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StarCraft Episode II : The rebels strike back
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Date: 07/31/00 08:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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YAY ! I totally agree with T_Mac and crazy on that one :P. Ok, I'm back to active reporting :). I know its been a while since i posted a BR, i was playing Diablo 2. D2 get boring pretty fast imo and won't be a classic like other Blizzard games. Just to remind people, This BR is the Episode 2 of the serie i started before leaving for Diablo 2. For those who have not see Episode 1, i strongly suggest you to go take a look at StarCraft Episode 1, The Blizzard Galaxy. Okay ! Of course, i am continuing my QOTM section and here are this month quotes !

TOP 5, Quotes of the Month !

Yeeeehaaaaah ! Hahaha funny funny funny. You guys rox at saying complete non-sense stuff. Keep up the good work ! I'll always be there taking some screen shots :P. Okay, sit back, grab some beer and nachos, and be ready to enjoy the Episode 2 of the StarCraft serie.

Main Event

The day start as any other day on this dark region of Fading Realms. Altough the Protoss Rebels expect an attack at any time, there is still no sign of activity from the Federation. General Ko[B]old as heard the rumor that Acturus Mensk hired the dangerous Mercenary T_Mac to capture and eliminate him. This is why, from the past two weeks, Protoss probe's are patrolling the area to detect any sign of activity.

Radio Officer: General, we have lost the communication with one of our probe that was patrolling the sector south. It's probably just a malfunction.

Ko[B]old: There is no malfunction ! This is it, the federation have landed. The confrontation is our only option now, we can't run forever. Send another probe to confirm the Terran presence and prepare our troops for the battle that coming.

And the battle begins ... Ko[B]old decide to build his base outside the main camp, between the two ramps that give acces to his base. Ko[B]old warp a cybernectic core right after his gateway and immediatly start the dragoons range upgrades. While he get out 3-4 dragoons of his gateway, Ko[B]old slowly tech to the templar archives for those infamous Dark Templars. With only one gateway operational, i was wondering what our General was up to until i see that stargate being warped beside his nexus. Fast carriers ? Scouts ?? Dweb ??? Well, we will know soon enought.

On the south region of Fading Realm, Mercenary T_Mac is also preparing his troops for the assault and is going with a conventional startegy for all those Terran vs Protoss wars. With one barracks pumping marines and a fast rafinery, T_Mac build up two factorys and add two machine shop as soon as they finish building. While tanks are on their way, a starport is under contruction. Later on, a science facility will be build and T_Mac will use the starport to build science vessels.

As you know now, Ko[B]old teched to dark templar and as the templar archives being warped, we can see some dts coming out of the gateway. While the first dark templar is making his way to the terran base, Ko[B]old take this unit advantage to get his first expansion on the east side of the north sector. A Nexus is now being warped. You all probably also noticed that T_Mac dont intend to die on dark templars attack and have built an E-Bay before teching to science vessel. The only thing is that T_Mac take alot of time before building his first turrets and the dark templars are coming fast. Do you think the turret detection will come in time ? (Put your mouse over the link to indicate your choice, Do not click it)
No       Yes

After this first offensive attempt, we can see some changes on both side. Ko[B]old, with his expansion operational, add some gateways since he was only macroing from 1 gateway up to that. We also see what that stargate was for. Three corsairs and and a fleat beacon are standing there. Do we really going to see some disrupting web in that battle ?

T_Mac, just don't want some dark templars drop to harrass is main before his science vessel comes out, so he place 2 turrets beside his mineral and start building an academy for the use of comsat later on. After he built some good defense for his main base, T_Mac make his first try on the offensive and leave base with 6 tanks, 2 vultures and 8 marines. Pershap he should have waited for his science vessel ( that got out 1 minute after ) because General Ko[B]old as ordered his troops of dragoons and Dark Templars, to wait outside the Terran base and kill every exit attempt.

T_Mac lost about half his original troops during this exit attempt. Of course being the great mercenary he is, he didnt stop the production during this attack and his science vessel finally see the light. Soon after, T_Mac decide to take his first expansion on the west side of the south sector while he setup a siege in the middle sector. Unfortunatly for T_Mac, Ko[B]old use his 3 dragoons that was camping in the middle map to scout his expansion. When the dragoons arrive, they see the command center just start his construction and kill the scv that was building it. T_Mac auto-destruct the building before the dragoons can finish it. 4 tanks and a science vessel are sent to eliminate the dragoons responsable for this assault.

After he kill the dragoons, T_Mac will immediatly send another SCV to rebuild a command center at that expansion. Ko[B]old is well aware that T_Mac is trying to get an expansion, so in order to keep the mining advantage, General Ko[B]old order to a probe to warp another Nexus in the east valley. Remember that T_Mac was leaving to setup a siege in the middle during this expansion attempt? Well it is all setup now. Mines, Sieged tanks and turrets are now sieging the middle map with reinforcement that keep coming.

Seeing the Terran Federation sieging the place with his 6 corsairs that were park on the middle map, Ko[B]old got no intention to let him become stronger and he carry about 12 dragoons, 1 dt and 2 templars near the siege. His corsairs are now able to cast disrupting web, but he will wait a little, probably so all his corsairs got the required mana to cast it. And here we are, after a short wait, we can see some D-Web cast on the first tanks of the siege and the rest of the Protoss rebels are coming to the offensive!

That sure was a great fight! It turned out a little to the Terran advantage but not that much. After this T_Mac dont want to let the rebels make up another army when he take the remaining sieged tanks that survived the battle, + some new reninforcements and he go further in the Protoss territory.

Just before to continue with the action, i just want to tell you that at this point, T_Mac is producing stuff from 4 factorys, 1 startport and 1 barrack. He also only got one expansion. Ko[B]old on his side, got 6 operationnal gateways and is starting to warp carriers from his lonely stargate. He receiving income from 2 expansions.

Ok let's get back to action because T_Mac is bringing his tanks in the Protoss territory between the 2 rebels expansions. That'S a very nice spot to siege tanks because that way, T_Mac is able to defend against any Protoss units reinforcement and killing Ko[B]old 2nd expansion. Another good thing with this siege is that he will force Ko[B]old to fight on the ramp while his tanks are shooting from behind.

Of course, Ko[B]old is not dumb enought to just go lose his dragoons on that ramp. Deseperate situartion requires desesparate measures ! Only D-Web can help him to safely remove the siege without, suffering major loses.

Ko[B]old used D-Web so nicely on that one that he almost didnt lose troops. Ko[B]old continue to advance with his dragoons and is able to caught T_Mac in transition. They were moving to help the attack at the second expansion. This got for effect to completely remove the terran presence from the middle sector. The Nexus that was under attack managed to survive to the tank push. But that is only temporar, T_Mac shortly after send a dropship with a tank and 2 goliaths to drop on that mini cliff beside the expansion. Ko[B]old will never be able to get that expansion back.

Approximatly in the same time he cliff siege the 2nd rebels expansions, T_Mac start buidling a command center in the west valley. He also saw the carriers that was preparing Ko[B]old from is stargate and manage to get some air defense. Goliaths, wraiths and marines now forming the major part of the Terran Federation army. I think T_Mac neglicted to build some tanks at this points because he might be ok for carriers but if they come along with a large group of dragoons thats could hurt him bad.

Soon after General Ko[B]old start thinking to go in offense again and move his carriers and corsairs to the second expansion attempt of the Federation. The carriers are able to destroy the command center before the renforcements makes it to the expansion. The Protoss Fleet continue to hit the other T_Mac expansion on the bottom west, but the terran forces intercept the carriers/corsairs and a fight begins.

T_Mac's wraiths died so fast versus the corsairs fleet that i didnt even got time to take a screen shot! Altought goliaths were about to defeat the infamous carriers, T_Mac missed some tanks support to hold the dragoons down the ramp. During the attack, General Ko[B]old ordered his troops to start another expansion in the middle sector and its now fully operation due to a large probes transfert. With the lost of his last expansion, T_Mac got no ressource income and do not seem to have enought gas to keep building tanks.

Ko[B]old is now just dragoons containing him while he takes all the expansion he can. T_Mac is also trying to take that expansion he cliff sieged earlier, but just cant cover himself from the large ammount of dragoons that keep coming to the front door of the Federation Base. It's only a matter of time before Ko[B]old order his dragoons, with the help of the disrupting web, to charge the last group of goliaths that are forming the last line of defense of the Federation.

Winner: Ko[B]old, New leader of the Protoss resistance.

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