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Corbalt vs Larien: Finals of McNasty's 16 man tourny
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Date: 10/29/00 01:10
Game Type: Starcraft
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Welcome to the final games of NewbieMcNasty's 16 man tourney. Surprisingly, I myself made it past round one (in your face erad!), but not so surpringly I was run over shortly after. Nevertheless, I reported the final games. The players? Corbalt and Larien. Corbalts is afraid of showing bad in a br. This worries him more than say, nuclear war. As for Larien? To be honest I've never heard of him before. The final games were to be played in a best-of-three style. Larien would pick the first map. Corbalt would pick the second. A final game, if necesary, would be played on the lost temple. However, McNasty botched this up that he later had to be dragged into the city square to be stoned to death, but not before we gourged his eyes out and used them to replace his missing testicles. Then we tied his shoe laces together. We were evil.

However, the games had to finish first. Heres game one, on everyones favorite map.

Corbalt chooses Protoss and warps his Nexus on the 9. Larien chooses his Zerg to counter the Protoss and lands on the 12 O'clock, making drones like mad and later placing a hatchery below his ramp and a pool / 2nd main hatch soonthereafter. Corb gets two gates and two pylons up as quick as he can, and Zealots are soon put together ( where do the legs go again? )

Corb scouts and finds the cerebrate at the 12. With some clever micro he is able to steer the probe around the base, and to his credit he gets a kill, for his own personal amusement. One can only imagine what would happen if you gave this man a cardboard box. While at this he is able to keep good macro as well.

When the first zealot comes out, the early game slaps begin. Larien, annoyed by the probes recent 'disturbances', sends two drones to attack. They chase the probe all the way to the choke when they are greated by a zealot. Two more are on their way. After some dancing the reinforcements arrive for both players. 9 zerglings vs 3 zealots and a probe . After losing a zealot, Corbalt flees to the two more zealots en route. Once they meet up the carnage resumes. Larien is able to micro his zerglings brilliantly, and surrounds a full health zealot with all 9 his zerglings and eats it up before it can escape. However, he makes the mistake of charging into a group of three and the favor is returned. Shortly after, two more zealots fall. Then, to my horror, the probe dies.

The lone zealot, devastated by the loss of the beloved probe, retreats, with 13 zerglings in tow. A memorial service is held for the probes remains. Corbalt has continued to macro while microing, and has a gas & core, as well as another gateway and a healthy number of pylons. Corb is able to warp in 5 more zealots in the time it takes the zerglings to get outside, and Larien, seeing this with his ov he has on the ramp, knows a battle he can't win and safely retreats.

Larien has also kept his macro nice, and has about 3 drones per patch, judging by the pitch black shadows. He also has a gas and a hydra den, as well as a few hydras. He still hasn't taken it upon himself to expand, but there really hasn't been time. Corbalt, not about to refuse a good fight follows the zerglings back and begins another round of fighting.

This time the protoss get to open the can of wupass. They run into 11 lings and 3 hydras and promptly run them over, in the words of A6-Van, 'like a freight train over a frog'.

The four remaining zealot charge into the natural, hoping to find some drones "ripe for pickin'", but are granted no such reward. They go back to the choke with 2 more fresh zealots and a dragoon from the south. A Hydra Sandwitch™ is made on the ramp and the protoss warriors lay waste to the low ground hatchery, only to be spanked off once again with a combo of hydras and lings.

On a totally other topic, Corbalt lays down a templar archives and a fourth gateway, Larien an expansion. Some more skirmishes take place, and Larien attacks the protoss base with his small army against the smaller defending army, and appears to be succeeding, but one dark templar is all it takes for Corbalt to be sending the hydralisks to the hills. Both players begin to power now, but the silence can only last so long.

Larien has a little over a dozen hydras and around 6 or so lings when the attack comes. Lucky for him, his hydras have the advantage on the high ground, and they crowd the ramp. Unfortunatly the hydralisks fail to tell this to the protoss, and soon Corbalt plays his ace:

With his first storm he manages to reduce half of the hydralisks down to a pile of heaping Assorted Hydra Parts™. With this he rips more chunks out of the bleeding hatchery. Larien seems to be on the decline, but in a sudden outburst of irrational behavior, he takes his entire natural mineral line off duty and into the action. They ram into the dragoons shells. They jab the high templar in the ribs. They come within 10 and sometimes up to 5 feet of the dark templar still around before they vanish in one swoosh. The protoss, unable to deal with this new type of warfare, retreat, and the hatchery is saved at only 80 points.

Maco wise, both players are doing supperb. Corbalt has expanded to his natural and is quite prepared to defend, and Larien has placed down two evolution chambers and a lair.

Corbalt, being the storming god ( the only other two games I watched him he won almost entirely due to his heavenly storming ), launches two more storms into the zerg swarms, taking down 10 more assorted junk. Unfortunately, only 1 dragoon is there to fight between the storms, and the zerg swarm is fast approaching. An archon is merged ( It had 16 kills from both templar ), and it is killed just as fast as it was made.

The zerg army approaches fast on Corbalt's position. Hydralisks, Zerglings and... more Hydralisks make up a swarm capable of onstoppable might. Just as they are about to attack, they are attacked by one Dark Templar. 'Who forgot the overlords?' the zerglings mutter before they are sliced apart. With that, the army runs away with its tail between its legs, until the hydralisks realize that they have no legs, just a tail. With this new change of events they run under the overlords that just made it from Corbalt's cliff, and spit on the dark templar until it vaporizes like a gnat in an atom bomb. More and more forces build up in the mineral only, with 3 slow overlords watching over them. Then, Larien's overlords are stormed to 40 or so points and the wise hydralisks auto move in to attack because it seems a good idea, provided of course that the hydralisks have the brains of a titmouse. Corbalt makes a gosu move and makes 'cream of zerg youth' out of the attackers

However, Corbalt has lost a sizable amount of his army, as the hydralisks ( with 1/1 upgrades now :] ) take time to die from the storm. Nevertheless, he pushes onward to Larien's base with about an equal number of high templar to regular troops. Larien has a control group or so of hydralisks, and tries some nifty tricks to dodge the storm. He jukes left! He jukes right! He jukes forward! He jukes right into the enemies troops! What was once 12 hydralisks is reduced to 8 half life hydras from storms and dragoons pot shots, and the battle begins. More hydralisks pour out though, and yet another gory picture is caught as Corbalt demonstrates how to storm once again, in case you weren't paying attention.

The reinforcing hydralisks kill off the 6 templar and 2 goons that were left, four of the templar trying to make archons, but to no avail ( he doesn't seem to have much luck with those ). By this time both mains have run dry, and Larien's natural line is more packed than an italian car. However, Corbalt has been tricky and expanded to the 6 some time or other and now maynards his probes down south, protected by two cannon. The space between both players bases switches hands many time, once in the hands of a (one) templar and dragoon. Troop producition stops on niether side, but all of a sudden Larien's troops are found in Corbalt's base and Corbalt's troops in Larien's base(!).

Corbalt, being the storming god, uses his best weapon. Storm ( Surprise! ). He warps in a few dragoons and lures the hydralisks attacking him up the ramp, and storms them. A few are stuck on the move command and killed by probes, as Larien is dealing with matters elsewhere, such as his base. Tearing down the hatchery on the choke, Corbalt attacks the only mining area Larien has, his natural. Storms are put on the drones, and the income is stabbed 48 times in various vital organs. Despite trying to make an expansion at the 3 mineral only, Corbalt now has 6 gates and two expos, and Larien knows a futile battle when he sees one.

Game One Winner:


Okay, so Larien just didn't have much luck there. All who can beat a storming god that can outproduce you as well in this situation raise your hand. Thank you. Now game two was supposed to be a ladder map of Corbalts choice. Oh wait a minute, we forgot the McNasty factor. The McNasty factor says that any rule is not a rule until McNasty changes it 6 or 7 times, and even then it doesn't really 'count'. So no Corbalt, you dont get to pick your map. Why not you ask? Because you won. What i said at the beggining was completly false, because what i am saying now is completly within the rules, kind of. Okay, lets go.

By an amazing coincidence ( not really ), both players pick the same races before they start. By a truly amazing coincidence, both races landed on the same spots they had last time ( really ). Larien is quick to get his peons busy, and in a few minutes has a second hatch in his main, followed by a gas and a spawning pool. Later he will make a hydralisk den. Corbalt on the other hand puts up a gate and a pylon, followed by a gas and core. This is a perfect solution to the zerg who loves to mass units and rush early, and taking into account that you suffered from severe head trauma.

Corbalt is the first to scout, finding Larien's zerg in the first try. Using his well known peon micro tactics ( a useful set indeed ), he goes to work harassing Larien until ( surprise ) his first zealot arrives. they go to work and laugh as they abuse the drones, which run away like startled deer. Then the zerglings hatch, and the outcome is predictable. After the attackers vaporize, the Hydralisk Den completes its morph.

Larien then attacks with those same zerglings against the one defending zealot, but it wisely hides in a pack of probes, and with the help of a warped in dragoon, the attack is easily repelled, with about 4 probes the casualty and a badly damaged zealot.

Corbalt, in retaliation, sends his corsair ( yes, corsair ) into Corbalt's main and shoots an overlord into about 15 health before retreating well into the red. Lets just take a look at Corbalt's tech, shall we?

Well, its out in the open now. Corb is going for a dt/corsair rush, and seems to be failing miserably, namely that he hasn't shot any overlord down and hasn't made any dts, yet the zerg opponent is prepared for either. Knowing this, Corbalt takes two corsairs and shoots down the weak overlord and its buddy, but loses a corsair while he's at it. This is the only lesson that is learned in this game. Dont corsair/dt rush a zerg that went mass hydralisks!! Especially if its on a land map!

So, as you can imagine, the hydralisks attack. There is about 12 of em against two dragoons. But wait!! whats this? Another dark templar!! The Hydralisks realize this and slither in all directions, being herded by the dt. The only problem is that the dt doesn't know what hes going to do when he gets up to them, but thats all right, he has three of them now. Soon, as you can imagine, an overlord arrives, but this time pretty early, as it was in the 6 main when the call went out. Despite the efforts of two brave dragoons and a low life corsair, the overlord lives at 7 health and all dark templar are expunged trying to get near the spitting pack. GGs are exchanged and the players leave.

Game Two Winner:


Okay so that time it wasn't really a game. Corbalt had been inhaling cool whip fumes beforehand and it was imbalanced. Unfortunatly everybody failed to see this ( namely because it was laughable ) and the next game had to be made. Okay Corbalt. Even though we were supposed to do the Lost Temple for a game three if need be, because you lost you get to pick. Dire straits you say?

Both players are protoss, and both are on the top. Corbalt gets a gateway before his gas, and Larien a gas before gateway. Corbalt gets a robotics facility after his core warps in, while his opponent gets a stargate. Then, Corbalt tells me his secret by planting down a building. get this...

An Observatory

Yes, look for yourself, an observatory. Oh well, I trust corb knows what hes doing. As corsairs are produced, Corbalt loads up some troops ( two dragoons ) in a shuttle and sends them counter clockwise, looking for a base. Larien on the other hand searches with his corsair clockwise. Now, for those of you who have no idea what i said or have an attention span that can only be measured in nanoseconds, the sair and shuttle meet up and the blasting begins in the 4:30 base. Although he harasses the shuttle he can't bring it down before it drops off its cargo.

However, the duo is brough down easily by Larien's two defending zealots and a newly made reaver. The reaver is then loaded up and droped in corb's main, but is brought down by larger numbers of dragoons and another reaver, as Corbalt has finally caught up.

Both players begin to tech now. Larien has four gateways and a huge ass army, along with four corsairs for anti shuttle duty. Unfortunatly, he only has one or two shuttles. Corbalt begins to power by warping a nexus to the island below him. He loads up one reaver and a dragoon for a reaver drop, and despite heavy corsair and dragoon fire, the pictures tell his sucess.

Although his economy bruised, Larien can go on the offensive, and he soon spots the expansion that hasn't begun mining below Cobalt's main, and attacks it with a dragoon and a reaver. Corbalt sends a relief force, but is smashed do to bad micro, and the empty shuttles get vaporized trying to flee. Eventually Corbalt comes back and fries the low life reaver, but loses his attacking dragoon too.

The game should be over by now. Larien has way too much troops, but only lack of shuttles keeps him from invading. Larien expands to the island in between both bases, and does a rather unsuccessful peon drop with a reaver, in the sence it didn't take out any peons. Corbalt retaliates by making a peon drop of his own with two reavers and two dragoons on the just-about-dried-out-main-of-which-there-are-only-3-probes-on. Cost effective, eh?

Corbalt's main is drying up too, so he ferry's 3 dragoons and all of his probes to the expansion below his and warps in yet another nexus. Larien grabs another island southwest of his, and it remains untouched. Corbalt loads up two reavers and two dragoons and drops them on the expansion in between both mains, and it wreaks havoc on its scared probes. Troops from 3(!!!) shuttles are able to bring down the assailants, and the shuttles responsible vaporized. Larien learns from this, and doesn't send his probes back to mining, and keeps them huddling around a cannon, a smart chap indeed. Eventually, all this powering lets Larien tech up to arbiters, and he uses this to keep his units cloaked from Cobalt's scouts. He waits too long to attack, however, and when he does Corbalt is ready with a reaver and about 12 dragoons, as well as an observer. After some duking out, Corbalt survives with a new reaver and a sole dragoon. Lets just take a look at the map, shall we?

It's getting late, and it shows on both players. The corsairs are equipped with gayweb, and when Corbalt tries a peon raid where the probes haven't been mining at for 5 days, Larien, perhaps thinking the fire coming from his nexus, places webs on it, and anything else that can shoot on the island. Corbalt eventually kills everything on it, because Larien simply doesn't care. Why not? Just look at his army ( yes, those shuttles are loaded )

Well, that about wraps it up, because within the next minute, Corbalt is expunged ( his 3 dragoons couldn't hold up ), and the game is over. GGs are exchanged, and after the postgame chatter is over, I promptly log off and get some sleep.

Winner of Game 3 and Tournament

Larien! Larien! Larien!

Well, there ya have it. The final games of McNasty's tournament lay in the hands of Larien, after two quick decisive victories. Now, as for the lessons learned, this entire report is filled with them, and if i were to list them all, I think even I would fall asleep before finishing them. So, GG to all players, and thanks for reading. Final comments by the players mostly center around (SW) or (BW) or whatever clan Larien said he was really from ruled, and how much Corbalt screwed up in game two. A good game indeed, thanks for watching.

As always, comments are appreciated, and as always,

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