealots soon bite the dust, but they did manage to kill all but four lings and the sunken positioned between the two hatcheries and Myst's cliff.

Well, basically, the joker licks the chocolate off the heterosexually challenged GOZ, who holds the apple that Germany once grimaced at when the dreaded unicorn porn ruled the earth -derek..

Corb's minerals are now starting to pile up, and still keeping up constant zealot and probe production, he warps in an assimilator on 26 supply, and soon after a cycore, on 30 supply.

It's now evident why Corb was so persistent in killing that sunken, as he sends in two more zealots from his gateway, and they start pounding on Myst's third hatchery. Myst already has a creep colony where the last one was, and it's morphing into a sunken. However, it still has a ways to go, and Myst is forced to pull off a few drones from mining to help the lings get rid of the zealots.

The sunken is finished morphing soon though, and the fleshy tentacle along with the lings force Corb to retreat.

Corb soon has four more zealots ready to go along with the two already there, and he sends them in. They quickly kill four lings Myst has for mobile attack forces, but they also see another sunken, which finishes quickly enough to make Corb think twice about pressing the attack, and he pulls back.

Some fag school bus driver said I passed her.  I didn't run over any kids. -LongRifle

Two more zealots soon join the party though, and Corb once again attacks. Four more lings are there to help defend, but the eight zealots quickly pulverize them. Corb orders his zealots to focus on the new sunken, and after losing four zealots, most of them already damaged, to the sunkens, he pulls back after destroying the newest of the three colonies. Corb has lost a lot of forces due to sunkens, prompting him to make a comment:Indeed!

Corb stalled his production for a while after the third sunken came online, but he soon makes a goon from each of his gateways, along with researching range. They arrive where the zealots are, and begin attacking an overlord that had been keeping tabs on Corb's numbers.

GO FUCK YOUR MOM, A COW OR OTHER DAIRY PRODUCTS -~Z~PhantomThe goons manage to kill that overlord, and Corb sees the second one in his base trying to sneak out. Corb sends his four zealots back to his base, but takes the two goons and moves them into the gully to the left of his main. He then orders two more goons that just popped out of his gates to attack the overlord from the highground.

The four goons make short work of the overlord, doing 80 damage per volley. Corb now begins a robofac, probably for goon/reav.

Corb now places his forces below his ramp, probably to fool Myst into thinking he's already taken his natural. Corb now sees a control group of lings coming his way. He pulls back his forces a bit, as well as taking four more goons from his gates and placing them on his ramp so now adventurous lings can't get through.

Corb micros a bit, but probably figures this is an easy way to cheat Myst out of 300 minerals. But then he sees a lurker. He immediately targets it, and it's killed before it gets the chance to burrow. Corb micros a bit more to get rid of the lings and after they take care of them, he moves all his forces out to the middle of the map, allowing more room for micro. His robofac is finished, and he immediately warps in an observatory, to help fight the lurks.

BNet has fucked me up the ass with a rusty metal barbed dildo every time yav makes a game -probey'

Myst once again sends a few lings at Corb, but Corb simply dances his goons, and gets rid of the lings without any losses. After the initial six are killed though, twelve more lings soon follow, and after these are killed, yet another control group follows. With the last control group Myst throws in a lurker, and Corb is forced to pull back and wait for the lurk to unburrow.

Astic-X: Your not an import thank God.  POA: Agreed, but I went to a blind barber...and I am now

Corb's first observer is soon done, and it spots the lurker, allowing Corb to kill it without any losses. Corb has now killed 30 lings and two lurkers, and his only loss consisting of four zealots and maybe one goon.

Corb makes another gateway-bringing his total to three, and he also begins a nexus at his natural. He moves his forces out to Myst's mineral natural, where they find a mutating hatchery. The goons kill a valiant ling, and then begin attacking the hatchery. A lurker tries to burrow, but the goons kill it before it gets off even one attack.

Myst sends a control group of lings at the goons, but three more goons are soon added to the attacking force, and after some dancing, the lings are killed with only the loss of a goon to Corb.

The hatchery is cancelled, and Corb moves in to Myst's natural. He sees another sunken morphing, and instead of pressing the attack, and losing numerous goons to the sunkens, he is content with containing Myst.

Dref is the hindu word for bologna and sab is the swami word for sandwich -Drefsab

I look back at Corb's base now, and see a support bay warping in. Looks like I was right, goon/reav. I also think Corb was safe getting a robofac, needing observers if Myst was going hydra/ling to spot the lurkers, or for reavers, if Myst goes muta/ling.

Corb adds on the support bay because the large number of lings with the small amount of hydras is a sure sign of muta/ling, and goon/reav is the best strategy to combat that.

Corb now has ten goons standing outside Myst's natural, and with five more on their way, he attacks. There are only three sunkens, the fourth one, to the left of Myst's second hatchery has disappeared [=.

Corb orders the goons to attack the newest sunken, and after it's killed, he pulls back his forces, then killing five more lings. Corb lost three goons in that attack, two to sunkens, and the other to pursueing lings.

Corb's reinforcements show up soon, and he has another go. This time Myst has a hydra to help combat the goons, along with however many goons can be produced out of three hatches. Corb botched his placement however, and quickly loses a goon that was already in the yellow while trying to regroup.

Myst is so korean that his banana republic shirt should read.. 'HI I AM A KOREAN USER'................. I THOUGHT IT WAS FUNNY (@#*$&(@#*$&@# FU!!!! =[ -Fox^1

It's soon evident why Myst's number of lings were so low, as eight lings come from the right of the goons, along with eight more from the south, dropped from overlords. Corb loses three goons while trying to retreat, but he finally gets out of the horde of lings and back to the safety of his base.

I don't feel like being creative right now -The..Scarab when asked for a quote

Corb stations his forces outside his choke, and his second reaver soon pops out, which is loaded into a waiting shuttle. All of a sudden five mutas come from the south of Corb's base, and head straight for the probe line. Soon after, five overlords full of lings hover over, and 40 lings are unloaded.

Corb quickly tells his goons to head up the ramp, and engage whatever they can. The goons attacking the lings are killed quickly, and the lings then engage the probes. Corb unloads his reavers to help deal with the immense number of lings, and while the mutas engage the shuttle, Corb's goons get free hits.

The reavers turn the tide in Corb's favor, and they kill zergling after zergling. The goons take care of the mutas, and after four more goons pop out of Corb's gateways, the battle is over. The reavers combine for 22 kills, and they're immediately replinished with more scarabs.

Your whimpering sweet lord Buddha is a slobbering whoring pimple oozing premenstrual gluttonous boring hamster munch. -Krebster

Corb loses a total of five goons, and he moves all but two of the ones left alive down below his ramp to protect his natural and his main. The two he leaves up there protect his mineral line, and he also moves two more to his natural.

Corb begins a pylon in between the two cliffs of his main and 3:00's main below his ramp, and sends the rest of his goons down to Myst's base to hopefully stop him from expanding to his mineral natural. Half the goons and the shuttle with the reavers get halfway there, but the other half, still near the warping pylon notice a group of nine mutas fly over.

the spank the monkey buddy icon is ..'distracting' me -Wangsonn

Corb sends his goons back to protect his natural, which was where the mutas were heading. He also begins warping in a stargate.

The mutas do not attack however, and after waiting a little while to be sure, Corb sends his forces back down to Myst's base.

He orders his shuttle down to where he attack moves his force of goons, and the shuttle arrives before the goons. Myst's mutas attack the shuttle, and Corb only gets to unload one reaver before the shuttle explodes.

The mutas don't get the chance to kill the reaver by themselves however, as Corb's goons arrive shortly after the shuttle is destroyed. The mutas immediately attack the goons, leaving the lings to deal with the reaver.

The reaver only manages to kill a few lings before its slow firing rate spells its doom, and it emits a robotic scream before dying. The lings move on to the goons now, and Corb micros to the best of his ability to stay away from the ravenous claws of the zerglings.

whattup dewdler -probey'

The lings keep coming, and Corb decides it's best to retreat to his base. He stops every once in a while to fire at the lings, and after they all fire he continues retreating them. They eventually are pushed back to his main, where he has four new goons waiting to help fortify the base, and four more are halfway done warping in through the gateways.

Zerg unit after zerg unit fall, while Corb dances his goons as well as he can. It turns out not to be enough, as Corb's goons on the low ground protecting his expansion all die to the combined power of the lings and mutas. He has seven more at the top of his ramp, and he moves them down to keep the lings from ripping into his probes at his natural.

Corb's first corsair also pops out, and he immediately sends it over to aid his goons. All the lings have been killed by the dragoons, and now the number of goons is a little more than the number of mutas. The dragoons manage to kill the mutas with only one other loss, and Corb is left with six goons.


Things are looking good for Corb, but then another wave of lings come in, accompanied by two lurkers. Two more goons accompany the ones already at Corb's ramp, and they get in a few shots at the lings as they hop by.

One goon is quickly killed by the claws of the lings, and the lurkers burrow. Corb moves his goons back to avoid the subterrainean spines, and the lings pursue. The foremost lurker unburrows, scurries over to Corb's peon line, and quickly burrows again.

This ladder could really help us to get recognized.  Wait a second, Myst gets to play Grrrr..., and you get invited to a gosu clan.  WTF do I get, a cookie???  *&()#$!*^ -Fox^1 to Corbalt

Corb attempts to save his peon line by selecting them all and ordering them to collect gas. Meanwhile the ten or so lings that were pursueing the four goons that retreated make quick work of three of the undead zealots, most of them already damaged, and move on the Corb's nexus. The last goon left tries to kill the lings, but its explosive damage doesn't do too much.

To me, it's always a good idea to always carry two sacks of something when you walk around. That way, if anybody says, 'Hey, can you give me a hand?,' you can say, 'Sorry, got these sacks.' -The..Scarab

Soon another wave of lings flows in, and Corb asks for vision. He doesn't see this as the end though, and continues microing his goons against the zerglings. The lings soon surround the goons and after dealing with them, move on to the gateways. Corb finally concedes after making sure it's a 5 game series, and leaves the game.

Even though I was their captive, the Indians allowed me quite a bit of freedom. I could walk about freely, make my own meals, and even hurl large rocks at their heads. It was only later that I discovered t hey were not Indians at all, but dirty clothes hampers. -The..Scarab

And here are the scores, as DrA said in one of his reports, structures make no difference in the outcome of the game, so that's excluded =].

hawk is gay, actually, fuck that.  NoHunters is gay -probey'

This was really fun to watch, and Corb's unit production is amazing, he never stopped making units. He also kept his resources down very low, and the only time he went over 1000 minerals was during the attack when he lost his shuttle, which he quickly got back down once he was forced to retreat his goons.

Corb also never gave up, the first wave of muta ling I was sure he would lose to. But he continued microing his ass off, and he came out with seven goons left.

I hope the report was worth the loading time, and if you haven't read it already, go read Fox's report.

Also, the interview will be released with the last game, hopefully you will find it in Rook's Corner =].

It's Sorrento, a city in Italy near Capri in case you're wondering =P

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