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StarCraft Episode 3: Return of the Swarm
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Date: 09/21/00 06:09
Game Type: Starcraft
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YeeeeeaaaaaaH ! Here we go again for the episode 3 of the StarCraft series. I know it took me long before posting this next episode of this series but its not because I have not try. I have been trying to set up games with almost everyone I know on, but all games were too short or one-sided. A good game finally come to my attention recently between Ahscar-X and Casper.... This is the game I am offering you in that report! Since itís been a long time between episode 2 and this one, I strongly suggest you go take a look at Episode One and Episode Two before you go on with this one, so you can keep a track on the great story that is going on here :) . hehehe. The fact that it took me so long to find a good game got a positive aspect, I have been able to take lots of screen shots and I got a shit load of quotes on my hard drive now ! WEEEEE, so here they are, the top 5 QOTM !!

Good Work ! Oral sex with a barracuda donít sound like a lot of fun hahaha. Go FOX go ! For those who donít know yet, KingsNPharoaohs is PoA and MoagHunterJesus is Bob. Stop logging on gay names guys ! that screw up my screen shots haha. Oh well congratulations to everyone who say non-sense stupidity every month thatís helps me a lot ! Okay ! letís get on with our main event: StarCraft Episode 3.

Main Event

The moment the federation feared the most finally arrived. The Zergs, the most powerful opponent the terrans ever saw, is back and ready to kill again. The day start as usual on Lost Temple and still no sign of any zerg activity is detected, when a tower guard notice a vulture coming back from the north outpost ... "WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE !!! THEY EVERYWHERE, EVERYWHERE !!!!! is yelling the guy in the vulture. That brings the commander Casper... out of the commande center ...

Commander Casper: Calm down boy, what did you see ?

Vulture soldier: Commander ... help us ........ZERGS , ZERGS ...... they everywhere.....arrrrghhhhhh.

Short after the soldier died from an heart attack, everyone start to hear a loud insects noises coming from the horizon when the tower guard alert everyone "INCOMING !!!!!". Commander Casper looks up in horror the massive zerg swarm standing at the horizon.

Commander Casper: Everyone to their combat position !! Let's give those bugs a lesson they wont forget!

The players:

Cerebrate Ahscar-X: A very smart bug with a great combination of micro. He is known to always harrass his opponents to unprotected area or with annoying drops while he is attacking another area. He have brought many great victorys to the Swarm and altough he been inactive for a while, he still got the skillz

Commander Casper...: Welcome to the world of macro. Casper is one of the best example of a macro player there is in the federation. He is able to expand enought to produce mens from tons of barracks while constantly attacking his opponents. Don't do anything special, he just overwhelm you with tons of units.

The game:

And here we go again with the early builds. Casper... is starting with a wallin at ramp. While he is constantly pumping marines from his barracks, he go strait to starport and build a wraith as soon as the construction is complete. When the wraith pops out, Casper is going for some overlord hunting. During this, Ahscar-X is going with a pretty standard build order with a fast expansion on the third hatchery. He build some zerglings and after he scout the Terran territory and see the wallin, Ahscar-X just decide to power like a madman. While drones are made from his 3 hatcherys, he slowly get an hydralisk den up to avoid wraith harrassement and will eventually get his Lair on the way.

After the wraith is able to eleminate two unprotected overlords, both players go to take another expansion. Ahscar-X start an hatchery at the 9 o'clock mineral only while Casper... is setting up defense to take his natural expansion. While he is building his command center, Casper... feel its the time to start the macro up and he is building 4 new barracks to add to the 2 he already had. On his side, Ahscar-X continue his powering and is still pumping drones from his 3 hatcherys while his defense rely on a few hydralisks. Ahscar-X also has researched the drop habilty and brought a couples of hydralisks on his ledge to avoid cliff siege.

A few minutes later, seeing that Casper... is still not moving from his base, Ahscar-X continue his whoring by taking two new expansion. One at 9 oclock natural and the other and 3 oclock mineral-only expansion. At this point, Ahscar-X stop the drones production and making hydralisks all the way. He is shortly after morphing 9 lurkers to join his hydralisk army. Right after his lurkers are morphed Ahscar-X is making his way to the Terran forteress. Before we go on with the action and since lots of expansion been started lets take a look at the mini-map.

Heh ok, now that you see whats going on on the mini-map, lets go back to action because Ahscar-X is moving his hydraslisks and lurker to Casper... base. In the same time, Casper... was moving his troops in position to defend his mineral-only expansion.

As you can see, Ahscar-X tried to burrow his lurkers to close of the infantry army. All his hydras we dying so fast that when the lurkers came they were almost all alone to the battle field. Not even the half of the lurkers army made it to the burrow. The 3 lurkers that finally were able to burrow were really hurted and did nothing but a very few damage. Of course with such an one sided-battle, Casper... immediatly going for the counter and he move a group of 12 marines to scout the expansions at 3 oclock. That way he is able to stop the hatchery that Ahscar-X was just started at the main base of 3 oclock. Casper... bring more troops in front of Ahscar-X base and notice the expansion that was going on at the 3 oclock mineral-only. The large numbers of marines are killing the zerg expansion pretty fast and easily. Ahscar-X couldnt defend against such a fast counter and was trying to rebuild another sizeable hydralisk army.

At the same time, Ahscar-X try to sneak 3 lurkers from his, still undiscovered expansion at 9 oclock, to the SCV line at the mineral-only expansion of Casper.... Those lurker arent doing so much damage because Casper... saw them coming and scanned as soon as they burrowed. the freshly new group of marines that we standing there had no problem dealing with the lurkers.

Shortly after Casper... want to move further in the zerg main base. But his marines are welcome by a large group of lurker and 2-1 hydralisk and zerglings. Shortly after Casper... wisely retreat to the entrance of the zerg base. His plan was to siege Ahscar-X in his base while he takes more expansions. Casper... land a command center on his closest island and sent 2 scv to build command center at 9oclock expansion. This is when Casper... realize that Ahscar-X may not be so hurt after all. Casper... immediatly bring half the troops that were sieging Ahscar-X main base to kill the zerg expansions at 9.

Unfortunatly for Casper... the group of 2-2 hydralisk and sunkens that were there are easily able to over power the 1-2 marines mostly due to a lack of medics presence. In the same time Ahscar-X, felt it was the perfect time to try to break the siege and he move out his base with hydralisks and lurkers. But Casper... let enought of science vessels and siged tanks at this place to hold the zerg lurkers. Also, Casper... have a constant flow of marines that are coming from his barracks rallied to the siege.

Both players tried the same things shortly after with the same results. Casper... sent another groups of marines to destroy the 9 oclock mineral only expansion and once again the same things happend, the hydralisks and sunken were able to hold it. Ahscar-X tried once again to remove the siege in front of his base with the help of flanking hydralisk from 9oclock, but once again the combination of marines/tanks and irradiate were too strong for the zerg force. Even tough this time, some damage were done to the siege. During the battles, Casper... amused himself by killing some drones with a irradiated science vessel.

Ahscar-X start another expansion, this time at the main spot of 9 oclock. That happend approximatly in the same time he decide to attack Casper... with 24 hydralisks. Casper... rally points were still leading his marines to the siege in front of Ahscar-X main base. So when Ahscar-X arrive to the Terran base he find alsmost no resistance to his hydralisk. That move forced Casper... to bring back his sieging force to his mineral only expansion. In same time he was bringing his force back, he splitted his force using half the army to help his base and the other to attack the mineral-only zerg expansion at 9.

Right after this, the constant macro production of Casper... is paying off because he is able to rebuild a large army very fast. He send around 36 marines and his 3 sciences vessel to take cares of the others zerg expansions at 9. At this point i tought that all Ahscar-X was consisting in a lurker and a few other units but that was because he loaded a sizeable force of hydraslisks and zerglings in his shuttle and is dropping the Terran man base in the same time his expansion is being destroyed.

The action was going so fast in the game, i did not even have time to took a screen shot of the drop. While Ahscar-X was losing is 9 oclock natural expansion, his drop destroyed around 6 depots, the 2 E-Bay, the starport and the science facility. After destroying the natural expansion of 9 oclock, the groups of marines continue his way to 9 main base and is welcome by a small group of crax zerglings and three 3-3 lurkers. Without medics, the marines are unable to kill the lurkers and the expansion remain for now!. All of Casper...'s science vessels were destroyed by 3 hydralisk while casper was busy elsewhere. Earlier i was talking about how Casper... is able to macro while attacking, well take a look at this. I swear to god, those barracks light almost never stop flashing !

Things are looking very desesperate now for the Zerg swarm. Casper... never stop producing marines from all his barracks. Ahscar-X his running out of expansions and do not have enought hatcherys to match the marines production.

After he gathered and incredible army of marines and medics, Casper..., once again go to the offensive and send around 24 marines to finish the 9 oclock expansion while the rest of his marines are going to attack the main Zerg base.

For a second i tought that the 3-3 Hydralisk would have been able to hold the 2-3 marines from getting up the ramp, but the constant flow of units that were coming to the Zerg main base finally is able to win the ramp. All the marines who tried to get to the natural expansion were slauthered by those 3 lurkers and one sunken. For those who checked the mini-map carefully, we can see 2 things of interest. The first one is that, Ahscar-X is taking his island and start to build an hatchery on it. The second thing is those white dots we can see on the Terran main base. Yep during those fight, Ahscar-X once again suprised Casper... with a zerglings/lurkers drop in his main. Only this time, the problem is that Casper... is also running out of expansion and will never really be able to remove those lurkers from his main.

Since he lost all his sciences vessels, and the tech tree to remake some, Casper... was only relying on marines and comsat to kill the 3-3 lurkers. And that made those lurkers very effective. Ahscar-X was also microing those lurker and placed them in positiuons to really annoy Casper....

Right now, both players are in a reconstruction phase, they both lost all their tech and they also both need to expand again. While Ahscar-X is transporting all his drones on his islands, Casper... is taking all the 3 expansions of the 9 spot. Casper... also built 3 starports at the 9 main base and start producing wraiths and marines from the barracks he was able to kept at his mineral-only expansion.

Things seems to go once again pretty well on the terran side, Casper... still got the mining advantage and he still got enought barracks to rebuild a lot of marines pretty fast. But, heh, Mr. Harrass himslef strike again with lurkers!. Thats right Ahscar-X load 3 new lurkers from his island and drop them on the SCV lines at 9 expansion. Ahscar-X also start making troops from the 2 remaining hatcherys at his natural expansion and he morph 8 hydralisks in lurkers.

Casper... have now build a good wraiths army. after using them to remove the lurkers on cliff, he go strait for Ahscar-X island. After easily raping the few overlords in place, the cloacked wraiths are able to finish the island without being hurt.

In the same time, the wraiths are killing the zerg island, Ahscar-X lurkers are making their way to the large group of marines Casper... have been able to gather at his mineral-expansion. This time, Ahscar-X dont make the mistake of getting to close of the marines and he slowly burrow them to lure the marines in lurkers. Casper... will run out of comsats at end and one lurkers remain while all the terran infantry is gone.

During this lurkers fight, and since he once again reduced to 0 source of income, Ahscar-X have been saving his last ressources to build around 18 hydras and 12 zerglings from his mineral. Ahscar-X is only able to get mineral with long distance mining from his natural expansion to 3 oclock mineral-only. Unfortunatly for Casper... all he have to fight the hydraslisk army at the time are the wraiths that were destroying the zerg islands. But fighting 3-3 hydras with 0-0 wraiths is like trying to destroy a tank with a water pistol. After destroying the 9 oclock mineral expansion, Ahscar-X go assure himslef that Casper... wont be able to rebuild any infantry when he send his army to finish the remaining terran barracks.

The last 5 hydralisks and one lurker are able to finish up the few wraiths and SCVs that were on the last terran working expansion... The terran Federation finally conceded the lost temple sector to the Zerg swarm as the last survivors of this epic battle evucuate the area.

Winner: Ahscar-X, cerebrate of the Zerg Swarm.

Editor's Note: Both flash movies are missing so even though the page seems to still load, don't bother sitting around hoping it'll appear eventually.

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