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"Heartcutter is a giant tourist eating african gorrila with 50 wives and 285 children"

Choose Your Own Adventure!
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Date: 12/21/00 10:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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I am a great admirer of Drefsab and his unorthodox battle reports. I especially enjoyed his "decisions, decisions" report, which was basically a game between two players that was turned into a "choose your own adventure" type report. Due to the fact that it was based on a real game, the possibilities were limited, despite the incredible potential this idea possessed. This report is an attempt to make a truly non-linear "choose your own adventure" battle report. Enjoy!

How to play!

Oh by the way, this report took me just about forever so you god damn better enjoy! There are almost 20 separate possible tree branches so you may want to play around with this for a little while :).

I was originally going to submit this as a 3 part BR - a terran campaign, a zerg campaign, and a protoss campaign, but, after working for 3 weeks and getting so insanely bored out of my mind with this whole fuxing project, I just decided to submit what I had - the terran campaign. If you all enjoyed this incredibly and I get all tens (hehe) I'll do the other two campaigns, but otherwise, I'll be happy just to get back to real BRs. Oh and by the way, I used the names of a few people from this community in my report. If you happen to care, too bad.


The following paragraph is timeline-setting shit. Skip if short on time.

Aeons ago, the Xel'Naga created the noble protoss civilization and the bloodthirsty zerg hordes through curiosity and experimentation. The evolution of the two species continued for millenia following their test-tube beginnings. They each suffered their own hardships, both against external forces and internal rebellions. But these two species were not alone in the galaxy. A third race, the terran, thrived and evolved over time and also became a force to reckon with. The three galactic powers were overgrowing their boundaries and the stage was set... set for StarCraft

One race in particular, the protoss, had lived in conflict and had been surrounded by hardship for all of their existance; and the happenings during the time known to historians as "The Brood Wars" continued in the grand tradition of pain and suffering. There were many rebellions among small factions as well as whole legions of troops under single commanders. One such rebellion happened when the previously honorable General Fractal_Wave and his 5,000 man army mutinied. They led a seige on Shakuras, only to be cut down by a Protoss Royal Air Fleet.

General Fractal_Wave managed only to get his son, , out of the fray to a nearby planet. grew his life as a warrior, forced to fend for himself, shunning society whenever possible. He only gaining interaction with civilization from the times he was hired as a mercenary. lost temple eh? haven't heard of it.'s life was one of hatred and resentment. He hated his protoss bretheren as much as the terran and zerg. None were better than any others - he loathed them all. He lived only for the possibility of being hired to fight.

A conflict had been brewing at the holy ground where a Xel'Naga temple was located. knew of the growing unease and realized that he could profit off of the galactic tension. He offered his skills as a mercenary-for-hire to all of the three warring factions, and all three, having heard of 's incredible reputation, quickly decided to grab up this fire-eyed young warrior.


What race will choose to join?


You have chosen to join the ranks of the most technologically advanced army in the galaxy: the terran dominion. You are immediately given control over a small terran settlement on Shakuras near a long-forsaken Xel'Naga temple. Your exact location is somewhere at a bearing of 180 degress (6:00 for all of you clock-inclined folk). A video link raises above your table in your newly constructed command center. It is none other than the human who hired you - general HeartCutter.

"Welcome !

As you know, the protoss are also interested in the holy temple and have already sent a small expeditionary force to this location. The protoss commander, Illgetdroped, is highly competant and therefore must be eliminated before ample defenses can be set up.

For your convenience we have supplied you with a team of four SCVs. Deon the Peon is among their numbers so scouting and mineral collection should be no problem.

And young warrior, always remember: chicks are cool!

Good Luck!

Heh this should be no problem at all. You are from the noble Protoss ranks - you know their tactic, strategies, and commander Illgetdroped himself - but thats a story for another day. You quickly clone your SCVs to separate mineral patches and, when you have 8 workers mining, you begin construction of a supply depot near your command center - your building strategies are different than the ones general HeartCutter layed out, but you feel quite confident in your abilities.

The depot is followed by a barracks on 10 and scouting with Deon the Peon who so diligently constructed your barracks. Deon finds the protoss base at 9:00 and locates a second gateways warping in with no gas assimilators present. In fact, Deon barely escapes a painful death at the hands of a zealot. After heaving a sigh of relief that Deon is safe, you are quickly faced with a difficult choice: how should you advance? Tech or power?

What building will choose to construct?

engineering bay
second barracks

Ah, you see a promising future at the top of the ranks in Kerrigan's fierce and fearless hordes. Before recieving an assignment, you must meet with the second-in-command cerebrate himself: [fls]Prozerran.

"Welcome, protoss..."--- says Prozerran in a dry deep voice

"The terran dominion has claimed the holy temple for its own purposes. The location holds significant tactical importance to Queen Kerrigan. Retrieve what is rightfully ours!"

--- As you nod and turn away, Prozerran adds a warning ---

"oh, and Protoss... do not make fail us..."

Well, that didn't go as you planned, but it doesn't matter; you WILL succeed and all that matters now is getting your pay after the battles.

Your hatchery is spawned at 6:00 and you do a normal zerg build - workers until 10. The overlord you sent scouting towards the 9:00 position located no terran presence. You pull a drone aside from minerals to construct a... well, you aren't sure. You think back to your briefing. A terran encampment is located somewhere in the area... but where they are is a question you still don't know the answer to...

More Zerg Scenarios to Come Later...

Start over

The loyal followers of the Khala may have cut your father's life short, but that is all behind you now. Yes, you must look to the future - and that future is as a member of the Protoss Royal Army. You enter a room only to be faced directly by the powerful Protoss Praetor - Mark4. You shudder thinking of the countless souls that have been eternally snuffed at the hands of this warrior - including your father's.

"Ah yes, welcome

The son of General Fractal_Wave if I recall correctly,"
--- He scans you up and down, sizing you up --- "I only hope you don't make the same mistake your father did..." --- you clench your fists and grind your teeth in anger. Mark4 will meet his own fate soon enough...

"Now, on to the mission at hand. Kerrigan's blighted forces have landed on Shakuras and have already set up a hive cluster in the general area of the holy Xel'Naga temple. You must protect the legacy of the Xel'Naga - you must uphold the honor of the Khala!"
Heh, the honor of the Khala? Don't make me laugh you think... You turn and walk out of the room when Praetor Mark4 calls back to you:

"Oh, and good luck my brother "

A nexus and 4 mineral gatherers warp in at the 6:00 position on the Lost Temple sector. Due to the fact that you still don't know where the zerg forces have morphed their hive cluster, you begin by building a pylon on 8 followed by a gateway on 10. Right as you begin construction of your gateway, a bloated flying monstrosity casts a shadow upon your mineral gathering probes - sending them into a tizzy. It turns out the cerebrate's forces are located directly next to you - at the 9:00 position. Considering all of this information, what path should you take to ensure your survival? To tech or to power... that is the question

More Protoss Scenarios to Come Later...

Start over

You chose to build an engineering bay

An engineering bay - a pillar of both terran offense and defense. You rationalize that according to HeartCutter's operational layouts, infantry upgrades are key. Also, you know that the protoss commanders are especially fond of dark templars. If one of the invisible marauders attacks, you will be ready.

You have a small posse of about 8 marines milling around right as your engineering bay finishes. Quickly, you begin to upgrade marine attack to a +1 value. When the dragoons come, they will have a sweet surprise.

Your mineral supplies are growing and you begin construction on a second barracks to continue the production of the U-238 armed infantry. The barracks gets to half life when suddenly, a full control group of zealots run up your soon-to-be-upgraded marine defended ramp. You curse your naive self for assuming that the protoss would sit back and tech. The 12 marines are no match for the speed-upgraded squad of zealots. and your base defense soon falls. Frantically, you micro your SCVs around the 8 remaining zealots, but you just don't have the skills required to micro a few SCVs to victory. Even Deon the Peon, after single-handedly damaging at LEAST 1 of the zealots, falls to their might. The marine upgrades were all for naught as your base collapses under the powerful psi-blades of the protoss warriors. You make your return to the terran high HQ. HeartCutter will not be happy...

Start over

You chose to build a second barracks

A second barracks is layed down by one of your SCVs in preparation for an early zealot rush. You considered a second barracks to be the best choice due to the fact that you didn't wall in and commander Illgetdroped is directly next to you.

When the second barracks finally finishes, you notice that you have a surplus of minerals allowing you to begin the construction of a vespene gas refinery and an acadamy. Taking a glance back to your ramp, you give yourself a hearty pat on the back when you realize that you never stopped training marines. The decision pays off when almost a control group of zealots walk up your ramp. Two zealots are dispatched by your 15+ marines before they even get close, and another two follow soon afterwards. Both sides sustain HEAVY losses, but with a little dancing, you manage to ride out the storm.

The mid game is soon approaching as your barraxes pump and your treasuries grow. Suddenly, you are confronted by a gutsy peon.

"What should we do now commander ? Us peons are itching to get new production underway".

You notice a little a little desperation in his voice - probably something that comes from the lifetime of work sucking in vespene fumes.

"Get to work on a... well... a..."

What unit tech should proceed with?

starport rush

You chose to build an acadamy

" build me an acadamy"

You instruct a young peon

"And while your at it, get me a refinery"

A yes sir is muttered as he turns around to begin his laborious tasks.

SCVs and marines are pumped continuously to build you an economy and solid defense respectively and, when, finally, your acadamy finishes, you start training firebats and a medic. A marine scout that you sent to Illgetdroped's base is intercepted about 1/3 of the way there by a squad of at least 12 zealots. Your eyes open wide and you begin radioing orders to your infantry defense. The defensive setup is a sturdy one against any melee unit.

A semicircle of your 8 marines is erected around the top of the ramp while the current force of 3 firebats holds position at the top of the ramp. Finally, in the center of the firebats stands a medic, placed there to get in the way of the attacking forces. The 12 zealots turn out to be NO problem for the combined forces even though two firebats were lost due to some medic wandering.

After the battle, you call the pretty young medic up to your office for some "punishment". :)

Now that the early game rush threat is over, you quickly begin to think about the future. A comsat is erected in case Illgetdroped employs the phantom dark templar against you and you consider constructing a factory to provide some higher tech forces to match those of his soon to come. All of this is clear but the one thing that isn't is what should you do now...

What unit tech should proceed with?

starport rush
2nd and 3rd rax

You chose to tech to a starport

A starport, as you learned in you briefing, is an essential part of any terran's production. You've personally seen the power of the mammoth battlecruisers and have witnessed the terror that the shreiking wraiths imbue in someone's mind. A grin crosses your face when you think about the destructive power starports can harvest.

Before a starport can be erected, however, you must get a factory - which you immediatly begin construction on. Just as the factory finishes and a starport is begun, a quick ComSat is ordered on the protoss base. What do you see?

  • a robotics facility
  • a robotics support bay
  • 2 gateways with blinking lights
  • 5 or 6 dragoons with a shuttle hovering overhead.

    Ok.. what did General Heartcutter say about reaver drops? Ack, where did you put those plans?! *sigh*, ok well, you decide to just do the logical thing and blow the damned shuttle out of the sky before it can land.

    Two starports have been erected and 3 wraiths have been built by the time a scan notices two reavers loading into a shuttle. The patrolling wraiths are quick to shoot at the harbinger of death (shuttle) before it even leaves the safety of its own base. It manages to make it to your plateau and unload just one of its deadly cargo before it is blasted out of the air in a flutter of gemini missles. The one reaver threat is quickly dealt with with a well placed tank, hidden behind a wall of supply depots, and wraith fire.

    Excellent! You came out on top of that little conflict, losing nothing compared to his 600/400 lost in the exchange. Illgetdroped must be hurting for resources and will probably either expand soon or try a frontal charge. Now that the path to starports has been taken, there are only two logical things to do... but which should you choose?

    What unit should proceed with?


    You chose to produce vultures

    The SCV commanded to build a factory for your master plan involving vultures seemed disbelieving at first

    "Vultures? Ummmm.. sir are you sure you want to entrust our future to a bunch of hillbilly bikers?

    The young worker had obviously never seen vultures in action. The devastating spider mines were reason enough to get at least a small group of the bikes. The trick was knowing how and where to use them.

    When the first factory and machine shop had finished construction and a second had started, a ComSat scan of Illgetdroped's base relayed some crucial information:

    " Sir! We see reaver production in full swing! A single robotics facility is producing both reavers and shuttles... Just thought we should let you know sir."

    Hmm a reaver drop - the giant metal slugs could prove tough to crack - too bad we can't just pour salt on them and shrivel 'em up ;). Oh well, it is painfully obvious what the protoss' plan is: a worker line reaver drop. Unfortunately you had teched to vultures - not the most useful against reavers right?.. Right??

    Haha... of course you know that the reaver drop will be no problem.

    A shuttle glides over the top of your base as its progress is carefully monitered from your vantage point in the command center. The two reavers unload as 6 or so well placed spider mines spell their doom. Heh, just as easy as salting real slugs ;).

    You came out way ahead on the previous scuffle, losing only 3 SCVs in a lucky scarab shot. Illgetdroped must be hurting for cash, but, if you continue with your vulture policy, you may not be so lucky next time an attack comes. You must continue to produce and/or tech. The decision of what to do is yours..

    What tech should proceed with?

    more factories
    tech to ghosts

    You chose to produce tanks

    A factory was constructed with tanks on the menu. Tanks actually happen to be your favorite terran mech force. The raw power that you could feel from miles away with every arclite shell was invigorating. Their abilities were advanced far beyond those of reavers due to the high-low ground attacking capabilities. The hammer of the terran forces had you picturing the morbid scene of dozens of dragoons dying to the massive firepower. A grin soon crossed your face...

    When the first factory finished, a machine shop was added on and the same peon began construction of yet another factory. It was at that moment that your ComSat finished and you had serious debates as to where to scan. You considered checking out Illgetdroped's main to see what was on his menu but you finally decided on scanning his expansion. There was a group of almost a dozen dragoons and two or three zealots sitting there but no expansion attempts were found. Curses! No useful information was harvested from the 50 energy.

    You hear the "construction complete" message and click back to your second factory. Two tanks have been produced and seige tech is halfway finished... things are looking good! Suddenly 6 or so SCVs explode in a blast of mettalic shards and you quickly center your vision on the mineral-harvesting laborers outside of your command center. Two reavers, the hammer of the protoss, were pounding away at your mineral line. You move in your two tanks and 20 marines, only to be completely annihilated, leaving massive piles of blood everywhere. "research complete" - oh wow, seige mode, a fat lot of good that will do you now... One damaged reaver remains destroying your command center when two new tanks pop out. They are seiged and blast the cursed reaver right off of the map. A huge sigh of relief is released from your tensed body as you see the tank's turrets turn and fire in the opposite direction. 10 zealots and 15 dragoons show up at the bottom of your ramp, firing at the now-empty bunker and barracks. The two tanks fight valiantly and actually manage to take out a zealot and two dragoons before the zealots can get up on the cliff and target them. It is over... You lift off the command center and make a hasty retreat... maybe you will be back again another day... then again, maybe not.

    Start over

    You chose to produce tanks

    After celebrating the utter owning of the zealots, you order the construction of a factory to produce the hammer of the terran army - the tank. The destructive power of the arclite shells is more terrifying than any other ground force. You know - from personal experience - that when a protoss commander hears the boom of the tank, they nearly wet their pants on the spot. Heh, tanks will do just fine.

    A quick scan of Illgetdroped's base reveals a robotics facility in production. Hmm, good thing you got this information early you think. You will be prepared for reavers and drops when the time comes. You brainstorm a little anti-reaver drop plan as you give orders for two factories to begin construction. A marine scout reveals a small collection of maybe 5 or 6 dragoons outside of the protoss base. He must be spending all of his moneyon the higher tech units. That reminds you, the reaver drop will probably go off soon. You quickly set down a defense that general HeartCutter outlined so many times. A ring of depots around your SCVs with a 2 tank 1 bunker defense in the middle.

    As soon as seige tech finishes, your army consists of about 20 marines and 3 tanks, excluding the 2 in your depot ring. Another scan on the protoss main reveals an empty main - uh oh, that shuttle is gone! You switch monitors to your own plateau just in time to see a shuttle cruise over your base. It gets within bunker range and quickly turns around. Not to be stopped by a simple bunker, the shuttle unloads a reaver a little ways beyond the depot ring. As expected, it gets blown up in seconds by your two tanks and a stimmed group of marines takes out the shuttle before the second reaver can even unload.

    Illgetdroped sure let himself slip during that assault - you won in the resource battle as well as the unit battle. Things are looking good - the reaver drop failed and you are continuing to produce. You give orders to a SCV to begin construction of a... a...

    What tech should proceed with?

    more factories
    tech to a starport

    You chose to produce a second and third barracks and go hard infantry

    Flesh vs. metal - a classic terran strategic controversy since the first days of Starcraft. Luckily, you have learned from many lessons given to you from the terran guru HeartCutter that flesh has spectacular power vs. the protoss. If you can get up your two barraxes before he can get the weapons of mass destruction - reavers and templar. These two powerful protoss weapons make the medics shriek in fear and cling to the nearest man. Marines don't seem to mind them so much though ;).

    Two SCVs are sent to prime locations to construct the two barraxes. You never forget marine/firebat/medic production however, remembering the mass slaughter of the earlier zealot attack. When the two barraxes fnally finish, a small horde of terran infantry is milling around at your natural expansion with scout marines placed around the perimeter to prevent a lucky psi storm butchering the collection of weak ass humans. You realize that you haven't gotten any hardcore information about Illgetdroped in quite a while, which prompts you to pull up the underused ComSat. A quick scan reveals a robotics facility and a dropship, quickly speeding towards your base.

    Your eyes open to the size of dishplates as you quickly relay the information to your troops

    "Squadrons alpha, beta, um... C, D, E... oh what the hell all of you guys get up here and TAKE THAT SHUTTLE OUT!!

    The marines trip over themselves in a futile attempt to intercept the speeding shuttle. Of course, only 4 or so marines arrive on the spot by the time two reavers are unloaded directly into your supply line.


    The huge groups of m and m's are are turned into pools of blood as scarab after scarab molests the tightly packed groups of infantry. A few times, marines get some good shots at the thick hulls of the reavers and one is almost killed, when, those marines too are forced to participate in the bloodbath. Two severely damaged reavers pound on your barraxes while marines are slowly but surely pumped out. In your desperation, all of the mineral gathering SCVs go up in smoke when you order them to attack the monstrosities. Two marines pop out immediatly after the reavers send the peons up to that mucho money mineral field in the sky. Feeding the reavers - a difficult, micro-intensive tactic especially against TWO reavers, is employed by the survivors and somehow both of the reavers are taken out. Surviving the battle with a mere 197 minerals and 3 marines remaining isn't looking so good, but, hey... its better than nothing. 3 SCVs are queued up for production and the marines go to sit in the bunker at your cliff.

    A minute or so later, your economy has grown to a hearty 5 SCVs. Unfortunately, your defense is doing much worse than that pisspoor excuse of an economy.

    The sound of gauss fire breaks the serene silence as you hear a disheartening "your forces are under attack" message. A full control group of goons, a reaver in a shuttle that was dropped up on the cliff and a half dozen zealots make short work of the defending 3 marines and proceed to destroy your entire base. Its all over... A video link up with protoss commander Illgetdroped lets you communicate to him a "good battle." *Sigh*, back to the terran HQ - but don't expect a hero's welcome...

    Start over

    You chose to build wraiths

    The invisible aircraft have so many times caused mass havoc among the protoss ranks you controlled in the past. Now it is your turn. The cloaking power of wraiths makes them a worthy choice right off of the bat. Due to their incredible power en masse and the insanely annoying tactics that can be employed with these phantoms makes them the seemingly perfect anti-protoss choice.

    Your request is quickly facilitated and a third starport is being constructed by a SCV. Meanwhile, your force of wraiths is continuing to grow. Illgetdroped, still not happy from losing his two reavers, expanded to his natural soon afterwards which you discovered through a calculated ComSat. A group of six cloakable wraiths have been built up when suddenly, goons come'a'knocking. A medium sized force of 15 or so dragoons and surprisingly, 2 templar parks in front of your small wallin. Luckily, even though you had been producing wraiths all of this time, you rarely slacked on tank production from the one factory. You remember the key to a successful wraith rush is a strong early defense, so, your 5 tanks sit from a vantage point on top of your cliff sniping down at the goons who trip over each other to get to the tanks. Unfortunately, you never decided to spread out your tanks - he was going reavers.. who expected a switch to templar?? Well, sadly enough, two consecutive storms actually manage to take out a cluster of 3 tanks leaving you with a bunker and two damaged tanks to defend. The enemy, however, is down to 3 dragoons who are futilely pounding away on the bunker as two SCVs repair it. Hmm, that battle came out pretty well in your favor, and lo and behold, you forgot to use your wraiths!

    The force of now 8 wraiths cloak up and fly Illgetdroped's mineral line to create some havok. What information you can get from the protoss is absolutely cruical: 5 gateways, an observatory (bad news when going mass wraith ;[ ), and... surprisingly no dragoons. Hmm well, all the better for you, you suppose. You get to work on the probes when 2 dragoons show up to engage the flying phantoms. An observer must be spotting for the spiders because they take potshots at the wraiths. A few quick volleys from your growing force of now 10 wraiths can easily take out a dragoon so things are looking good. In fact, when the two dragoons get taken out, no more come. You switch vision back to your base to continue wraith production when you get the " your units are under attack" message. A quick tap of the console brings up a view of your quickly crumbling air fleet. Two consecutive psi-storms simply rape the attacking force. Due to the AI forcing the wraiths to attack the templar that cast the storm, they just fly through a second storm. You quickly try to send the remaining 3 back to your base when, at the cliff, 5 dragoons intercept you and send the rest of the wraiths to that big scrap metal pile in the sky. Wow, you really got it in the shorts on that battle - you lost a phenomenal amount of resources compared to the minimal amounts he lost on probes. Oh no, even worse, he is mining from a second nexus. You get that sick feeling in the pit of your stomach when you realize that you are being outresourced 2 to 1...

    To add insult to injury, another dragoon/templar push on your ramp defense comes only moments later. SHIT! You never trained new tanks to replace the two remaining behemoths. Psi storms flash and the electrical interferance dsiconnects you from the ramp linkup. Even without the camera though, you can tell what is happening from the explosions and screams. The dragoon army makes quick work of your remaining defense and floods the base. Your attempt at defeating Illgetdroped was noble, but it seems it was all in vain... That sick feeling in your stomach doubles itself as you enter your dropship and make a hasty retreat to the terran HQ.

    Start over

    You chose to build battlecruisers

    "Order me up a batch of battlecruisers Deon... we need the power"

    A gleam shines over your eyes as you stare off into the distance. Terrible memories of the horrific roar of battlecruiser afterburners rages through your mind. This time, however, the tables have turned. The battlecruiser is a true weapon of destruction.

    You quickly order up a third stargate and control towers on the second, already completed gate, while you send another peon in the opposite direction to construct a science facility. A quick scan on commander Illgetdroped's natural reveals a warping nexus as well as a small group of a dozen dragoons and 2 templar heading out towards your base. Uh oh.. templar.. psi-storm absolutely devastates battlecruisers, but if you can discourage the production of the noble templar, he may slack off on their production. The 5 wraiths remaining from shooting down the reaver drop cloak and fly off in the direction of the moving force. They are intercepted about halfway between your bases and you jump back in your seat in surprise. The dragoons target and immediatly begin to attack the cloaked wraiths.

    A ComSat scan of the protoss main reveals an observatory... looks like its a good thing that you didn't choose to go mass wraith after all. Heh, well the 5 assassins aren't faring so well - they already lost 3 of their numbers and only one of the templar is dead. The remaining two are retreated before they, too, are reverted to scrap metal.

    When the dragoon force reaches your ramp, they meet a friendly greeting of a nicely wrapped package of arclite. Five tanks cut down the ranks of the dragoons before they can get close enough to fight back. A psi-storm is loosed overhead, but the clustered tanks survive with minimal amounts of life. The remaining dragoons were quickly turned to blue soup. Phew... you begin to think how that attack might have gone if the other templar had survived...

    Well, all of the previous battle's distractions had kept you from noticing that your first three battle cruisers had popped off of the assembly line. You, noticing an immense bolus of money, order up another two at each port and start a command center on your main plateau. A marine sent to Illgetdroped's expansion reveals that he is focusing on goon/templar production and that the expansion is online and being harvested at full capacity :(. The sick feeling that you get in your stomach when you realize that you are being outresourced 2 to 1 begins to sink in. In a move to increase your mineral supplies even more, two SCVs, four marines, and two tanks are sent to the 3:00 expansion. One SCV begins a CC while the other begins a bunker. Little do you know, however, that an observer is sitting above the minerals, watching as the command center is constructed...

    Your 7th, 8th, and 9th battlecruisers pop out of the starports just as your command center that you started on your cliff finishes. It lifts and floats down to the natural expansion, bringing your entire defensive network with it. Five tanks and nine battlecruisers watch the SCVs that were maynard transferred from your now empty main base.

    Not all is well however... a sphere of plasma smashes the silence. You look at your SCVs, only too see two photon cannons sitting on the cliff, sniping down at the SCVs... Luckily for you, Illgetdroped didn't expect the cannons to be in tank range and one cannon is smashed the second it first attacks a peon. The remaining few sit from their vantage point, picking the harmless SCVs off one at a time. You quickly radio an order to the russian pilots of your medium-sized battlecruiser fleet to attack the cliff cheese tactic.

    The three remaining cannons crumble under the battlecruisers' might and you smile to yourself when suddenly, the electric cackling of psi-storm shatters the victory.

    Your battlecruisers split up in panic when they realize that they have lost vision to the electrical storms.

    "What the hell is causing this interference?! We've lost radio contact with HQ and the rest of the squadron... KKRRRRRRAAAAACCCKKKKKKKKK..
    Booooooopp.. Hull breach.. Hull breach, major power source shutting down..."

    The battlecruisers all survive the storm of course, but when dragoons strike your defense head-on only moments later, things aren't looking too good. The five tanks make goon soup out of the front lines, but the mechanical spiders move forward like a tide. The entire natural expansion is razed in seconds. The remaining 9 damaged battlecruisers take on the 15 or so dragoons, only to be cut down in a well placed psi-storm. You frantically scream orders into the radio. The main base must stay protected!

    Two more tanks shoot down on the advancing goons when you decide to send in the newly-trained 6 battlecruisers. The protoss forces are paralyzed with empty psi-energy templar and a control group of damaged goons. The attack is stopped in its tracks, but what was the cost? Who really won that battle?

    You look to the future instead of dwelling on the past and, in retaliation, send the 5 remaining battlecruisers to Illgetdroped's main base. You notice that his minerals are empty at his main and his gateways stand barren - lacking the prescence of troops. Oh well, its not your perrogitive to complain about the lack of enemy forces. The spread out BCs (you learned your anti-templar lesson) slowly plow through his meager defenses. The battlecruiser push is thwarted at his natural expansion, however, by some good goon micro so you retreat to wait for reinforcements.

    The last mineral full expansion of yours, the 3:00 o'clock main, relays a distress message to you and a quick inspection of the situation shows 7 goons remaining, having taken out the defense, picking off your workers. What to do.. what to do... Attack him or protect your last resource node... You take the benefit of the doubt and attack his main, hoping that your newly trained force of 7 BCs can take out all he has left. The lasers fire and splatter dragoons where they stand. The battle is over... you won this time. =]

    You win!

    You chose to build more factories

    The vultures have been useful, no doubt, but now that the protoss enemy is suspecting them, their usefulness is minimal. Still, however, abandoning a tech is rarely a good idea, so you decide to build more factories to keep up the heavy metal production.

    Two more factories are ordered up and things are looking pretty good; Illgetdroped lost a ton of minerals on that last attack and must be hurting for them now. Unless, of course...

    A quick ComSat reveals your suspicions and shows a newly warped in nexus at the protoss natural expansion. Hmm, this changes things immensely, in fact, he could have a completely new attack force ready to go in half the time it will take you. After getting that sick feeling in your stomach that you get when realize you are being out-mined 2 to 1, you order up construction of a command center up on your cliff. The two factories finish now, and both are quickly equipped with the machine shop addon. The first two factories that you constructed a while ago have been pumping out tanks in the meantime giving you a small force of 6 tanks and 8 vultures.

    You decide to play a little defensive for now... you need to get your expansion going before you get slaughtered too badly. an entire network of mines are layed in front of your natural resource node and your tanks seige just behind it.

    The first attack on you is an eye-opener. 15 dragoons or so charge in; half are wiped out by the mines before they even get to tank range. The rest of the dragoons are taking hailstorms of arclite, when suddenly an electrical storm explodes over your tank setup. Damnit! Templars... The severly weakened tanks pop like popcorn. This doesn't look good. The attack force is eventually cut down, but not after taking out your whole intitial defense. The realization that templar are a factor in this war makes you infinitely more cautious when placing tanks and mines.

    Your expansion is now up and running, using the SCVs from your mined out main, but you still need more minerals to stay in the game. You send a SCV, two tanks, and 3 vultures to the 3:00 o'clock main and, using your SCV to build a turret, a small defense is set up. A mine matrix and tanks should be able to hold off any protoss attacks for at least a while until reinforcements can arrive.

    Your newly built up attack force consists of a grand total of 8 tanks and 8 new vultures. It is definitely time to attack. The new question, however, is: how should you proceed?

    What attack force should attack with?


    You chose to build ghosts

    booGhosts - the pinnacle of terran tech. They weild the power of cloaking, lockdown (absolute ownage of the protoss), and nuking (absolute ownage to just about everything). The choice of flesh over metal is definitely risky, but you believe that with a little clever micro, you can pull it off.

    You halt the full time production at your two factories and quickly order up a third barracks and a starport. Tank production has been going on since the reaver drop, due to the relative uselessness of the vultures that you were massing. 6 tanks sit atop your cliff along with a small horde of maybe 20 mixed infantry. Your defenses seem solid enough for you and a quick scan on Illgetdroped's main reveals a ghost town (no, not the nuke weilding ghosts). The probes are gone along with the minerals but that's not all. Another scan, this time of the protoss natural shows a warping nexus and a group of dragoons moving out towards your base.

    Hmmm, the idea that tanks and rines > dragoons leads you to the assumption that the attack should make no dent at all. You are, of course, an idiot. Your assumption is quickly shattered when an electrical storm rips up your small force of infantry, sittling at the ramp.

    Over 15 marines and 3 medics die in one terrible psi-storm, which is followed up with a dozen dragoons pushing onto the ramp. The tanks fire repeatedly while you furiously queue up 5 more marines in each of your 3 barraxes. The meager defense that still remains is managing to hold on surprisingly well, when another psi-storm crackles over your parked tanks. SHIT!

    Your tanks are cut down in seconds after the psi-storm, leaving your newly aquired force of 6 marines and 2 vultures against 5 damaged dragoons. This one comes out in your favor obviously, but the damage has been done. Illgetdroped probably killed more than twice as many units than you did, AND he has an expansion up and running. You send a SCV to build a command center at your natural expansion and move out your small group of marines and vultures down. The semi-abandoned factories are brought back to life, each commanded to produce three tanks - you really need to repair your shattered defense.

    Meanwhile, your starport has just finished so you lay down a science facility and, while you are at it, an engineering bay for ups.

    You decide that under usual circumstances that a counterattack would be in order, but it seems that when facing templar, a m&m attack wouldn't exactly do anything.

    After a long period of building up and minor skirmishes over expansions, virtually no progress has been made by either side. You still have your same setup and he is still holding his ground at his natural. Ghosts are also entering the fray now, used to lockdown goons and reavers and, with cloak, assassinate templar. You realize that the battle is going nowhere. You will both run out of resources soon, and illgetdroped is managing to slowly but surely wear down your defense. There is only one thing to do in a situation like this: nuke. Yes you already have a nuclear silo built and ready to go, but the question remains, what should you nuke? Nuking his main would hurt his producion, but nuking his expansion would bring his economy to a halt... What to do?

    Where should nuke?

    drop the main
    hit the expansion

    You chose to build more factories

    The decision to produce tanks en masse has already payed off, and you see good things coming in the future.

    You quickly set up a third and fourth factory while continuing tank production from your first two. A scan on Illgetdroped's base reveals six gates producing like mad, an empty mineral line (minerals and probes), and, most important, a templar archives. You curse under your breath and quickly set up a turret at your choke to deal with any pesky DTs. As another precaution, you fan out your tanks. A single psi-storm on the bunched up group of 6 tanks would quickly spell your doom.

    Illgetdroped must have an expansion set up, so to keep up with him, you also start a command center at your natural with a few saved up minerals.

    Just as two more tanks run off of the assembly line, you get a "your base is under attack" message. A quick video screen shift shows a small horde of a dozen and a half dragoons and three high templar assaulting your natural expansion defense. You cancel your half finshed command center right as your tanks begin to fire down on the goons. The group of dragoons poses absolutely no threat to eight high ground tanks, and after loosing a storm on a lone tank, Illgetdroped retreats his remaining forces. You pull off a nifty little move here. Your tanks are unsieged and lined up further north along your ledge. When everything is in place, your tanks still separated yet in goon range, you seige them all at once. The goons scurry around in a frantic dance, and soon half of the remaining spiders are dead. It amazes you how fast half a dozen tanks will take out dragoons. Two tanks are targeted on the ledge and killed, but by the time they go down, the army consists of a templar and three goons.

    You won that battle massively. Tanks simply owned his large attack force. Unfortunately, he has a mining operation up while you are stuck with... none. Yeah a message from a peon hinted you in to the fact that your main was all mined out. You quickly restart your natural expansion, as well as taking a few more precautions...

    A SCV is sent to the 3:00 main escorted by 2 tanks and four marines. A small defense is set up by the SCV. A bunker then a turret are constructed to counter whatever the protoss can send.

    You are going to soon be in an economic situation that can bring you back into the game, but tanks can't defeat the mixed protoss forces alone. A decisive plan is needed but you aren't sure what.

    What attack force should attack with?


    You chose to build a starport

    Tanks and wraiths - a deadly combo. The arclite cannons and gemini missles can take out virtually anything the enemy throws at you. In this particular situation, against goons and reavers, it will work beautifully you think.

    You order up a starport and soon after you take a quick peek at the protoss base with a ComSat scan. The main is completely empty: no workers or minerals; he must have expanded to his natural. That is some vital information but something else catches your eye. A templar archives. Shit!

    A turret is erected at your cliff immediately in case DTs are on the menu and you spread out your tanks in anticipation of psi-storm.

    Sure enough, moments later, 15 or so dragoons charge your natural, followed by 2 high templar. Your tanks take out the dragoons from above while some m&m forces engage them from low ground. A psi storm is loosed on top of your infantry, but luckily, you can move them out before they sustain too much damage. The second storm is a killer, however. A dozen mixed infantry are caught and mauled. The dragoons attempt to charge the ramp, but trip over each other in that way they do, and all die soon after to tank fire. Wow, you came out way ahead in that exchange. Its a damn good thing that you saw that archives when you did.

    A moment is taken to relax just as your starport is finishing. Hmm excellent, just on time. You frown real quick when you notice your mineral stores - 950. The violation of chapter 1 in the book of HeartCutter is quickly remedied with the construction of a command center at your natural, a second starport, and two tanks ordered up.

    A while later things are still all quiet on the southern front. A few scouting marines have revealed that Illgetdroped is massing dragoons and tempar from 6 gates. By now, your factories and starports number 3 and 2 respectively, and your natural expansion is finally online, using the SCVs from your main. In a bold decision, you begin to move out your tank/marine force, now relatively large, and your wraiths, which are just edging on a dozen.

    You seige up at the 9:00 mineral only, preparing for a goon blizt, and set up some bunkers in front of your tanks. Suddenly, you remember the templar... doh! If they can get to your bunched up tanks, you are in serious trouble. Hmm, what can you do?

    The jet engines of wraiths cut through the silence over the protoss base, calling all dragoons to attention. But, can they just can't tell... "what the hell are we supposed to shoot at?!".

    The templar are assassinated where they stand by the cloaked wraiths which manage to whittle away the hordes of psi-storm weilding templar. A storm or two is loosed, but Illgetdroped's space is limited - he risks storming his own men if he wants to get your wraiths. When the templar are more or less taken care of, the tank/marine blitz rolls right in the front door.

    The mechanical spiders charge over one another, taking out hordes of infantry, but being taken out exponentially faster by the hordes of tanks. When the few remaining dragoons retreat to the cliff, a shuttle appears from the natural ledge.

    Shit! a reaver pops out in the middle of your tanks, and in retaliation, you, unwittingly blow half your tank force away. The wraiths eliminate the shuttle before another reaver can unload, but, wow, 4 tanks out in one reaver drop. Oh well, your constant reinforcements are replacing the quickly falling troops all the time.

    The natural expansion nexus is demolished, followed by the meager goon defense on top of the protoss ramp. A few successful storms are loosed down at you, but the advancing tanks simply can't be stopped. When the ramp is climbed, Illgetdroped sets up a video link with you.

    "Well done... traitor...

    don't get cocky... next time, you won't be so lucky...


    You win!

    You chose to build tanks and goliaths

    What do you get when you combine the devastating hellfire missles with the explosive arclite cannon power? Ownage thats what! The goliath's air attack alone makes them well worth their cost, despite the below-average intelligence of the goliath operators (bad AI people).

    You send a restless peon to build an armory, and take a quick look up at your 3:00 main expansion just in time to see a half dozen dragoons and an equal number of zealots approaching out your last remaining defense: a lone tank. A frantic look back at your natural expansion gives you access to a small group of 6 tanks and a dozen marines and medics, which you quickly send towards your crumbling expansion.

    When the reinforcements are halfway there, you meet up with a small line of 5 more dragoons approaching. Stimpacks are passed around and you quickly start to take out the small force. It seems that this will be an easy quick battle when suddenly, a bolt of energy flies at your men from behind.

    SHIT! Why didn't he just keep attacking your workers?! The small flank was set up perfectly and, as your tanks seige, the last of your marines die.

    "We need backup dammit! Our men are dropping like flies!"

    You, being you, are way ahead of your men and have already sent a group of tanks/goliaths up, this time a bit to the left of the main battle. Tanks seige behind his men, and quickly snipe half of his remaining dragoons. The robotic spiders, having eliminated your remaining tanks from the first attack, charge your new force. Unfortunately for them, this time they don't have the pincer advantage, and under arclite fire, they fall fast.

    A message from a goliath pilot in your main reveals to you "your forces are under attack".

    A switch of your view screen reveals a group of 6 freshly made goliaths taking out an approaching shuttle. Heh, gone before it could unload. Excellent.

    You round up your force of 12 tanks and 8 goliaths remaining and station them right outside of commander Illgetdroped's natural expansion. A scan reveals a deadly mix of protoss ground forces. A dozen goons, half that number of zealots, and a few archons and high templar. This won't be an easy egg to crack, so you set up shop by seiging your tanks - spread out - along his base, placing your golaiths interspersed around, in front and behind the tanks. Your main goal here is to set up an effective offense, while never opening yourself to psi raids.

    A zealot sent out from his natural, obviously a scout, happens upon your set up, alerting Illgetdroped to your massive tank push.

    Wisely, the protoss troops are sent to engage you before you get too entrenched, much to your dismay - the repairing SCVs are only half way to his base. The protoss commander knows as well as you do that his ground troops won't be able to contend with yours without the help of psi-storm. Due to your pre-battle planning, the templar loose a few lucky storms, but, for the most part only manage to his 1 or 2 of your units at a time.

    Suddenly, something you weren't counting on happening happens. A shuttle flies in right into the middle of your troops. Reavers... doh! They could quickly turn the tide of the battle if they can unload, so, a quick shift queue of a half dozen goliath attacks starting on the shuttle quickly eliminate that threat.

    With the loss of the shuttle, Illgetdroped realizes his chances are over. You push in your remaining 5 tanks and 5 goliaths into his natural and take out his economy. A few token attacks harrass your remaining troops until you manage to begin firing on his gateways with some fresh reinforcements.

    A shuttle flies overhead once more, but this time its different. Illgetdroped's personal escape pod. Heh.

    You take a quick look back at the battlefield. The remains of countless protoss warriors litter the blue goon-juice stained ground. A grin crosses your face...

    You win!

    You chose to build tanks and Vultures

    Vultures have never failed you. They are always coming in handy, whether it be for drop-prevention, probe line drops, assassinations, whatever. These bikers may be gruff, but its that gruffness that has secured a little place in your heart, well more like your army, for them.

    You start upgrading the vultures and tanks, when, an SCV alerts you to something disturbing.

    "Its a distress call, sir.

    Seems like its coming from our fringe colony in the NE sector."

    Damn, the 3:00 main. About 10 dragoons and a couple of zealots are pounding away on the ramp defense... there is no way the meager defense can last much longer. A message is relayed to your natural choke defense troops.

    "Tank squadrons alpha and beta and vulture squad alpha - head north and protect the colony!

    Oh... and tank commander Bork, keep an eye on the vulture squad..."

    A dozen tanks and half that number of fresh vultures head north. Overkill you think? Maybe... but the colony holds incredible amounts of necessary resources; nothing is too cautious in this time of economic misfortune.

    When the tanks arrive at the bottom of the ramp, the protoss forces have already moved on to the peons, which are now dropping like flies. When in range, the tanks seige, and, in one miraculous round of arclite, more than half of the dragoons go down. The mop up vultures move in and assist the tanks in the anti zealot movement. The attack is soon stopped, but you have lost all of your SCVs and your CC is damamged.

    Suddenly the loss of all those SCVs turns out to be the least of your problems. A look at your natural reveals a group of two dozen dragoons and two or three high temps pouring in. Five tanks placed on the ledge, as well as 8 or so vultures kill quite a few dragoons (well, the tanks did at least). But its not enough - there are still plenty of dragoons, now ascending your ramp into your main. SHIT!

    The forces from your expansion defense moved out when you first saw the attack, and finally arrive at your base. Half seige on the bottom of the ramp, shooting up at the dragoons on your ledge. The other half climb the ramp and seige on the high ground. The vultures on the other hand, manage to die very, very fast.

    round after round of tank fire penetrate the dragoon armor, when suddenly, an electrical storm overhead cuts through your positive attitude as well as your last chances to win this. The tanks on the ledge pop like popcorn, and after they are destroyed, another psi-storm is loosed on your lower level, bunched up tanks. Sigh.... if only you had remembered to spread them out.

    The diversionary tactic worked perfectly; your forces were split, leaving your main wide open for his attack. Seeing your base crumble, you hail Illgetdroped on your link up monitor.

    "Well done, commander" you say "but I'll be back... I always am."

    You quickly speed away in your personal dropship, your head hung in shame...

    Start over

    You chose to nuke the protoss main

    Nukes - the terran's ultimate weapons. They can level an army in seconds and can quickly turn the course of a war. They will be perfect :).

    A nuclear missle is constructed at your silo, and you order up an extra dropship. Suddenly, another attack shatters the silence. A large force of dragoons and zealots swarm your natural expansion defense. Unfortunately for the protoss warriors, a group of tanks, camping at the temple, were ordered to flank. You quickly order your marines to stim up, and throw them into the fray. The tank/marine combo quickly took out the attack.

    When you manage to extinguish the last protoss warrior, your nuke finally finishes. A ghost cloaks and loads up into a dropship and is ferried to the protoss main. You drop him off at the very south point on the plateau and quickly prepare to nuke.

    The ghost moves north, sighting the gateways, the targets. A scan reveals relatively empty surroundings with only a few scattered units and cannons. The nuke is launched and you order a science vessel to EMP blast the gates. However, your nuke dreams are quashed as a scarab slams into your ghost in a brutally violent explosion. The SV continues and even EMPs the gateways, unknowing of the fate that the ghost suffered. The vessel reveals a lone observer hovering overhead. Illgetdroped must have seen the nuke coming and prepared...

    Putting that little disaster behind you, you switch your attention back to your natural. Hmmm, you wonder, why are there a few dozen speedy zealots and templar where my tanks should be?

    You take quick action to prevent the invasion. Your M&M were doing spectacularly against the tank-killing speedy zealots, when the psi-storms began. All but a handful of infantry and a few tanks on your ledge are dead. You quickly queue up firebats and marines in your barraxes as well as some vultures and tanks in your factories. Another wave pops out of your barraxes just in time to see your expansion get completely razed. The dozen and a half or so zealots mangled the defenseless SCVs during your small interlude. The 4 firebats and vultures simply can't compete with the small horde, and soon die. You return to your barraxes, grave faced and order up another round of infantry, when a timid SCV warns you that you have only 43 minerals in your reserves...

    Seeing the futility of continuing to fight, you take the last remaining path: retreat.

    You fly away, trying to console yourself...

    "a warrior who fights and runs away lives to fight another day... *sigh*"

    Start over

    You chose to nuke the protoss expansion

    Nukes - you swell with excitement just thinking about the weapons of mass destruction. The terran hammers can level entire armies in seconds, but where they really excel is expansion blasting. A nuke and an EMP blast = goodbye economy.

    A nuclear missile is ordered up in your single nuke silo. The civilian scientists quickly oblige. Maybe they have finally garnered respect for you. Maybe it has more to do with bicep sized arm blades. Well, whatever the reason, the nuclear missle is started, and things are looking good.

    You decide that this is as good a time as any other to do a mild push on the enemy - you know, just in case the nuke fails.

    Your forces are mostly split between your natural choke defense and the group of tanks at the temple. You unsiege and send your masses of infantry and tanks towards the 9:00 o'clock mineral only natural.

    Surprising, Illgetdroped had apparently had the same idea that you did. Your forces meet up with his about half way to his base. Tanks seige, marines stim up, and goons die - its the natural order. The quick skirmish was a devastating win for you. Illgetdroped was obviously not expecting an engagement in the open and his forces were demolished easily. Hmmmm, maybe you won't need this nuke after all :).

    You take back your own words as a force of zealots and templar emerge from the natural before your tanks can seige. Psi-storm completely devastated your army. Three storms somehow manage to take out your entire infantry force and the speedy zealots mop up. A general retreat is called, and you manage to get a few tanks and m&m back to your reinforcements just in time to eliminate the remaining zealots.

    You pull back your push just as you recieve the message that your nuke is ready. Excellent. You load up your most trusty ghost into a drop ship and fly it along with a science vessel in a long curve around the protoss plateau.

    You arrive at your destination, the ledge above Illgetdroped's expansion, from the north after curving around the map. The ghost is unloaded and, after transmitting the details of the successful journey to the command center, cloaks and approaches the ledge. A scan of the natural gives your ghost the perfect target - the nexus. The missile is launched. You can just imagine Illgetdroped frantically scanning over his base, looking for the little red sight. Unfortunately for him, it is far too late by the time the probes begin to retreat. Seconds before the nuke falls, the vessel shoots an EMP blast at the nexus.

    The nexus and at least three dozen probes go up in smoke in one massive explosion. The time to stricke is now, before your foe can re-establish his economy. A scan of the natural defense reveals a templar and 5 or 6 zealots. Heh.

    You simply roll in your tanks and marines - not even bothering to stim or seige. When your forces reach the main base gateways, you recieve a message.

    "Sir , commander Illgetdroped is hailing us."

    "Well done brother, but we will be back... All you managed to do this day is disgrace the khala. Prepare for swift vengeance."


    You win!

    hey I was already copying Dref, why not copy ::nobody:: too?

    Try Again?

    Going to the comments section so soon? Well, I hope you enjoyed it... =P

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