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Myst vs. X'Ds~Fire, A Terran Odyssey
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Date: 02/11/01 12:02
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.2, # of Ratings: 5, Max: 10, Min: 9
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Also, this report will probably take even longer to load than my last one, so buy new hamsters?

Hello and welcome to another xld battle report =]. Today you'll be reading a three game series with Myst and X'Ds~Fire. Both players are very good, and although these games aren't the greatest, they're very educational.

Now for the actual games. Fire creates on Lost Temple at or something, and after I clean out pics from my folder, he hits the start button.

Myst chooses Terran and lands his brown command center at the 6:00 start, while Fire randoms to teal Zerg and spawns at 3:00.

Fire, knowing his Myst is Terran takes a chance and decides not to rush to lurkers out of one base, but instead expands to his natural. He gets gas a little before he starts his pool, and when the extractor finishes morphing, he immediately puts three drones on the geyser.

Myst begins with a standard wallin, getting gas before his second depot. He begins an acad soon after passing under Fire's ovie, and adds on a comsat before his second rax.

Fire's expansion hatchery soon finishes, and he maynards half of his drones down, and morphs an extractor. He begins a lair as soon as he has enough gas, and soon after morphs in a hydralisk den, obviously going for two hatch lurkers.

Fire's only defense now is six lings as Myst's scouting SCV reveals. Myst queues up a few Firebats, and when he has five, sets out for Fire's base along with three rines and two meds. Just as they leave Myst's natural, they encounter three hydras, which Fire quickly puts into eggs to become lurkers. Myst stims his forces and kills the first egg, and forces Fire to cancel another as he gets it down to thirty hp. Fire also sent down six lings to accompany the hydras, but decides it's better to just save them for later, and because bats kill lings rather quickly. The third hydra pops out of it's egg, but the stimmed infantry will kill it before it gets the chance to burrow, so Fire moves it back to the safety of his own base.

Fire expands to 12:00's natural, as Myst decides it's time to take his own natural. Myst constructs a bunker, as well as a missile turret beside it. Myst has a control group of units outside the bunker made up of six rines, four bats and two meds, as well as a bunker full with three rines and a bat.

Fire attacks with six lurkers, two hydralisks and a handful of lings the same time Myst finishes constructing his turret. The lurkers quickly burrow, and Myst wisely decides to retreat his infantry, deciding to let the bunker do the dirty work.

The forces in the bunker manage only to kill one lurker and two hydralisks before it explodes, and the remaining five lurkers remain burrowed, the remaining hydralisk balling up into a lurker egg.

Myst's infantry is still at his natural, and Fire begins a lurker push, trying to prevent Myst from taking his natural, as well as containing him. Myst does some hit and runs, managing to kill quite a few lurkers with minimum losses.

Fire sends down six more hydras, and upon arriving at Myst's natural, five are morphed into lurker eggs, guarded by the two lurks already burrowed and a lone hydra.

Myst's first tank pops out of his factory, but since he doesn't have any mobile detection yet, he can't just sit back and let the tank do all the work. Myst saves up a few comsats, and then attempts to break out of the containment with a control group of +1 armor upgraded rines, and about half that amount of medics. He scans the area infested with lurkers once, and takes out one with the loss of three marines. Fire's other lurkers have finished morphing, and he quickly burrows them to keep control of Myst's choke. Fire destroys another marine and the tank before Myst kills another lurker. Myst scans again, but decides not to attack after seeing three lurkers clumped very close together.

Fire has been hoping for Myst to use up all his comsats and not relinquish his containment until Myst gets mobile detection. Lucky for Myst his first SV finishes, and he flies it over to the lurkers. Fire, knowing that a tank, even without seige researched has longer range then a lurker, wisely unburrows them and moves them back to his base.

Although Myst finally breaks out of his containment, Fire has managed to secure two more expansions, 12:00's main and his own natural, bringing his total base count to five, while Myst still has not taken his natural.

Myst does take the initiative and expand, flying his command center to his natural the same time he takes his forces to Fire's main encampment. Along the way they encounter a lurker burrowed behind one of the walls of the lost temple, but Myst's SV soon detects it, and the marines kill it without a loss. The two control groups of marines and medics continue on the Fire's base, but with the lurker as an early warning, Fire is ready.

His spire has been done for a while now, and he has about nine mutas. They're not as effective as they'd be if the marines didn't have the armor upgrades, as their glave wurms only deal three damage on the first ricochet, and none on the second. Paired with about six lurkers however, their main purpose was to soak up Fire and soften up Myst's army while the lurkers got close enough to deal the real damage.

The two players play mouse and cat, Myst pulling back his lurkers when Fire burrows them, and trying to kill as many mutas as he can while avoiding the lurks. Myst manages to kill all but three or the mutas before Fire catches on and moves his mutas back to the safety of his lurkers.

Myst lost his tank during the attack, and instead of trying to break through five lurkers with infantry, he tries to go behind the wall and enter Fire's base from above. His marines notice the creep, and soon after they find the hatchery morphed at Fire's own mineral natural. The marines take potshots at the hatchery before Fire sends the lurkers along with three hydras to get rid of the threat.

Fire starts a hatchery at 12:00's mineral natural, and moves his forces down to Myst's choke. There he burrows six lurkers, and turns two of his four hydras into lurker eggs, with lurker reinforcements on the way.

Myst now has two science vessels equipped with irradiate in his artillery, and with only four hydras as anti-air, he irradiates three lurks before being forced back, returning to irad a fourth when he gets the energy. The four hydras follow the SVs as they fly back to the safety of the rines, but Fire quickly pulls them back, and morphs three of them into lurks.

I take a quick look at Fire's base now, and see that he's morphed a hive, a greater spire, and has two evo chambers evolving armor and ranged attack.

Fire is ready to attack, and he brings ten lurkers outside Myst's base, along with four hydras morphed into eggs, one already morphed guardian, and two mutas he puts in cocoons. Fire will be up against three control groups of marines (give or take a few ;]),a handful of meds, two SVs, and no tanks =[.

Fire decides it's a good time to establish map control once and for all, and begins hatches at all of 9:00's expansions.

Fire's guardians finish morphing, but Myst has a trick up his sleeve. He's been producing wraiths out of his one starport, and now has four with cloaking ability. He sends them out to scout, and they run into Fire's forces outside his base. He cloaks them, probably expecting some type of anti-air, but none is immediately available, and all three guardians grunt as they explode from the gemini missiles. The wraiths start manhandling an overlord before Fire wakes the hydralisks up and forces them out of their eggs early to drive the tin foil planes away. Fire also begins a hatchery outside Myst's choke, wanting to sunken him in and make sure he can totally dominate the map.

Myst on the other hand knows he must act fast, as if he allows more guardians to be morphed, the guards and lurks will simply rape his infantry. He stims his marines, allows the medics to heal, and charges in. The infantry mow down the hydras kept as anti-air, and also kills another lurker before he's forced to retreat from the 9 remaining burrowed lurkers.

Fire now has three guards, two devourers and a few mutas for the wraiths, along a few scourge for the two SVs. Fire decides it's his turn to attack, and sends in the above mentioned forces along with 9 lurks. The marines manage to kill a muta and a scourge, but the other two scourge score a direct hit on the two already damaged SVs, killing them both. The wraiths cloaking proves useless as the overlords along with the devourer's purple goo give them away.

Myst pulls back his forces from the burrowed lurkers, but the guardians still bombard them with acidic spit, and many marines give their lives for the Confedaracy. Fire sends in a handful of lings bought with extra minerals in to finish the job, and Myst concedes.

Here is the last minimap

and the final scores

As Fire attacked, Myst was attempting to expand to his mineral natural, the island nearest him and 9:00's main, having hordes of SCVs from nonstop production. He waited too long however, and let Fire establish map control, in both early game and late game.

Fire also didn't try any drops, and didn't even harass until I noticed the wraiths attacking drones at Fire's natural. I also suggested a few more tanks in the game room of the next game, but he said he didn't like using them, and was an M&M&SV user.

Anyways, on to the next game!

Game II

Myst chooses Terran once again, and despite pleas from Myst to choose toss, Fire once again randoms.

Myst lands his orange command center at the grassy 9:00 position, while Fire warps in a teal nexus at 12:00.

Myst does the no-ling wallin, which doesn't allow small units to get through, but allows ranged units to deal full damage since it's not on raised ground.

The two players soon find each other, and Myst makes a simple request:

Fire does the fast expand to goons strat, with a gate on twelve and nexus on fourteen. From there he warps in an assimilator, then a core, then another gate.

Myst on the other hand decides to go vultures out of dual machine shop factories, researching both spider mines and vulture speed. When both upgrades are completed, Myst sets out for Fire's base with three vultures. He stops to lay a few mines directly outside his base, and he also creates a small minefield of about five mines over a piece of land that Fire will have to cross to get to Myst's base.

He then sends up a suicide vulture to scout out Fire's base, and it somehow gets through the five goons at his choke with a little micro of laying a mine to draw Fire, and it discovers a robotics facility warping in, along with three gates and dragoon range being researched.

While Myst's first vulture distracts Fire, Myst sends up a three more vultures to lay a few mines just below his choke, then they head for his peon line at Fire's natural. One goon dies to the mines, and two more lose their shields and more than half their hitpoints before reaching the vultures.

After Myst sees the goons coming down, he simply runs the vultures right back up the ramp into his main, going for his other peon line. Fire manages to kill all the vultures before they get up his ramp, but he's lost over ten peons at his natural, while only killing three vultures.

Myst already has four more vultures ready to go outside Fire's base, and after laying a few mines below Fire's choke, he stops to set two more of them on the pathway to the nexus before letting into the probes. Only two goons make it through the minefield, and they still have the last two mines to get through. The first goon is killed by one mine and the others splash, while the other survives with less than half it's hp left. Fire tries to dance it around to let shields recharge, but goon can't outrun the speedy bikes, and goon soup is soon served by Myst's fragmentation grenades.

Fire sends down another goon as soon as it's made available, and it manages to kill one of the vultures that takes a break from peon assassination. The goon is killed from spider mines, and the the remaining vultures take out all the rest of the probes. Two more goons pop out of Fire's gateways, and they are finally able to get rid of the vultures.

Fire's robotics facility has finished, and he's warping in an observatory to get rid of the mines laid by the vultures, along with a citadel and archives. Myst has been making some buildings of his own, and during his peon raids he began construction of a new command center to take control of his natural. He's also started on two more factories, bringing his total to four, and finally an academy for the comsat add-on.

Myst gets his expansion up and running, and takes six tanks and an SCV for repairs and building turrets. Fire finally catches a break though, as his new observer sees the tank push being set up. He attacks with two DTs and five goons. Only three of Myst's tanks are seiged, and the turret is not yet completed. Fire destroys the turret before Myst realizes what's happening, and scans the area with one of his brand new comsat stations. The DTs slice into the tanks, and two of the seiged ones are killed by the psi blades and dragoon Fire very quickly. The DTs turn the tide of the battle, and after killing the last seiged tank for the goons, the Protoss forces overpower the three remaining nonseiged tanks.

Fire now takes the offensive, and drops a templar behind the minerals at Myst's natural. The templar lets of a storm that kills five SCVs, and weakens many more.

The shuttle that dropped the high templar continues on to Myst's main, where it drops the rest of its cargo. Yep, the DT drop. We all hope it never happens to us, but it always does. The DTs first get rid of the missile turret while Myst desperately tries to get rid of them using his SCVs.

The turret goes down, but by that time Myst brings two tanks over to help deal with the threat. His first wraith, used to get rid of the hovering shuttle also pops out at that time. Myst scans the area, and the arclite fire and wraith lasers manage to get rid of the DTs with the loss of one tank. Fire's high templar was killed by enraged SCVs, and the shuttle is all that remains of the drop, and it hovers over Myst's cliff.

During this drop, the main event is over at 3:00's mineral natural. Myst seiges nine tanks spread out so only one can be hit by a storm. He also constructs two turrets for detection, and to prevent drops of anything directly next to his tanks. Fire again realizes observers are good for more then spotting mines, and moves out his forces consisting of fourteen goons, two DTs, and one high templar.

Myst spots the HT, and immediately orders his vultures to get rid of it. Fire targets the tanks one by one, and Myst speeds the vultures past them, and lays mines, preventing retreat. The tanks and mines soon get rid of all of Fire's forces, with Myst having five tanks and a vulture with mines remaining.

The five tanks he has seiged along with spider mines make quick work of three goons Fire uses to try to save his natural. Myst keeps a mine at the top of Fire's ramp, both to do extra damage to units, and if Fire's units stop to attack it, it will allow the tanks to get in an extra hit.

The only unit Myst loses after he goes through Fire's initial defense is one vulture, who dies from the splash damage of a tank. Fire has no units at the moment, and he just lost his expansion. All he has now is a few cannons for stationary defense, and no units he can produce out of his three gates will be able to overrun Myst's containment.

Here is the final minimap

and here are the scores

Fire played this matchup how it should be played, as he couldn't know what Myst was planning to do. If Fire had done a standard goon rush, he probably would've forced Myst to change his build a bit, maybe giving him time to throw up a few cannons around his minerals to protect his costly probes.

Myst's unit control of the vultures was incredible, and he knew exactly where to lay mines to cause the most damage. The only other thing that might've been done better would be to lay a few mines in the peon line, so when Fire moved his goons in there to protect his probes, he would've lost much more than half the goon's hitpoints.

Fire drops also went pretty well, and would've gone better if he hadn't been forced to micro trying to save his base, but then again, Myst probably could've done a better job to kill it off. After the first two peon raids, the game was decided, and unless Fire had gotten extremely lucky and destroyed all of Myst's detection and then his economy, I don't think there was another way he could've come back.

Game III

After I once again clean out my SC folder, and Fire and Myst discuss PvT strats in the game room, Fire hits the start button, and the game begins.

Myst chooses Terran for the third time, and recieves his red command center at 12:00, while Fire randoms to Terran, commands his yellow SCVs from the 9:00 start position.

Both players begin with a wallin, Fire walling himself in with one rax and one depot, so that not even small units can get through.

After the two players build gas and their second depot, their builds take totally different courses.

Fire opts to go for an early expansion, and while his command center is under construction, he begins an engineering bay for missile turrets, a machine shop for tanks, and finally a starport.

Myst on the other hand goes for a basic wraith rush, and after both starports are done, he immediately begins making one wraith, and when the money is available for a second, the starport lights start blinking.

Myst also takes the first offensive strike, which is very important in a TvT. He produces one marine out of his rax, and takes it to Fire's base, along with an SCV. The team arrives just as Fire is flying his command center to his natural. The marine immediately begins firing his shiny new gauss rifle at the floating cc, while the SCV begins feverishly constructing a bunker. Myst's first wraith soon finishes production and flies over to the quasi-containment at FireFire's base, with the second one following closely behind.

Fire's first starport is completed and he has one wraith building and his second halfway complete when Myst's wraiths are halfway there. The wraiths arrive and Fire their missiles at the command center, while the SCV lets into a defenseless supply depot.

Fire lands the command center, prompting Myst to head over to Fire's peon line. His plans to blow up a few SCVs are trashed when the two wraiths run into a missile turret Fire has just finished constructing. He then flies back to Fire's wallin, and notice an SCV trying to make a missile turret, but instead of killing the SCV, the wraiths instead target the missile turret. Another SCV hovers over to construct another turret, and Myst is forced to retreat his wraiths to his bunker, and a tank forces the SCV back.

Back at Myst's base he saves up enough minerals to begin his own command center, and builds one on the ledge overlooking his natural.

Fire lifts off his barracks, and seiges up his tank to get rid of the bunker outside his base. He also builds a missile turret while his first wraith and a marine stand guard. Myst tries to save his marine, but it's gunned down by the wraith after taking a hit from the tank. The empty bunker turned into rubble by the marine and tank, along with an SCV for extra firepower.

Fire lands his command center, and maynards half his SCVs to mine. He also builds a turret for extra anti-air defense along with a refinery. Myst is ready to attack again, and he flies his seven wraiths over to Fire's natural. The turret quickly falls to the wraith lasers, and Fire tries to save natural, and keep his edge on mineral intake by constructing another turret below his command center. Myst sees this however, and quickly kills the SCV before the turret is even halfway done.

Fire triest to repel the attack with air to air, but unfortunately for him, seven wraiths own two wraiths and a marine. After Fire sends most of his SCVs back up to his main, the wraiths start firing at the cc. Fire, knowing that he won't be able to save his cc unless he lifts off and flies it to the safety of his turrets, and that's exactly what he does. Fire also flies his engineering bay out to the wraiths, trying to get them to Fire at the 125 mineral building instead of the 400 mineral building.

Fire can't convince the pilots to give him a break however, but he pulls a good move, and orders four to five SCVs to repair the floating cc, and prevent it from burning down and exploding. It's soon in safe territory, and Myst flies his wraiths back to avoid losing any to missile turrets.

Fire forgets about his engineering bay somehow, and the wraiths make quick work of it.

Fire's starport count is now up at three, and he begins adding on a control tower to research cloaking.

Myst decides his seven wraiths own one turret, and he sends them in. The turret is quickly destroyed, and the wraiths pause to get rid of two pesky marines before firing volleys of missiles at the command center. Myst continues attacking the command center until they can't attack it without being in range of the turret.

Myst pulls his wraiths back, and swings them around to 6:00's mineral natural. There he decides it's time for repairs, and flies them back to his main.

Fire finally decides it's time to go on the offensive, and he cloaks his wraiths and sets out for Myst's base. He intercepts Myst's own wraiths as they're leaving for Fire's, and they get a few free hits on Myst's uncloaked wraiths before Myst realizes what's going on and scans the area. Fire's wraiths are revealed, and Fire retreats due to either the knowledge he has two less the amount of wraiths Myst does, or he forgets to hotkey his comsat station, or both.

In any event Myst's wraiths chase Fire's around for a while, before Fire returns to his base short one wraith. Myst flies his own wraiths back to his base to regroup and to be repaired. They hover for a while, and Myst decides to construct two more starports. Fire still doesn't have his economy fully running yet, and is just now becoming comfortable mining from his natural.

Myst has taken the oppurtunity to expand knowing he has the superior troop count, and is now mining out of three geysers, thought he only has a few SCVs mining minerals from 3:00.

Now for quick base updates:
Myst's base:

Fire's base:

Myst decides it's time to go on the offensive again, and loads up two tanks with seige equipment, with an escort of wraiths. He drops the tanks on the edge farthest away from where Fire is mining, hoping for the element of surprise. He rolls the tanks up to the edge of Fire's cliff, but one of the tank pilots accidentally Fires an arclite volley, and gives away his position. Fire gathers all his wraiths, cloaks them, and sends them in.

Myst quickly scans the area, and cloaks his own wraiths. Fire's wraiths target the tanks first, Fire probably knowing if he tried to simply overpower Myst, he would lose all his wraiths and the tanks would remain. Fire also has a powerful anti-air unit on his side, a valkyrie. Myst does something very smart, or either he gets lucky. Either way, one wraith not near the others is uncloaked, and that draws the valk's Fire, nullifying the splash damage.

Fire manages to kill both tanks, but by the time they're gone, Fire's wraith army is signifacantly weaker, cut down to four of the planes. Myst gets rid of the remaining wraiths, and later another valk, whose AI tells it to attack the same uncloaked wraith, saving many hit points on all the others.

One of Myst's SCVs sent to 6:00 to expand or scout runs into a yellow SCV constructing a yellow command center, and after Myst's SCV kills Fire's, it starts attacking the cc SCV style, that's right, fusion cutters.

Myst also still has control of Fire's cliff, and he decides to try his luck with another drop. This time he loads up one tank and an SCV. The tank seiges up, and the SCV starts a missile turret. Myst also does something smart, and leaves over half his wraith force out of range of comsat, opting to send them in after Fire comsats, and trying to force Fire to waste all his energy.

Both players scan at the same time, and after the scan Myst sends in the rest of his wraiths. The fourteen or so planes make quick work of Fire's five wraiths and one valk, but Myst loses his SCV.

Myst decides to try and end the game, and sends in at least a control group of wraiths. The wraiths first get rid of one turret, and then move on to the second. Fire desperately tries to repair the turret, but the wraiths are too much, and it's soon destroyed. The wraiths then shred through Fire's last line of defense: a brave valkyrie.

Myst goes to work on the SCVs next, and Fire asks for vision. After having a look at what Myst has, he bids a gg, and a gnite.

Now for the final scores

A wise man once told me that whoever expands first in a same race matchup usually loses, and he's right once again. Fire took a chance expanding as early as he did, and Myst did a good job exploiting his unit count advantage.

Both players expanded when they needed to, or at least tried to. The turbo newbie was a great move on Myst's part, and it forced Fire to waste all his airpower to get rid of the tanks. Both players also had armories, and they were upgrading air weapons or armor, most likely weapons, as the ATA attack gains more attack hp than the armor upgrade gives armor hp.

Now for the interview =D

XxxxxxXxxx: hi, this is myst
EndsP2T: rofl
XxxxxxXxxx signed on at 1:01:47 AM.
XxxxxxXxxx: hehe
XxxxxxXxxx: gosu name is my AIM name ^^
EndsP2T: hehe
XxxxxxXxxx: interview now?
XxxxxxXxxx: I'm booooored
EndsP2T: not playing hot?
XxxxxxXxxx: nope
XxxxxxXxxx: they went to gamei
EndsP2T: bleh
EndsP2T: i gotta get gamei account
XxxxxxXxxx: yea
XxxxxxXxxx: well interview gogo
EndsP2T: hum
EndsP2T: ok
EndsP2T: starting:
EndsP2T: NOW!
EndsP2T: name?
XxxxxxXxxx: Craig
EndsP2T: age?
XxxxxxXxxx: 16
EndsP2T: location?
EndsP2T: ;]
XxxxxxXxxx: New Jersey US of A
EndsP2T: ahh, my sister used to live there
EndsP2T: ^)^
XxxxxxXxxx: hehe
XxxxxxXxxx: I know
EndsP2T: k
XxxxxxXxxx: j/k
EndsP2T: haha
EndsP2T: best zerg, best ter, best toss and best random
EndsP2T: youve ever playted
EndsP2T: played even
XxxxxxXxxx: who are they?
XxxxxxXxxx: hrmmm
XxxxxxXxxx: I dunno, thats hard labeling someone the best
EndsP2T: hum
EndsP2T: how about
XxxxxxXxxx: I can list like a top list or something
EndsP2T: "consistently hardest to beat"
XxxxxxXxxx: (Orky)Asmodey, (Orky)~Soul~, DS-Testie, 1st~tsunami, Smuft, and X'ds~fire
XxxxxxXxxx: there is a top 6 for oyu
EndsP2T: kk
XxxxxxXxxx: *you
EndsP2T: if you could be stranded on an island with any 3 ppl, who would they be?
XxxxxxXxxx: hrmmm
EndsP2T: dont hafta be sc ppl
XxxxxxXxxx: Sarah Michelle Gellar, Britney spears, and a random crack whore
EndsP2T: =D
EndsP2T: just what i like to hear
EndsP2T: and
EndsP2T: youre a fly on the wall, where do u want to be?
EndsP2T: past and present
XxxxxxXxxx: umm
XxxxxxXxxx: a big wall
XxxxxxXxxx: with some nice wall paper
XxxxxxXxxx: a flower pattern perhaps
EndsP2T: rofl
EndsP2T: is thsi past or present?
XxxxxxXxxx signed off at 1:09:14 AM.
XxxxxxXxxx signed on at 1:10:04 AM.
XxxxxxXxxx: sorry about htat
XxxxxxXxxx: both past and present
EndsP2T: rofl
EndsP2T: fox just told me what happened
EndsP2T: hahaahhah
XxxxxxXxxx: I didn't find it too funny :P
EndsP2T: =P
EndsP2T: hum
EndsP2T: thinking of other questions =/
EndsP2T: how long have u played bw, and when did u start playing competitively?
XxxxxxXxxx: Umm, I dunno, I started 1.06 patch of bw, never did SC
XxxxxxXxxx: And I don't play competitively, I just play top plays for fun :P
EndsP2T: =
EndsP2T: ]
XxxxxxXxxx: would be nice to go to some tournies, but they all so far away
EndsP2T: =] even
EndsP2T: yeah
EndsP2T: =[
XxxxxxXxxx: I was thinking about earlier question
XxxxxxXxxx: about who is best at what race
XxxxxxXxxx: only thing I can think of
XxxxxxXxxx: is (Orky)~Soul~
EndsP2T: at what race?
XxxxxxXxxx: who is god of ZvP, you can't beat him in ZvP period, his zerg owns toss completely in every way possible
XxxxxxXxxx: I've just recently modeled my zvp afterh is it works that well
EndsP2T: nice
XxxxxxXxxx: Like it puts all protoss's to shame =(
XxxxxxXxxx: He raped IntoTheRain 3-0 T.T
EndsP2T: has he played pillars or any of the kor toss's?
EndsP2T: sdfsdf
EndsP2T: wow
EndsP2T: now for some
EndsP2T: "human interest" questions
EndsP2T: ;]
XxxxxxXxxx: human interest? aaaaaah
XxxxxxXxxx: wtf is that?
EndsP2T: questions about your life my good man
EndsP2T: play any sports?
XxxxxxXxxx: Hrmmmm
XxxxxxXxxx: Used to swim in tournaments on such
XxxxxxXxxx: found that boring even tho I had natural talent
EndsP2T: ^_^
XxxxxxXxxx: I play basketball for fun, I love skiing
EndsP2T: yah
XxxxxxXxxx: skiing owns all
EndsP2T: skiing owns
EndsP2T: dfasdf
XxxxxxXxxx: haha
EndsP2T: hum
EndsP2T: favorite book?
XxxxxxXxxx: err
XxxxxxXxxx: I don't read really :P
XxxxxxXxxx: Braveheart is the best movie ever made ever tho
EndsP2T: nonreader!
EndsP2T: yah, that is a good movie
EndsP2T: and finally
EndsP2T: favorite college bball team
EndsP2T: (say carolina)
XxxxxxXxxx: I don't watch pro-sports anymore
XxxxxxXxxx: and I hate everything from the south
XxxxxxXxxx: but...CAROLINA OWWWWWWNS!!!
XxxxxxXxxx: the south is a bunch of hicks
XxxxxxXxxx: ^^
EndsP2T: im from north
XxxxxxXxxx: they treat you really really nice down there tho
EndsP2T: alabama
EndsP2T: is the worst
XxxxxxXxxx: because 99% chance is that your part of their family
XxxxxxXxxx: if you live down there also
XxxxxxXxxx: they have so many people down there that are both the sister and mother in one :P
EndsP2T: shhh
EndsP2T: dont tell everyone
EndsP2T: ^_^
XxxxxxXxxx: hehe
EndsP2T: oo
EndsP2T: one more ?
EndsP2T: pepsi or coke?
XxxxxxXxxx: coke
EndsP2T: lame

That's everything. I hoped you enjoyed the report, and please comment =]


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