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"Par-a-sites... are watching you....watching your every-move"

When Two Worlds Collide (Chapter 1: The Acquisition)
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Date: 07/27/00 02:07
Game Type: Starcraft
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When Two Worlds Collide

Author's Note:
This piece of work is different from my last couple of stories. The lesbian story and the starcraft religon story were just things that I typed off the top of my head and made up as I went along. I gave no real thought to plot or consistency.

However, this work is something that I put a lot of thought into. I developed a plot and storyline first and then did the writing. Over the last few days that I spent working on this project, I've learned that its a lot easier to get where you're going if you know the destination when you start.

Anyway, I hope you guys enjoy this story. I'm interested in all types of feedback. I know I released this in four parts. This is mainly due to the fact that JV has a limit on the amount of text that can be submitted in a report... ;-)

Feel free to comment in any comments section that you choose. However, raters please put your rating for the whole story on the fourth chapter. Don't bother to rate the first three as I don't want to be accused of trying to stack my Rookmark score.

Now, on with the story!!

Chapter 1: The Aqcuisition
It was an accident really. It never would have happened if Justin hadn't gotten such a good deal on the digital camera. His birthday money had stretched farther than he had expected and by the end of the day, he was walking around the computer show with quite a few bills left in his wallet.

He had seen the game's good reviews in a popular gaming magazine and thanks to his good fortune, he had the extra cash to buy it. The dealer wanted 20 bucks for it, but the show was almost over and so he was able to talk the dealer down to 15.

Justin had a pretty good time playing the single player missions though he didn't beat very many of the levels and after a few days, they started to become monotonous. It was a week before he even realized that existed. saved the game from a trip into obscurity. If it hadn't been for, the CD would have disappeared under countless other games that were stacked all over his desk. was a great hangout spot for Justin because there were hundreds of unknown faces that he could swear at, make of fun of, and generally piss off. He spent an hour one day Just typing "Fuck You" over and over again. He laughed uproariously when the loser he was swearing at (SmartGuy007) tried to get him to say something else.

"Don't you speak English? Are you incapable of carrying on an intellectual conversation?" SmartGuy had asked (or pleaded). It was hard to tell when it was just words on a screen but Justin decided it sounded like a plea.

Finally, SmartGuy had given up and just started typing "Fuck You" back.

It made Justin feel powerful to have someone react so emotionally to his insults and he enjoyed exerting that power over people.

Things went on like this for awhile. But after a few weeks, his game skills were not improving and he was getting tired of making fun of the same old newbies. He needed a bigger challenge.

He knew that there were a lot of private channels on and he had attempted to reach some of them by typing in random channel names. But he could never find anything interesting.

Finally, he started searching on the Net for Starcraft sites. It didn't take him long to find the web site and the Starcraft forums. Excited at his discovery, he immediately posted a message:

I'm looking for a good channel to play Starcraft games with good players. I'm sick of playing with all these damn newbies. Can someone help me out please?
He checked the forum a couple of hours later and was delighted to see that he had three responses. All of them contained the same info... Channel NoHackers.

He smiled as he created a new account, this was going to be fun.

* * * *

Brandon scrolled down through the report one last time. The Preview Page showed him all he needed to know. He smiled. "Damn, I'm good," he said to himself.

He clicked back to the Submission Page and clicked the Submit button. The little green website mascot informed him that his report had been submitted successfully and he quickly clicked over to the comments section to put in the first comment.

He logged onto Battle.Net and quickly hopped over to channel NoHackers. There were quite a few names he didn't recognize. One of the new guys was arguing with one of the better known NoHackers regulars about the outcome of a game. "Some of these newbies should get a life," he thought to himself with a smile.

He typed in his usual message telling people his BR was finished, responded to a few greetings, then logged off. He wasn't in the mood to play tonight.

He looked at his watch. It showed 9:30pm. It would probably take at least an hour for the comments to start rolling in. He really didn't have much homework and he had finished what little he had earlier in the evening before dinner. Since he didn't have to be in bed until 11pm he had some time to kill.

He stepped softly across the carpeted floor to his bedroom door. It opened out into the hallway and he turned the knob and pushed carefully to avoid creaks from the hinges. Downstairs he heard the television running and mom and dad chuckling about some private joke. His heart raced a bit faster but he figured it was probably safe.

He shut the door, locked it, and returned to his chair. Then he typed the address to "The Best Studs on the Net" in his browser's adress bar. Immediately, he started to get excited. He sighed with contentment. This had turned out to be a good evening.

* * * *

Justin heard Samson-RK-'s name the second night he was in NoHackers. Samson seemed to be someone that everyone revered. He watched the chat for a couple of minutes becoming irritated as more and more praise was heaped on Samson for no explicable reason.

"What the fuck has he done that's so great? He's just a damn newbie," Justin typed.

The fact that people ignored him, the fact that he seemed to be invisible in this channl made him angry. Without realizing it, his hands clenched into fists.

But Justin wasn't stupid. He controlled himself and held back the insults that were trying to get out. He knew that the channel was controlled by "Ops" and if he started flaming people like he did in the public channels, he could get banned.

He sat in his chair sullenly watching the chat go by for half an hour before someone offered to 1v1 him. Justin's name was starting to move towards the top of the room list and he figured he might as well play.

Fifteen minutes later he was back in the channel after his Protoss received a severe pounding from a very competent Terran opponent.

"Pretty convenient you knew right where I was going to drop those 2 dragoons," he typed.

"Dude, I always keep a tank in my base for defense. What the fuck were you gonna do with a 2 goon drop anyway?"

"Please, my 2 goons would have owned you if you hadn't known they were coming," he responded angrily.

He went back and forth with "the hacker" for a couple of minutes. Suddenly he stopped, a new message had popped up on the screen.

Samson-RK-: Hey guys, my latest report is up at Check it out!

The room immediately went into an uproar.

JapsWithGuns: What up Sam?
BW-Sucks: Hey Samson
Fane-the-Beard: Hey Sam, love your BRs.

Justin glowered at the screen. What was this He alt-tabbed out of Starcraft and pulled up his browser.

When he got to the site, he couldn't believe what he saw. People were writing reports on Starcraft games. There were literally hundreds of them. He looked at the list on the front page and there was Samson-RK-'s name at the very top.

He read through the report quickly. There were a lot of pictures pasted together to form some sort of collage and lots of weird terminology like "turbo newbie" and "gosu". He wasn't all that impressed and when he got to the bottom of the page, he saw that there was a section at the end to add comments. There were already 5 comments and he decided to add one of his own.

Dude, this sucks hardcore. How the fuck can you waste so much time doing this. Why don't you get a life?
Justin submitted his comment and then scrolled through the ones that the others had left.

This is a really great battlereport and I am having a really hard time finding anything wrong with it. The imaging was amazing, I thought you did a really good job with that. The borders around your pictures were great and your choice of screenshots showed great taste.

Your writing was very clear and easy to follow. You described everything with just the right amount of humor to make things interesting without interupting the flow of the report.

You are definitely a God in my book.

Justin glared at the screen and read the next one.

Sam, I wanna have your children. Well, I wanna have your children after I have Dratsab's children.


Justin glared even more. This was ridiculous. He scanned down through the rest of the comments. Nothing but praise. Intense displeasure churned in the pit of his stomach. There had to be something he could do to get to this guy.

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