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"Valks shred through wraiths and mutalisks like they're made of aluminum foil (in fact, I think wraiths ARE made of aluminum foil)"

(orky)Myst vs Corbalt game 1 from Myst's perspective
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Date: 03/10/01 06:03
Game Type: Starcraft
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Well guess what? Fox did pics. Now before you go, "OMG FOX YOU ARE SOOO GODLY THAT I WANT TO CARVE AN IDOL OUT OF OAK AND WORSHIP IT EVERY NIGHT" you should understand that I suck at pics. Now before you go, "FU GOD, I MADE AN IDOL OUT OF YOU AND YOU CAN'T EVEN DO PICS?!?!? I HATE YOU!!" understand that LK J@#$(*#$ fuckit just see for yourself.

Oh btw I read XLD's already, and it's a fucking masterpiece. He owned me on this =]

XLD and I had an idea to do a report 1on1 team melee. So that we could both obs 1 player, and see what upgrades he gets, what his tech is, so on and so forth. XLD would do one player and I would do another. It was a long search to find good players, after a while we gave up seraching and just settled for Corbalt vs (orky)Myst. I was the person who got to obs Myst, only because my name can be pronounced and XLD's cannot.

Now these reports from Myst's perspective will mean that they will focus on Myst's zerg. Corbalts details will remain as little as possible because you can read them from XLD's reports. It makes it much easier to focus on 1 person. So lets talk about myst a little.

Myst is godly. He plays with such a high level of multitasking that once ahead there is no way to come back and defeat him. I 1st met Myst when he came back as a smurf and learned zerg from him. He started to take his game to the next level beating players like Montaro, Pillars, and NTT to name a few. Before long he was a household name. Today he is part of (orky) probably the strongest non-korean clan. He has played Maynard, Grrrr, and other pro players, beating almost all of them. Maybe not with a winning record but he has beaten them.

Recently in the past few months has has been polishling all his races, and being an insane terran. But still his power race is zerg. He was excited before this game, especially when I told him Corb's comment about the balance issue with protoss vs zerg.

Ok moving on to the game. It was a 5 game series on Lost Temple Z vs P all the way. Corbalt as Zerg and Myst as Protoss. HAHAHA Fox is funny..... ok I'm spent... So HERE WE GO!!!!

I have no idea what corb was drinking when he made that statement ;P

In the game obsing was myself, xld, and astic-x. Astic was lucky that xld decided that he could watch the game, because xld is all powerful like Daler Mehndi. Don't ask.

Myst spawns at the 9 with zerg and corbalt spawns at the 12 with protoss. Myst understand corbs skill and knows that corb will zealot rush all the time. Which he will. So myst goes with the best expand build against a zealot rusher. Even if corb doesn't and tries to either fast expand or tech, Myst's build allows for quick lings and he usually gets gas early and can fight early tech.

Myst says he is from NY.  Sorry Myst you can't spell Korea with NY.

His build of 8 overlord 10 hatch and 11 pool makes you think that he may be sacrificing economy for a faster expand. But if you were to do this build you will see that after the 11 pool goes down you have 2 larva. You make 2 drones and your control is at 12 drones. That's good eco if you ask me, and you will still have 3 larva once the pool is done to make 6 lings. Also your hatch at expo or ramp will be done quick enough so you can place a sunken there.

This place is harder to crack then... Some sorta.... hard to crack... object.... .. .. =[[[[

As you can see myst places the sunkens in perfect places. The one below the hatch can be walled off with another hatch to the left of it. And the other sunken is in the mineral line and drones can surround it if need be. If zealots attempt to attack 1 or 0 zealots will be able to hit the sunken walled off. If they try to take the one in the mineral line Myst can just walloff using drones. Also Myst has a about 8-10 lings there. A great defense and allows myst to power and hold any zeal attack.

Unfortunately for Corb he decides that he will test this powerful defense. Before this attack myst got gas and currently has 3 hatchs. Keeping good amount of power with tech. Very balanced in defense/offense. Lots of people go 4 hatchs then gas, but then they could run into problems against corsair or reaver builds. Most koreans always get early gas. ALlowing them to get things like speed for lings, or a faster lair, which is essential against protoss. Anyway Corb launches an attack on Myst's expo.


Toss own zerg to much, I think sunkens should be able to do 40 normal damage...... Hi corb

Myst microed very well making corb take as many hits possible by the sunkens. Myst starts a Lair and soon after Corb attacks again wasting a lot of zealots to kill mysts walled sunken. Myst simply just places it back there again and makes another one the bottom right of his gas at his expo. Myst then places down a hydra den looking like a build with lurkers and ove uprades. YES those annoying spines =P Corb then decides to comment about the game.

Conceding the game mentally is not natures way.

The reason myst would do this, is because 1st off Corbalt has not expanded yet, and if Corb were to go zealot/temp, then right now lurkers are the best thing, he can contain and just expand like crazy. If corb goes goon/reaver then it won't come that fast, since corb spent a lot of early zealots. Myst wil have drop by then and can just protect his ledge as well as hold an attack by reaver/goon with microed hydra/ling. Since he does have twice the economy that corbalt has.

these pretzels are making me thirsty

Using lurkers in z vs p is amazingly good. Not only do they cloak which requires the use of canoons, obs or storm. But they are ranged. Which means on cliffs nothing is more powerful then lurkers. The best coutner is goon and robo tech. Because obs and goons don't get ruled by lurkers like zealots do.

But what's good is that if he does go robo tech you can get a spire and counter with muta/ling. Zerg is just so strong in tech changes. In fact myst was already starting to get a spire just in case. Myst loses an overlord to dragoons. He then scouts with a ling and sees that Corbalt has goons/zealots holding choke. Myst probably isn't worried, his spire is on the way, and if corb is going goon + {insert unit here} Myst can take him out. Unless Corb does like goon/archon/HT. But that would require MUCHO gas and corb couldn't afford that. Or Corb can bend the laws of computers and can use a money hack.

Myst takes his forces of speedlings and lurkers and mounts an attack, with about 3 lurkers and a bunch of lings. He knows that if Corb has no detection he will get really hurt, and maybe buy him the time to get those mutas. Corb is able to hold the lings and kill 2 lurkers. Corb apparently got an obs and was able to finish the last lurker and started over to Myst's base. Myst noticed that he was going all goons, so myst started to pump mass lings and started on a spire. Corb launched an attack while expanding. He was going reaver/goon. Myst spire was finishnig and was going muta/ling. A fight started that was the micro battle unlike any other.

Lets just say corb was looking good, until myst mixed in mutas =[

To recap the battle presented above. It started with Corb pushing in and getting pushed back by the speedlings. Myst immediately expanded to his mineral only with 3 hatchs. Corb is actually able to hold the lings with more goons and insane micro. Corbalt takes his force and counters on Myst. Myst tries to hold it but is forced to cancel his mineral only hatchs. Myst's spire is done and starts mutas, He drops 16 lings outside of his main, then mounts an attack on the containment with use of 16 lings as a flank.

Myst was able to remove the containment and then expand to his mineral only. Corbalt then attempts to mount an attack again with goons and this time reavers. But unfortunately for Corb Myst now has Mutalisks. Corbalt cannot attempt to fight this battle, he must reatreat and hopefully he can hold with use of more goons and maybe cannons. Myst starts up on hydras just in case Corb switched techs and can hold the muta/ling attack. Corb did have a few corsair waiting and was able with insane micro to hold Myst's muta/ling counter. However Myst wasn't just watching that fight he was producing, and adding in a massive number of lings and a few lurkers and he is able to remove Corb's expo. Corb knowing that Myst has probably got his mineral only knows that it's impossible to come back. Corb then asks for vision then concedes the game.

Great game by both players. Played Z vs P to perfection. Corb pressured all game making sure myst couldn't go expansion cray. Myst was able to power but defend and soon have enough units to counter Corbs constant pressure and start to expand.

I moved a peon that was idle to collect gas, even though this was after Corb said GG I still feel guilty
Best of 5 don't forget, Corb aint going to just let Myst get away with that win.

I'm so fast that I can see my own ear...

Fox Is indeed Quick
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