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"I perform better with a larger, bulkier ship . . . ."

EELM: The Movie. Episode 1
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Date: 08/17/00 06:08
Game Type: Starcraft
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Usual warning now standard on my "BR's." : Please be patient while the pics load up. Also, if you've never read an Evil Eye Laser Man story before, go back and look at a few so you don't get confused or something. And now, our feature presentation.

In the far reaches of space, a vessel closes in on Earth with very naughty intentions...

These people have a devious plan up their sleeve which will devestate the inhabitants of Earth, and they are..

3 of these dastardly people are already stationed on Earth. In Antarctica to be exact.

|]agomar wastes no time in carrying out his orders. Within an hour, he practically has every Yeti captured.

All but one of the yetis comes quietly without resistance.

With the last yeti scorched and captured, |]agomar heads back to camp with Dialtone heading up the rear carrying the resistant yeti. Little does he know that someone lurks in the shadows...

After freeing the yeti, the unidentified hero makes camp briefly in order to become accquainted with his new friend, and to cook some lunch.

After feasting on Dialtone, Mark and the yeti set sail in persuit of the yeti-stealers.

By the way, Limp_bizkit666 meant to say dump, not dumb in the above screen (Jamellan @#$%ed up...sorry:P). After a few hours of sailing, Mark comes across Probe's vessel which awaited the arrival of the kidnapped yetis. Upon sneaking inside the vessel, Mark and the yeti learn of Probe's devious plan.

Soon after the captured yetis are brought on board, the vessel takes off with a course set for Canada. There, Probe meets up with Dark-Bezerker, an insane commander who sells his army for Probe's newly-accquired yetis. Mark and the yeti somehow shoot themselves out of vessel's engines, hopefully flying towards the US where they intend to warn the Americans of the approaching danger.

Upon landing, Mark and the yeti find themselves in the US. New York city to be exact.

They are not greeted with friendliness as a couple of gangsters surround them.

Mark and the yeti stand in surprise as the air begins to speak to them.

They are taken to ::Nobody::'s hideout where he meets the rest of the gang and learns the importance of his magical fork.

After introductions and explanations are made, Mark tells them of Probe's newly purchased army.

As they head off in persuit of the summoning site, Probe learns of their plans.

As the Happy gang draws closer to the summoning site, Probe's massive army heads towards the US to wreck their havoc! Will they be able to summon the Happy God's son in time, or will they be intercepted by the mysterious Necrosausage and the English tape-learning Mogalin? Only time will tell...

I hope you enjoyed Episode 1 of Evil Eye Laser Man: The Movie! Episode 2 should begin filming within the next week or so :)

Jamellan would also like to apologize for any typos he missed, and there prolly are some :P He also apologizes for the trippy look in some of the pics. His pic converter is screwy right now and he'll try to fix it for the next episode. Jamellan also apologizes for talking in the 3rd person :)

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