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Pillars v. Andrei, with Pillars interview
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Date: 12/19/00 08:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 8.5, # of Ratings: 4, Max: 9, Min: 8
Lifetime Rating for xld.aldogrez: 8.8276

Please maximize the window.

At first I wasn't going to report this game, but the player's are top level, and there were a few battles and a strategy or two that were really awesome.

A few days before I'd seen TillerMaN on, and hoped to report on his game with (orky)Andrei. Unfortunately for me the game was already full with observers, but Andrei later told me he won zvp against Tiller, so I knew he was a pretty good player.

Anyways I get on, do /who clan -x17. and see Andrei in there. I join the channel, and ask if he'd play for a BR. He agrees, and I do a few /whois's of famous players whom you all would enjoy seeing in a report. I see Maynard's on, and I message him. He doesn't respond, but soon {PH}Pillars enters the channel after finishing a 2v2, and I message him asking for a game I could report with Andrei. He agrees and makes on PGL Lost Temple. I quickly minimize to clear out my directory, and when I return the players begin.

Pillars of course chooses Protoss, and warps in as red at the 3:00 position, while Andrei randoms to blue Zerg at the 6:00 position.

First, a bit of background on these two players.

{PH}Pillars: Most of you already know him, and if you do, you know he has been a top player for years, and has travelled to Korea as a pro gamer for three months with X'Ds~Grrrr..., Maynard, {PH}Thor, and other great BW players. Before he took a hiatus from playing, he was recognized as the best Protoss player in the world. Some of his awards are...
4th Place in PGL Season two, $2,500 and computer.
1st Place Battletop tourney NYC, $3,500
3rd Place tourney, $300
Played in tournaments in Korea, also played on TV shows, etc.
KBK #3 Seed, top 32 overall season two.
Read the interview at the end of the report for more information about Pillars.

(orky)Andrei is a Russian player, and unfortunately I don't know too much about him. He plays with other members of (orky), Priest and Element mainly, so he has to be good. =]

The build orders look like this...

I think Pillars begins warping in a zealot before he warps in a second pylon, and sends it down along with a feisty probe to try to prevent Andrei taking his natural. Pillars keeps his scouting probe at the bottom of the map, to scout for him later.

Before Andrei's Hatchery at his expansion morphs in he begins morphing another one above the first. Pillar's probe and zealot attack that one for a while, but Pillars soon notices this, and sends them to attack the one that's almost done.

Andrei's Spawning Pool soon finishes morphing, and he immediately hatches two lings. Andrei begins sending those lings down to kill the probe, which arrives first, but then sees the zealot following the probe, and Andrei stops the lings below his ramp. He then hatches two more, and they are enough to make the zealot and probe retreat.

Andrei's Hatchery finishes morphing, and after he maynards a few of his drones to his expansion he throws down a Sunken between the gas geyser and his Hatchery.

Now Pillars begins to macro, and pumps nonstop zealots out of two gateways, not even pausing to make a Cybernetics Core before he has eight zealots stationed outside Andrei's base. At that time Andrei has only eight lings and two sunkens to defend against an attack.

Pillars did not attack however, and continued pumping out zealots and probes, stopping only to warp in an assimilator. Andrei has overlords in Pillars base and above his zealots. It's suprising that Pillars didn't pause his zealot production to make just one dragoon to drive away the ovie, but it's even more surprising that Andrei knew he wouldn't stop his zealot production, and keeps his overlords in Pillar's base.

Pillars now feigns toward Andrei's base with his zealot force, and Andrei quickly pulls about 4 drones off mining to help thwart the attack. Pillars then pulls back, and Andrei's drones go back to harvesting minerals. Pillars once again feigns, but this time marches right into Andrei's base. The zealots don't stop to attack the lings at first, as Pillars probably tries to run the zealots right up the ramp to Andrei's main, and destroy his tech buildings. The zealots soon see the lings and sunkens will inflict too much damage, and won't be able to deal that much damage themselves before being overrun by lings, and they stop to attack at the natural. The zealots kill 2-4 lings, but not before losing two of their own, and decide to pull out to muster up another attack. The zealots retreat with 6 remaining, but the last zealot lags behind a little, and bursts into blue flame from a fleshy spike.

Pillars contines rallying his zealots outside Andrei's base, and Andrei throws down another sunken.

Now time for a quick base update...

Pillars now begins warping in a Citadel of Adun, deciding to tech to templars. Pillars also sends in the probe he's had hidden into Andrei's base. He gets a good look at the shiny new Hydralisk Den, and the Hatchery morphing into a Lair. There's a lull for a bit, with the only micro coming from Andrei's base, where Pillars is trying to keep his poor probe alive. Pillars also warps a Templar Archives in after the Citadel is done "rifting", while Andrei evolves Lurker aspect.

Pillars has now mined sufficient minerals to warp in a Forge, and he throws one down under his minerals. His probe is also still alive in Andrei's base, but it is not Andrei's main priority as his hydra/ling/lurker strat has already been revealed. Pillars now pulls his zealots back, and in a neat trick sends only four of them within a hovering overlords sight range outside Pillar's choke, so Andrei will think Pillars still has his zealots nearby. Pillars also takes his natural now, knowing Andrei will be on the defensive for a while now. Pillars also sends in a suicidal probe to scout out Andrei's forces, so Pillars knows what he must match. The probe runs into seven hydras and as many lings, and it also reassures Pillars that Andrei has not changed his strategy.

Pillars is now sure his unit power is equal to Andrei's, and he decides to expand to his natural.

Andrei contines moving his forces after killing the probe, and they end up outside Pillar's base. Pillars tries to catch Andrei off guard with a DT, but the ovie above the ledge overlooking Pillar's natural catches it. Pillars now discovers Andrei has already made a few lurkers, or rather his DT discovers that. Pillars runs the DT past the lurkers, and it barely survives. Pillars sends it on scouting runs to the 9:00 main and natural, where it slices up two drones real nice.

Pillars is now aware of the lurker threat, and after his third Gateway warps in, he opens the rift for a Robotics Facility. Andrei has also added a few buildings to his base, in two Evolution Chambers and a morphing Queen's Nest.

Andrei now makes it evident that he's researched Ventral Sacs, and loads up four hydras and drops them off over Pillar's natural. He then morphs them into lurkers, but Pillars already has an observatory, with an observer morphing in. They hatch, and Andrei burrows them so only one can be hit by a storm.

Pillar's first observer rolls out of the RoboFac, and a shuttle is immediately warped in. Around the same time Pillars begins losing probes at his natural, Andrei drops two more lurkers already morphed in Pillar's main. They quickly burrow, and because of the lack of cannons, Pillar's observer slowly creeps over to the mineral patches. The latency was set on extra high, because I lag like hell, and Pillars loses probes that probably wouldn't have been lost on low latency.

Dragoons quickly kill the lurkers burrowed in Pillar's main, but a shuttle still has not popped out, and Pillar's mining time at his natural is now non-existant. Andrei takes this time to start a Hatchery at his mineral only expansion, as well as the 9:00 main.

Pillar's shuttle finally pops out, and he loads it up with two goons. He lets them off at the edge of his cliff so they can engage the lurkers one at a time. Andrei realizes what's going on, and he unburrows the closest one to the goons after the first one dies and reburrows it near the other two still burrowed. Andrei is just trying now to make the lurkers as cost effective as possible, knowing he can't load the lurkers up in the ovie and get away safely without speed. After killing the first two lurkers both of Pillar's goons are in the red. Pillar's moves those two back, loads up two more in a shuttle, and drops them next to the two already up there. Pillars loses only one goon to this, and soon after his probes go back to mining.

Andrei continues with his semi-containment, and sends two drones to the 9:00 main, and while one begins morphing into a Hatchery near the minerals, the other one morphs into a Hatchery above the ramp overlooking the choke.

Andrei's hive has finished now, and he begins researching adrenal glands for the now 1/1 lings to complement the 0/1 hydras.

Pillars is now at +1 attack, and decides it's time to attack. The lurkers outside his base quickly die to goon fire and psi blades, and Andrei sends in forces from both above Pillar's base and from his own. I'll let the pictures tell what happened during the battle, but to make a long story short, temps own ;]

Wave after wave of lings come, but Pillars has summoned an archon from two energy drained templars, and it decimates the lings.

Pillars moves his forces down to Andrei's mineral only, and the archons, goons and zealots continue to rape the lings with the help of psi storm. Pillars gets rid of the lings, and takes down the Hatchery. Andrei continues sending lings however, but now that Pillars has 3 archons, Andrei has to think of something fast.

Pillars now has map control, and decides to expand to 12:00's natural, but Andrei has a lurker buried on the ramp, and sees the probes go by. He waits until there are about 10 probes, and burrows right outside the mineral line.

The lurker is soon dealt with though, and the probes go back to mining.

Andrei's sunkens are the only defense he has right now, but Pillars pauses to scout the 9:00 position. He finds Andrei trying to expand to it's natural, and after killing that, Pillars retreats from the two sunkens overlooking the ledge. Pillars brings a shuttle over, and makes about four trips, loading up units, and dropping them on top of the ledge out of the sunkens range, and Andrei's sight. After Pillars has unloaded four zealots, two temps, two archons, a goon and a DT, he takes down the Hatcheries.

I know ask if I can clear out the directory. Pillars agrees, and I clean it out. I maximize the BW window again, and the Defeat window has come up. Thinking I've been dropped, I take one last SS, and get only the overview scores.

I message Andrei asking him what happened, and he informs me that the lag was bad, and he knew that Pillars had map control, so he'd consented the game.

This game was fun to watch, both because of great players, and seeing a toss win in a PvZ. Both players had excellent recon, and Pillars played the matchup exactly the way it needs to be played to win.

Now for the interview. This isn't like the one with JustifiedStrife, mostly because Pillars knows he has an image to hold up. I asked basically the same questions, but I also asked about more players. I'm doing it in text again, because it was about 12 screenshots, and I asked him about a few players on AIM. Anyways, enjoy!

Joining channel
xld.aldogrez: hi
{PH}Pillars: hi
{PH}Pillars: :)
{PH}Pillars: long time hehe
{PH}Pillars: sorry
xld.aldogrez: =]
xld.aldogrez: np
xld.aldogrez: alright
xld.aldogrez: ready?
{PH}Pillars: yah
xld.aldogrez: name
{PH}Pillars: Christopher Zielin Page
xld.aldogrez: oo, middle name
{PH}Pillars: yes =]
xld.aldogrez: age?
{PH}Pillars: 19 years old.
{PH}Pillars: 21 Korean years.
xld.aldogrez: hehe
xld.aldogrez: college?
{PH}Pillars: yah
xld.aldogrez: which one?
{PH}Pillars: I go to Brandeis University in Massachusetts...
xld.aldogrez: ohh
xld.aldogrez: im doing this kinda informal
xld.aldogrez: sorry bout taht
{PH}Pillars: yah.
{PH}Pillars: haha it's ok
xld.aldogrez: got a car?
{PH}Pillars: yah.
{PH}Pillars: i do.
xld.aldogrez: make/model?
{PH}Pillars: errrrrr
xld.aldogrez: year
{PH}Pillars: toyota corolla '92?
xld.aldogrez oo, nice
{PH}Pillars: :O
xld.aldogrez: hehee
{PH}Pillars: er, it's just a car :D
xld.aldogrez: k
xld.aldogrez: a few serious questions
{PH}Pillars: ok.
xld.aldogrez: best toss, zerg, ran and random players?
{PH}Pillars: hm.
{PH}Pillars: So hard to say.
{PH}Pillars: There are so many good players out there.
xld.aldogrez: yeah, true
{PH}Pillars: And many of them I don't play anymore.
{PH}Pillars: Especially Korean players.
xld.aldogrez: just dont get to?
xld.aldogrez: or wont?
{PH}Pillars: I don't get to. I also haven't been playing that competitively lately. Sorta stopped playing for awhile.
{PH}Pillars: So, I'm not as sure who the top players are anymorej
{PH}Pillars: I know Slayer is great. :-].
xld.aldogrez: zerg guy? (God I sounded stupid)
{PH}Pillars: eh, he plays all.
xld.aldogrez: ok
xld.aldogrez: have you heard about intotherain?
{PH}Pillars: yah i have.
{PH}Pillars: Supposedly a very good Korean toss plater.
xld.aldogrez: know anyone whos played him??
xld.aldogrez: yeah
{PH}Pillars: I have played him in the past, but he wasn't as good then.
{PH}Pillars: He's improved a bunch from what it sounds like.
xld.aldogrez: i see
xld.aldogrez: play lustedsmurf at all?
{PH}Pillars: yah i used to
{PH}Pillars: he's also a very strong player.
xld.aldogrez: yeah
{PH}Pillars: not very well known either
xld.aldogrez: have you played grrrr... or any other well known gamers that are in korea now (asdfsfd, I sound like a dumbass again)
{PH}Pillars: er, yes i have. I was in Korea with them all not too long ago ;]
{PH}Pillars: I've played Grrrr many times in my life.
{PH}Pillars: It's understood that's he's one of the better players ever to play the game
xld.aldogrez: yeah
xld.aldogrez: theres one other sc player
xld.aldogrez: i wanted to ask you about
{PH}Pillars: ALright
xld.aldogrez: im trying to think of his name
{PH}Pillars: heh.
{PH}Pillars: Korean player?
xld.aldogrez: then a few not serious questions
xld.aldogrez: dont think so
xld.aldogrez: i think hes from US
{PH}Pillars: hm.
{PH}Pillars: Jester?
{PH}Pillars: Myst?
{PH}Pillars: Jolly?
xld.aldogrez: kakaru
{PH}Pillars: er
{PH}Pillars: that's his name? :]
xld.aldogrez: he was in 1st
{PH}Pillars: oh
xld.aldogrez: i havent seen him for a while
{PH}Pillars: MM yah I don't know him very well.
xld.aldogrez: but i know he was pretty good
{PH}Pillars: I see.
xld.aldogrez: what about [o]mr.xld.aldogrez:
{PH}Pillars: Never had the oppurtunity to play him.
{PH}Pillars: Mr.xld.aldogrez: is pretty good zerg player as well :].
xld.aldogrez: have you played him lately?
{PH}Pillars: Nah, again, haven't really been playing too much.
{PH}Pillars: But I played him a lot during the last season of KBK.
xld.aldogrez: how long have you been doing kbk?
{PH}Pillars: Past two seasons I've played in it.
xld.aldogrez: alright
xld.aldogrez: two OT questions
{PH}Pillars: ok.
xld.aldogrez: your stranded on an island
xld.aldogrez: what 3 people would you want to be stranded with?
{PH}Pillars>: Hm.
{PH}Pillars: That is a very difficult question.
{PH}Pillars: My sister.
{PH}Pillars: Would be one.
xld.aldogrez: ok
{PH}Pillars: Hm.
{PH}Pillars: Not sure about the others :-]
xld.aldogrez: alright
xld.aldogrez: one more
{PH}Pillars:<{PH}Pillars>: Close friends or family.
{PH}Pillars: Perhaps.
xld.aldogrez: yeah
xld.aldogrez: if you could be a fly on the wall anywhere, where would you be?
Some people ask for 2v2...
{PH}Pillars:<{PH}Pillars>: Fly on the wall..........
{PH}Pillars: Hmmmmmmmmmmmmm.
xld.aldogrez: haha
xld.aldogrez: good question eh? (me=stupid...again)
{PH}Pillars: We're talking about current day?
{PH}Pillars: Or any time in history?
xld.aldogrez: hrm
xld.aldogrez: both
{PH}Pillars: Mm.
{PH}Pillars: Well.
{PH}Pillars: I think I would have loved to be alive when Plato was living his life.
{PH}Pillars: :-]
xld.aldogrez: yeah
{PH}Pillars: Would have been amazing.
{PH}Pillars: Current day, I'm not sure.
{PH}Pillars: Somewhere.....outside of the US.
{PH}Pillars: Just somewhere new.
xld.aldogrez: heh, yeah, i understand taht
xld.aldogrez: umm...i think thats it
{PH}Pillars: ok :-]
{PH}Pillars: thanks :-]
xld.aldogrez: could you send me a thing of sc things youve won?
{PH}Pillars: BYE SIR!
xld.aldogrez: email?
xld.aldogrez: hehe
{PH}Pillars: hmmmm
{PH}Pillars: heh
{PH}Pillars: ok it's
{PH}Pillars: is my email
xld.aldogrez: alright
xld.aldogrez: thx a lot
{PH}Pillars: so
{PH}Pillars: so email me
xld.aldogrez: k
{PH}Pillars: and i'll email u back with SC accomplishments
{PH}Pillars: ok
{PH}Pillars: :-]

I later asked him about a few other players...
Thor was my old nemesis. We played a LOT of Starcraft games against eachother. He helped make me a better player. We also got into some verbal fights on a lot =]. But, after we met in Korea, and spent time with eachother, we became friends. I like the boy :-)

Montaro and I used to play crazy games on Dire Straits back in season three and four. He was the only terran player who had any chance of beating my toss on dire, and I was the only toss player who could beat him :].

Tillerman is a very strong RTS player. He was respected back when he played War2, and has been a consistently top player when he's chosen to during the 2 1/2 years that Starcraft has been out. He was a top player when I first started playing, and he still is today.

Fennec-The-Fox is a not that well known zerg player. I've never played him in any matchup besides my Protoss vs. his Zerg, but he plays the matchup very well.

TheMarine, I think he's a Korean terran player, yes? I haven't had much contact with him, and don't believe I've ever played him.

Mark4, I've talked with him briefly once or twice. Seems like a very nice guy :). Can't really comment on his Starcraft ability, but he writes a nice battle report, heh.

Now that Mark will give me a high rating because I included him in this BR, and cause "we used to drink 40s in the hood", the report is done.

I hope you enjoyed it, and please comment.


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