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FFA on Hunters With a Touch of Gayness
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Date: 08/17/00 07:08
Game Type: Starcraft
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Pics.   Go buy cable.

Before we get started let me introduce to to my Lamer-Of-The-Day (or lamer-of-the-br)

His name is |2Ab1]).Fu]{0|2 ...I think.  Congratulations dude, you have successfully made me have to read your damn name word-for-word to figure it out.  Asshole.  It's translation is Rabid.Fuckor, and I found him in the "next channel sex" known as, channel partyroom.  He was yelling alot and shit, and he looked like the right lamer to me.   So I challenged him to a game.  He created, the name being nonother than: SCARAB/COCKSUCKER.  Undoubtedly, the map was BGH.  I wont make a mini BR out of this, so lets put it this way:  My 20 marines owned his 2 sunkens and 10 lings very early in the game. oh no!@1212 the end good game have fun be more of a lamer plz I love you bye.  He also had some nice commentary during the game.  The world needs more lamers like this seriously.

I love you too.  Okey now onto the game.

How did this game start you ask?   Well I was just hanging out in Clan ~Nohunters, and `Cactrot walks in asking for a FFA.  I say I'm in, along with many others.  After about 6 "I'm in's".   `Cactrot starts it off.

<'Cactrot>join game ana/ana for hot gay sex

<'Cactrot>with black men

So I join the game thinking it's going to be another FFA.  But then I see...


Yowza!!!  FFA?   Obs?  BR?  Lag?  Hot gay sex with black men??  All that, and more in:

This turned out being a 6 person FFA, because Sp0re wanted to obs.  But I was the one obsing and BRing, so he left at the start.  That leaves 6 players and me as the obs.  Now lets meet the players and Map and all.

Eradicate~Me: Zerg, Bottom Right.

:+:SlipKnoT:+:: Zerg, Right

`Cactrot: Terran, Top Left

WarLeaderJustin: Protoss, Bottom

+AnathemA+: Zerg, Bottom Left

binjured: Terran, Left

All players randomed, gave me vision, and the game was underway.

Opening Build Orders

Eradicate put down a second hatch at his main right next to his first one at about 9 control.  He also made another ovie.  Slip did the same.  Hatch at main, and ovie on 9.  Cactrot made a Depot at 8, and immediately scouted 12 o clock saying whoever was there was gona die fast.  Discovering noone there, he began to wallin the choke that enters to the top and top left positions, putting down a couple Depots, and his first Barracks.  WLJ did a standard Pylon on 8, and Gateway on 10.   Ana put down a Hatch at his main and an Ovie at 9 just as the other Zergs did.  binjured started a wallin at his choke with a couple Depots and a Barracks.

After a few moments of concentration, boredom, and some witty comments from each player, they all had a few of there first units, ready to attack if needed.  Also at this point it became obvious what strats each player was going for.  Eradicate had put down a Hydraden and a couple sunkens.  However, the only scouting that had been done was his ovie discovering the Zerg threat above him.  Slip had 3 Hatches now, lined up at his main.  He  had also got a jump on gas and was mining away.  He  had also just now started his Spawning Pool.  Cactrot had completed the wallin, and had already begun taking the 12 o clock base.  However he was producing a healthy number of Marines from his barracks and had a bunker as well.

The 1st Phase Of The Game

WLJ seemed to be going hard Zealots.  With 2 gateways and 4 Pylons.  He had just now started his gas.  He had about 4 Zealots now, and while he may not have known it, he could have taken out almost any of the Zergs, with the exception of Eradicate, who had a couple of sunkens.  Ana was strictly Zerglings.  He had 3 Hatches down and only a couple Drones on gas, getting the right amount necessary for upgrades and most likely Cracklings.  binjured had also completed his wallin.  And was going complete M&M.  Only putting down an Academy, and an Ebay.

However, since WLJ had not scouted properly, and had not taken advantage of his stronger, faster units.  The other Zerg players got a jump on him.  Both Ana and Slip discovered him early.  WLJ eventually got a few Goons, and was sending them, along with all his 8 Zealots into Ana's main.  The Zerg was attempting to expand at there natural at this point, and only a few Zergling were sent to defend it.  WLJ's force was more than enough to take out the newly started expansion, however by the time he had finished it, Ana had built enough Zerglings to hold his main.  The Protoss did a somewhat sloppy job of attacking...sending the units past most of the buildings and into the mineral line, however they sort of went in a circle while not attacking anything.  This took long enough for about 10 zerglins to be made, which was more than enough to dispose of the Protoss invaders.

This had damaged Ana's economy pretty bad, however WLJ hadn't been doing the necessary production he needed to defend himself.  Thus, Slip sent about 20 Zerglings straight into the Protoss main.   With about 2 Zealots and his Probes to defend his base, the only Protoss player was quickly eliminated.



What's Everyone Else Up To?

Eradicate had been slowly producing a good number of Zerglings and mostly Hydralisks to keep himself in good shape.  Not a bad idea in a FFA, just wait it out.  binjured had also slowly been doing a "standard" Terran mid game build, with a stable wallin at his choke, complete with a bunker, a turret and a few tanks.  In his main, he had put down 2 Factories, and was making tanks, tanks, tanks.  He was planning something.

Now, Cactrot had it planned out.  With his wallin, he was able to take complete control of the 12 o clock base.  At home, he had a sick number of Factories (about 7) and was producing mech like mad.  He definitely seemed to have the tech advantage at this point.  Ana as I said, was going complete Zerglings, and was doing a good job of producing them quickly.  He tried many random attacks with moderate numbers  of them on the different enemy bases.  However,   most of those attacks went right into Terran wallins, so they did little to no damage.  Slip had changed his strat and was going Mutalisks now, but was also making a nice number of lings...hmmm I think ill call it: Mutalings!

Somebody Kill The F#@%ing Lagger!@!

At this point a theme of "somebody kill the lagger!@!@!" had developed, and unfortunately for Eradicate, they chose him.  As this decision was made, he had chosen to expand to his natural, and sent all his units to defend it.  Unknown to the other players, however, binjured had used those loveable Terran containment skills, and had taken the middle of the map with many tanks, vults, bunkers, and turrets.  So when Slip attempted to run into Eradicate's base, he was greeted by the Terran forces on the way.  Unfortunately he did NOT use the attack-move command, and his Zerglings were wiped out in an ugly line dance.  But while his lings did not make it, he still had plenty of Mutalisks to go on.

But Mutalisks don't do so well against Hydras.  And Slip was forced to retreat in a pissed off getaway.


This time of about 5 minutes seemed to be a time for players to wake up and get there shit together.  It also gave a time for certain players to ally chat and work out a plan.  Fortunately, I was allied to everyone :D.  binjured agreed to ally with Slip for a short time to let his army get past the middle and into Eradicate's main.  This is exaclty what happened, and thus, Slip sent an overwhelming number of units into the enemy main.  Eradicate tried hard as he could to hold off the Mutalings, but it just wasnt enough.  His main was going down.

What About Bob?

Yes Bob.  Cactrot had been left alone for about the entire game up until now.   And all the players, with there big mouths, let Bob know that Slip was raising hell on someone's base.  So he gathered his part of his mighty mech force, and went right into Slip's main.  His force consisted of mostly Goliaths and a few Tanks.   Now the mutalisks tearing up Eradicate's main still had alot of tearing up to do, but sending them back to his main to defend against Golaiths might not have been too effective.  But he had no choice, and thus, his Mutalisks were ripped to nothingness, along with Slip's base.  A lone SCV did a good job of taking care of an egg too..  Result: -2 players from this FFA.

Cost Effective?

Now we're left with 3 players.  Cactrot who had taken almost the entire top half of the map, and also had a giant mech force of Tanks and Goliths.  Ana who had been going complete Zerglings, and had a mass number of them.  He had also dropped a Drone on WLJ's old base, and had set up an expansion there nicely.  And binjured, who had his main, and natural going with minerals.  But also had a great advantage in taking the entire middle of the map, and was beginning to set up an expansion on the center expansion of the map.  Cactrot had nothing better to do, so he decided to harass each players bases with minor drops of tanks and rines on them.  One of these resulted of the loss of almost all of binjured's SCVs.

Damn Terran Containment...

Now the players had to focus what was most important: winning.  And the first step to that at this point (3 ppl left on Hunters) was map control.  Cactrot felt okay, seeing as he had about the entire half of the map.  Ana had one expansion at the bottom middle, but has still not taken his natural.  binjured had it going nice with the entire middle of the map his.  Both of the other players knew they had to get rid of it.  The Zerg sent waves of Cracklings at it, but they were all sent at an odd angle that resulted in the loss of maybe 1 tank each time.

Double Team Of Your Momma!

Cactrot, however, took a safer, Terran approach.   Taking his Tanks in, and going range for range with the opposing tanks.  Since he has the disadvantage of having to siege, he uses that wonderful D-Matrix to get a slight edge on the push.  It took awhile, but Cactrot was finally able to take a big chunk out of the containment.  After losing one too many tanks, he decided to back off, and make some more.  Also at this time, Ana had a somewhat slow line of production due to the small number of drones at his expansion, but was slowly but surely getting a nice number of Zerglings.  But also FINALLY came up with the idea of Dark Swarm.  It almost seemed as if The 2 were teaming up on the middle to take it out, then duke it out with each other.  So while Cactrot was taking it out with tanks, Dark Swarm came in and thus we have a double team.

One Less Threat

The Dark Swarm along with the Tanks were more than enough to take out the middle.  However, Ana ran a little too far after taking out the middle and went right into Cactrot's tanks, and got torn apart.  binjured quickly conceded, and offered to ally.  And that's exaclty what happened.  So now we have:  Cactrot with the whole top half of the map, and a horde of tanks and goliaths, and Ana with one small expansion, and a small number of lings.  Well he was attempting to make more lings as quickly as possible, but JUST ran out of minerals at his main.  And the constant marine drops on his expansion had just about killed it.  So things are looking good for Cactrot so he decided to try and have a little fun...

My New Favorite Strat

Cactrot gathered all his forces, consisting of mostly tanks, lots of goliaths, firebats, medics, marines, and  science vessels.  Now lets see this new favorite strat of mine, made up completely by Bob himself.  Take a look:

Ana retaliated by dropping a single Drone next to the tank. NOOOOO ASGHSAKGS:KHJSAJH.  So Cactrot made up some more 1 hp tanks, and those were killed as well.  Sorry I dont have a pic of this mighty drone because Bob got tired of it, shot the hell out of it with Goliaths.  He then took many tanks, surrounded the last remaining building, seiged all the tanks, d-matrixed the tanks, un seiged them, and pulled away.  He then left the game saying "That was just a warning..."  So I guess binjured got the win.  But Cactrot had it easily won.

Winner: `Cactrot


So that's it for this BR.   I hope you had fun, and learned something from Bob.  You better have.


This has been a BR by...


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