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Clan War
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Date: 12/16/00 08:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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SCV IncorporatedTM Presents...

Welcome one and all to another [ScV] Battle Report. With all my work done for the day, I logged into Aus-1 in the hopes of finding a good game to report. After five minutes of shouting abuse at the Admins in an effort to get myself banned I was asked to watch a game about to take place.

With not much going on I agreed to join with promises to write a report if they tried hard not to suck. They agreed, and the game was underway.

The game turned out to be a clan 2 on 2, with representatives of the clans Crap and Masters of Terror. Both clans have a strong reputation down here in Australia and I was eager to see which would prove its supremacy.

Representing clan Crap would be crap303 and crap700.

their opponents from Masters of Terror would be Poida(MT) and xe0n(MT)

The map chosen was Lost Temple, despite my desperate pleas for any other map. (I was so desperate I even offered Super $$$ Hunters. I got laughed at.)

All four players chose to go for a random race selection, with the results as follows:

crap303 warped in as Protoss at the 12 o'clock start, with his team mate crap700 also drawing Protoss at the opposite starting position of 6 o'clock. Together they make up Team Crap

From the other side, xe0n(MT) made a third Protoss force at 9 o'clock and his partner Poida(MT) became the odd man out, landing his Terran Command Center at 3 o'clock. These two form Team (MT)

The players began their opening builds which went as follows:

crap303 went Pylon - Gateway - Assimilator - Cybernetics Core - Pylon - Citadel of Adun for a quick tech to Templar.

crap700 opted for Pylon - Gateway - Pylon - Gateway - Gateway - Assimilator to mass Zealots and cover his team mate's tech build

Poida(MT) went Supply Depot - Barracks - Supply Depot as a wall in then added another Barracks - Supply Depot - Refinery and began producing Marines

xe0n(MT) warped in a Pylon - Gateway - Pylon - Assimilator - Gateway - Pylon - Pylon

Early scouting by Team (MT) tipped them of to crap303's tech build and when Poida(MT) had trained 7 marines and xe0n(MT) had 3 Zealots they made the first attack of the game, hoping to catch crap303 off guard.

crap303's ramp was defended by three Zealots, but these were soon swamped by Team (MT)'s attacking forces. Gathering his probes crap303 fled, hoping his first Dark Templar would arrive in time to save his beleagured Nexus.

With his team mate under attack crap700 decides to help out by sending his force of 8 Zealots towards xe0n(MT)'s main to exact some revenge. However, xe0n(MT) has not been idle and 3 Zealots and 3 Dragoons hold the high ground.

With the Zealots blocking the ramp, the Dragoons are able to take free shots and crap700 retreats rather than waste his units. crap303 has his first Dark Templar, and without detection the troops of Team (MT) are soon dispatched and crap303 returns his probes to mining.

After retreating his troops, crap700 expands to his natural, and crap303 sends his Dark Templar to pay a visit to Poida(MT)'s main. Sadly for the Dark Templar Poida(MT) had constructed an Engineering Bay and a Missle Turret revealed the stealthy assassins. They beat a hasty get away and rally just beyond the terran choke.

Having noticed the new expansion at crap700's natural, Team (MT) go on the offensive once more. This time a force of Poida(MT)'s Medics and Marines is accompanied Dragoons and Zealots from xe0n(MT).

Despite being outnumbered, crap700 used his forces well. He split his Zealots into two groups, using one to attack from the front, and then charging in with the second group hitting his opponents in the flank. Despite a brave showing however, the Zealots were defeated and Team (MT) begin to destroy the expansion.

Having seen his team mate in trouble, crap303 dispatched a force of Dragoons to assist his partner. While the Dragoons arrive to late to help the Zealots, they manage to destroy most of the remaining attackers, and when a fresh batch of crap700's Zealots arrive Team (MT)'s assault is once again halted.

Poida(MT) wants to press the attack, but diverts his force of Marines and Medics to help his partner defend his new expansion as a patroling obsever catches sight of a group of crap700's Zealots coming to visit. The Terran forces arrive but the Zealot attack never takes place.

crap700 expands again to his mineral only and crap303 also takes his natural. He then commands his team mate to join in an attack on xe0n(MT)'s natural expansion. Team Crap's force consists of High Templar and Dragoons from crap303 and (surprise surprise) more Zealots from crap700.

Anti matter particles blast, Gauss rifles fire. One perfectly placed storm from crap303 managed to kill 14 of Poida(MT)'s Marines. xe0n(MT) had taken the precaution of building cannons on the ledge over looking his base, and even though all of Team (MT) defenders are defeated the cannons are enough to drive off the weakend forces of Team Crap

Ok, lets take a time out and see how things stand. crap303 and xe0n(MT) have both taken their naturals, crap700 has expanded to his natural and mineral only and Poida(MT) is still yet to expand.

crap303, crap700 and xe0n(MT) have all survived major attacks and are still in the fight. So let's get back to the action.

Poida(MT) decides to try and shut down some of Team Crap's ecconomy and lands a turbo-newbie on the ridges above both crap700 and crap303's natural expansions. Arclite fire destroys all the probes at both expansions before crap303 lays down a storm to clear the tank of his ridge.

crap700 tries to remove it using some dropped Zealots but is unsucessful. Instead, he withdraws his probes and expands to crap303's mineral only.

xe0n(MT) moves his troops out to his mineral only, followed by a probe and begins an expansion there. Following on from his turbo newbies, Poida(MT) loads up some dropships and heads towards crap700's main.

4 tanks, 6 marines and some medics unload in the undefended Protoss main and begin to destroy probes and buildings, raising the Nexus, some forges, pylons and a Cybernetics Core until crap700's Zealots and Templar show up to remove the terran threat.

xe0n(MT) is not happy to give crap700 a chance to rest, and sends all his available forces to assault crap700's mineral only expansion. The expansion is defended by Zealots and High Templar, and a lone cannon for detection. xe0n(MT)'s Dragoons attack. However, crap700's clever use of his units is again his saviour. By using Zealots to block the cannon he was able to defend it from the Dark Templar whilst countering with a second wave of Zealots and Psi Storms.

crap700 holds his expansion, but loses almost all his forces there, as well as a number of probes. xe0n(MT) also expended most of his units in the attack and so he to is defenceless for the moment.

Poida(MT) takes the time to expand to his natural, maynarding his SCVs from his almost exhausted main. crap700 has meanwhile set up a gateway and pylon production center at crap303's mineral only and has begun to pump yet more Zealots. His team mate crap303 also lands a probe at the top left island and begins an expansion there.

crap700 sends an expedition against xe0n(MT)'s mineral only expansion and destroys a few cannons before being driven off. It was about this time that I checked on the upgrade status of the players.

So far, Team (MT) have been doing most of the attacking, and now Team Crap decide it is their turn to take the offensive. crap700's Zealots and crap303's Dragoons march to the center of the map where they encounter xe0n(MT)'s lastest strike force. xe0n(MT)'s troops are horribly outnumbered, and he falls back toward his base sending a call for help to his team mate as he does so.

Team Crap push the advantage and send all their troops (the technial definition of which is a 'shitload') towards xe0n(MT)'s mineral only. Hugely outnumbered, first the cannons fall and xe0n(MT)'s Dragoons are forecd to retreat to his natural and the mineral only expansion is raized. Poida(MT) attempts to aid his team mate, but a new wave of Zealots from crap700's many gateways cuts off the Terran forces and destroys them.

Team Crap pause for a moment to gather their forces and then push again into xe0n(MT)'s natural. Again the attackers swarm in. xe0n(MT) makes a heroic last stand at his ramp but it is to no avail and his last minig base falls. The victorious Team Crap forces push into xe0n(MT)'s base and it is soon in flames.

With his team mate eliminated, and realising that his one expansion is no match for the 5 of his enemy's, Poida(MT) offers a GG and departs, leaving Team Crap the victors.

Just in case you didn't get all that, here's a mini map animation of the game to help clarify events. (it's about 1.4 megs in size, so it might take a while)


And now, onto the awards.

  1. crap700 recieves the "nuthin' but Zeals" award for his almost single minded devotion to those warriors of Aiur
  2. crap303 gets the "hey, that's my expanion" award for selflessly giving away his mineral only to his partner
  3. xe0n(MT) wins the "if at first you don't succeed" award for never giving up a chance to attack crap700
  4. and last but not least, Poida(MT) gets the "I am building stuff, really" award. He just never seemed to have that much...

Credits: staring crap700 and crap303 as Team crap also staring Poida(MT) and xe0n(MT) as Team (MT) all graphics done in Photoshop 6 gif Animation done in Webshpere studio 3 HTML written in trusty ol' notepad This has been an [ScV] report December 15 2000 Merry christmas and a happy new year

I hope you have enjoyed this report. More on the way. As always, please feel free to comment.

This Has Been An

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