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.:MorningStar:. vs JuBBle
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Date: 12/04/00 01:12
Game Type: Starcraft
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Now, I should probably start this attempt at a battle report with a warning about how damn evil long this report will take to download, and how tired you hamster will become, just because I included pictures . But after about 1000 reports with more or less the same warning, I feel that the concept is mildly over-used, and thus, I won't do it. Instead, I will amuse you with this totally pointless text with absolutely no real meaning, other than make you laught of my awful English. I warn you, it won't become any better during the report. Oh, and also ... this is the first time for please be gentle...

Before the last of you leave, let me introduce .... ta-da .... the players!
I would like to apologize to the players for using their names in such a low-end report.

.Race : random Terran
.Color: Purple
.Position: 3:00
.Race : Chosen Zerg
.Color: White
.Position: 6:00

..and the observers: Me, RoboTeddy and some unknown guy name Basic or something :-)

The map choice was as standard as it could be: Lost Temple. The creator made on some weird obs map with no map revealers, so the observers couldn't see the whole map. And I missed Bob's bengalas the whole game. You don't know how much you love them until they are not there...

Let's get on with the game, shall we?

.:MorningStar:. randomed to pink terran at the 3 o'clock position, while JuBBle spawned his chosen race, zerg, at the 6 o'clock position. Both players started out fairly normal, with .:MorningStar:. doing a barrack on 8 at his chocke, followed by a supply depot on 9 near his mineral line, and yet another barrack around 11 supply. JuBBle, on the other hand, did an ovie on 9, then a pool on new 9. He starts a hatch at his natural at 11 supply, and shortly after he spawns 6 zerglings.

About now, .:MorningStar:.'s scouting scv arrives, but at the sight of the 6 zerglings, it turns tail and tries to escape. JuBBle sends his 6 lings after the scv, and kills it at his second natural. JuBBle now expands again, this time to his mineral-only natural, where the scv died a few second earlier.

In .:MorningStar:.'s base, marines are trained non-stop, and he starts a refinery on his geysir, probably to supply his growing marine force with medics. JuBBle is building mainly zerglings and a few drones now. Just as his 3rd hatch (at the mineral-only) completes, .:MorningStar:. moves out with 10 marines and two scv's. Due to sloppy unit control, only 6 of the marines walked down .:MorningStar:.'s ramp, and the remaining 6 wanders around in his base, looking for another way out. .:MorningStar:. soon ordered the lost marines, along with 2 more that just came out of his barracks, to join their brethren in the attack.

As the marines move out, a zergling scout from JuBBle runs into the force, and thus, the surprise is gone. JuBBle's defenses consists of about 15 zerglings, with more on the way. Thanks to .:MorningStar:.'s little mistake, 6 more lings arrive on the scene just before the terran force arrives. JuBBle does a nice move, and splits his zergling force, placing about 10 zerglings just below the temple, and the other half next to the mineral-only hatchery, where he just started a creep colony.

As .:MorningStar:.'s forces arrive, JuBBle attack from both sides, and although casualities are high on both sides, JuBBle wins the match with two zerglings left. .:MorningStar:. started a bunker next to the hatch at the end of the battle, but cancelled it seconds later.

During the battle, .:MorningStar:. started an academy, which is now done, and he starts his third barrack, while still building non-stop marines and adding in a medic or two. Shortly after, he starts a engineering bay, and when it's done, he adds a turret on top of his chocke.

JuBBle, on the other side of the map, goes sunken crazy and builds 5 sunkens at his mineral-only, while still building mainly zerglings. A few seconds later, he starts a hydralisk den and two evolution chambers at his natural expansion. I think he made a mistake building them at his natural, because a turbo-newbie would kill all his tech. .:MorningStar:., now equipped with medics, sets out with a 11 marine, 4 medic force to see what damage he can do. After losing 1 marine to JuBBle's sunkens, he retreats his forces to just out of sunken range.

Realizing that JuBBle can't have many troops with that amount of sunkens, .:MorningStar:. starts an expansion at his natural, and a factory in his main. When the factory is done, he immediately orders up a starport, and when the factory add-on is done, he starts a tank and the siege tank upgrade. While this is going on, JuBBle is pumping hydralisks out of his 3 hatcheries, upgrading his first hatch to lair, and is also adding a 4th hatchery at his natural expansion.

.:MorningStar:. adds a bunker at 12 natural, preparing to expand there. When his first tank is done, he moves out with the tank and about 20 m&m. The tank siege just outside JuBBle's mineral-only, and as the fist arclite blast hit the sunkens, JuBBle's hydras move out to engage the terran forces. .:MorningStar:. made a critical error here, he stationed his m&m too far from the tank, and thus the tank was destroyed with no harm done to the hydras. Now there is about 20 m&m versus about 15 hydras. Right before the two forces clash, JuBBle's +1 attack upgrade kicks in, with .:MorningStar:.'s finishing at the end of the battle.

The hydras engage the m&m force, and although the m&m kills the original 15 hydras, the zerg forces is reinforced quickly, and the few remaining marines and medics return home. JuBBle, satisfied with his victory, choose to not follow his opponent.

During the battle, .:MorningStar:. has starts an expansion at 12's natural, and fortified it with a bunker and a missile turret. In his base, his first dropship is done, and he orders the construction of a science facility and two more barracks.

JuBBle decides he needs more map control, and moves his hydras to the center of the map. He also expands to both 9's natural and 9 main. .:MorningStar:.'s first dropship is now done, and he loads it up with 8 marines, then sent towards 9, probably with a drop on JuBBle's main in mind. As he passes 9 natural and 9 main he notices the hatches, and choose to unload and kill the hatch at 9 main (since im stupid I missed it). He then attacks the hatch at 9 natural, scaring away a lone hydra, but soon after hydralisk reinforcements arrive and saves the hatch with 300 hp left. JuBBle now finds .:MorningStar:.'s expansion at 12 natural width a scouting group of hydras, but the hydras are easily beaten back by the m&m forces stationed there. Rethinking his strategy, JuBBle morphs 8 lurkers and reinforces the group with about 24 hydralisks. The expansion is well defended with 3 tanks, a science vessel and about 15 m&m, but it can't stop this mass of units.

In the end, 6 lurkers remain to kill the expansion, and after the command center is gone, JuBBle leaves them there to be killed by science vessel. .:MorningStar:. moves a force of marines and 2 tanks to retake the expansion, but JuBBle stops it cold with 24 hydras. .:MorningStar:. is forced to lift of his command center again, but he starts a new expansion nude at his mineral only, right next to two hydras, which does not notice the command center.

Now you are probably a bit confused, and it's time to do a little status update:

Map status:
The smaller dots are expansions under construction or expansions that are not used yet, while the larger dots are either main bases or fully functional expansions. The purple dot with an X is .:MorningStars:.'s denied expansion.

Upgrade status:

.:MorningStar:. is at 1-2, while JuBBle is at 2-2, but .:MorningStar:.'s 2nd armor will soon kick in.

And back to the game...

.:MorningStar:., undaunted by the loss of his expansion, moves out with a large army towards JuBBle's mineral-only, consisting of mass m&m, 3 vessels and 2-3 tanks. JuBBle returns the hydras that annihilated the terran rescue force at 12 natural, and attacks the terran force from two sides. The casualities are great on both sides, but in the end, .:MorningStar:.'s forces is left with about 10 marines standing. These few marines are soon reinforced with about 30 m&m.

.:MorningStar:. decide that without tanks, JuBBle's sunken wall is too strong for only m&m. Instead, he moves his army toward 9, where JuBBle controls both the natural and the mineral-only expansion. JuBBle desperately morphs 4 sunken colonies right before the attack strikes, but he is unable to morph them into sunkens before they are destroyed. He then morphs a few lurkers and is finally able to save his expansions, but not without the loss of all his drones and most of his hydra/lurker force.

While the expansion battle raged, .:MorningStar:.'s construction facilities was never idle, and right after his last army died, he moves out with a new one, consisting of mass m&m, 5-6 tanks and just as many science vessels.

JuBBle flanks .:MorningStar:.'s forces from 9 and 6, but there are too many tanks in the field this time, and his forces are destroyed. .:MorningStar:. reinforces his forces, and after annihilating JuBBle's mineral-only, he leaves half of his forces there, and destroys JuBBle's expansions at 9. JuBBle try to save his expansions, but he is denied by the tanks outside his base. As his forces and expansions are destroyed, JuBBle resigns with a "gg".

The .... scores!

( 1 = overview, 2 = units, 3 = buildings, 4 = resources)

Lessons learned:
  • Writing a battlereport requires an awful amouth of time
  • When I look at this thing all I can think of is my exam tomorrow
  • I regret that I cheated on my g/f last weekend
  • I am just to damn sexy

    (for the record, I feel that the "lessons learned" concept is as over-used as the "big br, die modem" messages...)

    this has been a (...Blaze...) report

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