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"maynard just sucks nuts"

2 Terrans fighting 2 Protoss
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Date: 06/11/99 12:06
Game Type: Starcraft
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Tonight after dinner I found myself chatting in the nohunters channel, banning those stupid spamming bots, getting killed by Whoop, until Johnny showed up. "hey Johnny!" I cried, and we ended up with some warm-up games. After we felt confident of the "exercise" (whoever the 'victim' may be. =]), we took the challenge from Pitt[ND] and ronin~, who had e-mailed me for a challenge a while ago. Johnny chose his favorite map, AfterShock, a 6 player temple, and 4 more people joined.

On the chat screen, there were:






ling decided to observe this game, so Pitt and ronin formed an alliance against Johnny and me. While Johnny elected to command the mighty terrans, and ronin~ chose the powerful protoss, Pitt and I both went random.

Our locations are as follows.

Johnny and I started off with the exact same build, 8 rax, 9 depot walling-in at our choke. However, I elected to go gas while Johnny started the construction of 2nd rax soon after my first rax was finished. Right after my barracks construction was finished, I immediately started an academy while training a number of marines for defense. Another barracks was thrown down while Johnny was building his academy. Our SCV scouting revealed the position of our foes and shortly found that ronin~ went for zealot/goon/cannon as a strong frontal defense at his choke, while Pitt went early gas for fast tech with 2 gates at his choke.

Seeing such an advantage, we decided to go after Pitt together with a grand total of 12 marines, 8 bats and 6 medics with stim. Zealots were fried by the bats and the remaining dragoons could not hold much longer. Reinforcement from ronin, which consisted of a number of zealots, repeled most of our remaining attack forces, leaving about 2 marines and 1 bat with 6 medics left. I immediately went after Pitt's peon line, but the swarm of probes fended off the intruders with 3 losses. At this point, Pitt already had his templar archive finished, but when the 2 DT popped out, Johnny's reinforcing firebats were just pounding on the pylon supporting the twin gate. One com-sat got rid of the threat of the invisible blade. After destroying that lone pylon, Johnny tried to advance to Pitt's peon line, but 3 well-placed cannons secured behind structures drove the threat away.

Seeing the advantage of our first attack, Both Johnny and I decided to expand: I went for my natural, while Johnny did his infamous CC float to the island expansion just below his main. However, a DT assassinated my hard-working SCV that was constructing the CC. I immediately ordered my squad of infantry to secure my other SCV's which were commanded to build a turret to give detection and bunker there for further security. 1 more com-sat bought me the time to finish the turret while the templar from the dark side fled and lick his wounds.

At this point, Johnny employed his favorite tactic: mine containment. He mined almost all the expansions and exits of our foes, while my marines were patrolling the remaining ones. Our com-sat revealed that ronin was going for a qualitative reaver drop: twin reavers in a speed upgraded shuttle. Thanks for the recon of the com-sat, I sieged 2 tanks around the CC at my main and surrounded it with depots except from one side so no zealot/reaver can reach it. =)

ronin~, however, chose to drop Johnny's main from an unpredictable angle and the explosive scarabs took several lives of the poor SCV until the tank drove away the threat. Nonetheless, Johnny and my wraiths were unable to kill the fleeing speedy shuttle. Johnny and I expanded again: I took the other natural beside mine, and Johnny took his natural. Our com-sat also revealed the expansions of our enemies.

Now the expansions are as follows:

At some point in time, our observer lagged out. But anyways, we tried to destroy our enemies' expansions before they can mine much. While Johnny launched a nuke at ronin's choke from across the island for distraction, Pitt's expansion was dropped several times with limited success. Along with cannons, the templar was proven too strong as a defense in islands. In fact, some templars had tried psi-raid out of no where in the middle of the map. We derived a solution: speed upgraded vultures! After mining the middle, I found that they are excellent tools to assassinate the fearful templar even when he was escorted.

Our enemies fed up with our numerous attacks and decided to launch their own. A great number of zealots and templar were sent to Johnny's undefended natural when he was attempting to expand again at the 9 o'clock starting position! Fortunately, I was still commanding a number of firebat squadrons and the precious vultures! They were barely able to remove the threat with loss of many human lives.

ronin~ decided to drop his reavers again, now at my mine-out main. In order to secure his reavers from our wraiths, several corsairs and an observer was protecting the reaver from the sky. But thanks for my depots stopping scarabs from damaging my lone tank, they were only able to destroy 2 depots until Johnny's wraiths arrived. Johnny's com-sat reveal the lone observer, and after the detection was demolished, the corsairs cannot fight against strong missile fired by the invisible wraith pilots. Learning that Johnny's wraiths cannot chase down the speed-upgraded shuttle, I hid my wraiths and intercepted the defenseless shuttle on its way. Phew shuttle finally gone.

Learning from Johnny, I float a CC to my island expansion on my right and started my triple nuke plans. With the aid of a SV, I dropped 3 marines, one tank and one pre-cloaked ghost at ronin's island expansion, and nuked the nexus while matrixing my 2 marines. Johnny immediately EMP the nexus a coupla seconds before the nuke fell, and the nexus was blown to oblivion. =)

At the same time, Johnny launched a nuke at ronin's unsuspected main. The angered protoss found their opportunity at Johnny's new defenseless expansions at 9 o'clock and dropped 8 zealots there. They proceeded to cause havoc to the poor SCV's mining hard and the CC was forced to lift. They proceed to my 2nd expansion which was covered with an empty bunker. Hoping the bunker would scared away our foes, and to my dismay, I was forced to lift my CC too in front of the psi-blade of the brave zealots who ignored the puny empty bunker. =( Finally, wraiths and more bats arrived to save the day, but not before the lose of numerous SCV's. The devilish templars also stormed a number of our wraiths!! In revenge, I nuked ronin's nexus at his main after Johnny nuked it once before. To much of our joy, the nexus was blown up. =)

Johnny and I rebuilt our expansions and defense while a number of random nukes were dropped. Johnny also dropped a nuke at Pitt's only expansion which removed most of the defensive cannons. I immediately reinforce Johnny's attempt by dropping 1 tank, a vulture and a ghost there. Despite my order on the dropship to discard the tank first, the stubborn transport dropped the ghost first before I could matrix it. Well, 3 shots from cannons kill the poor defenseless ghost, so no more fun for nukes; but my matrixed vulture and tank was able took out the templar and the remaining cannons. We knew that the game was ours after the nexus fell.

After our nukes dispatched Pitt's defense at his choke, Pitt[ND] and ronin~ declared "GG" and promptly quit. Wohoo! Terrans nuke fest!

Lesson learned:

  • Speed upgraded vultures are great tools to assassinate templars and DT (with mines).
  • For Terrans drops, always drop the tank first then matrix it. It can absorb substantial cannon fire and buy you enough time to drop your other supporting units.
  • Drop a pre-cloak ghost at enemy base from behind almost ensure a 100% chance of successful nukes.
  • Waahoo! Terrans power!!
  • The fearful terrans is the nuking terrans.

Just a kwel scene of OTHER games with Johnny:

kwel wraiths

kwel enemy expansion attempt

kwel blinded SV

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