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Tourney Finals - Silent-Strike vs SpaceFoo
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Date: 09/18/00 12:09
Game Type: Starcraft
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Report Rating: 8.3, # of Ratings: 3, Max: 9, Min: 7
Lifetime Rating for SCV~007: 8.1389
Tourney Finals






Mr.Tourney hosted a 16 man 1vs1 tourney on the 14 september, and after all the rounds and semi-finals had been played, 2 players remained. The two finalsts were Silent-Strike and SpaceFoo.


I was asked to report the finals, which was a best of 3 games. I gladly accepted (it was around midnight and I was tired :])





Game one


Yeah, no obs map :(


...since no-one knows the map I better include this image.


The first game was played on Rivalry, and both players elected random. Silent-Strike warped in a teal Nexus at the bottom right corner, and SpaceFoo morphed a brown Hatchery at the bottom left corner.Yeah prolly DT


Silent-Strike's build order was: Pylon (scout), Gateway, Pylon, Gas, Cyber Core, Robotics. SpaceFoo's build order was: Hatchery at natural, Spawning Pool, Hatchery, Hatchery.


Silent-Strike was obviously teching hard and SpaceFoo was powering. The little beeping Probe (called Sam by his friends) made it's way to the top right corner, then zoomed off to the left and later found SpaceFoo at it's last checkpoint. At that time, the Hatchery at the natural was just completing, and a good looking line of Drones showed up just in time to start mining. The annoying little Probe danced around for quite a while before getting popped by some brand new Zerglings.


Silent-Strike warped a Robotics Supportbay, and SpaceFoo got a Hydralisk Den. Another Hatchery was built, thus there were 4 Hatcheries pumping Zerglings and Hydras, and 1 Gateway and 1 Robotics making Protoss units. A second Robotics was constructed by Silent-Strike, about the same time as a Shuttle flew off into the west.


A Reaver was dropped near the Zerg mineral line, but most of the Drones ran away before the Reaver landed. Thus, the Reaver only managed to kill a few Drones and some Hydras before entering the "out of order" status. It still was a good trade for Silent-Strike, since SpaceFoo lost some valuable mining time, because as you can see in the image below, the defending forces were placed at the natural, and it took some time to move them to the right place. The Shuttle survived to fly again another day...


You can see SpaceFoo's overlord hovering next to the bridge to Silent-Death's natural, monitoring troop movement.


SpaceFoo then sent an army of mostly Zerglings, mixed with some Hydras to Silent-Strike's narural, while also expanding to the 9 o'clock location. The Protoss troops that was guarding the ramp walked down to the natural just before the Zerg arrived, but they hastily retreated up the ramp when they saw the incoming threat, losing a Zealot. The defenders drew back a bit from the ramp, and Reavers were unloaded from their Shuttles. The Reavers did an excellent job blasting the Zerglings as they charged the Zealots and Dragoons, and SpaceFoo wisely retreated his remaining forces.


Small Baby: Airplane! Mom: Yes, that's an airplane. Baby: Bus! Mother: Yes, that's a bus. *The new model Mercedes with a "retro" look rolls by* Baby: What the *beep* is that?  (from a commercial...)


Silent-Strike performed another Reaver drop, this time including two Reavers. They engage a packZerg throws grenades at the Protoss? WTF?? of Hydras that hurry to intercept them, and kill a good number. One Reaver died, and the other was microed furiously by Silent-Strike. He fired a shot, then loaded it up in the Shuttle, then dropped it farther away. After a couple of good Scarab ejections the Reaver died, as did the Shuttle, making this a far less cost effective drop than the last one. (600 minerals and 200 gas gone. Ouch.)



After this SpaceFoo expanded once again, this time to the top left plateau. He has put a Zergling to patrol between the top right plateau and the 3 o'clock location. Silent-Strike expanded to the 3 o'clock location, and (surprise) the Zergling saw it. A Zealot swiftly killed the Ling, but the damage had been done, SpaceFoo was aware of the base. Silent-Strike also expanded to his natural.


Silent-Strike then decided to march out, and moved Reavers /Zealots / Goons towards SpaceFoo. However already at the bridge to Silent-Strike's natural the army is intercepted by 12 Lings, and those 12 Power Rangers manage to kill two Reavers due to the fact that the Reavers was in front of the other troops. This Protoss army then continued into the west and pushed their way to SpaceFoo's natural before being halted. Another seven Goons arrive though and the push is continued.


Photoshop owns you =)


The Last Stand(tm)As a note, at this point there was 10 Hatcheries working for SpaceFoo, and 4 Gateways and 2 Robotics for Silent-Strike.


SpaceFoo sent Zerglings on a detour to the 3 o'clock Protoss expansion, which was guarded by one very zealous Zealot. He wasn't zealous enough though. After the Zerglings had scratched the paint of the Nexus to a level Silent-Strike could not tolerate, he sent a Shuttle with Reavers that dealt with the problem.


SpaceFoo expanded to the top right plateau and natural. The Dragoons that was attacking SpaceFoo's natural killed the Hatchery there, but they were killed by newly hatched Hydras and Lings. A big force of Hydralisks was sent to the 3 o'clock base, and killed the Nexus before it could be saved.  


Wave after wave of Zerg attackers then wear Silent-Strike down, not even his Rambo Reaver could save him, and he concedes the game.


The winner of Game One is SpaceFoo





Sorry, I don't know any good jokes....



Game Two



Orange on desert tile. Way to go!



This game SpaceFoo chose Zerg and spawned in the lower left corner, and Silent-Strike went random and got Protoss again. He warped his Nexus in the upper right corner of this desert map.


The build orders were as follows.


Silent-Strike: Pylon, Gateway, Gas, Cybernetics Core.

SpaceFoo: Overlord, Hatchery, Spawning Pool, Gas.


The initial Overlord scout was sent north and the Protoss beeper was sent south. The Probe found the Zerg first, and attacked the Spawning Pool a bit before running away from the creepy thing. SpaceFoo then took his natural (if it can be called that on this map) and Silent-Strike built a Citadel and a Stargate. A Zealot and a Dragoon marched out to guard the inverted ramp, and soon a Corsair popped out of the Stargate.



Silent-Strike warped in another Gateway and a Templar Archives, while his Corsair was on a mission to hunt Overlords. It managed to kill two of them before any anti-air was built in the Zerg infestation in the form of a Hydra Den and an Evo Chamber for Spores.




SpaceFoo sent a batch of Zerglings to the Protoss base, and as they arrived they ran into, guess what, two Dark Templar! Ouchie for the Lings. Six of them were killed before SpaceFoo realized what was going on and retreated the Lings to a safer position.


SpaceFoo then evolved a Lair, and Silent-Strike took control of his natural expansion, guarding it with his growing army. Some Probes were maynarded (Maynard must be so happy) to the expansion when the Nexus came online. SpaceFoo seemed to be heading for Lurkers now (What? Just because he has a Lair and a Hydra den and ...oh never mind...).


A Probe was sent to the 3 o'clock expansion, where a watchful Zergling was burrowed, and soon a few buildings was being warped in from Aiur. (Sorry if the text here is a bit f*cked up, but I have this annoying Adams Family screensaver on a computer 3 feet away from me..grr..and I'm too lazy to get rid of it.)

An army consisting of Hydras and Zerglings were then sent to the expansion to try and take it out. Silent-Strike must have known this somehow (or just guessed it), and he also sent his army there, and with the help of some Storms his Zealots and DT's are victorious (even though his own troops get their share of the bad weather).



SpaceFoo knew that he also needed to expand in order to stay alive, and he did so at the bottom right location, under the watchful eye of my floating Command Center. (Soon to be the heart of my new base...oh, I'm afraid the Deathstar will be FULLY operational)

SpaceFoo kept sending troops to take out the Protoss expansion at 3, but the Protoss warriors won every fight, even though they took losses.

-5210 bonus points for the smartass who post in the comments that I stole that from WilliamWC3.

Another large Zerg army was later sent to Silent-Strike's middle right expansion (yes, if you take a look at your wristwatch you see that the 3 is to the right and not to the left as you have thought for the entire report so far.)


The Zerg managed to push their way through the..air.. to the 3 o'clock expansion and killed the Nexus, but soon the new Protoss army showed up and swiftly took them out. Silent-Strike at this time had nine Gateways, facing the production capabilities of five Hatcheries.


SpaceFoo kept sending Hydras and Zerglings to attack Silent-Strike, but even though he had upgraded to Cracklings they died. Silent-Strike focused on making Zealots and Templar, and that combination won him most battles. He moved a strike force to SpaceFoo's base, but it got killed without doing any permanent damage. The battles were now fought at the bottom middle area of the map, through which most troop movements were conducted.


Filters own minimaps. 10 bonus points to Photoshop.


The base at 3 were now back online and Silent-Strike was producing Zealots at a steady pace. SpaceFoo also focused on low level units, mostly Cracklings, which gave Silent-Strike an advantake (feel free to tell me if you think otherwise). 


The Zealots chewed the Zerglings up pretty much, and a Silent-Strike Whoop Ass Army(tm) made it's way to SpaceFoo's base, killing the natural expansion. As another army wipes out his lower right expansion (where my CC still hasn't made it's move), SpaceFoo conceded the  game.


The winner of Game Two is Silent-Strike


(which means there WILL be a game three :P)


The scores



Game Three


The winner of this game has won the tournament, and the eternal fame and glory that comes with winning in one of my reports :P


Finally an OBS map :P



 Pay attention to the layout of this newly developed, never played, map.



Throughout this game series I have wondered about the "random" choice. I have concluded that it is an evil devise contructed by Blizzard in cooperation with  governments worldwide. What the purpose of this might have been I'm not sure of, but what I do know is that  their intentions must have been cruel. Because of the actions taken by world leaders we have not seen any other matchup than PvZ in this series. Crush the Governments! Down with the politicians! Long live anarchy! Long live BGH....err nm.


Ahem, lets get the final part of this show on the road, shall we?


As you can see in the pictures above, both players chose random and the matchup was once again TvZ, Silent-Strike as Protoss at the 12 location and SpaceFoo as Zerg at the 9 plateau.


The build orders were as follows...

Silent-Strike: Pylon, Forge(!), Gateway.

SpaceFoo: Hatchery at the natural, Spawning Pool.


Silent-Strike soon sent a Probe to check out SpaceFoo's base, and as he must have expected, the Probe found a morphing Hatchery. Without hesitation the Probe started a warp rift to get hold of a Pylon.


As the Pylon finnished, two Cannons were constructed right next to SpaceFoo's third Hatchery that he had just started to morph. Soon a whole army of Drones surfed down the ramp in an attempt to kill the Cannons before they finnished warping.


Yeah, this is really homo. This gayness forces me to deal out -23 bonus points to Silent-Strike =/


The Drone charge was highly effective, and soon a Cannon went puff, just as it had finnished.


100 bonus points for me, no matter what you people say about it.

[Insert more text here when available...kekek]

And another 29 bonus points for Photoshop!


At this time, Silent-Strike offered a GG, since he thought he was done for, but no quitting is allowed in this report. Sons of Aiur do not run from battle! A second later  the first Zerglings was hatched and they ran off into the north-east. The Lings were killed by a pimp squad of  Zealots, which then marched towards the Zerg base. Once there, they ran into more Zerglings, and was forced to retreat...


Dont get the wrong association here....especially you Bob.

...but they didn't retreat HOME as some chicken-shit Terrans would have done, no, they retreated into the Zerg base :P. There they stood their ground at the top of the ramp, valiantly fighting for about three seconds before they died to the numerous Zerglings.



An army of Zerglings is then sent to Silent-Strike's base, but they are chased off at the ramp, and then the Protoss Zealot / Probe combo move out.


They walked all the way to the Zerg mineral only expansion which SpaceFoo had taken, where they were intercepted by a large amount of Zerglings.


Silent-Strike actually won this fight, but don't as me how he did it....


Probe power!!!


However, we must face the laws of physics here, and Silent-Strike lost a Offensive cannon attack in the beginning. SpaceFoo had three operational mining bases, all pumping Zerglings. The Protoss strikeforce of Zealots and Probes were soon killed by a new wave of Zerglings, and those Lings then attacked Silent-Strike, forcing him to concede the game since he had no troops left.




And the winner of game three and this tourney is







GG to both of you, and better luck next time Silent-Strike :)


For those who care, the scores:

Oh wait never mind, I forgot to get screenshots of those, hehe.




Lessons Learned:

-Offensive cannon will turn on you if you do it in a SCV~007 report, so dont.

-Bonus points rule!


Bonus Points Summary:

150 bonus points for me.

39 bonus points to Photoshop

-53 bonus points for Silent-Strike

80513548 bonus points to WilliamWC3 for the concept :P




Do you think the report is finnished? Well yes it is but today I have a little special for you. A contest of RAP has been performed in the channel clan ~nohunters :P


It has been a while since this contest was held, but I'm still proud to present to you (in the form of a VERY big image).....


Yes, I'm aware of the spell errors.




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