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Vanilla SC Grand Battle
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Date: 10/08/00 02:10
Game Type: Starcraft
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Hey this is DrAwesome with my first battle report on this site.
Now, I bet you guys are thinking why should I read an original Starcraft battle report? And by this new guy? And about these random players? Well the answer is because it was an incredible game and this is an incredible report =). Now, I know you have heard others say that their BRs are pic heavy, but mine is ridiculous. If you don't have cable or DSL, apologies. Just wait until they are done to get the full effect.

So a few nights ago me (DrAwesome), Matrisking (a good friend), Bhelliom (an incredible player/friend), and ^Chatgris^ (another good player/friend) were hanging out in channel taclan. Me and Matrisking were tired and instead of playing, we decided to obs a game between Bhell and Chat. They both agreed to (surprise) Lost Temple and the game started.

Chose Teal Terran

^Chatgris^ is a really good player that has been playing the game for years. He is really skilled especially with Terran and told me that using terran, he got up to 1400 or so on BNet ladder a while ago. He is convinced, however, that Bhell will smear him into the ground...
Randomed Blue Zerg

Bhelliom is a friend of mine on BNet and has been playing for a VERY long time. He has some seriously crazy skills and has taught me alot about the game of Starcraft. His BNet record is something like 750-200 all legit...

Basically what i'm saying is these guys have skills.

So the game started with some basic build orders... Bhell got an early second hatchery at his natural, followed by a pool and another hatchery also at his natural. Chat got a depot followed by a barrax and then a second of each building all near his main Command Center. Not too long afterwards, he got a CC at his natural... this is a very early terran expansion... we'll just have to see how it does.

there was very little early game action as some early scouting takes place.

Bhelliom gets a second hatchery at his main to help his mining and takes the tech tree up to a hydra den and a lair while ^Chatgris^ gets 2 engineering bays, an acadamy, and a bunker... obviously going heavy infantry.

The first blood is spilled as Bhelliom takes his army of hydralings north to Chat's base. Upon seening the army of stimmed M & F and 2 bunkers, he runs north into the heart of chat's natural. This, in my opinion, was a great move... he wore off the stimpacks and hurt Chat's economy. Unfortunately for the poor hydras, Bhelliom's men are now lined up in a single file line to be shot down by the newly stimmed marines.

After this small scuttle both players continued to mass and tech. Bhelliom was looking to get an air force and attack ^Chatgris^ with his ground troops at the same time. Chat continued to get masses of marines and finally finished a factory and machine shop. He then progressed on to a starport.

Bhelliom, hoping to overpower his opponent, sent his growing army of hydralisks north once again into Chat's natural. Matrisking's ideas about this :

At first Bhelliom has the distinct advantage... what is a bunker and a handful of marines to about 20 hydras? Nothing, thats what. So Bhell once again sends his men into the mineral line to hurt ^Chatgris^'s now completely online natural expansion.

It was sort of weird to see so many hydras die to less marines, but once again they sort of lined up, the marines were stimmed and upgraded, and they just KEPT on coming.

^Chatgris^ was now pumping out tanks as well as his upgraded marines while Bhelliom was making some mutas and more of his hydras. It seems that they both got the idea to expand at the same time... and right next to each other...

Before any expansion contact is made, Bhelliom masses the mutas hes been collecting and flies them to the left of ^Chatgris^'s main. They do a little damage before being run away by some stimmed marines.

While Bhelliom coordinated this muta attack, he also sent a control group of hydras or so (eventually with the retreating mutas joining them) to destroy Chat's expansion at the 3:00 main. Soon after, Bhell made the expo his.

Bhelliom caught Chat with his pants down but the Terran commander wasn't finished yet.

This time, Chat caught Bhell with his pants down. His men were scattered around the map putting fires out when Chat took all he had and attacked Bhell's base.
His attack force of maybe 3 tanks, 25 marines, and 1 SV was imposing indeed, so Bhelliom took his hydras and put them at the back of his natural. Chat, tired of pounding on the queen's nest, moves his men closer in. Unfortunately, one of the two remaining siege tanks happens within the range of sunkens before it can siege. Bhelliom chooses this time to send his men out. The powerful marines stim up and take down many a hydra but right at this time, Bhell sent some reinforcements from his 3:00 main and natural. Caught in the pincer, the marines all get killed.

This attack still didn't discourage ^Chatgris^ and he continued to mass marines, SVs, and many more tanks. The one strange thing he did though, is cancel the construction of his CC at the bottom right expansion... I can only see a few reasons for this... he made it a decoy when Bhelliom scouted it... or he just accidentally stopped. Either way... it was destroyed seconds later when Bhell dropped hydras and broodlinged the lone tank. Unfortunately for Bhell, it seems it ended up as a diversion, as the group of 8 - 10 tanks, 2 SVs, and maybe 20 marines attacked his online 3:00 expansion.

Bhelliom sent about 30 hydras to the north in order to kill what he could of the attack but it wasn't enough. Due to some reinforcements, stimpacks, and nice SV defensive matrix use, the zergs died.

Soon after the fall of the 3:00 natural, the main died also. Both players continued to get units and both once again looked to expand. Bhelliom got his mineral only expansion and Chat flew a CC down to his mineral only.
Chat's expansion was online quite a bit before Bhell's.

Almost immediately after i took that screen shot of Chat's mineral only expansion, Bhelliom sent a control group of hydras to clear it out. Science Vessels began irradiating but it was too much and the expo fell. He (bhell) then sent a worker to the 9:00 main and began a new outpost. Wanting to clear out Chat's new army, prevent Chat from getting 2 expansions, and regain his old ones, Bhelliom sends his group of maybe 40-50 hydras to the 3:00 natural and main. Gruesome battles ensue.

This battle happened so fast I almost missed it... Well not really but i only got 2 important screen shots the whole time. Its AMAZING how fast stimmed marines and tanks kill hydralisks... simply amazing...

Those hydras at the bottom left of the second shot were the only ones left. This battle must've been a massive blow to the ego for Bhell.

This battle gave Chat free roam of the map. He began to mass his men in front of Bhelliom's mideral only. They quickly extinguished the small expansion. Lets take a look at what Bhelliom was up to during all of this.

One of the less often seen buildings of StarCraft, the nydus canal, was used by Bhell to link up his bases to protect from ^Chatgris^'s marine and tank blockade. He was also teching up to guardians and he produced a few.

Unfortunately, the guardians died due to some irradiate without killing many marines.

When ^Chatgris^ noticed Bhelliom's 9:00 expansion, he took all of his men blocking Bhelliom's entrance and sent them to destroy the resistance of a few hydras and a nydus canal =P.

On his way out, Chat met some hydra resistance which managed to take his numbers down to 1 tank and a few marines. Bhelliom, realizing that he needed a source of income, begins a new outpost at the bottom right expansion.

Ha ha can't say I disagree Bhelliom.

Bhelliom sent a last troop of maybe 20 hydras to the 3:00 natural just as Chat's freshly built wraiths show up. The hydras are torn apart by the wraits, some marine reinforcements, and tanks. Chatgris then got the idea to kill Bhelliom's bottom right expansion, which he somehow scouted. He sent his 8 or so wraiths and Zerg blood spilled.

After this, Bhelliom tried to outpost at his mineral only again, but realized it was over. Chat sent his marines to the completely mined out and almost defenseless natural. He also sent his wraiths, a SV, and 2 dropships to behind the natural expansion.

At this point, due to the turbo newbie...

... as well as the constant pounding of Chat's growing army, the zerg natural fell...

This was the end as the tanks rolled in, the marines marched forward, and the wraiths flew overhead. Bhelliom accepted his loss and gave a gg.


Both players played incredibly well with what they had. They both knew what to attack and when. Unfortunately Terran are ultimately cheap =P. I'm just kidding, it was a really fun game to watch.

One thing that I should mention is that Bhelliom was playing his worst race and Chat was playing his best. Also, even to this day, both of them agree that generally Bhelliom could win in a 1on1. I have watched a rematch already, which was short and sweet. I'll try and finish a BR of it soon.



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