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Rook's Corner Report, Crazy vs {ph}Jester
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Date: 10/23/00 06:10
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 9.2, # of Ratings: 5, Max: 10, Min: 9
Lifetime Rating for Mark4: 8.6829


Ladies and Gentlemen, welcome to the latest edition of Rook’s Corner. Tonight I bring you a report on the results of Mr. Tourney’s 1:1 contest held on the 18th of September. Our hero is Astic-X (also known as Crazy). You can take a look at Crazy’s first battle report here. The rest of his reports don’t get significantly better, but at least you can see where the reporting standards have improved over time we’ve been open. Then a five, today a 1.5? =] Still, even though he’s not known for his reporting skill, he is known for his relatively good starcraft skills, and has starred in many a battle report throughout the history of this site. If that’s not enough to make you cheer for him, he beat Hawk to get to the finals in this tourney. *waits for vast roaring cheer from the crowd to die down* Facing him is one of the legends of starcraft, formerly {ph}Jester, now [fatal]Jester. I’m not going to go over his list of accomplishments, because I don’t think a 3 page list of tournaments won will add much to this report. Lets just say he was in the blizzard brood war $10,000 cash tournament for the first two ladder seasons.

And now for the goods

The final game was on Lost Temple. It was a typical protoss vs zerg match. Crazy drew zerg from random, and Jester picked toss. The game was, in all honesty, brutally short. Despite some cool little tricks by Jester, he let Crazy power like BoB the New….I mean a whore. Jester went for an early reaver drop, which was blocked by a few hydras and a sunken. No sooner did Jester return his reaver home when Crazy attacked. I’ll let the picture tell the story on this one.

I’ll give you three guesses as to how that turned out.

Anyway, that makes this the shortest Rook’s Corner Special Report ever. On to the interview!

Mr.Tourney : That was gay
Mark4: Gay as T_Mac and Sp|ne kissing
Jester: Best 2 of 3 ok?
Crazy: =[

Yes, that game left everyone unsatisfied. Despite Mr. Tourney saying that Crazy could take the win since they had agreed on one final game, Crazy wasn’t having any of it. He accepted the best 2 of 3 due to his great sportsmanship and let Jester pick the map for the second game. Truly a classy way of handling himself. As opposed to the Fox^1 way of getting a win vs a better player and never ever playing him again for as long as he lives. (j/k Fox, you know I love you….even though my toss owns your terran on gauntlet =])

Jester picked one of the classic maps for the rematch, hunters. I actually am going to include a little mini map for this sucker because it’s been so long since I played it I had trouble remembering what it looked like. Both players elected to random for this map, with Crazy getting blue zerg in the bottom, and Jester warping in as purple protoss in the upper right. Jester starts off with the toss vs random build used by virtually every player, dual gates. Crazy on the other hand…is Crazy. He drops two hatches before pool at his natural expansion. Jester takes advantage of this and attacks the natural with two zealots and a probe before the pool finishes. Crazy knew the risks he had been taking with his late pool and had dropped two creep colonies at his natural and sent four drones to mine there. Three of the four drones were killed as Jester attacked the creep colonies. Then the pool finished and the remaining colony was converted to a sunken, and all available larvae went to zerglings. Another zealot joined in the attack, then two more as the sunken came online and the zerglings hatched. A mass of eight zerglings from the main base attacked, and along with the sunken killed two of the zealots. The sunken was destroyed along with the lings in the process though. Crazy dropped another creep colony, and Jester decided not to press the attack with waiting eggs about to hatch. He retreated his last three zealots and his probe.

There was a slight pause in the action as both players assessed the situation. Jester continued to pump zealots, while adding a third gate, dual forges, and a core, then a Citadel of Adun. Crazy rebuilt his defense up to three sunkens and pumped zerglings and drones, as well as throwing down another hatchery at his main and at his expansion, then finally a hydra den.
Jester decided to try his opponent and see if he could catch him overpowering. A twenty zealot expeditionary force ran into the zerg expansion, to encounter about that many zerglings and a scattering of hydras. Things would have been grim, except Crazy had positioned his sunkens so that they were walled off by the hatcheries and protected by the zerg troops. Jester recognized the futility of attacking this sort of set up and retreated his troops after losing three zealots. A warcraft2 style zerg wall in had prevented a defeat for Crazy!

So, how exactly does powering pay off? I’m glad you asked…

Crazy quickly pumped all hydras from his fully powered hatcheries and soon had a force to advance with. The speed upgraded zealots charged into the fray at the first sight of the hydras, and the slightly superior zealot numbers soon took their toll. Crazy lost about a third of his force and moved back to the walled in sunkens, confident that the combined military power would provide a sufficient deterrent. He proved right as Jester pulled back to the middle of the map to plan his next move. Realizing he had a momentary advantage, Jester chose to expand to his natural to fuel his war machine.

Crazy again had the next move. His newly created army of two control groups of hydras once again sallied forth. Jester saw the hydras advance and knew that a front on charge would result in him losing. Not all off his zealots would be able to attack at once due to the narrow choke into the middle, and all the hydras would concentrate their spines on the front rank of zealots, quickly losing his troops for no gain. What he did was pull back, sending half his zealots to the upper left of the center area, and the other half to the upper right near his natural. A few hydras pursued to the upper left, but were dispatched by the greater number of speedy zealots there. Then the main force attacked towards Jester’s natural. The zealots came in from both sides, thus allowing all the zealots to attack at once. Crazy retreated his hydras rather than let them be surrounded, and the zealots hammered at them as they ran past. About half the zealots followed the hydras, which turned and attacked their pursuers as reinforcements arrived from the zerg natural. The zealots in turn retreated to the middle, but lost half of their number as they did so. After all this action eight zealots and twelve hydras fought in the middle toe to toe. Another six zealots ran their speedy little legs up to the fight after a few seconds of combat and the hydras ran away once more.

Crazy had one more trick up his sleeve though. He sent a control group of hydras sneaking around to the side entrance to Jester’s natural and attacked there, while simultaneously attacking from the middle towards the expansion. Jester countered by pulling a control group of zealots from the middle and attacking the side door force, then attacking the force in the middle with a set of zealots he had kept in the upper left entrance to the middle. The force in the middle took down the hydras with almost total casualties, but the side force was eliminated with only two zealots down. Jester moved this remnant to the upper left of the middle in anticipation of further flanking moves. Crazy had expanded twice during this intense series of battles, to the lower left and its natural. Jester expanded just as it ended, to the upper middle expansion.

The next attack was again made by Crazy. He snuck in through the side door to the protoss natural expansion once more, and attempted to kill some probes. Jester had two high templar standing by, but Crazy made them his first target. Both went down before getting off a storm…although their sacrifice let the speedy zealots start attacking them without paying the price of getting shot at as they tried to close. With that advantage the hydras were swiftly dispatched. This encouragement caused Jester to once again occupy the middle in force, taking both upper chokes leading away from it. Crazy retreated his hydras rather than fight, although he did try the side door once more. This small attack was easily repulsed by the cannon and zealots sitting there. The cannon drew the initial fire, having a higher priority to attack, allowing the zealots to close without taking shots…the results were predictably in favor of the toss. Try attacking with a dragoon or two to draw fire right before your main force of speedy zeals charges sometime and you’ll see exactly the effect I mean.

Crazy took the offense one more time, hoping to crack Jester’s iron fire and maneuver discipline. Just one attack where Jester attack moved his troops head on into the mass of hydras, and Crazy would attain an unbeatable troop advantage. The hydras poured up the middle, this time meeting the one thing that evens the odds in PvZ, psi storm. Crazy dodged most of it, but his hydras were slightly weakened. They charged ahead towards the protoss natural. Jester poured his troops in from both upper passages, and then from the bottom right passage, (the side door) too. The triple flank and the psi storm worked their magic and for the first time Jester scored a victory. The protoss troops poured down the map, until they met up with the inevitable zerg reinforcements and wisely backed off for a moment. As a side note, the hydras were still 0-0, and the zealots 2-1-2. Crazy had a little something to say about that =]. Jester took advantage of his momentary momentum to expand to the natural between the upper middle and upper left.

Fire and Maneuver

Crazy had one more expansion than Jester going for him though…and macro like a god. The hydras kept pouring into his staging area in ever growing numbers. Something had to give…at some point the ranged troops advantage over melee ones would begin to tell. The first wave hit the middle and Jester once again hit from two flanks. This time Crazy retreated after hitting the wave from the right hard, then running just as the left wave approached. Jester realized he didn’t really have the troop count to pull off his flanks anymore, and moved back to the upper chokes. Crazy sent eighteen hydras at the upper left, defended by only seven zeals. And the choke prevented them from all engaging at once. Jester’s luck had run out. The zealots fell, then the relief column from the protoss main arrived. Crazy moved through the choke to the other side, then used it against Jester’s relief force. The nexus at the upper left natural fell shortly after Jester’s last zealot went down. Jester rallied himself, sending in a few zealots from each side, with a high templar escort. The templar both stormed, almost at once, and took out the bulk of the hydras. Jester’s expansion may have gone down, but he was still in the fight. A quick check showed both mains had been mined out, the zerg natural was almost mined out, and Crazy had expanded to the left start.

Crazy once more went on the offense, encouraged by his recent success. He attacked the middle, but quickly lost half a control group of hydras to two well placed psi storms. Hoping the templar were concentrated in the middle, Crazy took the side entrance to the protoss natural with two control groups of hydras. They quickly tore through the cannons as the zealots engaged them. Amazingly, half their number in zealots proved sufficient to defend against the zerg force. Go upgrades! Unfortunately for Jester, this was only a diversionary attack. The real menace came in the form of a control group of hydras attacking into the upper left. Jester had reestablished his expansion at the natural there, and expanded to the upper left. Crazy noticed little mining take place at the upper left natural and moved on to the upper middle expansion, hoping for a probe breaking party. He got one all right…except it was the probes doing the breaking. The probes attacked from one side as the perfectly timed zealots hit from the other. The probes did little more than interfere with the hydras mobility, but as Jester had proved time and again in this game, mobility can be more powerful than firepower…Ask any terran player, but be careful: they tend to spit and foam at the mouth when they come to the part about dropships.

Jester came out decidedly ahead in the last series of battles, mainly due to his speedy zealots being able to concentrate all his firepower on one problem area, then move to the next before permanent damage was done, thus allowing him to deal with the zerg army piecemeal. And when you have an advantage, it’s a good idea to try and do something with it. Of course, advantage is a relative term. For players at this level, they are producing troops fast enough that another control group of hydras is just five seconds of walking time toward the zerg base. Jester pushes into the lower middle area, then turns and runs as the reinforcing hydras arrive. They in turn run as he flanks from the lower right entrance and returns with his original forces. The hydras return in greater numbers once more and bully their way to the middle. Jester started unleashing the storms, which Crazy tries to dodge and still engage the zealots at the same time. The end result is a barren wasteland in the middle, with a single wayward drone and templar looking at each other. Crazy expands to the bottom right natural just on general principle.

Do or die time!

Jester decides to make a sacrifice to open up the next round. He sees a control group and a half of hydras attack toward the upper left and just lets them go, sending his pimp squad o’ zealots towards the lower left in turn. There he faces a weak hydra covering force…and a lot of eggs in the middle of the open ground. Yup, Crazy finally remembered that lurkers counter zealots…and Jester hadn’t shown any reaver tech. Psi storm is great, but if your hitting lurkers, you aren’t raping control groups of hydras with it. Jester just runs past the lurkers as they hatch, and moves to the lower left. First he scares all the drones away from the natural expansion there, no great loss as it had only one mineral patch left. Then he continues on to the lower left, killing half the drones there before a group of hydras intervenes. The first group of hydras falls, then a second arrives. This proves enough to end the rampage. And at what cost? The upper left and it’s natural are destroyed. The protoss suffered more than the zerg on this exchange, having less expansions to lose.

Crazy is feeling his victory coming…he uses the control group of hydras in the upper left to attack the upper middle expansion. Jester once again elects not to save it and attack the lower right natural. This is one of two working zerg expansions, and has a “lot” of drones. No defense is present, and it is quickly taken down. Still, by my count this leaves Crazy with one expansion and Jester with zero. Not a good situation. And the lower left can still be mined once drones are produced. Jester realizes this too, as another wave of hydras rolls over his natural mined out expansion. Crazy has his own way of looking at things. =]

It’s all over except the crying, and Jester does his best to make himself annoying with a few more storms and zealot attacks to keep busy as Crazy finishes his main. That’s all she wrote folks. Notice that Jester outscored Crazy. A beautiful game by both players, this illustrates the power of mobility, how flanking movements can provide a great unit advantage, and, in the end, how macro is greater than all. My thanks to both players for letting me report this, and especially to Crazy to agreeing to best 2 of 3 when he already had the tournament won, a mark of a true gentleman. Jester, I want my toss to be like yours when I grow up =]. I hope you all enjoyed reading this.

All right, I just have to add this in. Me and Crazy went on to win the 2v2 tournament that was held right after the 1v1 one. Go us! Yes, Crazy did carry the team, thanks for asking. =]

Please check out the interview I did with Crazy Here. Also, on a little more personal note, I'll be gone until the day before thanksgiving, starting wednesday morning. I'm doing an exercise at Fort Polk for my job. Heck, maybe I'll come back with a story worth battle reporting =]. Good luck all until then!

Oh, and for you raters, you guys can do a Rook's Corner report too. Drefsab is going to do one shortly, and the rest of you are welcome to do some too. Email Johnny for details.

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